K'ovu Tia

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 K'ovu Tia
"I ain't done nuthin'."
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age (16)
Guardian (Halone)


♦ General

♦ Appearance

K'ovu is a miniqo'te meaning he's very short. He has dark skin and dark hair. He tends to dress lightly in clothes that have hidden pockets, he usually wears a vest and pants cut off at the calves. He doesn't usually wear shoes and keeps a pair of daggers at his side. He's learned to keep a lockpick hidden on him at all times and it has come in useful for his friends. He keeps various knives under his shirt and a few explosives. He's got a scar over his right eye and several scars over the rest of his body he received after near constant interrogation and torture. He has part of a tattoo that Lacuna started and adds to anytime he completes one of her so called "Trials." His earring he wears is in actuality a fishing lure belonging to a fisherman named Sir Epper "Knight of the Pen."

♦ Behaviour

K'ovu is overconfident, cocky, and a smart ass. He's a miniqo'te with an attitude that can only be described as a scrappy doo complex. He lies, cheats, and scams his way through life. He's a kleptomaniac and pyromaniac. He has a habit of keeping various explosives under his shirt along with several other knives. He blames the rest of the world for his problems as everything is everyones fault but his. His dream is to eventually be part of the Rouge's guild and as such he's a firm believer in the code. His hero in life is Captain Jacke and aspires to be just like him one day. If you do manage to get on his good side he's a loyal friend and will do his best to protect them. He is prejudiced against Elezen due to being tortured brutally by a pair of Elezen brothers


K'ovu is an average knife fighter and fistfighter who believes himself to be a lot better than he really is though the Elezen Lacuna intends to change that. Something troublesome for someone who tends to start fights fortunately he has an ace in sleeve or more specifically under his shirt. He normally has a few explosive devices under it and pulls one out when things start to get to hot for him to handle. Though this has got him thrown into prison on more than one occasion.


★ Recent RP events ★

  • The Dragon Amulet After being hired to steal an amulet from the ossuary in Ul'dah the men who paid him tried to cheat him on payment. As such it resulted in a massive bar fight that he and L'arkiin were able to use as a distraction to escape. K'ovu then hid the amulet in one of his rat holes scattered around Ul'dah. Thinking the whole thing over he all but forgot about the amulet until he was arrested after taking the fall for another thief. While he was rotting in prison an Elezen by the name Soullfrance came and whipped him on a consistent basis trying to get him to disclose the location. Due to L'arkiin's connection to the amulet K'ovu didn't reveal anything in order to protect his friend. Later Tai rescued K'ovu from prison while a powerful mage known as Shade the Grim murdered Soullfrance. Later Tai instructed K'ovu not to give the amulet to anyone as it was the key to clearing his name once they discovered the identity of the people who originally hired K'ovu to steal it. Sometime later K'ovu would receive a call from his thief friend who was about to be arrested. K'ovu rushed to her aid that after threatening Sultansworn, Brass Blades, and Immortal Flames with a bomb if they refused to let her go. This incidentally earned him the nickname "Bomb Cat." In the end both thieves and her friend got hauled off to prison. They were supposed to spend the night and they'd be set free. When morning came K'ovu found himself escorted by Ishgardians to a separate building where he was strung up by none other than Soullfrance's brother. His methods of torture were far more refined going so far as to place metal shards in K'ovu's abdominal cavity. He wished to know the location of the Miqo'te X'tai Tia and S'imba Tia along with the location of the amulet. K'ovu was able to resist the torture long enough for the very two Miqo'te Soullfrance was looking for to arrive and rescue him from his tormenter. Even though Soullfrance managed to escape back to Ishgard leaving them with more questions than they had answers.


  • He uses the so called "clean" curses when he speaks. His favorite "mother puss bucket."
  • When a job goes badly it usually ends up with him stripped down naked...not by choice.


■Blowing shit up





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L'arkiin AikaK'ovu's partner in crime and best friend. This stumpy tailed, lanky Miqo'te is faithful an he always comes through for his shorter companion. Whether that involves grabbing K'ovu and running when he's in trouble or throwing the salt shaker at an aggressive individual in a bar. He likes the ladies though his dates often turn disaster; as he tends to bring K'ovu along for advice. This advice usually involves lines such as telling L'arkiin to tell her "My love for you is like diarrhea I just can't hold it in." Even when K'ovu was in prison L'arkiin came to visit and refused to leave his friend alone in his cell staying with his little buddy until he was released.
X'tai TiaK'ovu met this good heated healer when he was trying to rob the order of the compass free company house. After a booby trapped statue gripped hold of K'ovu leaving him suspended by his arms; Tai entered the room in a drunken, sleep deprived state. Misunderstanding K'ovu's demands Tai stripped K'ovu of his clothes and folded them neatly on a nearby chair. K'ovu had a deep seated resentment for Tai for some time. That was until K'ovu was imprisoned and ended up getting Tai tossed in with him where they were both tortured. Tai eventually saved him from the prison and K'ovu was eternally grateful. This was only solidified when after K'ovu was once again imprisoned and tortured by the brother of his first tormenter Tai once again came to his rescue.
Maxwell ElasseA fellow thief who sometimes steals stuff with K'ovu. K'ovu took the fall for Maxwell and went to prison for her during a tussle at the Quicksand one night. Though he had no idea how badly that was going to turn out for him. After escaping from that he eventually ran into her again only to end up right back in jail when he went to her rescue when the guards caught up with Maxwell and her friend Gil. His way of rescue however was threatening to blow them all to kingdom come with a package he had under his shirt. The tussle ended with K'ovu triggering the detonator only to hear an explosion go off in the distance as he destroyed a Concern mine. This earned him another night stay in a cell next to Maxwell's. When the Ishgardians came to haul him away he managed to slip the girl a lockpick so that she would be able to make her escape.


S'amh WindchaserNot on the best terms due to the informant turning K'ovu in on a bounty. After putting herself through the seven hells to bust him out of prison she pretty much claimed K'ovu as her property. Something he is in the upmost denial about that fact. Despite this and his apparent outward hatred of her inside he has begun to show some amount of fondness for the woman even if he refuses to acknowledge that fact.

Enemies & Rivals

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Player Character Rumours

■"K’ovu is 150 ponzes of fight crammed into a 70 ponze miqo’te." - X'tai Tia

♦ Footnotes


  • Dead cat
  • Bomb cat
  • Cub
  • Pidgion
  • Bomb boy
  • Thief cat

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