Jihl Wilzuun

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Gridania-transparent.png Jihl Wilzuun
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon
Citizenship Gridanian
Age 16
Birthday 31st Sun, Sixth Umbral Moon
Occupation Support cleric, Harbingers of the Dawn
Height/Weight 5' / 99 lbs
Orientation Unsure
  • Xha (Mother)
  • N'tael (Father)
  • Xha'a (Older Brother)
  • Miah (Younger Sister)
  • Xha'to (Younger Brother)

Jihl is a Keeper of the Moon raised in the Black Shroud. Hunting is the family business and it was a business Jihl rejected from a young age. She is perhaps the antithesis of most female Keepers of the Moon; a shy, mousy girl who prefers being pushed around to being in charge. Decisiveness is not a trait she posesses in any great amount; and when decisions are forced upon her, she panics.

For a number of reasons, she is now a member of the Harbingers of Dawn's Support Branch and fills her days with cooking, cleaning, and assisting others.

Basic Info


Helping others


Talking of her family
Being in charge


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Vanity, taking the moral high ground.
Favorite Food: Faerie Apple
Favorite Drink: Lemon Juice
Favorite Color: Blue

Appearance & Personality

A diminutive figure by most standards beyond lalafellian, Jihl stands at about 5 fulms tall. Her skin is a pale, ashen grey and her hair a sooty black. Her large eyes are blue and prevent her face from looking monochromatic; her right eye's a blue a few shades paler than her left. Her nose is marked with the brownish colouring that develops on certain miqo'te. Her favoured clothing style tends toward the loose, baggy and functional. She's never been one to show off her body nor pretty herself up. As of late, however, she's been taking a bit more pride in her appearance. Brass earrings in the shape of crosses dangle from her ears, and from the crosses dangle little beads that hang like water drops on jeweler's thread. She still keeps herself covered up, but the short robes she's recently taken to wearing hint at soft, pleasant curves beneath the dark cloth.
Jihl sits somewhere at the introverted end of the spectrum. Crowds make her nervous, but then again a lot of things make Jihl nervous. Beneath the mousey behaviour is a stubborn streak, however, and when she decides she's going to do something, fear isn't even a shadow of a hurdle. She espouses kindness toward others, though her 'altruism' quickly sours when it's met with anything other than gratitude.


Before the Calamity

When Xha Wilzuun had her first daughter, it was a joyous occassion. The mewling girl, with her father's dark hair and her mother's blue eyes, was a small thing, but Xha was sure that time would bless her with the traits necessary to lead a family. As it had been with her family for generations, Xha waited until the moon shone above the trees to slice the umblical cord of the ashen-skinned babe. With the flat side of the tip of the same blade that severed the newborn from the now-useless placenta, Xha traced the twin marks beneath the child's eyes. The child was a quiet one. There was an hour or so of crying after her birth as her lungs took in air and her ears and eyes acclimated themselves to the bombardment of sounds and harshness of the light, but as dusk settled upon the land and the insects of The Twelveswood began to chirp in their choirs, the girl fell into a pensive silence. "Yes, my child, the night is our home," Xha whispered to th girl as she took her to breast. Silence settled upon the pair. In silence was strength.

Or so it was thought to be.

The girl with the large blue eyes was named Jihl, and as the years passed, those blessings never came. She took neither to archery nor butchery; as shameful as it was to Xha, her firstborn--a son--was better at the both of them. The girl grew close to her father, often watching as he prepared meals; often quietly humming along as his rough, nigh-tuneless voice rose and fell in an attempt at song. She'd tacitly help him clean. In Xha's eyes, this was a quiet rebellion, and it was often that Xha'a tried to out-sing the noises of his parents arguing as Jihl tried to fall asleep. Plates would shatter, insults would be thrown in voices louder than the mere sound of shattering crockery. The shouts, the shattering and the singing were an odd lullaby, but life was what it was. Life was simple for that girl; you can't help who or what you are. That's what her brother had told her.

It was sometime in Jihl's third winter that her younger sister was born. The baby was a lively one from her first breath, squirming and cooing and kicking. This was the daughter Xha wanted. Xha, Jihl and the newborn Miah all had the same blue eyes. There were obvious differences between Xha and her first daughter, and from the start there was an unspoken war between them over Miah and which of the two she would be closer to. N'tael tried to dissuade his eldest daughter from the behaviour, but childish stubbornness, a quiet will and a certain contrariness ensured the gentle attempts were met with constant refusal. These same traits ensured Jihl's constant, purposeful failure at archery practice and hunting. Besides, as far as the young girl was concerned, scaring away animals instead of stabbing or shooting them was the right thing to do.

It was on one such hunt that a frustrated Xha first backhanded Jihl. e boar had charged off with its young because Jihl had thrown a stone behind it when she was told to watch. The five year-old girl was so stunned that she lost balance and fell to the damp floor of the forest. ThPain was nothing new to Jihl. Cooking had left her with dozens of healing burns, exploring the forest with Xha'a--and occassionally Miah--ensured a constant supply of ever-mending sores and scrapes on her legs, arms and hands. She'd never been hit before. She looked up at her mother, the first drops of tears stinging at her shocked, wide eyes.

The huntress stared at her daughter with hard eyes. It was from love as much as frustration that she'd hit her child. The girl was weak. She was almost seven and she couldn't shoot an arrow straight to save her life, the only thing she could use a knife against with any confidence was fruit or vegetables, and she'd just scared away dinner. "We're done," Xha said as she hauled her daughter up by the shoulder, her blue eyes slipping over the reddening bruise beneath her daughter's. That night was the first night Jihl hadn't tried to force her way into the kitchen to help her father. That night was the first night she hadn't tried to get Miah to swap seats with the now-adolescent Xha'a. That night was the first night Xha hadn't had to reprimand her husband and argue with her eldest daughter. She could still be salvaged.

Beatings began to take the place of heated arguments, and though Jihl's prowess with bow, arrow and blade didn't improve, she stayed out of the way while Xha hunted and Miah mimicked her mother. Xha'a had begun making trips to Gridania, often staying out until well beyond dark. Miah grew and her mother won the war. Solitude began to colour Jihl's days as she trailed after her sister and mother as they hunted. Bruises began to fade, and they took Jihl's attitude with them. She spent much of her time in her room, teaching herself how to read the books Xha'a occassionally brought back from Gridania or practicing with the needle and thread a woman gave her after Xha poached a Ziz that was about to eat her pet dodo. They were pastimes unfit for her daughter, but Xha allowed them so long as Jihl didn't plant any ridiculous ideas in Miah's head.

Though the troubles of the home were quelled, conflict was brewing on a far greater scale.

The year was 1571. The Battle of Silvertear Skies was fading in the memories of most of the commonfolk, but grizzled soldiers and those in power have longer memories for such matters, and when Garlemald once again resumed its bid to take over Eorzea, warriors and aspirants to the title took up arms against the empire. Xha'a had thrown his lot in with the second group. The band of young men and women who called themselves The Twelvesknights were little more than lanky teens, but they fancied themselves worthy of the title they'd given themselves. Against Xha's wishes, Xha'a left The Shroud with his companions to fight at Carteneau. Jihl caught him clambering out the window in the middle of the night. The cocksure, excited grin he gave her was the last thing she saw of him.

While Jihl didn't exactly begrudge her brother his unlawfully-gained freedom, her life became harder because of it. Even if the two eldest siblings had grown apart as Xha'a began to mature into a young man, the books he would surreptitiously get her were her treasures. The knowledge that there was another who resisted the tyranny of their mother was worth even more. Back then, actually running away was something Jihl was sure she'd never be able to do. The world was scary. Her mother was scary enough; she was a nigh-perfect shot with a bow, her voice carried cold command and authority and all her power, and her fists were just as strong and ready to dole out punishment for the slightest bit of rebellion. And that was just her mother; her mother loved her. Jihl may not have begrudged Xha'a his freedom, but Xha did. 1571 raced to its end in a blur of bruises, brotherlessness and bungled hunts.

Dalamud began to shine constantly in the sky, ever seeming to crawl its way closer to the ground. Xha took little heed of it. It'd disappear, she said, or it would fall; either way there was nothing to be done and she still had beasts to hunt and stomachs to fill. The growing moon terrified Jihl, and it was a terror that grew with the moon. It was a terror that simple beatings couldn't sway. The bluish tint of bruises gave way to that which reflected the colour of the falling moon.

And Dalamud fell and the world changed.

After the Fall

Coming soon.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Hm? Wilzuun? That mousy girl always trying to help people? She hangs around Mist a lot, yeah." -- Red Rooster Stead Regular
"She makes good cookies!" -- Lominsan Child
"She's one of those Harbingers of the Dawn. You know, those nosey whoresons that make a big show of doing good." -- A "Merchant"
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Helpful? Yeah, she's helpful alright. Not too bright, though. A guy I knew got her to buy him a new pair of shoes after tellin' her it was some thieves who took his left shoe. Truth was, he lost it when he was drunk." -- Lominsan Shopkeep
"She don't say much, always lookin' over her shoulder like somethin's chasin' her. Never been trouble, though, fer what it's worth." -- Yellow Jacket
"One of me mates reckons he saw her use some sort of powder as a weapon in some bar fight. Her, though? Hah! What'd a kid like that be doing in a bar? -- Ul'dahn Adventurer
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"See that girl over yonder? Yeah, the one with th'black clothes. 'Eard of a runaway what looked like 'er in Gridania. Makes y'wonder what she ran from, don't it? Always got somethin' t'hide, people like that." -- Traveling Merchant
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Jihl? She is a great young lady, got a heart of gold and she is a great cook. I hope you are not planning anything stupid with her though or I'll hang you from those rafters...maybe bleed you a bit too." -Lan Darklyn
"Jihl is a sweet girl, a truly good soul. She doesn't recognize her own beauty, but I hope that will change. She has been greatly hurt in the past, something which I intend to... rectify. Ah, and she makes a truly spectacular cake. Truly." -Anstarra Silverain
Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing
Anstarra Silverain : A member of the Harbingers of the Dawn. Jihl finds her very easy to gossip with talk to. She was also appreciative of her cooking and interior design skills. Something changed when Jihl opened up to her. Old wounds once again ached, but they were salved by warmth and kindness. The feeling Jihl feels around her; a warm tightness in her chest and a quickening of the pulse and a bashfulness beyond the norm; confuses the girl to the point of terror, but if anyone can make it better, she's sure it's her.
Faye Covington : Jihl's direct superior. Beyond the simple fact she is the head the Support Branch, Jihl has an immense amount of respect and adoration for "Lady Miss Covington". She manages to maintain order and be in control whilst maintaining her dignity and femininity; things Jihl's mother could never do. Faye is everything Jihl wishes she could be.
Kerwin Nindon : An Elezen woman who serves in the Immortal Flames and the Harbingers of Dawn. She went out of her way to personally invite Jihl to a party being held in honour of her long service with the Flames, an action that touched Jihl. While Kerwin's strengths lie in completely different area's to the miqo'te's, Jihl nonetheless looks up to her as a model member of the Harbingers.
Lan Darklyn : A member of the Harbingers' Martial Branch. He's kind to Jihl, offering feedback and thanks in return for her hard work. It's nice to be noticed. Cooking and cleaning are things given to be looked over when one does them surreptitiously.
Val Nunh : The handsome but coarsely-spoken leader of the Harbingers of the Dawn's Martial Branch and Faye's fiance. After a brief infatuation with him, Jihl realised the coarseness of his speech was congruent with his behaviour. Nevertheless, Jihl holds him in high regard if for no other fact than that he will one day be Faye's husband. Then there's the whole going against tradition thing that she can relate to on a very personal level.
Worren Tigre : The Saint of the Harbingers' Strategy Branch is someone who can't take care of himself. He throws himself head-first into danger with no apparent thought for the consequences. He sits at his desk and doesn't even eat. Jihl takes care of him mostly because she's afraid no one else will.
Aelius Corinthius : A member of the Harbingers of Dawn that Jihl probably owes her life to. He was there with Val when they entered a rough and tumble Ul'dahn tavern in pursuit of the man who bloodied Verad's rented rug.
Airka Lakshmi : Another member of the Harbingers of the Dawn who Jihl probably owes her life to. She's a skilled magician who far out-classes Jihl in practically every sense. Maybe that's why Jihl can't feel a little bit bitter toward her.
R'leytai Maqa : A snippy elezen who accompanied Worren, Airka and Jihl to Sastasha in search of pirates. She's had a troubled past, but Jihl can't seem to shaked the feeling that her words of consolation amounted to nothing more than a oblique "get over it".
Verad Bellveil : The odd elezen who always seems to be stepping from one puddle of trouble to the next. He didn't seem very grateful for Jihl's assistance in helping solve the mystery of his rug... Well, assistance probably isn't the right word, but it's the thought that counts, isn't it?


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