Ayushiridara Khatagin

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Ayushiridara Khatagin
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Biographical Information
Birth Name Ayushiridara Khatagin
Nameday 13th Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Tribe Khatagin
Family Sorochan Khatagin (sister)
Physical Attributes
Hair Black
Eyes Yellow
Height 5'3"
Weight 120 lbs
Primary Weapon Dagger
Secondary Weapon Kusarigama
Poison Paralytic
Career Information
Occupation Kunoichi (assassin, courtesan)
Out-of-Character Information
Username Industrythirteen
Time Zone CST (GMT-6)
Free Company The Guiding Light (TGL)
Server Balmung
Job Ninja
Additional information on the [Khatagin]


Born into a modest family, with several siblings of which Ayushiridara is the youngest. Her family hails from moderate means, but commands much respect, and some influence. Her mother, the matriarch and current head of her familial line, shares a distant relation to the head family of her tribe, producing several children with the ability to see and manipulate Aether. Ayushiridara, however, is not one of them. Her nearly non-existent ability to influence her Aether beyond augmenting her muscles for speed and agility placed her in a position to be a disappointment to her tribe. This fact was made very clear to her by the head family. Many of her siblings were adopted or Bonded into the head family and home, leaving her mostly neglected and over-looked, and therefore left to her own devices, much of which was causing trouble.

The Khatagin employ more subterfuge than straightforward warfare to dispatch their enemies, with all members of the clan utilizing trickery, stealth, the exploitation of myth, and assassination to widdle down rival tribes. Their methods inspire hushed rumor outside of their forests, and they thrive on the fear generated by such rumors. Ayushiridara favors poisons to weaken, if not outright kill, her targets. Her small body is agile, rather than strong, not built for head-on violence. Her aptitude for poisons and mind-altering substances came naturally, and training began early, lasting several years to help her build an immunity to her own toxins and poisons.

Ayushiridara, once of age, was slated to be Bonded—the closest equivalent that of an Eorzean marriage—to sixth son of the second son of the head family's ailing matriarch. She resented the pairing, but none the less did her familial duty to her mother, and her line. The pairing never resulted in children, as per her undisclosed design. After two years, she trained as a kunoichi, with a focus on exploiting the bedroom proclivities of her targets: an activity purely instinctual, as much of her previous misbehavior revolved around sneaking in and out of many of her tribe member's private chambers. While this had been a motivation for her mother, the bonding did little to curb her trouble-making. As a kunoichi, her troublesome behavior could be re-directed to benefit the tribe.

Resentful of Garemald’s intrusion into Othard, and the subsequent occupation of their ancestral lands, the presence of the Garleans put a strain on the tribe’s access to natural resources, interfering with their way of life. Ayushiridara’s training began before the initial contact with the Garleans, her lessons and upbringing altered to suit the tribe’s desire to eliminate the foreign invaders. Many of the tribe's resources were put into providing her with the necessary tools and costumes for success, as well as the personal care, maintenance, education and etiquette training meant to catch, and keep, the wandering eyes of Garleans officials living in the more built up, urbanized regions of Othard.

Sent on several short-term, low-key intelligence-gathering missions and group assassinations, Ayushiridara soon thereafter was assigned to work a mid-level Garlean Tribunus, with predilections towards exotic women. Her mission lasted several years before ending prematurely, her identity and activities revealed to the Tribunus, leading to her months-long imprisonment and many interviews. However, she succeed in her primary objective, the slow-acting poison she'd administered to the Tribunus taking its inevitable course. An uprising at the Castrum ended her imprisonment. Unsure of whom she could or should trust, not knowing whether she’d been betrayed, or merely careless, she fled to Eorzea with other Othardian refugees, most notably Ieyasu no Ryushin who'd been acting as a local ambassador to the Garleans.

Personality Profile

Often displaying a carefree and over-the-top bubbly personality, there is a perverse quality to much of the things she says, and does, openly conversing about the unfavorable activities she gets up to, as if these were perfectly acceptable topics of discussion for polite company. She rarely makes an effort to understand the outlook or feelings of others, as evidenced by her constant blinking, general ignorance, and dismissive attitude. On the surface, she simply doesn't appear to have the emotional capacity for empathy. However, on occasion, Ayushiridara speaks candidly with others, even if what she has to say isn't immediately clear. With some careful consideration, and interpretation, her words carry a straight-forward, pragmatic weight to them, expressing her understanding of others and their situations in the most basic structure without emotional impediment. For this reason, she also favors expedience over compassion, opting for the most direct solution to most problems.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
Her Eorzean is terrible, and broken, and very abrupt. She sounds very stiff when talking to non-Othardians, often referring to herself in third-person for emphasis—this may be a verbal aberration from her tribe's particular dialect that translates poorly into Eorzean.
Concocts and sells several personal care products: powders, rouge, lip stains and nail polishes.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
Loves violence. She is quick to start a fight, and gets overly excited while fighting.
She uses poisons to disable her opponents. She's a dirty cheat.
There is only one thing that she may like more than murder—take a guess!
She is terrified of spiders!
Also happens to produce several types of poisons and mind-bending substances. Antidotes extra, and often not a consideration.
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
May or may not feel pain; she is a bit of a faker.
She is from the Khatagin. She must be a freak, just like the rest of them. More on the [Khatagin].
May have assassinated a mid-level Tribunus in Othard.
More often comes off as a free-spirited basket case only interested in having a good time, but she is quite sharp if you sit down and engage her in conversation.
Was to be Bonded to Asht'rang Khatagin before he left the village. Neither Ayushiridara, nor Ash'trang, are aware of this.
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing
Gramgax Warfang A recent interest for Ayu, she simply took up with him one day, claiming she'd saved him from drowning himself at Costa Del Sol—a claim he disputes. She hasn't much to say on why she likes him, only that she does. The two work together as retrieval specialists for a Free Company known as 'The Guiding Light.'
Ieyasu Ryushin Ayu was very much in love with Ryushin, and this confused her from time to time. Kept feeding him various poisonous substances to quietly build his immunity. While they were in a relationship, they had an understanding: As she says 'Ayushiridara can only be Ayushiridara.' But all things fade away, love being no exception. The two have fallen out of contact.
Evey Vorai A young, upper-class girl that keeps offering her and other refugees aid.
Kersch Schwarzer Xaela. Often gives him poisons to help calm Sephirah down when he gets out of hand and causes fights. For fun.
Mayu Miguzho A Keeper of the Moon, She and Ayu and bonded over the topic of murder.
Orin Kai Raen. Fellow flirt, slept with him once, which earned him a kick in the ass from Ryushin.
Sephirah Eruafnor Raen. Murdered a bunch of Garleans together one night for fun. Keeps trying to get him into bed. Makes potions for him to aid with sleep.
Serick Burwani Miqo'te. Black cat. Really likes Serick, even if Serick doesn't like her, or himself. Continues to call him 'thirsty' to indicate that Serick does, in fact, want friends and attention, despite his colorful protests.
Serylda Troklas Super shy Raen female that just doesn't appreciate Ayushiridara's need to be constantly unclothed. Greatly appreciates her friendship, as she has had so few. However, this did little to prevent Ayu from attempting to kill her while Serylda was suffering immense grief, and under the influences of other outside, mysterious forces.
Tomorgar Oklund Xaela. Keeps handing Ayu money, and she keeps taking it. Thinks he's a sucker for offering money, when she gives it away for free. In all likelyhood, he'd mistaken her for a prostitute.
Asht'rang Khatagin Member of the Khatagin head family, Ayushiridara and Asht'rang do not see eye to eye on many matters. She finds him self-important, and worst of all, has constantly deflected her advances.
Wuotwint Eifaeidinsyn Keeps feeding him, adding special 'spices' to his food. Doesn't seem to fall for Ayu's faking.
Skar Blackthorn Member of a rival tribe, the Dotharl, Ayushiridara and Skar have gotten into at least one fight due to their differences.
Incomplete family tree. Showing relationships of Asht'rang, Sorocan and Ayushiridara.



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