Kasi Nebuko

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Gridania-transparent.png Kasi Nebuko
Commission kasi new.png
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Age 32
Physique 5 fulm / 105 ponze
Occupation Explorer, mercenary, trader, cook, mother
Weaknesses Wheat allergy, partial illiteracy, partial blindness
Alignment Lawful evil

The Veil (Active)
Shroudwolf Clan (Active)
Mischief's Coven
Twin Adders


Like most Miqo'te, Kasi has an extremely keen sense of smell and hearing, as well as a significantly above-average sense of balance for her kind. Kasi is partially illiterate, but can speak and understand 'Huntspeak,' a basic signaling language used between hunters and tribes in the Twelveswood.

Unlike her kin, Kasi has a severe allergy to wheat which borders on life-threatening. Eating any kind of wheat product can cause her to have difficulty breathing for several hours depending on the amount she consumes, which is potentially also accompanied by rash, vomiting, moderate itching, and a runny nose. Even physical contact with wheat can cause her skin to break out into an itchy rash.

Note: A rating of 5 is considered average for a Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon. Attributes range from 1 to a maximum of 10. These ratings are purely relative rather than absolute values.

Attribute Rating
Strength ★★★★★|★★☆☆☆
Dexterity ★★★★★|★★☆☆☆
Constitution ★★★★★|★★★☆☆
Intelligence ★★★★★|☆☆☆☆☆
Wisdom ★★★★☆|☆☆☆☆☆
Charisma ★★★★★|★★☆☆☆

Physical Description

"She certainly looks like she's seen some better days... and some worse ones."

Although fairly short and petite by Eorzean standards, this adult dark-skinned Miqo’te Keeper of the Moon clearly doesn't let it hold her down. Her appearance, stature, and poise hints at a thirst for life that has been tempered with years spent in the thick of war. It wouldn't be a distant guess that she had done time in a military organization somewhere in Eorzea.

Her hair is a functional, but unkempt, wild, and tangled mess, with locks of red hair lost among a roiling sea of black. Even the manner in which her hair is kept short is haphazard, with the ends strained and frayed- almost like she uses her own sword to cut it. Her furry ears are perked up like she were alert, though her left ear is notably missing a small chunk off the tip. An intense, red eye peeks out from under the right side of the disheveled mess of hair, but it's counterpart on the left side is dull, faded, and lifeless by comparison. The difference is almost certainly accounted for by the long, grim scar that runs halfway down the left side of her face and over her left eye. The remainder of her face is relatively free from obvious injury or blemish, save for the streak of white war paint that runs horizontally across her nose and halfway over her cheeks. Her lips are a slight shade lighter than the black of her hair, and almost always curled into a relaxed, jovial smile.

In terms of garb, the Miqo'te woman appears to favor a curious blend between common tribal vestments and modern armor. While her garb overall is mostly a loose-fitting and open mixture of leathers and furs, the joints have been reinforced more tightly with steel plating. Her armored gloves reach halfway up her arms, and the furs and leather she wears reach only about three-quarters of the way down her legs, which allows most of her lower legs to feel the open air. Her feet are protected by a pair of open-toed hiking boots.

For equipment, she keeps a simple, steel-reinforced wooden shield slung over onto her back, and a steel longsword sheathed at the left side of her belt. Her belt also hosts a skinning knife toward the back, a small arrangement of potions, and finally a small satchel of jerky. Her back is host to a rather large travel rucksack, which appears to carry all manner of wilderness survival gear- including a cast-iron skillet of rather expensive make.

Personality & Motives

"Kin and family are everything. Never forsake them."

Cheerful, even-tempered, and calm under pressure, Kasi is a soldier through-and-through that thrives at being the eye of the storm. She is personable, friendly, and informal towards others, and can get along with nearly anyone- ally and enemy alike. While she is slow to anger or taunt, the one thing she cannot stand is a coward. She prides herself foremost on a reputation of being upfront and honest in all her dealings, and expects the same in return. When it comes to those she calls family and other Miqo'te, Kasi is the very definition of benevolent and even takes on protective and motherly qualities. She will put herself in harm's way without hesitation to defend them.

While most may not be given cause to suspect otherwise, Kasi is anything but a paragon of kindness and philanthropy. When it comes to the other races, she is coldly apathetic on first meeting, but not necessarily racist. She turns a blind eye toward slavery, drugs, torture, and murder, and even willfully profits by and supports such institutions. While she always keeps her word, she will only adhere to the strict interpretation of it- not necessarily to the spirit in which it was given. At best, she is true to her oaths, and at worst, she can be an outright manipulative schemer that will not balk to take advantage of a situation at someone else's expense.

While she has adapted well to civilization and common social norms, there is a savage, feral side to Kasi that is a strong echo of her tribal roots. She prefers her meats to be rare- medium at most- and foregoes the use of utensils, instead opting to eat purely with her hands. She is particularly rough when it comes to both matters of love and war, and can easily be seen as overly dominant, loud, and even violent in either situation. Kasi also has a well-known habit of being unable to sleep properly in a bed, and prefers to sleep either against trees or up on a tree limb.

Kasi is primarily motivated by a desire to preserve Miqo'te tribal traditions and heritage in the modern era, and by her dream of one day seeing the formation of a universal culture and nation of Miqo'te that puts family and kin above all else. To achieve this end, she pursues the lure of gil to fund such an enormous undertaking, and tries to convert others to follow her dream along the road. Kasi goes to great lengths to teach others the importance of kin and family, and that kin fighting kin, or family fighting family, is the most abominable thing of all.

History & Employment

"What doesn't kill you..."

Kasi's history up until recently is not a terribly storied one, though the account of it may be more interesting in the details if one were to ask her directly. As far as public knowledge goes, Kasi grew up in the South Shroud with a tribe of Miqo'te poachers who, at least at the time, were raising the children as a community family rather than father-mother-child units. As a result, she never really knew her parents short of a single encounter with a woman who claimed to be her mother. Kasi left the tribe as soon as she came of age, adopted her own surname, and joined the Twin Adders both as a means to get formal combat training as well as scrub her poaching record clean. Kasi took to the social challenges of being an outcast just as strongly as she did to the physical ones of being in the military, and looks back on the experience fondly as one of the defining moments of her entire life. She served 5 years in the Gridanian military before being honorably discharged.

Since her discharge from the Twin Adders 12 years since, Kasi worked as a self-employed contractor doing a fairly wide array of jobs, ranging from delivery to guard escort to bounty hunting. As long as the job had her traveling, there wasn't much her fairly loose morals would bar her from doing if hired- the gil was just an added bonus. Even then, she has always had her own personal code of ethics that she wouldn't compromise even for a hefty weight in gil. She had a reputation for outright refusing to take any jobs that involved a Miqo’te target, as she intensely detests seriously fighting against her own kin.

Today, Kasi still manages to spend some of her time running odd jobs and wandering the roads of Eorzea, from southern Thanalan to the northern wastes of Coerthas. She meets, and regularly trades, with many other travelers along the road, which has resulted in her having a fairly wide range of contacts all across the continent. She is somewhat famous on the road for her homemade jerky, which she often sells and trades.

Note: History reflected here only accounts for backstory- not events that have taken place since the character entered active play on 9/01/2016. This backstory is provided for potential connections with other characters. For events that have transpired since then, you'll have to ask Kasi yourself!


"Nobody else cooks with or even touches that smoker. That's sacred ground for me."

As a former Twin Adder as well as tribal Keeper, Kasi is well-versed in wilderness survival and revels in the opportunity to travel the world and live off the land, along with the sense of freedom that brings. She even enjoys the chance to sleep wherever she can find solace, whether it be in a tent, a cave, or simply under the stars against a tree. Kasi is something of a grilling enthusiast and it would be a challenge to find her without her trusty cast-iron skillet close at hand. She also has access to a large smoker that was purchased for her by her clan, the Shroudwolves, which she uses to mass produce her fairly famous homemade jerky. Kasi spends a fair amount of time staying in shape by practicing with her sword and shield in the mornings. Lately, she has started 'reading' children's books as she struggles to learn to read with some help from others.

Chocobo Companion

"C'mon, Reaver! Let's go!"

'Reaver' is a snow-white Gridanian war chocobo brought up and raised in and for the cavalry units. Kasi and Reaver met for the first time several years into Kasi's tour of duty with the Twin Adders, and the two increasingly saw action together for patrols and border skirmishes during the escalating conflict with Garlemald. Originally, Reaver was on-loan to Kasi as standard-issue equipment for her unit, and while their first few missions together were fraught with friction, their bond was ultimately forged in war. When Kasi was honorably discharged after her five years of service with the Twin Adders, she was able to negotiate taking ownership of Reaver in lieu of pay. Reaver still dons his original Gridanian barding, although it has become somewhat patchwork over the years. Thanks in large part to Reaver, Kasi was able to make it along the road as a wandering mercenary and trader.

While Reaver can be finicky, eccentric, and even stupid at times, he does not scare easily and tends to be aggressive toward anyone he doesn't know- qualities for which he is prized. He is primarily fed greens and has a particular fondness of jerky as a special treat. He can often be found at Kasi's side when she is on foot and even at her side when in battle. As a trained Gridanian war chocobo, Reaver can be especially dangerous to foes in close quarters, and he also is able to use a few limited spells to support his owner.

Notable Equipment

Item Description
Wood Zweihander Icon.png Wooden Longsword A simple and fairly light training weapon, Kasi keeps it close at hand and uses it regularly to practice while she recovers. Already, the 'blade' of the weapon has become chipped and worn.
Rotting Round Shield Icon.png Round Shield This wooden shield has been carefully reinforced with steel on the backside and around the edges, making it a sturdy if not simple defensive weapon. Kasi usually carries it slung over her shoulder against her back.
Iron Skillet Icon.png Ornate Cast-Iron Skillet With the loss of her original cast-iron skillet, Kasi found herself in need of a new one. Provided as a gift by Rhysati Joulette, the skillet itself is probably the best cast-iron skillet that gil can buy.

Notable Relationships

Name Relationship Kasi's Remarks
Rhela Nebuko Sister, younger "My dear sister. Although just recently united, I see a lot of myself reflected in her- silent tendencies aside. She just takes a little bit of time to open up. She's determined to get as strong as she can- just like I am. She even has her first girlfriend now."
Larswith Medwyn Daughter, adopted "She lost her mom at an early age and her father sold her to the Coven before he also died. When I met her, she was spineless, but she had determination. I didn't think much of it at the time, but I ended up training her. Somehow, that turned into raising her- she's more Miqo'te now than she is Hyur. It seemed natural for me to adopt her, finally- I decided she should inherit my zweihander, Cleaver."
K'toree Tohm Niece, adopted "Met her when she was just a kit along the road. I took her under my wing and taught her much of what she knows today. She sort of idolizes me, actually- it's no coincidence she does her hair like mine. She's grown a whole lot since then, though- she's a young woman now- but I still look after her."



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