Keltgeim Eyristyrwyn

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 Keltgeim Eyristyrwyn
In West Limsa Lominsa, born and raised...
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Lominsan
Born 11th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon; 1548
Height 7 fulms, 2 ilms
Weight 325 ponze
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This character can be found on the Balmung server.

Basic Info

Keltgeim Eyristyrwyn is a Sea Wolf Roegadyn and a native of Limsa Lominsa. Born on the western side of the city, she grew up wandering all the decks of the sailors' city. Her name can be found on most of the adventuring rosters that are public record in Eorzea. She cuts an imposing stature, with dark grey skin and dark red hair. She has a youthful appearance; despite being almost middle-aged, with the dark freckles on her cheeks enhancing the effect.

At present, she is a Registered Adventurer making her gil by doing all manner of odd jobs around Eorzea. She is part of a scholars' and adventurers' cooperative based in Ul'dah, where she keeps a small office, but her primary residence is in Mist (Topmast, Ward 18, Room 22).

Her preferred weapon is the lance, although she is proficient with several types of martial weapons and does sometimes dabble in Ishgardian Astrology.


The youngest child in a family-run shipping and transport business, she got her start by developing ship-building expertise, although she had a personal interest in arcanima. She was well-travelled from a young age, and frequent weeks-long journeys out to sea were a way of life for the entire family. The months in between were spent working on the maintenance of the three barques owned by the family that ran lumber from Limsa Lominsa to Gridania and back again.

The entire fleet - that is to say, almost all of her extended family - was at sea when the Calamity struck. Keltgeim's barque capsized and she washed up on some island in Rothlyt Sound. She was the only survivor and she had nothing but the wreckage. She ran into trouble with wildlife almost immediately and picked up a hunk of the barque’s square rigging, and managed to beat them off using that as a weapon.

She became extremely adept at fighting with a stick, and when she wasn't fighting, usually at night, she would gaze at the stars.

Two or three years later as Eorzea righted itself, a ship came past her island, and she was found, pretty hale and healthy, though clearly rather tired. She’d managed to survive with her stick skills, having built shelter from the wreckage. Keltgeim immediately waved them down by lighting a large fire on the shore of her island and making a lot of noise. The ship she found was crewed by some Gridanian sailors she knew on a professional basis, and they offered to sail her to Gridania.

She showed up in the Shroud with hardly anything to her name, and registered there as an adventurer in order to scrape up the gil needed to go back home to Limsa Lominsa. She did train with Gridanian lancers before setting off.

Upon her return, she learned that not only her ship, but the other two barques had also been destroyed in the Calamity. Keltgeim's sole surviving blood relative is her paternal great-grandmother, who is too frail these days to go to sea. When the shipping company's profits ran out - as she was the one able to live off of them - she took to selling jam at the market and had gotten pretty destitute.

Keltgeim, therefore, having established herself as an adventurer of some note and despite her love of sailing, stayed on land, taking up adventuring and other odd jobs in order to support her granny. Little did Keltgeim know that the old woman was better-off than she used to be, and that the gil Keltgeim sent home was being hoarded to pay full tuition into the Arcanist Guild at Mealvaan's Gate.

Personality & Mannerisms

Keltgeim is certainly a maritimer. She speaks with the cadence of a sailor, and is certainly foul-mouthed. She is a warm and fun-loving personality, but she has an odd reserved-ness about her as though she’s still getting used to people again. Her time away from civilization has given her slightly odd habits: she prefers to sit on the ground or on a floor, and she moves around rather delicately for someone her size.

She’s very intellectually curious -- she's a graduate student at the Arcanist Guild these days, trying to combine generalised arcana and astrology into a unified theory of aetheric manipulation -- and loves to talk to people about the things that they do and know. She's also a very kind-hearted person; trying to do right by everyone she does work for. She does, however, love to fight. If the job involves combat, she's going to love it.

She also lacks an aesthetic in terms of fashion and can't seem to decide how she wants to keep her hair styled. She can be found wearing a variety of clothing if she is not actively working.

Friends, Family, & Associates

  • Granny Holskwyb - NPC. Keltgeim's one surviving family member. Sells preserves at the Limsa Lominsa markets.

Work in progress! Keltgeim is available for pre-established non-romantic relationships, and of course is always looking for new friends.

Other Notes

One of her most embarrassing odd-job moments was carrying packages for Moogles. They weren't quite kind to her, so she exacted her revenge upon them in a very unique matter. Her signature Moogle Cap is... genuine.

Out of Character Notes

Available for any and all RP; in-game preferred but not averse to docs or IM RP.

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