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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Kazberk Swyrbharsyn
"Limsan diplomacy goes either two ways; the stroke of a pen or a blade at yer gullet. Which do ye prefer?"
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Limsa Lominsan
Age 35
Nameday 24th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Patron Deity Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Occupation Maelstrom Officer
Orientation Homosexual
Server Balmung
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Kazberk Swyrbharsyn is an unusual Maelstrom officer, a lone Hellsguard amongst numerous Sea Wolf peers. In actuality, Kazberk is of mixed blood. Born to a Sea Wolf father and Hellsguard mother, Kazberk inherited the swarthy brown skin of his mother, retaining his father's jet black hair. Kazberk's mother was also an Ala Mhigan refugee and a descendant of a mighty Hellguard clan. Proud of his lineage, Kazberk readily accepts his public identity as a Hellsguard since it is simply easier for him than explaining his parentage to every person he meets. Kazberk's name is actually "Khusberk", but so often mispronounced the first part of his name, "Khus," as a child that the new pronunciation stuck and he was henceforth known as "Kazberk" to all.

Despite his appearance and mixed heritage, Kazberk has risen through the ranks of the Maelstrom to the high rank of Storm Sergeant First Class. His natural talent with firearms was inherited from his father, himself a star marksman among the Knights of Barricuda. As soon as he was old enough, Sywrbhar trained his son from in the art of marksmanship. Kazberk has also received training from the Marauder's Guild and his mother, Roaring Gale, on how to wield an axe in combat. Being a pragmatist, Kazberk eagerly strove to master both styles of combat out of desire to become a well-rounded warrior.


Like most Roegadyn, Kazberk is tall, stout and well-muscled. His chiseled physique is the product of both diligent training and the daily rigors of being a soldier/sailor. His skin is a tanned brown color and his hands are callused from battle and hard labor. Kazberk's dark, black hair has been swept back with thin bangs hanging down his forehead and he sometimes adds brown-red accents to his hair that match the hue of his eyes. Kazberk has one long scar that crosses diagonally down his left eye. He also sports a scruffy chin curtain beard, which is often neatly trimmed. When deep in thought, Kazberk can be seen stroking his beard. On the other hand, he is known to tug on the end of his beard when frustrated or stressed. On his left shoulder is a tribal tattoo that references his Hellsguard heritage. The tattoo is the symbol of the Hellsguard tribe that his mother is descended from. Kazberk is also noticeably hairy, with dark hair covering his arms, legs, chest and belly.

Kazberk tends to sleep shirtless, exposing his tattoo and good-luck pendant

Always worn around Kazberk's neck is a good luck charm given to him by his father after he joined the Lominsan Armada. It is a silver pendant shaped into two parallel wings with some colored beads threaded on the necklace's leather strap. He also wears several different rings on occasion, one of which being his Maelstrom signet ring and the other is a silver band with a glowing blue stone set into it, an old family heirloom passed down from his mother. His rings aren't always visible since they are often obscured by gloves. During his time serving in the Maelstrom, his day-to-day wardrobe typically consisted of his Maelstrom uniforms, which he wore whenever on duty.

When off-duty or relaxing, it's not uncommon to see him dressed in more casual, comfortable clothes or even lounging shirtless, wide-brimmed cowboy hat turned down to cover his face as he enjoys a relaxing nap. His favorite off-duty attire consists of a sleeveless white tunic, a cowboy hat, leather chaps belted with a holster and red sash and dark leather shoes. In colder climes he wears a thick leather military-style trench coat with utility pockets to carry gear. He can also sometimes be seen wearing open-chested black coat and tricorne hat that are relics from his earlier days as a member of the Lominsan Armada.

Kazberk lounging in his more casual wear.

Kazberk's custom-made blunderbuss is his constant companion, holstered on his back due to its size. Affectionately christened "Sirius," the gun has been extensively modified to increase its accuracy as well as being able to swap to a "rifle" mode to handle long range shots. It's also received an accompanying aetheric infusion unit created by the Machinists of the Skysteel Manufactory that enhances the bullets to be infused with aetheric energy for lethal burst shots. While it had sustained damage during a fierce battle, Kazberk has since rebuilt a new version, the "Sirius Mk. II."

Kazberk also has an old Hellsguard axe that his mother left to him. He does occasionally wield this in place of his gun if he knows melee combat will be favored in a future engagement. When using his axe, Kazberk dons a custom set of heavy armor that he had modified further in Ishgard to better protect it from dragon teeth during his time there.

Kazberk acquired a powerful Doman bow after a fierce battle during the battle for Ala Mhigan liberation had damaged his gun beyond repair. He now makes use of it from time to time as part of his promise to a fallen Doman comrade who bequeathed the weapon to him.

As a result of his Maelstrom training, Kazberk moves with a speed and dexterity that belies his large size. In contrast to his Hellsguard appearance, Kazberk speaks with a thick Lominsan accent. His deep soothing voice, when combined with his physically imposing stature, often makes him a calming presence in heated situations.

Kazberk was a dedicated Maelstrom officer.


Level-headed and responsible, Kazberk takes his duties seriously. This is reflected in the gruff, professional manner that he exudes while on duty or on an important job. However, once off duty, he opens up a bit more and strangers will see his softer, more conversational side come to light. However, he's not humorless and is often displays his wry sense of humor which was cultivated during his early days serving as a Maelstrom cadet.

Kazberk possesses a strong sense of justice, never hesitating to help people who are in need of aid. Kazberk likes to find diplomatic solutions to conflicts whenever possible. Not an aggressive person by nature, Kazberk prefers to settle conflicts quickly, be it through careful diplomacy or with a well-aimed shot.

This warm nature combined with his gruff wit make him a quietly charismatic character, and he naturally gravitates toward a mentor role when dealing with junior officers/adventurers under his care.

A loyal friend to anyone who earns his trust, Kazberk tends to be very protective of his beloved comrades and will defend them with his life if necessary. Because he values straightforward talk and honesty, Kazberk tends to dislike sly or dishonorable characters.

Kazberk often spends free time alone, reading novels, working on gun modifications or enjoying a glass of wine. Reading in particular is a favorite pastime and he always makes it a point to pick a new book whenever he can. He tends to favor adventure or mystery novels, but is well-read across a variety of genres. He can be shy about his hobby of reading, but once he finds a fellow book lover he will open up considerably about their shared hobby. In spite of his solitary pastimes, Kazberk does not isolate himself from socially. He often takes the time to meet up with friends and enjoys spending time with them, drinking and chatting away late into the night.

Kazberk is slow to anger and rarely loses his temper in front of others, but when he does, it is a fearsome sight to behold. When enraged, he is not above resorting to violence to settle the offense. However, even when angry with someone Kazberk never draws his firearm unless he truly intends to pull the trigger on them.

Kazberk is gay, with a particular preference for fellow Roegadyn men. However, Kazberk is a private individual and generally doesn't openly discuss his sexuality around others, usually letting the detail slip as casually as possible. Not one for one night stands or casual sex, Kazberk prefers to seek out the intimacy of long-term partnerships in hopes of finding his soulmate.

Kazberk takes his duties seriously, but is nevertheless is known as a kind, strong warrior.




  • Loyalty
  • Well-crafted guns
  • Fine Wine (especially the Silver Selkie reserve from Wineport)
  • Sailing
  • Marksmanship Training
  • Reading Novels
  • Strong Coffee or Tea
  • Organized work spaces
  • Freshly baked Eel pie
  • Warm weather
  • Taking naps in the sun
  • Pastries of any kind


  • Cold weather
  • Sahagin
  • Kobolds
  • Mushrooms
  • Storms
  • Obnoxious Lalafell
  • Paperwork
  • Conflict - especially interpersonal drama
  • Irresponsibility
  • Messes of any kind
  • Traitors or Mutineers
  • Garlean Empire


  • Gunsmithing/Blacksmithing
  • Reading
  • Expert Marksman (Firearms and Bow)
  • Maelstrom Tactical Expertise
  • Marauder Training - Proficient with an Axe
  • Lancer Training - Proficient with a Lance
  • Negotiation/Diplomacy
  • Experienced Sailor and Military officer
  • Amateur writer



Swyrbhar Rhotmyrgansyn - Father

Roaring Gale - Mother (Diseased)


Iron Maw



Common Rumors

  • Oi, he's that Hellsguard Maelstrom officer ain't he? I hear he's quite a shot. Can shoot the beard off your chin at 100 paces, so they say.
  • Ha, he's a serious one alright. Never one to be caught drunk or chasing women...come to think of it, I've never seen him with a woman...
  • He once saved a whole group of miners single-handedly! Rushed into the bleeding tunnels alone to fend off hordes of Kobolds! Man's bloody lucky to be alive.
  • Ye wouldn't know by looking at 'em, but his father's a Sea Wolf like the rest of us. Guess his mother's Hellsguard blood was burning hotter that night, eh? *Raucous laugher*

Moderate Rumors

  • He's trained with them Gridanians before. Apparently he's learned how to handle a bow as well.
  • That gun strapped on his back is a custom job. Made it himself! Can you believe it?
  • I hear he's been throwing himself into more dangerous missions lately. Hmph, probably trying to grab more glory for himself.
  • Saw 'im off-duty once at the docks, nose buried in some adventure novel. Didn't peg 'em as the bookish type.
  • His late mother came from Ala Mhigo years ago. Used to run one o' the best smithys in Limsa

Rare Rumors

  • Saw him one night walking the docks with a fellow Sea Wolf lad. Thought they were just good friends until I saw they were holding hands...
  • They say his mother's death what's spurred him to dive more into his work. No wonder he's been signing up for all those dangerous assignments.

PC Rumors


Kazberk Swyrbharsyn was born to Swyrbhar Rhotmyrgansyn and Roaring Gale on the 24th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon. Swyrbhar, a Knight of Barricuda, had met his wife, Roaring Gale while she was passing through Limsa Lominsa as a merchant and traveling blacksmith. Originally from Ala Mhigo, Roaring Gale left to see the world and escape the political turmoil of her homeland. Having fallen in love with Swyrbhar, Roaring Gale decided to settle down in Limsa Lominsa permanently and ran a successful smithy while her husband served at sea.

Growing up, Kazberk admired his father's courageous exploits as a Knight of the Barricuda in the Lominsan Armada that defended Limsa Lominsa and aspired to one day join their ranks. As a young boy, Kazberk often assisted his mother in her work and became familiar with many aspects of blacksmithing. Due to Kazberk's interest and growing skill in blacksmithing, his mother often tried convincing him to join her full-time. However, Kazberk already had his heart set upon becoming a Knight of the Barricuda and enlisted soon as he was of age.

During his first few years in the Lominsan Armada, Kazberk garnered the respect of peers and superior officers alike, proving himself a capable marksman just like his father. However, Kazberk was eager to move out of his father's shadow and worked hard to build a name for himself.

In the years leading up to the Calamity, Kazberk was among those who supported Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn's rise to power when she re-established the Maelstrom. Though he was uncomfortable with her actions to solidify her position, ultimately Kazberk saw it as a necessity for a united Limsa Lominsa to flourish amid the growing conflicts with the Beast tribes and the encroaching Garlean Empire. Kazberk followed his father in joining the Maelstrom early on and aided in several battles undertaken to repel Garlean forces under the command of Nael Van Darnus.

Kazberk's father was present at the Battle of Cartenaeu Flats and was one of the few survivors of the vicious melee. Kazberk was stationed away with another Maelstrom force tasked with defending Limsa Lominsa and narrowly avoided dying himself in the ensuing destruction caused by Bahamut's Teraflare. Kazberk's mother, Roaring Gale, was tragically killed when Bahamut's attack struck the nearby camp where she had set up shop to provide weapons and armor for the Allied forces of the Eorzean Alliance.

In the years following the Calamity, Kazberk threw himself recklessly into numerous dangerous missions, protecting Limsa Lominsa during its reconstruction and rescuing wayward merchants from the clutches of the Sahagin and pirates alike. His daring exploits have propelled him to stand among the Grand Company's most elite soldiers. However, unknown to most, Kazberk's tireless efforts were spurred on by grief as he mourned his mother's death during the Calamity.Kazberk's father remains a high-ranking officer in Maelstrom command and like his son, devotes himself to his work in order to stave off the grief of losing his beloved wife.

With Ishgard rejoining the Eorzean Alliance, Kazberk has journeyed there to spend time training alongside the emerging guild of machinists housed at the Skysteel Manufactory. In addition to studying new methods of gunsmithing to upgrade his gun, Kazberk trained alongside the Ishgardian Machinists and learned new skills to improve his marksmanship. Several skirmishes with dragons taught him new ways of dealing with airborne foes and he also received new heavy armor that was more resistant to a dragon's flame and claws.

Upon his return to Limsa Lominsa, Kazberk returned to active duty and became involved in the new Squadron initiative started by the Grand Companies. He went on many daring missions and learned more about the adventurers lifestyle from his time mentoring the recruits who ranged from fresh-faced greenhorns to seasoned adventuring veterans.

After Ilberd's summoning of the primal known as "Shinryu," Kazberk volunteered to be among the advance guard of Maelstrom soldiers dispatched to secure Baelsar's Wall and the surrounding area. Feeling driven to play his part in the liberation of Ala Mhigo due to his Ala Mhigan heritage and for the sake of his late mother, Kazberk worked tirelessly to assist the Ala Mhigan Resistance. He helped train soldiers, performed special reconnaissance and often fought on the frontlines in many battles against the occupying Garlean forces.

Kazberk lead a squad of soldiers during the final climactic battle to reclaim Ala Mhigo Castle. The group included several Doman soldiers who had arrived with Lord Hien to assist their new Eorzean allies in fighting the Empire's tyranny. However, during a fierce skirmish with an Imperial Magitek squadron, Kazberk and his group became pinned down. One of the Domans, a nimble archer named Kojiro, pulled off a daring maneuver to draw enemy fire so Kazberk and the rest of them could advance and push onward. However, the gamble put Kojiro in mortal danger as he was left alone to deal with several powerful Magitek drones. Kazberk doubled back to save him and in a desperate move, sacrificed his gun to deal the finishing blow to the last mech. Despite Kazberk's efforts, Kojiro suffered a near-fatal wound from the encounter and was taken out of the fight. Kazberk applied emergency first aid while they waited for battle medics to arrive and Kojiro handed his bow, a beautiful white Lute-bow, over to him insisting for Kazberk to use it as a replacement for his gun and continue the fight. Kazberk solemnly accepted, promising to return it when he was done. After seeing Kojiro safely in the arms of the medics, he rejoined his squad and fought ever harder for the sake of his comrade's brave sacrifice.

When the battle was over, Kazberk attempted to return Kojiro's bow, but learned from the chirurgeons that the injury had left Kojiro crippled and unable to wield any weapon for the rest of his life. Devastated, Kazberk reluctantly accepted the full ownership of the bow at Kojiro's behest and promised to make good use of it. As the dust settled from the conflict, Kazberk busied himself with the reconstruction of Ala Mhigo, but always took time to visit Kojiro and check on the progress of his recovery. Once his Doman friend had sufficiently recovered, Kazberk took a leave of absence and accompanied Kojiro back to his home in Doma. After seeing his comrade safely home, Kazberk traveled around the region, picking up a few souvenirs, such as a set of Doman-style battle garb (to match his new bow) and some Eastern clothing before returning home to Eorzea.

At his return, Kazberk tendered his resignation from the Maelstrom to Admiral Merlwyb, citing his desire to move forward as a free agent and adventurer so he could better assist in the Ala Mhigan reconstruction efforts as well as expand his horizons through travel and adventure. Merlwyb was hesitant to accept, but understood his reasons and eventually relented after a long conversation. In honor of his service, she also grants him a special letter of recommendation that would allow him to be reinstated at his old rank should he ever decide to return.

Now an adventurer, Kazberk travels around Eorzea and focuses his efforts on helping rebuild Ala Mhigo.


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