S'imba Tia

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 S'imba Tia
S'imba Tia 05 23 2014 18 55 56.png
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Zu Tribe Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Where your character was born, or lives in.
Age 18
Deity Whatever god your character worships.
Occupation Gladiator/Adventurer
Nameday Date 12th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
==== Name Etimology ====

Simba is the Swahili word for Lion.


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Your Character's Inventory

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- A sword with the appearance of the Dreadwyrm Claymore
- Dark Knight Soulstone
- A random rock that was once given to him by a summoner
- Some sort of aether filled crystal that was given to him by a woman named Ralka sometime after retrieving it by the :request of a dragon
- A popoto
- A pair of anti-aether tribal daggers
- A pouch filled with ground up glass and bits of metal shards to use as pocket sand which he affectionately refers to as :"glitter."

Height:Tall for a Miqo'te though still spends a lot of time looking up.

Weight Athletic build

Hair:  Hay

Eyes:  Red

Particular Traits:  Is branded with a mark on the side of his face and a number on his left shoulder blade. His left arm has several tattoos that have been given to him, one being the 'jolly roger' of the crew known as the Dreadshrykes, a sigil of Oschon, a small viper tribe marking, and an ancient sigil of Bahamut. The sigils both have magical properties to them. The Oschon sigil gives him a limited healing effect, while the Bahamut sigil burns and glows brightly when he's in proximity to anything that is saturated with the dreadwyrm's energies, particularly interesting anything Allagan tech that received it's power from the crystal tower or Dalmud.

Clothing Style: He usually where's a pair of trousers that is the only thing he has from his home that his mother made him on his sixteenth birthday. He has several brands on his body that is required to remain visible at all times. He has a collar made of darksteel permanently affixed around his neck as a symbol that he is nothing but property to another as punishment for trying to run away. As a pit fighter he wears minimal armor just enough to cover his throat and heart. As the spectators are there for blood not to watch two tin cans beat each other to pieces. After going into hiding he wears armor he stole out of a shipping crate. It turned out to be ninja garb on its way to a ninja that had recently completed their training. Despite it being custom fitted to the owner it fit S'imba almost perfectly. While it serves as a perfect disguise S'imba despises having to wear it constantly. It's hot and just causes the sweat to build up and make him feel gross and miserable. Which leads to him being fairly irritable constantly. He as acquired several sets of clothing, mostly just shorts, though he was given a rogues uniform after he joined their ranks, after becoming the leader of the order of the compass he has found the need to dress more appropriately, wearing chain mail and other heavy clothings, though several individuals do not like this change and use every opportunity to take his shirt.




  • Letting people down.
  • Being unable to help someone.


  • Color: Unknown
  • Food: Unknown
  • Drinks: Unknown
  • Scent: Unknown.
  • Place: Unknown.
  • Festival: Unknown.






  • He's a bit of a spaz.
  • He can't help but get into some sort of trouble...much to the dismay of his friends.


  • Reckless He tends to run into battle without thinking about the odds or the consequences. This has led him to several sticky situations. Especially if one of his friends are in trouble he'll drop whatever he's doing to help them even if it is essentially suicide.
  • Aggressive He has a hot streak in him. Faced with massive frustration in trying to gain his freedom doesn't help. His owner forces him to take drugs that increase this in him as well. He has no problem asserting his dominance over others.
  • Addiction In order to control his slaves his owner forces drugs on them until they are dependent upon their usage. They also tend to cause or precipitate existing flaws. Such as aggression, paranoia, and the feeling of being invincible. Add to the fact that it increases strength and stamina makes it the drug of choice to force upon him. Without it S'imba is forced through massive withdrawal that causes severe and unbearable that try as he might forces him to return to his owner.


  • Being forcibly experimented on again.
  • Forced Cannibalism


  • Resourceful Despite regularly getting in over his head. S'imba can quickly adapt and change tactics. He uses the making it up as you go method for most of his plans.
  • Determination S'imba has a never give up attitude. If one of his friends is threatened he will give everything he has to help them. Even if he's hopelessly outnumbered with little chance of victory he will still refuse to back up or back down. It's how he was taught to fight in the ring so it's really the only way he knows.




  • He has the standard traits of a Miqo'te.
  • Athletic and strong body from the training that came along with being a pit slave.


  • Trained in pugilism, knives, and greatsword usage. He does have weapons knowledge of other physical weapons but he cannot wield them nearly as effectively as the above mentioned.
  • He has opened several chakras, however as his teacher has vanished and the lack of any sort of light sect teacher available to him it is unlikely he can continue to progress.


  • Dark knight, years of being kicked around and years of disappointment built up inside himself.


Birth and childhood (0-10)

Teen Years

As he grew S'imba never had any idea of him being adopted. In fact all he believed that though he was born looking a little different from his brother, he thought he was a Hyur just like the rest of his family. Due to his heritage and natural abilities that being a Miqo'te brought he was a natural at hunting and the other skills needed to live away from any type of city, he begin to outshine his brother and unfortunately due to his fathers heritage as a great warrior seemed to give slightly more affection towards S'imba than his real son. Slowly his brothers Jealousy began to grow.

When S'imba turned fourteen his bother had finally had enough he left the house one night intent on running away to find the lands his father had spoken about and had sometimes visited to buy supplies for their home. As he had never left home before he just wandered until he found a small town. It was a pirate town full of cutthroats and other lowlives. While he was here he discovered that S'imba was not a Hyur he was a separate race and based on the drunkenness of the sailors was a member of a savage race. While he was there he learned of money and what it could get you in life. One evening he saw some slavers dealing Miqo'te and overheard how much they were worth on the market. He walked over curious as the maliciousness grew even more in his heart, and made a deal with them that night and formed the plot in his mind.

The next day he returned home on his way he was faced by a wild coural and was nearly killed by it had S'imba not found him just in time to rescue him. As they walked back to their house they talked and S'imba asked him where he had gone. His brother told him part of the truth and that he had visited some of the places their father talked about, though he expressed his worry about what their father was going to do to him when they returned to him. They both couldn't help but feel their great love for each other at that moment. When they got home and his brother was asked where he had gone to S'imba jumped in and said that he had gotten lost and that he had saved him from a courel. At this moment his brother nearly changed his mind about his plans until his father praised S'imba for his skill and bravery and condemned his true son for his recklessness and cowardess. He went to his room and completed his plan.

A few weeks later he went and found S'imba and told him that their father was finally letting them go to town and that they were to take one of their chocobo's to sell. With great excitement S'imba chased after him and they were on their way to town. When they finally arrived there was so much to take in the smells the life everything. They stopped to eat for lunch as his brother thought it was fit that they should share one last meal together. After a delicious meal in the tropical sun and much laughter they went down to the docks where they were supposed to meet the buyers of the chocobo. When they arrived the buyers smiled and said a "fine beast may we examine him further?" his brother motioned to S'imba and he walked the chocobo over to them. When he held out the reins of the bird he was surprised when a few of the men grabbed him and started examining him ripping off his shirt and stripping him down to his small clothes they examined him carefully looking for any defects they could find. S'imba struggled as best he could as the stronger men placed him in chains and the leader laughs out "A fine specimen, never seen one like him." he said as he threw a large sack of gil to his brother. Catching the bag he met S'imba's eyes as they drug him onto the ship and said to him "I'm sorry brother..." he said before turning around and heading away.

After they had secured their cargo S'imba felt rocking of the ship and was crushed by the feelings of what had just happened and cried the entire time he was on the ship. Finally the light to the hatch was opened and he was drug out into the hot desert sun. After a long day of travel he was brought to a camp and was re-examined and appraised afterwards they branded a number into his back and wrote up several pages of paperwork to document him. Next he was rushed off to the markets where potential buyers gave him the same rough examination over and over for what felt like days.

The man who bought him intended to turn him into a prize fighter in the bloodsands, for years he was put through unmerciful and brutal training. His master saw him as an ideal specimen, as if the seeker had been bred for being a fighter. The man spared no expense at creating his prize fighter. Trainers were hired, gladiators, mercenaries, and bounty hunters were just a few of the examples of those who were hired. Alchemists and culinarians would be paid to create food designed to make a diet to make the most Miqo'te's nutritional needs and development. Though the result was far from anything desirable to eat. It had the appearance, taste, and consistency of dog food. The slavers would add insult to injury by serving it to him in a dog dish, keeping him chained down on his hands and knees and forcing him to eat it like he was an animal. Though it was part of a psychological game of trying to turn the seeker "feral". They wanted to create the image of some wild child that had been raised by couerls and the only spot in society was to be fought for sport. Keeping him in a cage whenever he wasn't training, parading him around on a leash, and demeaning him were just a few of the techniques they used. Slowly he would succumb to their efforts. Though he could still speak he would have a great amount of growls and snarls to his speech and fighting style. He would walk more with a hunch, as if he were somewhere between walking on all fours and being bipedal. Training would consist of being beaten until he could fight back. Forcing him to keep going until he collapsed, then being expected to stand back up and keep going. Then afterwards he would be tossed into his cage for a little reprieve from the intense training. He'd feel the bite of the whip whenever he set one toe out of line, although several times they just strung him up to give him a beating just cause the slavers were bored. Though he would never lose the rebellious and prideful attitude, he reached a point where a good lashing would leave him in a submissive and obedient state for quite some time, that still continues to this day.

After several years of training he was finally ready for his first match. However on the eve of the fight a group of adventurers would show up kill his handler and sneak him out of the city of Ul'dah. For the first time in years he had hope of leaving that hell behind him. Though when he didn't show up for his match his owner would be thrown into a blinding rage, intending to have S'imba drug back to Ul'dah and brought before him in chains, as well as have those who dared steal from him killed in the most brutal fashion he could imagine, and with that he sent out the bounty hunters.



S'imba looked to the other adventurers he had just crossed high bridge. The first one was a Highlander and a sultansworn. He wasn't a part of the group he had joined because he had over heard the talk of the rest of the group and sworn to see S'imba free. The next member was a Midlander Black Mage she was well versed in magic and had explored the deeper depths of the void. Next was the Keeper White mage though she was new to healing she was rather adapt at the healing magics. Finally the Roe monk he had taken to teaching S'imba to fight so he could defend himself if needed. Despite S'imba saying he never wanted to kill anyone. "Never forget that." The monk would say. "The time may come when you have no choice but to defend yourself and take a life. That thought will be what will keep you who you are." S'imba would nod not knowing what the monk fully meant. Shortly after they crossed the bridge and were on the final stretch to the shroud they came upon a Roe in a suit standing in the middle of the road with a dark smile on his face. The Sultansworn nodded to him but as he tried to pass the Roe blocked his path staring at S'imba. "Why do you block our path?" The paladin would ask. "What is it you want?" The Roe simply pointed at S'imba, the paladin would then draw his sword the Roe would reach forth and snap the Highlander's neck. Immediately the monk would jump forth striking the Roe with everything he had. The Roe would not even flinch however and without ever losing his smile punched him in the stomach then brought an elbow down on his neck. Next he went for the Keeper all he would do to her is throw her against a nearby rock where she would lay dead. Finally all that was left between S'imba and the Roe was the black mage despite her unloading her fire on him he just keep walking and placing his hands on her head crushed the life out of her. At last turning his head on S'imba who had been watching in horror tried to run away but the Roe was faster. He caught S'imba he fought back with everything he had but was just as ineffective as everyone else's. Grabbing hold of S'imba he lashed his hands together in front with rope and peaveing plenty of tail on it so he could pull him along. "Come" he would finally saysay giving a firm tug on the rope dragging S'imba forward and onto his stomach started dragging him along. Quickly scrambling to his feet he followed along tears in his eyes feeling guilt over the loss over his new friends as the Roe drug him back to Ul'dah at a rapid pace never giving S'imba a chance to rest.


Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

  • "Is villing to do anything to protect people he cares for, even vhen can go no further. Can respect that." - Alexei Volkov
  • "A good kid, but I truly wonder why he still lives under someone else's rule. Mayhap, he can break free one day." - Aerostein Epitaph
  • "S'imba? ....I-Is he in trouble again?! ....O' Warden, If only I could keep my eyes on him all the time.." - Mylene Wharf
  • "He hangs around all the time, and sure loves his ale. And can take the Qiqirn Firewater like no one else! He never seems quite all there, though, you know?" - Aya Foxheart
  • "I swear this Cat is injured every time I see him. How is he not a walking bruise at this point?" - Coatleque Crofte
  • "We both been through some hard lives with violence, maybe that's the reason we're still friends even after that battle in Gridania. I think sometimes however I'm more brotherly to him than Vash." - Aaron Glacier
  • "I think he just really hates shirts. Maybe he's allergic to cotton." - Natalie Mcbeef
  • "Pretty sure he's done some beastmen a few favors by... 'licking' their aetherytes. I don't even know." - Oscare Iono
  • "Got into a bit of trouble with us once. It's fine. I remember getting into quite a bit of trouble myself." - Berrod Armstrong
  • "He may be small and fight near naked; but he fights like a cornered honey badger." Tiorq Ghoti
  • "I overheard that he has a bounty on his head. Looks like some real dangerous people are on the hunt. Were I a bit more confident in the field, I'd be lunging at the opportunity as well." - Atoli Taira
  • "S'imba's a good guy. He really goes out of his way to help people. He's the reason I'm probably still alive." - K'washi Amada
  • "H-He has been through a-a lot... b-been through many ordeals... b-but in the end, h-he is still a great man..." - Leah Carsen
  • "Imba is stronger than he thinks. Or mayhap he not think over his actions all that often." *purrs* - X'cinna Ares
  • "I honestly sometimes can't believe he is still alive. Maybe Hydaelyn likes to watch him suffer? Though sometimes he does manage to impress, I suppose..." - Anstarra Silverain

Family and Relationships


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  • Vash Ashford Adopted Brother Another of S'imba's friends that was the result of a bar fight. When he found out S'imba was a slave fighting in pit fights he took interest in S'imba and vowed to see him free of his chains. It wasn't until later that he told S'imba that he too used to be a slave who broke free of his own chains several years prior. Because of this S'imba is able to look up to him as an older brother who understands what S'imba is going through. If it wasn't for his persistent worry over S'imba he would more than likely lose himself for good. Vash has even gone so far as to convince S'imba to let him be taken back into bondage after S'imba told him how lonely and hopeless he felt whenever he had to be alone when he was chained and caged. Though S'imba still isn't comfortable with the idea of Vash doing this for him the very thought of it gives him hope that he won't be alone in all this much longer, although S'imba has procrastinated this because the thought of seeing Vash in chains after escaping once combined with how hopeless he feels about it even being possible to escape causes him to feel like he is asking to much of the man.
  • Sven Volkorus Adopted Father The first time S'imba encountered this black mage he appeared to be a friendly, charming, and adventurous individual. However as S'imba looked into his eyes he could feel nothing but sheer terror of the man, despite this S'imba put it in the back of his mind even after witnessing his obsession with power as S'imba and Arvic stood beside him while Nanarou dueled another black mage. After S'imba joined the Order of the Compass he called for his help out of desperation when one of S'imba's friends was under the control of his owner by some form of mind control. Sven told him he was more than willing to help to free her from the power that controlled her provided he receive "payment" for the task. S'imba agreed desperate to help his friend during the process when he was breaking the curse S'imba witnessed the pleasure he took in the pain and suffering of others and couldn't help but wonder what kind of person Sven truly was. Afterwards he met with S'imba to discuss the payment which though seemingly insignificant S'imba would come to regret. A short time later S'imba met several other members of the Order where they told him about who Sven truly was and their conspiracy against him, in a panic S'imba revealed his debt to the others which resulted in Nanarou and Arvic (who was out of he loop of what was going on) kidnapping him. They took him back to the Orders headquarters where Nanarou was in the process of explaining what was going on when Sven arrived on scene. S'imba had no idea why but Sven was furious with him for betraying him. Nanarou left the room while Arvic stayed behind despite Nanarou's protests, he could only watch as Sven gathered aether into his hands before grabbing S'imba by the chest and torturing him as he burned a set of runes into it which would cause him to relive the experience anytime he did anything contrary to Sven's will. It was finally at this point that S'imba realized what his payment was and found himself a slave to a second master. Eventually Sven was defeated though the company decided to spare the mage's life. Eventually the mage was freed from prison and rehabilitated, though no one in the company trusted the mage. After a talking to him one evening S'imba realized that the man did have a genuine desire to change. After a long series of events Sven did slowly start to change, leading to a change of heart in which Sven started to actually care about S'imba. At one point they became mentally connected leading them both to experience events in each others lives that brought a new understanding for each other. Sven continued to improve until slowly he started to give a damn about people. Which very slowly cause Sven and S'imba to form a father and son type relationship. Which led to Sven naming S'imba heir to his family's legacy, intending to make S'imba the next to become the next in line of his family's legacy of black mages. Though Sven would eventually become a vassal to a dragon putting severe strain on this relationship, to the point that he felt Sven only saw S'imba useful as the echo-boy. Despite this when the time finally came S'imba joined in the battle against his dragon master that after a fierce battle that cost Rhyder his life, Sven lost the entirety of his memory. Forcing S'imba to step up as leader of the company only made harder by his father being unable to provide him any help in this task, let alone even recognize S'imba. Sven did eventually regain his memory and things were finally slowly getting back to normal, when one evening everything fell apart and Sven intending to leave forever went to Dravania and drank dragon's blood before he was hunted down and killed by K'ora. Though through some forbidden magic and the connection that S'imba and Sven shared led to Sven being brought back in the body of a female Au Ra. Despite this S'imba feels the man is now trapped in an eternal hell that there is no escape from, which has only caused the young Miqo'te to blame himself for the harsh words that had driven Sven off in the first place.


  • Aaron Glacier While he had originally met Aaron through the pumpkin it wasn't until he found out that he had nearly killed another of S'imba's friends due to him being in possession of a cursed sword that had possessed him. One of S'imba's friends who was hunting a bounty on the man challenged him to a fight. The bounty hunter made S'imba promise to finish Aaron if he failed. As S'imba watched them fight it took everything he had not to jump in and do the job himself. His mindset reverting to his pit fighting instincts he took all his drug he had pushing him into a state of a crazed animal. His ability to even feel pain was completely blocked and his body was pushed to it's absolute limits. He rushed in right as Aaron was about to finish his friend. S'imba jumped in between the pair. Both blinded to everything except the seething loathing towards they clashed. The drugs allowed S'imba to fight on an even level as the incredibly powerful voidsent enhanced Hyur. Despite these enhancements it was still a difficult battle and nearly cost S'imba his life. Due to Aaron wielding the massive sword with one hand as if it weighed nothing. He struck at S'imba with heavy blows that the Miqo'te was barely able to parry. The only thing that kept S'imba alive was his speed and agility. With Aaron distracted it gave the other three mages a chance to stop them both. Despite them being incredibly skilled mages it took the combined efforts of Dev, Aerostein, and Dresden to over come the fighting pairs respective enhancements and put them to sleep. After this and they were returned to their proper state of mind they became much more civil with each other. After several other misadventures including a journey into a cave of pirates with crazy Fab S'imba has come to see Aaron as a friend though S'imba has taken to tormenting the man...going so far as to sick Towering Falcon on him.
  • Aerostein Epitaph When S'imba was cursed Aerostein risked his own life to heal him. He is also another of Gus Pumpkinweed's model who S'imba sees as a rival. The man knows exactly how to get on S'imba's nerves and gets highly annoyed when he refers to him as a child. However he has healed S'imba on several other occasions led S'imba to tell him his history when Aero inquired about his past.
  • Arvic Ryne Shared a drink with Arvic in the Quicksand one night while they were talking Nanarou jumped in between them both, which was coincidentally when he met her as well. Despite Nanarou belittling S'imba; Arvic became his friend. Arvic is one of the individuals who encourages S'imba to continue fighting for his freedom, and helped him by finding out what the ingredients were for the drugs that control S'imba.
  • Charlotte Tiln S'imba met Charlotte after she rescued him from her brother Siegfried. While initially he didn't trust her when he found out who her family was after she helped him deal with the crushing feelings he was having about being torn away from his home, she quickly become someone he relies on for emotional support. Though he soon found out about how much she was dealing with herself he did everything he could to allow her to get rested from her troubles. He does harbor feelings for her but knows she doesn't reciprocate them.
  • Kiht'a Zajhiri S'imba first met the Keeper in the quicksand and quickly became fast friends. He told S'imba about his unfortunate time with his tribe where he had been abused and sent on suicide missions. S'imba quickly felt that Khit'a had gone through far more suffering than himself and needed a brother to help him build up a proper family to support him. S'imba helped give him advice on black magic based on his own experiences with it. Though things really came to a head when Kiht'a told S'imba about a dream he had. S'imba applying "S'imba logic" figured it had to have been some divine premonition and that they had to investigate it. S'imba then went to Khit'a's tribe and posing as a couerlclaw slave he managed to get an audience with their leader. They told him a story of Kiht'a's past and his connection with the Garleans and that they wanted to use him to be experimented on but his mother ended up convincing them to take her instead. Later Kiht'a told S'imba that the Garleans had attacked him and the man he was courting. S'imba figured the best idea would be to go ask the tribe for further details, Kiht'a followed along as well and the two discovered that the Garleans had built an outpost on top of where Kiht'a's tribe had been. The pair ended up sneaking in, though they ended up setting off an alarm. They did their best to escape the way they came but ended up in some sort of laboratory, where to their horror they saw an army of Miqo'te in strange tubes that had been brutally ripped apart and had magitech grafted to them after being experimented on. The worst was when Kiht'a found his mother despite her barely resembling who she originally was. That was when the man behind the experiments showed himself. After a short battle that left S'imba with broken ribs after the man revealed that he had applied his own research to himself. With little other choice S'imba told the man about the experiments that had been preformed on himself going so far to exaggerate everything, trying to intimidate him into thinking he was facing some sort of primal in a mortal form. Though Grendt didn't believe him, he did take an interest in S'imba in wanting to know more about them. He informed the pair that it didn't matter who they were but they would soon refer to him as father. Kiht'a managed to teleport the pair out of there and back to Ul'dah. After getting him back to safety Kiht'a made sure to get S'imba healed. S'imba wanted to make plans to go back but Kiht'a wisely pointed out that S'imba had made himself a target and they would come for him now too. S'imba refused to believe this however and entered a state of denial. This led to him going back to the outpost and sneaking in alone. S'imba discovered Grendt testing out Kiht'a's mother. S'imba was discovered by her and tried to escape. However they set of the "Miqo'te whistle" that would let out a sound at a frequency similar to a dog whistle which would cause a Miqo'te excruciating agony. S'imba was quickly subdued and apprehended by Kiht'a's mother where he was then strapped to a wall and Grendt began his research. After torture S'imba was left with a helmet on him that would stimulate every trauma he had ever experienced at once. S'imba nearly broke at this point, but in a enormous turn of events Kiht'a had followed S'imba when he didn't answer the linkshell. The little keeper managed to cut the power and free S'imba from his bonds. Though Kiht'a's mother stepped into stop them. At this point S'imba was completely powerless, only dead weight on Kiht'a. Using his resourceful nature Kiht'a broke out a window and using his ninja abilities got the pair safely to the ground below. Kiht'a once again took S'imba home and helped nurse him back to health. Despite this S'imba still doesn't believe he is in any danger from the Garleans and that they still had their eyes set on Kiht'a.
  • K'washi Amada A member of the Lynxfangs. Though their initial interactions were anything but friendly, with S'imba pulling a knife on him and K'washi greeting S'imba by calling him Chieftan of issues. (Which S'imba didn't catch due to K'washi writing it, so S'imba missed it entirely.) Despite this their relationship vastly improved after S'imba was captured and brutally tortured by the Ishgardians and the Elezen known as Charles Locke to the point that S'imba became so emotionally traumatized to the point he could no longer speak. Through a conversation that was mostly the pair simply miming K'washi was able to help S'imba learn how to express himself. S'imba also has a newfound respect for the seeker realizing the struggles he's had to learn to deal with.
  • Leah Carsen S'imba met Leah through the Lynxfangs, the two would eventually become friends and develop an attraction for each other. He helped her research a void related intruder in her room, and was later attacked by a black robed mage. S'imba and K'washi were able to drive the mage off by giving him several wounds. S'imba took up a point of protecting her from the man planning to hide below his notice as some insignificant ragamuffin. Despite this she would attack again late one night and S'imba was able to break through his magic barrier thanks to his anti-magic daggers and give the mage an x-shaped scar on the man's chest which caused the mage to swear to kill S'imba. After Leah joined up with the Wandering Tonberries, S'imba fought alongside them when the mage showed up and attacked. Thanks to S'imba's daggers he was able to severely wound the mage who then declared he would be sure that S'imba would die in the most painful way possible. With this victory they were given a small break from the mage, though S'imba would later encounter another mage that was allied with the mage, who showed up to see the man who was able to cause so much injury to her ally. She left S'imba alone for the time but it was this revelation that caused S'imba great horror which lead to him and Leah seeking out a more effective way of fighting these beings.
  • Lucius Ignatius A Garlean he accidentally walked in on preparing for some sort of terrorist attack. The man tazed S'imba and placed a bracelet on him to monitor him after S'imba convinced him to let him go. Eventually S'imba and him became friends. Despite the fact that Lucius endangered S'imba's life by getting him into trouble with Garleans, S'imba stood by the man. Their relationship eventually soured after S'imba and Qih'li tried to point out that he was accidentally enslaving his mate, S'raku. While S'imba is frustrated with him he still cares about him and would rush to his aid if he found out his life was in danger.
  • Lepiarrd Furvolk After causing this man's mate to be consumed by the entropic energy of the abyss, Lep placed S'imba in chains and kept him as retribution of his crime. Though disobedient S'imba realizes he is lucky to be receiving this punishment. Overtime Lep became less abusive of his "mutt" and followed through a friendship that developed into brotherhood. He eventually named S'imba his personal guardian. Though at times S'imba does take advantage of a longer leash and his master has to remind him that he is still a slave by locking a muzzle on him or some other humiliating punishment. S'imba will still defend him with his life and will end anyone who dares try to bring harm to his brother.
  • Nihka Mioni In S'imba's mind Nihka is Menphina herself. Her kindness is endless, her caring is unmatched. Completely selfless in his eyes he could only define her as the perfect keeper. When he first became a keeper he had it in his head that males were kept in keeper cages for breeding. With endless patience and perseverance Nihka managed to cast these doubts aside and helped S'imba come to terms about living life as a keeper. She's healed him on numerous occasions and has the empathy to heal even his deepest self doubts. She's become familiar with his exploits and it's entirely possible that when he does something stupid she instantly responds no matter where she is with. "...S'imba..."
  • Mylene Wharf S'imba first met Mylene while he was recovering from being tortured by Siegfried Tiln. She helped patch him up and comfort him as well as helped him out on several other occasions. The two have become close friends despite the trials that seem to plague their friendship. She's another individual who is like a big sister to S'imba constantly worrying about his well being leading to S'imba to -try- and hide when he is in trouble out of concern of worrying her though she usually gets the truth out of him which leads to a prompt scolding for lying to her. In a recent trip to Coerthas in which S'imba had planned to kill a dragon he ran into Mylene, K'hoshi, and Raikimi who were on vacation. After S'imba's lie fell apart as to why he was their Mylene and K'hoshi followed him to the Stone Vigil not willing to let S'imba face a dragon alone. They found the dragon and despite all odds they managed to defeat the beast thanks to Mylene shooting one of the dragon's eyes out, K'hoshi's uncanny ability to keep the dragon's attention on himself, and a aetherically charged S'imba from Sven Volkorus experimenting on him. Though Mylene and K'hoshi were badly injured as they were returning to town a group of Elezen approached the group and arrested S'imba leaving the pair in the snow. After several days in the gaol S'imba managed to escape their custody however he has no idea what happened to the two and is desperately trying to contact her to find out her condition and to let her know that he is safe as he knows if she survived she would be worried sick.
  • Nanarou Garnin Despite their rocky start in which S'imba was informed he was a "Mangy Cat" she always seemed to be around when he got into trouble. Eventually when S'imba was crushed by his emotions and was in the process of killing another Miqo'te she showed up just in time and snapped him out of it. After comforting him she started over by inviting him to join her free company "Order of the Compass" Which she told him was the very representation of being free. Since that was his dream he jumped on board and now she keeps an eye on him making sure he controls his temper and keeping him out of trouble, even though she has that annoying tendency to show up whenever he was ready to get into some kind of trouble. Recently however he ran into some other members of his company in the quicksand where they were talking about their leader Sven and the evil he actually represented. See tried to warn S'imba to leave and eventually ended up abducting him to protect him. Though after she took him to the house and Sven showed up to punish him for his betrayal she ran away. He has not seen her since but despite her actions S'imba still trusts her.
  • Reina Dancer The first time S'imba met the woman it ended with him earning her hatred and an arrow through his thigh. After escaping prison he ran into her in a distraught state having just called things off with her fiancee. She was drunk and let him talk to her a little bit, due to having similar experiences that they both suffered through slavery she softened up towards him. Later events would occur which led to them being handcuffed together and lost in the shroud, which led to highly awkward situations, including him having to pee infront of him. She teased him endlessly by threatening to touch, eventually he panicked and tried to pull away and to both of their horror she ended up getting a handful of S'imba. After these awkward adventures they became friends causing both of them to start to have feelings towards each other. These feelings would continue to develop, though it took S'imba a long time to get over the fear that he might hurt her if he were to date her, eventually he could ignore his feelings any longer and decided to ask her to date him. She was thrilled at him finally coming out of his shell. She can see through the lies that S'imba tells himself, that he's perfectly fine, that he isn't bothered by his past. She manages to find these hurts that he's buried deep in himself and bring them out so he has to confront them head on. Despite her past returning and nearly costing S'imba his life he still continues to stand by her and love her. Their relationship developing to the point that there is no challenge that they wouldn't face in order to protect the other.
  • R'elend Tia Another individual that started out as one of S'imba's enemies. S'imba met the Brass Blade around the time he was accused of being a scion causing S'imba to see him as a symbol of the hell he was placed in. S'imba would try and punch R'elend every chance he had as a way to vent his frustration. Though one night S'imba beat the Blade to death which despite the cheers of the people present at the quicksand jeering that R'elend got what he deserved, S'imba panicked and did whatever he could to keep the Blade alive, going so far as to preform mouth to mouth on the Seeker. By some miracle the Blade made it through the ordeal alive. Though their relationship didn't improve after that for a long time, S'imba would eventually discover that he an actual heart underneath a mountain of bitterness. He also discovered that it was thanks to R'elend that he was able to keep out of prison during the crisis. S'imba decided that R'elend needed someone to be nice to him, though S'imba still causes him trouble by calling him dad. R'elend also tries to help S'imba straighten up, though his methods are questionable. R'elend has an assistant that keeps trying to convince R'elend to help S'imba by making him some sort of pet. To S'imba's relief R'elend didn't decide to take that route.
  • S'vett Tia S'imba met S'vett when S'imba was in the process of trying to kill Siegfried. At the behest of Mylene Wharf S'vett tried to stop S'imba while he was attacking Siegfried, despite being thrown off when he tried to tackle S'imba he jumped back into the fray pulling back on S'imba's collar until Nanarou showed up and snapped S'imba out of it. A few days later S'vett approached S'imba in the bar where they became friends after S'vett decided to help S'imba learn about where he comes from. Despite S'vett saying he's not a great warrior for his fear of big monsters, S'imba believes that he's got the "right stuff" and intends to fix that by putting him face to face with a Morbol though he doesn't know how S'vett feels about that.
  • X'khai Tia S'imba once shared an ale with Khai who told S'imba about his vision of a tribe that brought together the outcasts of Seekers and Keepers who had no other family to go to. This vision came to pass when he invited S'imba to the founding meeting of the Lynxfang pride. By the end of the meeting S'imba found himself in a position of authority under grand chieftain K'hai as the council chief of the warrior. S'imba took the position very seriously making sure that all members were protected when they faced any of many various dangers. After a brief stay in prison S'imba got out to find that there were funny happenings going on in the pride. For one he had no idea where Khai was then one evening in the quicksand S'imba ran into an individual known as Sig (who was in actuality Khai.) The cloaked figure told S'imba that the council chief of the hunt Sae had murdered Khai and that he needed to die. The only flaw in this plan was that Sae had come to S'imba before and told him about a plot on his life. Due to this S'imba believed that this was somehow connected to the plot and decided he needed to find Sae and investigate further. However Sae has seemed to have disappeared as well and it is only been made more difficult with S'imba going into hiding himself.
  • X'tai Tia Tai was only aquatinted with S'imba for a long while. That was until after Tai was in the same room together with a man by the name Sator. S'imba tactfully suggested that Tai and Sator "Go enjoy have a rousing session of coitus." Next time S'imba saw the pair they were a happy couple which made S'imba extremely happy. Though sometime after this Sator's brother Shade; who had been experimenting heavily on S'imba and was now under his complete control ordered S'imba to kill Sator and Tai. Though through the intervention of the powerful mage K'ora Tia they were able to stop S'imba's rampage without further casualties added to it. After this Tai had no trust towards S'imba at least until the pair went to rescue a young Miqo'te by the name of K'ovu. After this the two have seemingly rebuilt their friendship. Though due to Tai's scientific and inquisitive nature the temptation to resume Shade's research will always be there in the form of S'imba.



  • Siegfried Tiln Siegfried was one of S'imba's friends and someone he looked up to. However after Siegfried received a tip that S'imba had information on his goals he drugged S'imba which after he woke up found himself tied up. Siegfried then proceeded to torture him for this information which he had no idea what he was talking about, after hours of pain at Siegfried's brutal torture he found himself ready to give up all hope when Charlotte Tiln jumped out and attacked Siegfried saving S'imba. Later he approached S'imba after which S'imba's anger taking control of him proceeded to beat him him with the intent of killing him. After injuring several bystanders attempting to stop him S'imba was finally snapped out of his rage by Nanarou Garnin.
  • Charles Locke When S'imba first met the charming Elezen it didn't take him long to realize the sociopathic nature of the man. Partially because the Elezen kidnapped S'imba and tied him to a bed in the infirmary after he suspected S'imba had information he was curious about. S'imba earned his ire when he did the one thing that could actually get under the Elezen's skin by biting him. Despite his pleas to everyone else no one seemed to believe him about who Charles truly was. Though eventually others would come to see the truth about him, Charles had managed to bring great harm to the free company. Once he had been revealed as a monster to the rest of the company Charles fled and wasn't seen for a long time. He eventually showed his face again after S'imba kicked one of his lalafell slavers across a room. The slavers hired Charles to track S'imba down and return him to their custody, as well as punish him for his disobedience. Charles was easily able to find and apprehend S'imba as he was preparing to go to X'tai and Rhyder's eternal bonding. The Elezen took S'imba back to Ul'dah where after having him be tortured physically decided to subject the young seeker to psychological torture as well. Dragging in a pair of what was seen as useless slaves S'imba was forced to watch as Charles skinned them alive and then subjected S'imba to forced canabalism. It was this event that lead to S'imba being unable to even speak a single word for a long time, and blocking most of the ordeal from his mind. Once his friends found out about what had happened they finally hunted Charles down which ended up with Charles being losing his head, robbing S'imba of the opportunity to take revenge on the man who had made so much of his recent history a living hell.
  • Samantha Goldsmith S'imba first met this woman when Tai introduced her as his mate. S'imba didn't approve of her dating his brother, especially after seeing how she tended to treat Tai. When she and Tai had a falling out she tried to ruin his life. Part of that was placing an enormous bounty on S'imba's head. The last time S'imba saw the woman he was in the alleys of Ul'dah talking with Gunnbjorn when the two suddenly found themselves surrounded by bounty hunters. She stepped out from behind the group and ordered the hunters to kill Gunn and wound S'imba before then deliver him to her estate. Fortunately S'imba and Gunn were able to defend themselves and talk their way out of the situation. Even if the leader of the group warned S'imba not to leave Ul'dah or else he'd Holmgang S'imba's ass and stuff him in a box. Despite this S'imba has not encountered the woman since then, though he always fears that someone will come for that bounty and he'll end up at her estate for who knows what purpose.

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Order of the Compass

One night at the quicksand S'imba was hanging out in his spot on the floor when a female Lalafell approached him and started to harass him about being a "cat-boy" who was only out looking to breed. When S'imba asked why she hated Miqo'te she responded with "There are too many of ye." After a few minutes of this she ran off to speak to a Sultansworn. At this point S'imba went over to the bar where he met Arvic. While they were sharing stories the Lalafell returned to terrorize S'imba some more and she mounted herself on the stool between the pair. While she continued to rip S'imba a new one her mentor showed up and sat at the other side of him where they both properly introduced themselves as black mages, the Hyur was named Sven Voulkas and the Lalafell was Nanarou Garnin. After Arvic and S'imba spoke with them for a while until they all needed to leave for one reason or another.

S'imba ran in Nanarou several times after that usually while he was in the middle of some scene scene or another which she never failed to take a detour of whatever she may be doing at the time to go tell him what she thought of him. Eventually he ran into her arguing with another black mage which ended up with him following them out of the city so they could duel. S'imba watched the duel alongside Arvic and Sven as the pair showed off their great display of power which led to Nanarou summoning meteor. While S'imba looked on in awe at the fight he couldn't help but notice that there was something off about Sven and what appeared to be bloodlust in his eye.

Sometime later the night that Siegfried returned to see S'imba after he had tortured him. S'imba noticed Nanarou in the bar already filled with absolute hatred of the man in front of him seeing her and knowing that he was about to receive more of her abuse pushed him over the edge he didn't notice her leave but during his absence he completely lost it and started beating the hell out of Siegfried. During the fight when he had just about killed him she returned and yelled out to him as her voice was the only one in the crowd he recognized she was the one that was finally able to snap him out of it. She led him out of the bar before the rest of the patrons noticed he was gone and she took him to a secluded area where she told him they needed a fresh start. She told him that she had been watching over him intervening whenever he was about to get into trouble and had regretted leaving when she had seen how agitated he had been around Siegfried. It was at this point she invited him to join the order of the compass so she could keep an eye on him and help him keep his temper under control. He couldn't resist especially about how much of her recruitment speech involved that their company stood for freedom so he naturally joined right up.

Immediately after joining he was introduced to Shark a monk who would come to keep a close eye on S'imba. At this point S'imba didn't know any of the other members of the order and he didn't really want to get in their way. So he kinda just kept his head down he'd see Arvic and Nana on several occasions with Arvic getting him out of some trouble with some Brass Blades after they had arrested him and were beating him. Afterwards after Arvic released S'imba from the chains the blades had placed on him he called for a healer. Shark came and had brought Sorcha, a talented and highly skilled white mage, with him. After Sorcha healed S'imba he thanked her little did she know the headache and worry he would cause her in the order. The next day a friend of S'imba came to see him having heard of the previous days events. S'imba quickly realized she had been possessed and not knowing any other mages contacted Sven. This would be one of the biggest mistakes S'imba would ever make. Sven told S'imba he would help him and they could discuss payment afterwards desperate S'imba agreed to his terms. The pair ended up taking the girl to the Sultan tree where Sven proceeded to invoke his black magic releasing her from the magic that controlled her. Immediately afterwards they were attacked by a legion of blades in which Sven wasted no time in dropping a meteor on. The entire time S'imba couldn't help but notice there seemed to be a madness that existed inside him. Afterwards Sven told S'imba what he expected in payment which in reality was S'imba pledging his servitude to the man...

The true colors of Sven Voulkus Some time later S'imba was at the bar in the quicksand he found a seat in the crowded bar when the three strangers next to him recognized him as a member of the order. The were Xaxareaux Garnin (Nanarou's younger brother), Zedd Magee, and Gunnjborn Darkblade. They welcomed him as the newest recruit and bought a round for him. As they spoke the conversation turned dark they wanted to get S'imba in on a project. Suddenly S'imba heard Nanarou speaking in his mind to leave at once that the people he was talking to would only bring him trouble. Despite the warning S'imba continued to listen. They spoke about how Sven was actually a unstable psychotic madman who wanted to burn the world to nothing so that it could be reborn properly. They were conspiring to kill the man, S'imba was sucked into this whole scheme after he told them that he owed Sven and as Nanarou spoke to his mind and the group talked about how dangerous Sven really was he began to panic. Nanarou who had actually been spying on them cast a sleep spell on S'imba to shut him up. The trio thinking he had passed out from hyperventilation decided to take him somewhere quieter when Zedd said "Are we kidnapping him?" to which Gunn responded "Yep" as they hauled S'imba out of the bar and into the ally behind the quicksand.


On the run from the law.

After being turned into a weapon by Shade; S'imba became an item of interest to various individuals. As such several organizations put a bounty on him. He was also framed and charged for various criminal activities...as well as a few crimes he committed on his own. After escaping custody multiple times he went into hiding by disguising himself a mercenary and demon hunter by the name Raven. Trying to get into the mercenary and bounty hunter circles as a way of finding out more about why he's being pursued and discover the identities of those seeking him. He has found multiple connections yet none of them really make any sense. He was captured by Ishgardians where he discovered that they wanted to bring him before their primal Shiva. During the escape a strange creature known as Clad seemingly came to their rescue. After S'imba accidentally seemingly mortally wounded Sven and was trying to get out of the prison with him. Clad took him away from S'imba, powerless to act against the mysterious figure. Clad stabbed Sven with a pair of daggers and killed him before vanishing with his body, leaving S'imba to have to face a voidsent and some other abomination alone.

Memory Lost

Memory Lost

Waking up in a free company bed after Shark and Arvic had taken the amulet. He had no idea where he was or for that matter who he was. He stood up to try and find some answers and heard a voice calling to him. It was Pup, S'imba had no idea who he was. This of course made the blind lalafell angry with S'imba at first but that was soon replaced by tears as his buddy now had no idea who he was. About this time Shark arrived and explained everything to Pup who began venting on Shark for the whole incident. This was until S'imba had made his way to the door when Pup yelled at him."Where do you think your going?" Shocked S'imba replied. "I just wanted to go have a look around." Pup devastated not knowing how to respond to such an innocent request suddenly had his anger subside and said "Alright I'll show you around." Luckily Pup had bumped around enough that he knew the area pretty good and was able to show S'imba around fairly easy. Unfortunately for S'imba, Pup had some unexpected business come up that needed to be taken care of. With no other choice he left him at the quicksand so Momodi could keep an eye on him until Pup got back. S'imba was there for several hours he met new friends as well as old friends most of which were more than happy to help him. As far as the situation went it was a fairly good day if one didn't count the amnesia. That was until he found out he was supposed to fight a Roe known as the Butcher of Mor Dohna. He decided there was some sort of mistake and that he would talk to Pup about it later. Finally later in the evening Pup returned for him and took him back to the house. When they had arrived S'imba recounted the days events. Pup smiled the entire time that was until S'imba came to what he heard about having to fight the Roe. Despite Pup telling him he was a slave and that he was seen as little more than an animal S'imba hadn't really grasped the concept. "I'm not going to fight him, they can't make me it's my choice." S'imba would say to Pup. "S'imba from what I understand what you've told me you don't." Pup would be forced to reply to him. "But I'm a person they should listen to me if I explain it to them they'll understand that I don't want to do it." He'd tell Pup. "S'imba I don't think they will." Pup would reply to S'imba he didn't know how to tell someone that they didn't even own themselves. "You see these people don't really see you as a person to them your just some kind of animal." As S'imba's heart fell into his stomach as what Pup was saying started to sink in. "But I'm not how could someone ever do think that about me?" S'imba would say his voice breaking as his eyes started to well up in tears. "Because their monsters they don't care about anyone. They only care about money." Pup would reply standing up on the couch and walking over and setting a hand on his shoulder as S'imba cried. "I'm going to die." S'imba said before Pup gave a reassuring squeeze. "Your a good fighter and despite you forgetting your body will remember. Shark says that although you may be small you fight like a cornered Couerl. You're going to be fine." He would say before heading downstairs to bed. With that S'imba gave a reassured smile but would lie down on the couch and silently cry into the night until he finally fell asleep.

Discovering a Soulstone

During a job he was hired for he ended up being paid with a strange jewel. Though he had seen several in the past he failed to recognize it as a soulstone. He became enchanted with it's strange beauty and couldn't bring himself to sell it. One day while out in the wild he was attacked by a large monster. Knowing his knives were no match for the winged fiend and that he was cornered he felt he was finished. Seemingly by chance he stumbled over a great sword. Desperately he picked it up, suddenly the soulstone awoke attuning itself with him pulsing with his own heart beat. Suddenly he felt a wealth of knowledge pouring into his mind, he suddenly understood so much more. Giving him the strength and knowledge to overcome his foe. As his foe fell a voice told him to finish it. With a swing of the blade he chopped off the head of the creature before the voice spoke again. "If you want the ability to truly be free and protect the innocent, to rise to a hero I can give you that power if you allow me." Despite his reservations of things that offered power after seeing friend after friend make deals only to have things backfire he agreed to the voice awakening him as a dark knight. Several days later he was paid a visit from his friend Gunnjborn,an accomplished dark knight it didn't take him long to sniff out the change in S'imba. He scolded him and informed him he'd have to struggle to avoid being consumed. This only furthered S'imba's desire to have a mentor. As Gunn informed him that he didn't have the time leaving S'imba on his own. Without someone to point him in the right direction he once again turned to the soulstone which offered to lead him to the previous owner. Traveling to a mountain in Coerthas he came upon a grave. Feeling like the stone was just playing some sort of prank on him he went to toss it from the mountaintop only to hear a voice behind him. He turned to see an old man with a white beard. He introduced himself as Sage and offered to teach him to be a dark knight. S'imba agreed and Sage put him through several trials and judged him in a manner with standards that were impossible to live up to. Though he helped many he couldn't help that those he saved seemed to be terrified of him. The reason for this would become clear when one day Sven came to check on him after S'imba had stolen his mother's crimson great sword. Sage had been busy instructing S'imba in his room. Sven and S'imba got into an argument and Sage finally told S'imba to kill Sven as he needed to be held accountable for his crimes. S'imba began arguing with sage while Sven gained an extremely worried expression. Finally Sven asked S'imba if he was ok and when S'imba asked why Sven informed the seeker that he was arguing with himself. Suddenly Sage vanished as S'imba realized he had imagined Sage. S'imba quickly began to panic that he was losing his mind though Sven suspected possession. He preformed an excorsim on the second identity that was in S'imba. Rather than manifesting as a voidsent the thing that had came out was S'imba's darkside as his doppleganger. This other half would come to be known as Dark S'imba. The doppleganger immediately set to work on getting vengeance on all who had taken advantage and hurt S'imba in the past. Going so far as to target Ul'dah itself insciting anarchy and assassinating upper class members. Several of S'imba's friends would be targeted Sven in particular would be stripped of his black magic while Dark S'imba replaced it with a twisted version of white magic. S'imba tried to confront his darkside but thanks to its far more aggressive and merciless fighting style he easily defeated S'imba. Leaving him tied up in the rain and mud and taking S'imba's place it was only thanks to the fact that Sven was able to observe that the doppleganger did not have the collar that was fused around the real S'imba's neck. They were able to rescue S'imba though ultimately dark S'imba would escape their custody. S'imba began training to master the power of a dark knight. Fighting several highly powerful enemies, his nature already to put a lot of energy into his emotions causing him to become a particularly powerful dark knight. Despite this he seeks the true secret of the abyss so that he can finally defeat his dark side once and for all.

Rouges' Guild

After escaping from prison in Ul'dah, S'imba almost immediately found himself shanghaied by a group of pirates known as the Dreadshrykes. He earned his place among them after the ship was lead to Shagain territory by a tempered steersman, where the entire crew was either killed or captured by the fishmen S'imba was able to break free as the ritual for summoning Leviathan had begun. Managing to get ahold of his daggers he set the remaining crew free, who then fled back to their ship. S'imba meanwhile hunted down the traitorous steersman, ending his life so that he could no longer lead sailors to be tempered by the Lord of the Whorl. The crew had just started to ship off as S'imba ran out the fishmen's lair, fortunately they tossed S'imba a rope and he was able to escape with them. After that they treated him as one of their own, though this was hardly the end of his trials among them. Soon they ended up raiding a ship which turned out to be another pirate ship. Though the raid was completely successful before he could make his escape he was seized by several keepers of the moon. He then watched as his crew sailed off. It didn't take him long to realize the keeper pirates saw all males as slaves and quickly put him to work with repairing the damages made to the ship. His efforts to convince the other males to mutiny were highly unsuccessful the only response he would be given was. "You're a slave deal with it." Eventually the keepers hunted down the Dreadshrykes the captain of the ship offering S'imba the chance to fire the first cannon at them. When he refused he was promptly tied to the mast to be forced to watch his crew die. The Dreadshrykes' ship would suddenly turn to crash into the keeper ship and it was quickly revealed the Dreadshrykes had abandoned it into their lifeboats and swarmed the keeper ship. Fortunately this time they took the time to rescue S'imba. After he was cut off he decided to make a point to the keepers by burning their sails up defiantly saying he was no ones slave anymore. Causing the captain of the keepers to swear that they would eventually show him otherwise. S'imba escaped into the lifeboats and eventually they washed up in Aleport right into the waiting hands of the Yellowjakets who promptly arrested the entire crew. As they sat in the holding cell awaiting to be sent to a proper prison the yellowjackts drug a very tied up Miqo'te charged with thievery. As soon as they opened the cell S'imba used his ability to manipulate the water and wash the yellowjackets off their feet. Though the rest of the crew predictably just fled, S'imba stayed behind to cut the Miqo'te free. As S'imba was preparing to run as well the other seeker took him with him convincing him to forsake the pirates. Since S'imba didn't have a hiding whole the seeker offered to take S'imba back to the rogues' guild to hide out until the heat was off. The rogues quickly accepted S'imba among their ranks after he proved to them that he was willing to uphold and enforce the code. Now he works for them often both for gil and the perk of having good connections when he needs some sort of information or object.

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During a quest to find the coins of a legendary ancient pirate, S'imba found himself in need of a ship. He didn't have the funds to buy one and he didn't know anyone who he could borrow one from. Before he put his plan into action to steal a ship he heard a rumor of a derelict ship that was rumoured to be a ghost ship. It had the usual tales of ghost ships when sailors spoke of it. Death and misfortune falling upon all those who look upon it. Various tales spun up from where it came from and what it was. S'imba decided if there was a ship out there for the taking he may as well claim it. After all ghost ships aren't real. He put a crew together and hired a boat to take him to the island that the ship was last rumored to be seen at.

When they arrived the ship had run aground the island. As Captain S'imba went aboard first and explored the ship. While he did find the skeletons of the previous crew there was nothing to suggest the ship was haunted. The Revenge was in remarkably good shape held up over the years from fine craftsmanship. It didn't take long to get her seaworthy again. However they soon discovered the hull was completely full of Kraken eggs. Due to a misunderstanding S'imba believed the Kraken was currently about to show up. They got the boat onto the water and started to get out of there as fast as they could. Two of company members took a team of sailors to start hauling eggs up and tossing them into the water as fast as they could. Though it was only a matter of time before they spotted the mother swimming towards them. S'imba ordered to fire the cannons in an attempt to keep it at bay knowing full well the chances of actually killing it were poor. A few of the cannonballs hit home and caused the Kraken injury but it wasn't about to be stopped as it continued it's assault. Despite the exemplary sailing skills of the woman who took the helm the Kraken wound itself around the ship. Knowing they were moments away from death S'imba did the only thing he could think of. Took off his hat and coat, grabbed his sword and jumped off the edge of the ship onto the Kraken's face to start hacking away at the monster. Inspired by their captain the rest of the crew took up arms and tore the tentacles of the beast apart. S'imba finishing the sea monster in a flash of blinding aether. Though not everyone was pleased with the death. The egg crew had been so close to getting all the eggs off only to find that the mother had just been killed. Ended up labeling S'imba a monster.

After he got the ship back to port in vesper bay he got it fixed up and ready to go to sea on many adventures. Including winning a swim race against a sahagin, being set up as the assassin of the peaceful protester privateer Jenny Hellfist, rescuing a crew of sailors from a rice ship that's cargo was spewing out the sides, and even surviving an encounter with a garlean whale ship.

Despite the fact that it is a smaller vessel as far as ship standards go and lacks the firepower of a warship the Revenge has one weapon that makes it a formidable opponent in a fight. Fear...ghost stories and legends go a long way mixed in with sailors superstitions. Enemy crews that lay eyes on the Revenge and the hells damned captain known as Simb'a Fuhkintia quickly lose moral or become paralyzed with fear. With this advantage in play the Revenge can make short work of enemy vessels. Though the most advantageous part of this is the fact that enemy ships don't tend to bother with it in the first place. Most ships simply avoiding it if they spot it rather than be anywhere near the vessel that hells spat out.

Wanted for Interesting Roleplay (and other information to use)

  • Recently S'imba has reentered the bloodsands in a semi-disguise under the alias Hell Cat, based on rumors that since he uses strange magics in the ring he must be some sort of demon boy, the name being taken from a young keeper who refers to all seekers as hell cats, it seemed fitting to him. Though he's changed his fighting style from knives to the sword to help disguise himself by changing up his fighting style, and he's tweaked his appearance just enough to try and avoid anyone looking too closely at him as there are still those who would like to claim him as their fighter. If your character would recognize him in any of these regards you can use this information.
  • Anyone with knowledge of slave markings would be able to identify the brand on his face as him being marked as a slave for life.
  • Wanted in Limsa Lominsa as the dread pirate Captain Simb'a Fuhkintia of the Sultana's Revenge.



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