Jordan Kennedy

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 Jordan Rosaline Kennedy
Special Advisor
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Limsan Lominsan
Place of Birth Summerford, La Noscea
Guardian Oschon
Nameday 7th Day of the 1st Astral Moon (Age: 52)
Marital Status Single
Occupation Maelstrom Reservist (Storm Captain., Ret.). Formerly a Jeweler and Merchant, a Mercenary, and a Barmaid among other odd jobs
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Basic Info

"Quote" —Name


Height: 2'11.9"

Weight: 76 ponzes (give or take)

Complexion: Olive to Deep Tan

Marks Freckles on her face. Her body is covered in many scars from battle injuries, in particular a deep wide scar that runs from her mid back to below the belly button.

Hair: Blue with significant grey (Natural color). It is sometimes dyed blue

Eyes: Green

Voice: Low, contralto, almost tenor

Clothing Style: Simple and practical. Usually in uniform or armor, but at home in house dresses or slacks and tunics

Laterality: Right-handed



    • Fishing, Sailing, Watching music and dance, games of chance, owning pets.


    • Good food, beautiful women (around her age), The sea, sunny days.


  • Rain, The Twelveswood, The Syndicate, Kobolds.


  • Color: Red (especially dark reds like Crimson, Maroon, etc.)
  • Food: Goblin Cheese with Honey on fresh bread.
  • Drinks: Shroud tea with a splash of milk.
  • Scent: Ocean, grass, bread, tea. Nothing too sweet or musky.
  • Place: Oschon's Torch, overlooking the Salt Strand.
  • Festival: Starlight Festival.



Jordan is a avowed worshipper of the Twelve, especially Oschon and Llymlaen. She has reverence for the other Twelve, though she usually favors those who favor Nymeia, Menphina, or Byregot.


Most Likely Neutral Good, though depending on the circumstances moves between Neutral Good, True Neutral, and Lawful Neutral.


Blunt, even sarcastic at times, especially in her criticism. Very straightforward and doesn;t like to faff about when she speaks.

On the other hand she can be nurturing, even maternal if the situation calls for it.

She carries a lot of anger under a usually jovial surface. It used to come out more with drink, but since giving up alcohol, she's been slowly getting better about controlling her anger.


Is pretty fearless when it comes to animals. She is also somehow that rare combination of long lived and reckless.


  • Reckless at times, to the point of self-injury.
  • Her rage can come out at bad times, particularly against Garleans of any stripe.
  • Can come off as rude and pushy.


  • Realizing one day that anyone who remembers the good times of her youth are all dead.
  • Afraid that she will be alone on her deathbed.
  • That no one will remember how good things were before all of the wars and calamities. That the soft summers of her childhood when Limsa Lominsa was a quiet fishing town and the world didn't fear giant machines or the primals summoned in fear and anger.


  • Combat training
  • Small-group tactics
  • A pretty good angler, especially game fishing
  • Green thumb
  • Decent cook, better taster of food.


She's more clever than smart and the years have given her a chance to not only pick up the books she neglected as a child, but gain some practical wisdom. Still, very technical material (especially magitek) eludes her beyond a cursory level and she was never a talent with arcanima.


Final Fantasy Characters: Faris, Cid (FFVII), Cyan,

Other Game Characters:

Anime Characters: Izumi Curtis (FMA)

TV Tropes

The Captain

Old Soldier

Knight in Sour Armor

Iron Lady

Cool Old Lady


Abilities and Skills


  • A deeply ingrained sense of combat training, primarily with the axe
  • She possesses the echo, though she doesn't understand its purpose
  • A variety of typical household skills (cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening)
  • Nautical/Seamanship skills (Sailing, Navigation, Naval Warfare)
  • Military training (Survival, Orienteering, Camping, Hunting, Tactics)
  • Goblin (High fluency) and Qiqirn (Conversational)


A bill-style axe crafted by an Ishgardian smith about twenty years ago.




  • A Jeweler by training. She works in a mostly deprecated style of Limsan jewelery, which has been phased out by Ul'dahn tastes mostly. The work is mostly in pewter, silver, or electrum, with more focus on intricate metal work than setting for ostentatious gems. Her tastes in jewelry echo this style and, especially after observing Goblin styles being made in Dravania, has really embraced this strand of jewelry making

Family and Relationships


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Parents (Deceased):

Christoper Robert Kennedy

Catherine Jane Kennedy

Daughter: Sami Sondraix (neé Bajihri)

Son in law: Larsonient Sondraix





Music Themes

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  • Alestorm "Keelhauled"
  • Neil Young "Heart of Gold"
  • "La Marseillaise"
  • Jimmy Buffet "Changes in Latitudes"
  • Mary Lambert "She keeps Me Warm"
  • Johnny Cash "Ain't No Grave"


Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

She beat a man senseless with his own peg leg. They say Baderon still has the wooden and uses it on occasion to threaten those who don;t pay their tabs on time.


Name and Lifestyle

Name Etymology


"Captain" or simply "Cap'n"

Current Residence

A small house in La Noscea she bought with her saved salary as a soldier.

Before Dalamud's Fall

Birth, Childhood, and Early Adulthood (0-10)

Jordan Kennedy was born on the 7th day of the 1st Astral Moon, 1532 of the Sixth Astral Era. An orhpan since birth, she grew up the adopted daughter of Catherine and Christopher Kennedy, a Midlander Hyur couple who lived in the area around Summerford in La Noscea. As a child she showed some aptitude for her father's handicrafts of pottery and stonework and her mother's skills in brocade and sewing. However, her passion was in swordplay and the art of combat. She was always awed by the displays of fighters testing their prowess in a spar or performing military maneuvers. In particular, she was dazzled by the warriors who took it upon them to learn the Maurader's famed skill and control needed to harness the large two-handed axes. Her parents, who tended to infantilize Jordan because of her size, had categorically refused her learning the martial arts, fearful for her safety. They suggested courses in Arcana or in Thaumaturgy, but the young lalafell found books and study to be a dreadful proposition at best.

When she was sixteen, she convinced her father to sponsor her apprenticeship for a well-known Limsan goldsmith. It was interesting work, but the bug for combat was not gone and, when she could sneak away, she would come and watch the soldiers practice. One day, she saw a sight that beggared belief. A real Monk, straight from Ala-Mihgo itself, had come to visit the Coral Tower. What especially entranced the young girl was that the monk was a lalafell! After careful use of her 'cute voice' and doe eyes, she was able to talk to him. He said to her, "The path of combat is not a game. But even for those of our countenance, the will to fight can be stronger than the most fearsome Roegadyn."

Freshly emboldened, she left her work with the goldsmith, found work as a barmaid of the Missing Member, and began spending everyday training her muscles and her endurance until she could pick up her first battleaxe. She would learn how to wield the weapon from soldiers, freshly plied with promises of free drinks. She also became acquainted with the Sisters of Baldesion, after they helped her with two pirates who thought to skip out on a large tab. Jordan also asked them for training, understanding the code and its importance. Through her work at the bar, her training with both mercenaries and the Sisters, she began to grow skillful. Jordan started to seriously contemplate the Limsan Armada when she met a girl.

First Love, The Military, and the Early Years After Her First Round of Service

Emeline Mercer was a modest, but breathtakingly beautiful Hyur woman of 20. Jordan, 19, was instantly smitten by her gentle smile and her practiced manners, in contrast from the rowdy soldiers and even less polite pirates. Jordan was finally able to gather the words to talk to her when she protected Emeline from a flying chair when a bar fight broke out. For about six months, they grew from a friendship to a very deep emotional and physical relationship. Emeline, for her safety, had to keep her relationship quiet. She came from landed gentry, though her family had fallen on hard times. Jordan felt both angry and guilty that she couldn't be 'acceptable' as a partner in Emeline's life. As Emeline's 21st birthday approached, there was pressure by her parents to marry Frederic Tennyson, a wealthy, young, handsome, but dull businessman. He was a nice man and, to her chagrin, Jordan could not find fault with him save that he stood to take Emeline away from her. So Jordan asked Emeline to run away with her to Vesper Bay. She would find work and they could live together. Emeline hesitantly agreed and asked Jordan to leave first so that suspicions wouldn't be raised after she left.

For three days, Jordan awaited Emeline. It was the rainy season and Jordan thought she might catch the grippe when a letter came. It was from Emeline. To her dismay, she changed her mind and, for her family's sake, married Frederic. Distraught, Jordan fell into a deep depression for several weeks. When she returned to Limsa Lominsa, the very first thing she did was to enlist in the military.

For ten years, Jordan served active duty in the military. She was a front-line soldier at the Battle of Silvertear Skies. She provided aid to fleeing refugees as the Garlean forces ransacked Ala Mihgo. She fought with such ferocity and anger that she garnered the nickname "The Switchblade" given her size and her comparatively staid demeanor outside of combat. Indeed, Jordan stopped smiling with any regularity since she received the letter from Emeline. At the age of 30, she left active service with a Sergeant's rank and voluntarily entered the reserve military. With little to do, she restarted her goldsmithing training, learning quickly the trade she had dropped a decade prior. In between that training, she picked up odd jobs working security, protecting trade caravans, and once in a while, as a sellsword to collect bounties.

One such mission unexpectedly put her back in contact with Emeline. Frederic's caravan had been captured by a Garlean platoon and he was held captive at a prison camp. With a small, hand-picked team, she easily infiltrated the camp and freed Frederic. During the extraction, however, Jordan realized too late that the Garleans had meant to ambush them. A soldier had gotten the upper hand on her and, just when she thought she was meeting the Twelve, Frederic blocked the blow, killing himself to save her. Jordan, for her part, made it out with a broken arm and collarbone and all but one of her team dead. When she trudged back to LImsa Lominsa to deliver the news Emeline, in a moment of heated emotion, accused her of letting Frederic die because of what had happened between them. Without a second thought, Jordan slapped her with her good hand and rode off, saddened, but with a weight lifted. With the money she saved from her military pension and burgeoning business, she purchased a modest home in Moraby, near Oschon's Torch, to live.

Mercenary Life, An Unexpected Affair, and a Child.

A while later, after she had healed, Jordan decided if she could not find a lover, she would try for her other desire in life and raise a child. Though distasteful, Jordan was willing to do what it took to have a child "naturally". She enlisted her friend Salulu Pilulu, a combat medic from her old division and, as Jordan has put it "gayer than a Wood Wailer blowing a Crimson Blade" to perform the deed. Unfortunately, because of the strains of combat, in particular her presence among the large concentrations of aether in Silvertear during the destruction of the Garlean fleet by the dragon Midgardsormr, she was unable to carry a child to term. Distraught, she began to withdraw into herself once more, burying herself in increasingly dangerous mercenary work.

One of these jobs was working at the behest of the Gods' Quiver in Gridania. At the time, she was told she would be making her way to increase friendly communication between the city-state and the independent tribes of Keepers that inhabited the Shroud. While Jordan wasn't sussed about the political context. she knew that the tribes were nervous about outsiders and deadly skilled. A wrong step could easily spell death. That death almost came at the hand of a tall woman named Amh Bajihri and an arrow she pointed to Jordan's face as the lalafell made a misstep in the woods.

Their first meeting was something in between a standoff and a farce as Amh mistook Jordan for being much younger and Jordan had to explain a few times why she was here as she stumbled over her words. Amh almost killed Jordan where she stood when she mentioned she was there at the behest of Gridania, but there was an exchange of looks, and both women saw a similar struggle in each others' eyes. They were battle-hardened, but tired. Amh herself looked especially haggard. She put down her weapon and the two began to seriously talk among each other.

At first Jordan thought it was merely rapport building. Amh didn't take her to the encampment for a week. Jordan, nonplussed with camp making, thought it fine. They were attacked by Ixal one night and each saved the other's life in the skirmish. It's difficult to say when rapport became friendship or when friendship became something deeper, but the short of it was that Jordan and Amh found in each other a new breath of life. Amh was being slowly pushed out of the inner circle of power by the new matriarch of the tribe, become of some supposed slight caused to her by Amh's mother. The customary celebration of the birth of her child of the 17th of the Fifth Astral Moon (and warded over by Menphina) muted because she did not bear a rare son for the tribe. Though it's rare to birth male children to the Keeper tribes, because of her diminishing status, it was disproportionately reflected on her by the new matriarch. Jordan comforted her, telling her that any child is a precious gift (drawing of course from her own difficulties).

After this period, Amh led Jordan to the tribe. There was much skepticism by the members and, once the matriarch got word, she made moves to banish both Amh and her daughter Sami from the tribe. Before it could happen formally, the camp was attacked. The Quiver had been tracking Jordan the whole time, using her to let the tribe's guard down and giving them the means to destroy the perceived threat to the Shroud's existence. Amh killed herself protecting the matriarch of the tribe and It was all Jordan could do to protect Amh's daughter and leave with her life on the line. To this day, Jordan has a deep mistrust of Gridania and spits in the face of the Quiver as virulently as any dweller of the Twelveswood. Jordan took the baby girl and raised her as her own daughter for the next seventeen years.

In 1571, with Garlemald returning to the march of war via the VIIth Legion, Jordan petitioned and was reinstated into the Maelstrom as an Officer with the rank of Lieutenant. She spent the next two years leading the Indigo Squadron, first as XO and, later after a casuality in battle, Commanding Officer.

At the Battle of Carteneau, Jordan led the Squadron fighting Garlean forces on the ground. It was filthy, stench-filled work as she killed close to a dozen men, breaking her own formation as her rage began to consume her and she cursed them for the sins of Silvertear.

Then, in the sky, as with everyone else, she saw Bahamut explode from the Red Moon, the hound that followed Menphina. The sight of the great wyrm, as with Midgardsormr, stopped her to the quick. She felt her blood run cold and thick, as molasses during a wintry Starlight Festival. She saw a Laquearius prepare a strike, but she passed out. When she awoke, she felt herself dragged by the ankle over the shoulder of a corporal in her unit. Her left arm was broken and hung limp.Her armor was split along the side and she felt a wetness seeping from it.

From her uneasy view, Jordan saw the flash of light off in the distance and passed out again.

After Dalamud's Fall

Waking up a day later on a ship in a medical bay along with dozens of others, Jordan slowly returned back to Vylbrand and her then eleven-year old daughter who had survived the Calamity safely with, of all people, Emeline.

The next few years went slowly. Jordan rehabilited her body back to fighting condition and she was reinstated as a reservist again. She aided in rebuilding Limsa Lominsa and in putting up the Tidegate.

A Realm Reborn

When Sami turned sixteen, she became enamored with a Roegadyn boy who was leaving for Ul'dah. She wanted to go with him, but Jordan (fearful of the betrayal she experienced) categorically refused. Sami instead slipped out of the house one night and disappeared from Jordan's life. There was a sadness there, but she took solace in the fact that she had raised her to be much like herself, for better or worse.

Six months later, with an empty house and a small income to come home to, Jordan decided to set out to find a new purpose to life. She initially set off as a free adventurer, careful about the jobs she accomplished, but otherwise reveling in the freer spirit that the adventurers have brought to Eorzea.

More recently, she has been enveloped back into the military fold following an erncounter where she turned in a Garlean spy and recovered useful intelligence. Now a Captain, she has aided in some military exercises and missions in cooperation with certain aligned Independent Companies. She has also dabbled in diplomatic missions with the other city-states (particularly Gridania to her chagrin).


With the opening of Ishgard and the lands to the West, Jordan jumped at the chance to enter the lands and explore, though she was unsure of where to go. She had heard of makeshift village hunters camped at which seemed promising, but her Goblin acquaintences in Limsa informed her of a new settlement in Western Dravania being made by other Goblins in what had been Sharlayan. She knew this would be it.

Her first journey to Idyllshire was somewhat treacherous. She had heard of the Bluehand before, but never seen them in the flesh as it were, and it was only some fortuitous riding with her chocobo Pipa that got her past the danger. Making it to Idyllshire itself, she became acquainted with the Goblins and other free-folk of the town. She made a pact to help in what ways she could to help the town grow.

Returning to Limsa, several bad events occurred. A dalliance with an old friend and too much drink left her in a bad situation and ultimately a breakup with the woman she had been dating seriously for a while. The drink in general had been over the years been harder on her and taking the edge off less and less. After the breakup and falling out, she decided to drop the bottle and has been sober for the past eight moons or so. Idyllshire became an even more tempting place to leave Vylbrand and the ghosts of the past behind and work on something new.

She petitioned the Maelstrom to be allowed to act as a go-between between Limsa Lominsa and Idyllshire both to ensure Eorzean Security as well as to gather intelligence on the new settlement. She was transferred to Intelligence and, under the cover of a retired soldier and adventurer, she works towards creating greater freedom for the world.

Other Notes

Wanted for Interesting Roleplay