Kestlona Guhtgeiswyn

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 Kestlona Guhtgeiswyn
Let my hands help others
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Seawolf
Citizenship Ul’dah
Age 24
Guardian Oschon, the wander
Occupation Puglist/miner
Sexuality Heterosexual
Martial status Single
Nameday 4th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
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Kest or Lona to close friends is quick with a smile or a laugh. She is a Fisherman daughter, with 3 older brothers. Growing up, she was the one to ask to run ‘important’ messages up to the Adventures Guild. Most adventurers were eager to tell tales, letting some of them train her, and becoming more determined to follow in their footsteps.

Once Kest reach her 20’s, she headed to Ul’dah to master her skills as a Puglist, in hope that she could do just a little to help.


Kest has green hair, some of it bleach out from her time on the boats, helping her father with the fishing. Part of her hair on the right side is tied into a side ponytail while on the left is a small portion braided. Her eyes have an almost seagreen color to them. Faint gray stripes run across her right eye and on the center of her forehead she has the crest of her family tattoo, to remind her that even has she wanders this path, to not forget those that has guided her on the way.


Kest is quick to give a smile to those she meets, ready to lean a hand if need be. Often times, she slips into Lominsan if embarrassed or has become comfortable around the person. Her temper can get the best of her but she tries to keep it reign in, knowing that the control is her best bet in her fighting.



Kest is part of the Puglist guild but doesn’t have a master to teach her at the moment in time. She quick on her feet but can’t figure out the needed power to put behind her punch.



  • Being out in the desert, usually mining
  • Helping out with earns for Momodi
  • People getting along


  • Clams, having eaten some bad ones when she was little
  • People fighting
  • Not being able to help someone


  • She loves reading, usually finding a quiet corner to do so
  • She runs, usually to deliver messages but often for the heck of it.
  • Mining that may lead up to engineering.


  • If she’s missing home, she’ll go and fish.
  • In a new place, she’ll find a corner and people watch.
  • Loves music but doesn’t like others seeing her dance.
  • Is very good with languages, learning them from her puglist instructor, Alex Turner.



Father: Runs a small fishing boat. Three Brothers




Common Rumors

  • That green hair seawolf, see her running around a lot. –Ul’dahan merchent
  • Ah, was down at the coast and saw her fishing. Don’t know if she caught anything. –unknown Adventurer
  • She return a lost necklace to my daughter. –Ul’dahan woman

Moderate Rumors

  • Oh, Kestlona often stops by to see what new book my be in. –Shop owner
  • Just missed her. Momodi asked her to deliver a package for her. –Quicksand Barmaid.
  • Yep, just saw her handing over some copper to a friend. -Goldsmither

Rare Rumors

  • Don’t get her mad, almost killed a guy with her slap. –Shady dealer
  • She smile too much to be right in the head. –Fellow Puglist
  • She a spy, sitting and listening to everything we say. –Paranoid bar goer

PC Rumors

  • "The lady is very kind. She comes on pilgrimage quite often despite her other duties she makes time. Very dedicated. Oh, and she has the most charming little one." - Jancis Milburga


Kestlona is the youngest of 4 children born to mother Koelkonea Guhtgeiwyn and father Wallknod Marmabylsyn. Even though she was the only girl in the lot, it didn’t stop her from following in her father’s footsteps, rod in hand to help catch fish. Wallknod soon had the young girl taking the smaller boat to Limsa with messages for extra supplies, or so what her father told her. Some of the messages would be passed on to either Yellowjacket command or on to the maelstrom.

Though her father began to teach her blade work at 12 years of age, she soon found her first teacher in a Midlander puglist named Alex Turner. He had regaled the lass with tales of his travels, guiding her through her first punches, and also teaching her languages. ‘We under Oschon’s guidance are more arrive of the power of spoken words,’ he would tell her. ‘Listening and watching as we travel, learning to speak as the same as those in new lands.’

At 22, Kestlona, with a small pack on her back, gave good-bye to her family and to Limsa, she took to her own wander’s path. She made her way to Ul’dah, to beginning full training as a puglist. She also have been working at the miner guild but still wish to do more for her adoptive city.

For 2 years Kestlona live in Ul'dah, learning the city as best she could, and helping when able. To make extra Gil, she took up Mining and odd jobs from the Quicksand, all the while trying to join the Flames as a way to help more people. She was finally added as an Ul'dah soldier in service of the Flames. It is during this time the her CEO realize that she fit too well with too many people, even noticing that her Limsa's accent even change when she interacted with someone that had a different accent. Though she protested that she was unable to read, he also notice the book that she keep with her. He pass this information on to his Commander. While she was out with the other soldiers, he had her room search, coming up with detail maps of Ul'dah and the surround land, routes of Amalj'aa patrol as well as were Flames or Brass Blade could intercept them. The most interesting was the books, hand written with what look to be translation work on both the Amalj'aa's language and the Sahagin's language as well. Instead of confronting Kestlona, he added this new information into her profile and pass on to his commander. It was several months later that her and other's profiles were pulled and sent on to Erik Mynhier.

She only meet her new Captain during the Royal Ball and still thinks that it a First Respond Unit for the Flames. While at the Ball, she receive a linkpearl call from her teacher Alex. It turn out he got himself involve in the Dragonsong war. He was trying to get Medical supplies up but refused her coming to help. That worry has compounded when she was in Little Ala Mihgo and found out that he may have turn his back on he comrades and flee the battle field. She is unsure on what that means for her and the training that she went through with him and how to tell her Captain that she might be a risk to her unit and to her new home of Ul'dah as well.

Echo Memories

(This is where those that have the echo can see what memories Kestlona carries with her if you interact with her. This section will be updates periodical.)

“Kestlona,” her father’s voice call to her from the other side of the boat. Blinking in surprise, she quickly gather her line in, and sitting it in the rack on the rail. She moves over to where her father was scribbling on a piece of paper. “Here,” he said, handing the folded paper to her, “take ‘his to Baderon.”

“More supplies?” she ask, stuffing the paper into her vest pocket. She look up to see her dad had the spy glass up. She follow the direction and could just make out sails in the distance.

“Fish running hard so might be out here a while,” he said. “Make the sail back quick. Let Baderon know to send one of his friends out with the supplies.”

The boat to shore wasn’t long and she deliver the message to Baderon. “Seems you Pa got himself a school.” He moved over to hyur in red, spoke some words to him and the other ran out of the Wretch. “Now then, what you be wanting to drink lass while we wait?”

“Can’t stay. Pa will probably want me back on the boat to help haul in…”

“Lona, there you are…” a voice call out from a nearby table. “Just go in and not even a hi or bye.” She turn to find the older midlander waving her over so missed the grateful smile Baderon gave to the blond man.

“ALEX!” she cry out, rushing over to the table, trying to duck out of the way as the hyuran ruffled her hair. It didn’t take long for the blond to get Kestlona distracted. It was several hours later that her pa was brought in, a freshly dress bandage around his head. “Wallknod,” standing quickly even as Kestlona rush to her father side.

“Pa, what happen…”

“Ah, it’s ‘othing,” her pa said. Waving the pair off, “Wasn’t watching me footing when the fish I haul in back hand me.” -memory fade


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