Larswith Medwyn

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Gridania-transparent.png Larswith Medwyn
Larswith image.jpg
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan None
Citizenship Gridania
Age 17
5 fulm 6 ilms
145 ponze
Occupation Operative
Weaknesses Wild temper, Aggressiveness, Mood Swings
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliations The Mischief's Coven (Rank: Henchmen)


Larswith has a strong athletic build born from harsh levels of training. Where her strength is considerable for her height and build, her speed is where she truly shines. Where some would perhaps move with a nimble grace, she moves more like water that has just burst from the confines of a dam.

Her temperament is volatile with her mood often swinging from cheerful to vicious and back again within short spans of time. Her mindset is often focused on loyalty to her Mistress and her family above all else, but there are times when the chaos within her head breaks free to unleash violence.

Larswith was privately schooled and educated and has a pretty outstanding level of intelligence. She only speaks common Eorzean, but can read and write very proficiently. She's also a fantastic chef.

Note: A rating of 5 is considered average for an average Hyur woman. Attributes range from 1 to a maximum of 10. These ratings are purely relative rather than absolute values.

Attribute Rating
Strength ★★★★★|★★☆☆☆
Dexterity ★★★★★|★★★☆☆
Constitution ★★★★★|★★☆☆☆
Intelligence ★★★★★|☆☆☆☆☆
Wisdom ★★★★★|★☆☆☆☆
Charisma ★★★★☆|☆☆☆☆☆

Physical Description

"Leave her alone, she's just a kit!"
Larswith armor.jpg

Fairly average in height, this dark-skinned Hyur is solidly build with muscle and an athletically built body. She usually wears baggier clothing that hides the defined muscular structure of her form and is routinely mistaken for but an average young lass. While she tends to remain dressed in simple day-to-day attire she is also often scene within some long shorts and a plain white t-shirt while training. In combat, she is clad in black leather armor that conforms to her body almost like a second skin. The only weapons that are sometimes visible are a pair of knives, looking rather mundane in origin with nothing special to catch the eye.

At seventeen years of age, her face carries with it a very definite youth. Her nose, however, is slightly crooked from being broken and her features carry a small amount of weathering from damage done to her face. Her hair is made up of long dreadlocks, usually clasped with an array of colors strung along their lengths. She has a pair of long, thin horizontal scars fading upon her back. There is also a tattoo upon the bottom of her left foot, marking her allegiance to her family.

Personality & Motives

"Yes, Mistress. As you say."

Friendly, playful, yet vicious and angry, Larswith is a maelstrom of emotions. When among friends, she is often a rather cheerful and friendly individual, but if the wrong buttons or pressed she is just as likely to throw something or smash someone in the face. So long as people don't intentionally seek to irk her, she can often be considered a solid friend. Larswith despises when people poke around an issue or avoid it entirely and would much rather tackle things head on. The quickest way to frustrate the woman is often via silence.

At seventeen years of age, Larswith is often thought to be an innocent child, but lurking beneath her outer exterior lies a potentially dangerous predator that almost yearns to be free. She considers few to be truly close to her, but she has a 'family' by extension of those people. To them, she is a fiercely loyal woman who can be counted on without question in the very worst of situations. But to anyone who isn't part of that extended family, she is a bit distant and on-edge as she looks upon them with a suspicious gaze.

While her loyalty is absolute, her temper is a much more fickle creature. Despite her undying devotion to her 'family', she is often at odds with at least someone. Unfortunately for those that consider her to be a part of their group, she can suddenly shift from having a good time, to wanting to hurt someone. Her aggression and anger is best put to use in battle, or upon a special task that involves the murder or suffering of another being. When unable to satisfy her almost feral nature, she grows restless and bored which will often lead to another outburst of emotion.


"I remember when I was weak..."

Larswith Medwyn grew up in a fairly average sort of family on the outskirts of Limsa Lominsa. Her father, Rynold, worked in the shipyard, building new vessels for the pirate economy of the city. Her mother, Annadyn, was a mostly stay-at-home mother who Larswith is most commonly said to resemble.

The only child of the family, Larswith was privately schooled by instructors that her mother had set up for her using the limited funds her father brought in from working the shipyard. As a stay at home mother, Annadyn taught Larswith a handful of skills, but most prominently her love for cooking.

When Larswith was 14 years of age, Annadyn fell ill with pneumonia and eventually passed away. Overwhelmed with grief, Rynold turned to booze, then gambling, then drugs to try and cope with the heavy loss of his beloved. Larswith's similar appearance, demeanor, and skills of her mother were too much for Rynold to handle and ended up pushing the young girl more and more distantly away from him. He eventually became verbally abusive and only occasionally physically so when especially intoxicated.

Rynold built up a sizable gambling debt to a group known as the Mischief's coven. Eventually, being unable to pay his debts, he indebted his daughter Larswith into servitude for the organization until her debts were paid. She experienced a great deal of hardships working for this group, but the worst of it was not far behind.

Now, 16 years of age, Larswith worked the bar that the coven maintained as a front of their organization. One of the members of the coven found out about the girl's father and took matters into his own hands, killing Rynold. This left Larswith with nothing left in the world outside of the Coven she was now more-or-less enslaved to. Heeding her mother's advice to always do your best regardless of the situation and to never, ever give up; Larswith dug deep down and started performing above and beyond the directions of her masters. Through sheer hard work and dedication she was able to earn enough respect to gain the eyed of the heads of the organization and was soon in training to become more.

Larswith was trained heavily to increase her physical strength, speed, and eventually her stamina and endurance. Over quite a sizable amount of time the girl was turned from an 80 pound emaciated frail child into a muscular, imposing, 145 pound predator. Her hard work paid off and has now become a full-fledged member of the coven that she was originally sold to.


"The Mistress first, then the coven."

Larswith currently works for the Mischief's Coven in a fairly undefined role. Whatever needs done at any given time is a task she might have assigned to her. Often she ends up standing about and looking imposing while meetings with unknown individuals happen in a back office. But if told to suit up for a fight, she will do so without question. If commanded to steal, kill, or commit any other sorts of illegal or immoral tasks the woman will only ask for details on how it is to be done.


"You want steak? I make a really mean steak!"

Having been taught heavily by her mother in the kitchen, cooking is one of the few things Larswith has to remember Annadyn by. As such, she takes her cooking fairly seriously. Outside of her time in front of the stove, she spends most of her free time reading, training, or speaking with the limited few she considers friends. She also has a, perhaps odd, interest in Miqo'te tribal culture. It seems she might be looking for a clan to fill in the holes left by the death of her parents.

Notable Relationships

Name Relationship Larswith's Remarks
Liliro Liro Boss "Mistress tells me what to do and I do it. She didn't have to give the go-ahead on training me, but she did. She invested her time, money, and personal effort into changing me from a waste of space and coward into something she can be proud of. I will never let her down."
Kasi Nebuko Mentor "Miss Kasi means a hell of a lot to me. She trained me to be strong and to take care of myself when nobody else gave a damn about me. She's been there for me to fill in the gap where I once had a mother and a father. I don't think I would have survived without her."
Andre/Theo Boyfriend "For the longest time, Theo has kept me in the dark as to how he really feels about me. But he says that he thinks he loves me, and I think I love him too. I'd like to see where all of this can go. I hope things work out..."
Illust Days Friend "This strange lalafell found out that my parents were no longer alive and declared herself to be my father. For the longest time I though she was a guy. I still call him Sir because who am I to say what he or she is?"
Rhaya Bajhiri Friend "The doctor...I'm not really sure what to say about her. She was the first person to really show me true kindness without asking anything in return. But, she's somehow very distant still. I guess she was just taking pity on me. It's a shame as I could use some friends."
K'ym Bhoyo Friend "What can I say? The bitch hated me until I smashed a glass mug in her face when she wasn't expecting it. She slapped me, I ignored it. Now we're friends. I wouldn't say we are close, but at least it's a start."
Lucius Aurelius Friend "Ahh, Luci. One of the first friends I made around here. He's probably just a pervert honestly. He didn't seem to care about me until I apparently showed him my tits while drunk. And hit on him while high...damnit...."
Quhri Nelgheji Friend "She has never been anything but kind to me and has offered a place to stay if I ever need it. I don't know why she took this particular affection towards me...perhaps she's just like this with everyone."
Krevh Nhulnu Friend? "The woman gave me a shiv to strap to my leg so that I could protect myself. I've used that blade twice to do so. I owe her more than I know how to repay."
Z'mona Talmarin Enemy "The bastard lied to me and killed my father. He proceeded to constantly antagonize me about what he did moving forward. For now, he's safe but the moment he falls out of favor with the Mistress? I'll fucking end him."