Jay Nisroc

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 Jay Nisroc
Jay 1.png
"Music and quick wits is all you'll ever need!"


Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Place of Birth The Black Shroud, Hawthorne Hut
Guardian Nophica
Age 18
Occupation Nomadic Minstrel/ Local Nuisance
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  • Flirting with ladies
  • Collecting scarfs
  • Hunting
  • Gardening/Botanics
  • The Beast Tribes
  • Singing showdowns in verse (are you up to the challenge?)


  • Getting outwitted


  • Jay is a charming Lalafell who loves treating women and children with gifts and songs. Most of the time he avoids judging of people regardless of their backgrounds, giving everyone the benefit of doubt. However, upon meeting someone he can easily understand what they desire and use this information to his favor.
  • He also enjoys lighthearted pranks and often visits Little Solace to play with the sylphs.
  • When angered, his outbursts are of the bizarre and unpredictable nature.

Abilities and Skills

  • Archery and Barding
  • Seer dreaming
  • Card reading (See: Other Notes)


Friends: Pristine Liu, Sahrahsahe Kulkarni

Music Themes


They say he keeps a pile of scarfs the size of ten roegadyns on a private room on The Goblet...


  • Since the nomad lifestyle was the only one he had known the young lalafell took the path of his wandering minstrel family as his own. He now travels Eorzea, but often returns to the forests where he was born.

Jay mostly lives a quiet life and avoids big cities choosing the company of caravans, random travelers and even beast tribes instead.

Current Residence

Often found on The East Shroud (Little Solace)/Upper La Noscea(789th Order Dig) Often visits The Bed and Breakfast Inn on The Goblet

Moderator Notes

  • Jay's name is actually an alias.
  • Regarding card reading roleplays: I offer tarot readings for users who wish to ask questions. Send me a pm/tell for details about how this works.
  • I don't ERP unless I know the player character well and we mods agree on it.