Kasi Nebuko

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Gridania-transparent.png Kasi Nebuko
Commission1 kasi nebuko.png
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Age 32
5 fulm
126 ponze (173 ponze armored)
Occupation Ex-soldier, mercenary, trader, cook, bartender
Weaknesses Wheat allergy, illiterate, evasion
Alignment Lawful evil
Affiliations Twin Adders, The Mischief's Coven, Shroudwolf Clan


Like most Miqo'te, Kasi has an extremely keen sense of smell and hearing, as well as a significantly above-average sense of balance for her kind. Unlike most of her kind, she possesses a shocking amount of pure, brute strength, and is horrible at dodging and evasion.

Kasi has a severe allergy to wheat which borders on life-threatening. Eating any kind of wheat product can cause her to have difficulty breathing for several hours depending on the amount she consumes, which is potentially also accompanied by rash, vomiting, moderate itching, and a runny nose.

Kasi lacks the capability to read and write, but can speak and understand 'Huntspeak,' a basic signaling language used between hunters and tribes in the Twelveswood.

Note: A rating of 5 is considered average for a Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon. Attributes range from 1 to a maximum of 10, with all points combined not exceeding 30. These ratings are purely relative rather than absolute values.

Attribute Rating (=30)
Strength ★★★★★|★★★★★
Dexterity ★☆☆☆☆|☆☆☆☆☆
Constitution ★★★★★|★★☆☆☆
Intelligence ★★★★☆|☆☆☆☆☆
Wisdom ★★☆☆☆|☆☆☆☆☆
Charisma ★★★★★|★☆☆☆☆

Physical Description

"Little thing looks like she could rip the arms offa some poor fella if she tried."

Although fairly short and petite by Eorzean standards, this adult dark-skinned Miqo’te Keeper of the Moon manages to look at least a little imposing thanks to her black and steel heavy plate armor. She carries with her a large and imposing steel zweihander strapped to her backside which shows generous amounts of wear from use. While her top half is nearly completely covered in sturdy steel, her lower half places a bit more emphasis on movement with a simple skirt and steel-plated leather boots. What little skin she shows is impressively muscular- a result, no doubt, of extensive combat training in plate with heavy weapons. Her intense, red eyes peek out from under a rat’s nest of black unkempt hair, which is broken up by streaks of deep red amidst the short locks. Her face has a fair bit of grime and dirt to it, but is otherwise free of obvious injury or blemish, save for a streak of white warpaint that runs horizontally across her nose and halfway over her cheeks. Her lips are a lighter shade of black compared to her hair, and almost always formed into a relaxed smile. She's always chewing on something, which is occasionally replenished by the contents of a small satchel at her belt. She appears to be carrying most- if not all- of her personal possessions with her on her back, which most notably features a cast-iron skillet.


"I've lived most of my life by the sword- I plan to die by the sword too, and there'll be no hard feelings for it."

Despite being fairly independent and self-driven, Kasi values kinship very highly and has an almost fanatical devotion to those whom she calls friend and family. What's more is that, regardless of their tribe or clan of origin, Kasi considers all Miqo'te to be kin. She goes as far as to proclaim herself something of a racial nationalist, but doesn't quite take it far enough to be a racist. Personable, friendly, laid back, perhaps even a bit charismatic, but also blunt, Kasi can get along with just about anyone in just about any situation- even with, and especially, her enemies. Slow to anger or taunt, her military training has yielded a cool-under-pressure persona that seeks to observe, analyze, and deconstruct a person or situation before acting. Kasi generally eschews violence whenever possible, preferring to manipulate or turn a situation to her advantage as subtly as possible. When that fails and she is faced with immediate danger for herself or those in her charge, she shows no fear in the face of battle, even to the point one might think she had a death wish. She revels in every opportunity to bring her full strength to bear, and is thankful for even half a reason to do so. In spite of all that she’s gone through and what hardships she has endured in the past, she manages to harbor an optimistic outlook on life and a warm, friendly smile moored in the bay.


"What doesn't kill you..."

Kasi's history is not a terribly storied one, though the account of it may be more interesting in the details if one were to ask her directly. As far as public knowledge goes, Kasi grew up in the South Shroud with a tribe of Miqo'te poachers who, at least at the time, were raising the children as a community family rather than father-mother-child units. As a result, she never really knew her parents short of a single encounter with a woman who claimed to be her mother. Kasi left the tribe as soon as she came of age, adopted her own surname, and joined the Twin Adders both as a means to get formal combat training as well as scrub her poaching record clean. Kasi took to the social challenges of being an outcast just as strongly as she did to the physical ones of being in the military, and looks back on the experience fondly as one of the defining moments of her entire life. She served 5 years in the Gridanian military before being honorably discharged.


"The first serving of jerky is always free. That's just good business."

Since her discharge from the Twin Adders about 12 years prior, Kasi has been self-employed as a contractor doing a fairly wide array of jobs, ranging from delivery to guard escort to bounty hunting. As long as the job has her traveling, there’s not much her fairly loose morals will bar her from doing if hired- the gil is just an added bonus. Even then, she does have her own personal code of ethics that she will not compromise even for a hefty weight in gil. She prides herself on her word, and won’t break her oath to anyone if she makes a promise. She also outright refuses to take any jobs that involve a Miqo’te target, as she intensely detests seriously fighting against her own kin. More than anything else, Kasi thirsts for challenge and competition when it comes to her work, and it drives her forward passionately even in the face of failure.

Today, Kasi continues to spend most of her time running odd jobs and wandering the roads of Eorzea, from southern Thanalan to the northern wastes of Coerthas. She meets, and regularly trades, with many other travelers along the road, which has resulted in her having a fairly wide range of contacts all across the continent. She is somewhat famous on the road for her homemade jerky, which she often sells and trades. Between jobs, she can often be found relaxing at the Shroudwolf Den or bartending at the Mischief's Coven Tavern.


"Nobody else cooks with or even touches that smoker. That's sacred ground for me."

As a former Twin Adder as well as tribal Keeper, Kasi is well-versed in wilderness survival and revels in the opportunity to travel the world and live off the land, along with the sense of freedom that brings. She even enjoys the chance to sleep wherever she can find solace, whether it be in a tent, a cave, or simply under the stars against a tree. Kasi is something of a grilling enthusiast and it would be a challenge to find her without her trusty cast-iron skillet close at hand. She also has access to a large smoker that was purchased for her by her clan, which she uses to mass produce her fairly famous homemade jerky. She also has a particular love of arm-wrestling, as well as any other strength-oriented games, and has a adoration for the art of bouting with anyone she can find who is willing. Kasi spends a fair amount of time staying in shape by running in the mornings in full armor and practicing with her zweihander against training dummies.

Notable Equipment

Item Description
Iron Skillet Icon.png Cast-Iron Skillet This ancient, heavily used, and therefore heavily seasoned skillet, is always ready to sear a mouth-watering meaty meal. It usually is left hanging off the side of her pack, and commands a place as one of her most prized possessions. She is never without it.
Mythril Zweihander Icon.png Cleaver This mythril zweihander has seen a great deal of action. The pommel grip is worn from constant use, the cross-guard is dented in places, and one side of the blade has a few chips missing. Dull blood stains mar the surface of the blade in a couple places. The other side of the blade appears to be a false-edge. The weapon is always sheathed to her backside or nearby, unless she is currently using it.
Wood Zweihander Icon.png Wooden Sword This simple wooden zweihander is fairly basic, worn from use, and adorns a place on her back below her halberd and Cleaver. She must bout often with it in order to justify carrying it around, but occasionally she can be found without it.
Steel Halberd Icon.png Steel Halberd This polearm occupies a position often beside and slightly below Cleaver, though it shows significantly less amounts of stringent use. Often enough she can be found without it.
Ruranfullmask.png Broken Mask This broken mask is missing half of the whole. While it appears useless now for the purpose for which it was originally created, it apparently carries some degree of sentimental value to the owner.

Notable Relationships

Name Relationship Kasi's Remarks
Rhela Nebuko Sister, younger "My dear sister. Although just recently united, I see a lot of myself reflected in her- silent tendencies aside. She just takes a little bit of time to open up. She's determined to get as strong as she can- just like I am. She even has her first girlfriend now."
Liliro Liro Romance "Never intended to have a mate, but here I am, staring it in the face. It's nothing like I expected, but that's not a bad thing. She's independent, driven, and ambitious, just like I am- and I'd have it no other way. We may often walk different paths, but we always come to meet in the middle. I love her."
Elaine Metronoma Servant "Adorable little thing- smart and enthusiastic. Her devotion, loyalty, and lack of hesitation are nothing short of fanatical- I don't doubt she'd give her life up on command. I'm training her to become a shield maiden some day- and I expect I'll be learning some things from her, too."
Sahja Maimhov Friend, rival "A fellow mercenary- so, naturally, we occasionally compete for the same jobs and rib each other when we cross paths on the road. She's a good sport, and while I don't think we'd ever seriously fight, I find myself often looking forward to the next time we have a showdown."
Nauta "Red" Lyehga Friend "She might have an abrasive personality and no filter on speaking her mind, but while others- even in the clan- might look disdainfully upon it, I appreciate her candidness and unflinching resolve. Red is a fellow warrior to me, and one of my best friends, at that."
Besheke Ma'iingan Friend "He's one of my clanmates from back at the Wolves. He's related somehow to Red- and I can believe it with how abrasive either of them can be. He seems to be trying to shape up lately. Still, he's a good drinking buddy all the same."
"Doc" Bebebop Bebop Friend "She's the Coven's sawbones doctor- she's definitely a sadist, but she plays a good game of hiding it. Actually, despite more than a few mistakes she's made, I have a pretty high opinion of her. She's extremely smart and knows how to play the game."
Tyll'a Starr Friend "Quiet fellow, and rarely has more than a few words to speak at a time, but he's helped me out more times than I can count. He's always enthusiastic when put to a task."
Delkan "Gramps" Lenoxx Friend "Gramps finally put his history in the open when it was time for his rite of passage in the clan. While I'm sure many of my kin have their doubts and misgivings since he's an ex-slaver, I won't abide them disrespecting him. He's more than proven himself to me."
Deahfel Pharasma Tenuous friend "She introduced me to apple cider, and she loves my homemade jerky- practically makes her a best friend right away. Still, I can't help but feel our paths aren't beside each other. With how she sees the world in black-and-white, it's just a matter of time before she paints me black."
Kasi and Rhela
Kasi and Liliro



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