Jalander Aluman

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Jhalandhar Allman
"That's too bad..."
The Weaver
Gender F
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Server Balmung
Age ??(?)
Nameday 15th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Deity Byregot, the Builder
Occupation Surgeon, herbalist, pyreburner.
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Marital Status Widowed (grooming)
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Basic Information

Jhalandhar is nearly 2 fulm, 87 ponze. She has short white hair that is often dyed at the ends, and tan skin to contrast. She is blind, and has heterochromia that she is likely unaware of. The gold ring sitting in her chest is where she focuses her aether for two. To the trained eye, it would look like she is attuned to ice, while the core of the ring is simply blazing and melting what makes her...her. She is a heavy drinker, and has only recently phased out use of a dangerous herb blend that allowed her to see.


Jhalandhar was born to a Mhachi-descended magus toiling in the desert "for coin and country" and a barwitch from La Noscea. Fallman and Tellas. While Fallman was quite adept in his field of expertise, he sought help from a woman making objects levitate, or reshaping them for paltry amounts of gil. What he learned from Tellas led him into a grand design that could be used to construct a site for him and his family's training. In time, they married, and decided to have children. Jalander was the last child of 5 in the Allman bloodline.

All of her brothers perished in the construct, their bodies washed ashore in Garlemald after multiple collapses of the space her father used. Tellas, however, didn't want Jhalandhar to share the same fate, and offered her to the Ossuary the moment she showed any sort of magical capabilities. At this time she was locked within the walls of Ul'dah, never knowing the outside unless there were special instructions from the Thaumaturgy guild itself to let her out. Almost all of the time, they kept her blindfolded on these excursions and never went further than just outside the walls.

As she grew, her daily training became more intense. It went beyond simple fire and ice spells and landed in the realms of near impossibility, at least for her. Three times a Year, for an entire moon she would be locked inside a deprivation chamber and ordered to 'see' beyond her measures. The training on its own would prove useful later, but it altered her psyche growing up. Jhalandhar realized she had little control over what she could do within the walls of Ul'dah, and more so the place would make her sick if she tried anything that went against the agreements made with her mother and the Ossuary mages.

When Dalamud began its descent, there were no freedoms. She was battle-ready when fiends encroached on Ul'dah, yet she was ordered to pray at the Ossuary instead. Days went by where she had no sleep, and the only thing driving her spirit was perhaps she would live and celebrate with the new brothers she had made. A horned male came by to inquire about her family for just a moment, long enough for him to be frustrated that she was not the one he sought. She wouldn't see another person like that for years.

After Dalamud's falling and the chaos that came about with it, Jhalandhar remained in Ul'dah until meeting a Xaela traveling through the city to learn Thaumaturgy. To her, it seemed normal at first, but as they became close, she realized that he would never be remembered or even live long enough to ensure it. They ran off together to Coerthas, disobeying the Flames and practicing a different manner of magic. In the midst of this the Xaela had enlisted a Voidsent to carry out a more intricate wish. Eventually, it cost him his life and almost hers.

While she doesn't remember the details of why or even when she was given the order to go east, she does remember the trip changing her. Upon returning with no memory of what happened on the way back, she was approached by a Sultanate advisor who suggested she simplify her name: Jalander Aluman

Additional Information

  • Scribing of her original name has varied results, from ink smears to outright burning of documents.
  • While capable of battle magic, she will not engage in conflicts or contests against people unless there is no other choice.
  • Often quiet, sometimes snarky, almost always holding back.
  • Her blindness is not a physical condition.

Other Notes