Kersch Schwarzer

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Gridania-transparent.png Kersch Schwarzer
Biographical Information
Birth Name Kersch Schwarzer
Nickname(s) Kerschy, Big Guy, Big Ugly, Kirk
Guardian Oschon Icon.png Oschon, the Wanderer
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Physical Attributes
Hair Silver
Eyes Teal - Limbals: Ice Blue
Primary Weapon His own body (Martial arts)
Secondary Weapon Steel claws or hooks (To close distance)
Career Information
Occupation Well Travelled Monk, Mercenary
Out-of-Character Information
Time Zone PST (GMT-8)
Free Company [[Remnant]]
Server Balmung
Job Monk

Kersch Schwarzer - A wandering monk at a crossroads (CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS PAGE, NOT WORD OF GOD, ETC. - STOP STALKING ME. YES YOU)

Appearance & Personality

Kersch is a towering Xaela at a little over 7 fulms (feet) tall. Despite his large size, he has an agile and athletic build compromised mainly of lean muscle- a result of his constant training and something that often takes his opponents by surprise. His silver hair is usually cut in a messy, feathered style unless he happens to let it grow out, in which case he can be found sporting it tied up in several long braids.


Sparring or a good brawl
Travelling and Exploring
Feeling accepted for how/what he is


Organized religions
Using his strength to seriously harm others
His connections to the darker side of Ul'dah

Random Facts

Will occasionally scrape or rub his horns against nearby walls, pillars, etc. - usually to cope with agitation or frustration
Has been known to slip into speaking a foreign tongue of undetermined origin
He has a penchant for Rums and Whiskeys- i.e. Qiqirn Firewater, Limsan Rum
Has a pet apkallu named Lucky - a gift won from a Triple Triad match




Romantic Interest      Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

The Remnant

 ???? Sephirah Eruafnor - Kersch's closest friend and companion since his youth. The bond these two share runs unfathomably deep, and it is for this very reason that Kersch is doing all in his power to curb Seph's current violent and unstable psychological state. If prompted, he will insist that Sephirah is a much different person at heart. That being said, he also has no qualms about taking the Raen to task for his behavior...usually with his fists.
Orin Kai - An alluring and exotic Raen that Kersch met shortly after joining The Remnant. What began as a curious fascination between the two free spirits has ignited into something much more, and as of now Kersch finds himself with complex feelings for the other Au Ra that he still can't quite put into words. Regardless, he has been doing his best to assist Orin in trying to maintain a modicum of order and peace amongst the company members- a task that is often easier said than done.
Carina Roussos - A flustery alchemist whom was the first to offer Kersch and Seph a home away from home with the ragtag group of refugees known as The Remnant. After witnessing Kersch drag Sephirah into the back alley of The Quicksand during one of the Raen's violent episodes, the woman reached out to the pair with sincere concern. Kersch feels both responsible and somewhat guilty for the endless amount of strife and torment Seph seems fixated to inflict on the hyur lately.
Ayushiridara Khatagin - A crafty succubus of a Xaela, Kersch tolerates and even responds to her giggly, wiggly antics when she's being relatively harmless. Beneath this exterior though, he's come to realize the Auri woman relishes in causing discord and mayhem for her own amusement. Kersch experienced this first hand after foolishly letting her take Seph on a dungeon crawl that had the pair returning a blood-drenched massacre. He is currently wary of Ayu, but she has now been absent for some time.
Ieyasu Ryushin - The self-styled 'leader' of The Remnant. Ryushin seems to be a man of few words, but the interactions Kersch has had with the Raen have been mainly pleasant and respectful. Certain unfolding events have caused he and other members of the household to question the properties of the massive stylized blade Ryu carries on his back, but the eastern warriors's aura of authority has kept these murmurings fairly low key.
Aoi Obinata - A quirky and energetic Raen who joined the company more recently, Aoi went through some surprising changes of her own while struggling with her past. She is very friendly to Kersch and always eager to go travelling or spar with the Xaela. Kersch finds this aspect of the petite Au Ra to be endearing and cares for her in the way one would a little sister.
Kaiz Kha - A young , enthusiastic and curious Xaela, Kersch can't help but see a bit of his younger self in the boy. Kaiz's blunt speech and way of taking almost any phrase completely literally borders on comical at times, but Kersch knows he means well. The Kha is often puzzled by Kersch's tribeless ways, but the two get on well enough when they do cross paths.
Evey Vorai - A kind and bright-spirited midlander woman who recently returned to the company after a long absence. Kersch hasn't had many chances to speak with Evey, but she has earned his deep gratitude by using her conjury skills to completely heal a very severe and scarring injury he received a while back. He also isn't complaining about the culinary masterpieces she regular whips up in the villa's kitchen.
Quyntin Highspyre - If Kersch had to pick three ways to describe Quyn - Haughty, prideful, and laced with sarcasm. This miqo'te seems to come and go as he pleases, but he never misses a chance to trade barbs with the Xaela when he does bother to show himself. It's all good natured though, and Kersch likes to think Quyn is a good guy when it comes down to it.. despite the cat's grumpy protests otherwise.
Serick Burwani - Kersch and Seph met Serick by chance while boredly rolling through The Quicksand in search of amusement one night. After an intense drinking game involving 1 gil coins and a lot of luck, they simply could not shake the foul mouthed Keeper and resigned to let him hang around the company house. Kersch sometimes regrets this decision as Serick's nasty attitude and relentless provoking of others seems to cause nothing but problems, although more recently there have been brief glimpses of another side to the apathetic miqo'te.


Amedee Delacroix - This gloomy and unpredictable Duskwight was the first person to offer Kersch work as a merc and informant during his living on the Steps of Nald. Despite a forked tongue and some less than commendable substance habits, Kersch considers Amedee a valuable contact in the Ul'dahn underworld and has on occassion sought out the man and his associates for favors or information.
Jetei Kha
Liah Liohto - A master seamstress and 'market warrior', Kersch met Liah during his time scouting The Quicksand when he observed the spunky Raen as a tavern regular with a fondness for strong whiskey. After taking care of the girl during a particularly bad alcohol binge involving her then lamentable love life, the two became occassional drinkng partners and friends. She refers to Kersch as 'Brother' in her native tongue, but it has been some time now since the two have crossed paths.
Nasam Himaa


◢ NPC Rumors
"Kersch? Ain't that the big scaley beast that won the Grindstone usin' nothin but fancy acrobatics and a bit o' metal on his fists?"
"Everytime I see Kersch around The Quicksand these days, he's dressed in something that'd put a Sunsilk Original to shame and flanked by at least one blonde-headed Raen....a shame they all seem to be boys. -sigh-"
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players - Feel free to add!)
"What can I say about Kersch... He likes Spicy things, just like his partner Sephirah." ~Aoi Obinata
"Sir Kersch is a gentle man...usually. Though I am concerned for his well-being among certain others..." -Carina Roussos
" I could paint his portrait, but I'm afraid I would never do it justice. I wouldn't even know how to capture how much Kersch means to me; and that is everything."- Orin Kai



Tropes: Gentle Giant, Tranquil Fury, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass
Themes: The Farthest Land
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