Jijinji Ririnji

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Please Note: Some of the following information is OUT OF CHARACTER information, provided for those players who are interested in learning more about this character. Please respect this fact and refrain from misusing this article.
Ul'dah-transparent.png Old Man Jiji
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age Gods only know, easily over 100 just based on the people that have always known him as "that barmy old thaumaturge."
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar
Nameday 15th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Occupation Thaumaturge, Black Mage, charming old hobo
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Lodestone Profile

Basic Information

Physical Description

One of those old men whose face seems to have gotten stuck on a smile. He’s short even by Lalafell standards, owing partially to age (he has a bit of a hunched back and bowed legs). Hair all gone to grey and usually messy. Blind as a bat, with the reflective coating all Dunesfolk have on their eyes having grown so think with age that he can only see if the light is painfully bright to other folks.

Aetheric Description

Very carefully controlled, to the point where a casual glance might not note his aetheric pattern as out of the ordinary. A more careful observation would reveal that he keeps it that way on purpose, with a veritable bonfire leashed inside layers upon layers of shielding and iron control.


  • Giving candy to children and ladies
  • Hexing assholes with crotch-lice
  • Making ladies laugh
  • Shaggy dog stories
  • Sleight of hand
  • Terrible jokes


Common Rumors

"He’s stone blind, y’know. Don’t bother tryin’ to pick ‘is pocket, though, don’t carry enough to buy bread."

"Old Jiji’s got a thing for the ladies. Pat his head and coo at him and he’ll do damn near anything you like."

"Thal take me, I never thought a Lalafell could drink like that. Augh, m’head, make that damn cat quit stompin’ its feet."

"Apparently he used to be good with the stones before his eyes went. Keeps to wirework these days, has a very fine hand, even for a Lalafell."

Uncommon Rumors

"Me ma told me her ma told her some stories about Old Jiji. And he was a blind old bastard back then, too!"

"Heard tell he’s studying at the Ossuary, but from what I’ve seen more like he just hangs out there. Dunno if it’s just ‘cause he’s older than dirt, but they’re all nice to him there."

Rare Rumors

"I heard he’s stuck in the aethernet, like a ghost or summat."

"Hear tell there’s a shrine to the Old Man in a back alley somewhere, and you can pray for favors."

"Naw, ‘e’s not a ghost, ‘e’s Ul’dah ‘imself!"

"I’ve heard he’s related to the Sultana."

"You know how I love my histories, and I found something the other day. You know the Autumn War, when Ala Mhigo attacked Gridania? Apparently there was a Jijinji Ririnji involved in some of the skirmishes. Couldn’t be the same guy, though, that was about a century ago…"