Kevaraan Annorek

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Gridania-transparent.png Kevaraan Annorek
Blood Reaver
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Age 24
Nameday 9th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Religion Agnostic/eclectic (born under Althyk)
Free Company Mysterium
Grand Company Twin Adders
Played by sanguineFenrir
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Kevaraan is slightly tall, and lean, possessing a faint gauntness or haggardness. Most of his weight is muscle, although he's faster than he is strong--a Roegadyn or even a typical Hyur could best him in a contest of strength relatively easily. He is also quite pale, his skin having a slight yellow-gray tint.

His black hair is typically thick and unkempt, with a vaguely greasy texture. It sports red highlights or streaks on occasion, and falls to his shoulders at a minimum, but is commonly a fair bit longer. If formal dress is called for, he typically pulls his hair back in a manner reminiscent of the Elezen.

The aforementioned gauntness is most evident in his face: prominent cheekbones and a slightly thin jaw, with a vaguely triangular shape. His eyes are relatively large and slightly angular, a pale yellow-green in color, with the rounded pupils of the Keepers. His nose is long and thin; his mouth and lips are tapered.

Kevaraan's ears could easily be mistaken for part of his hair if not sticking straight up, as the hair is so thick. His tail is long and "fluffy," vaguely resembling that of a wolf's.

Kevaraan typically dresses in leathers, although he can be seen wearing the garb of whatever discipline he's honing at any specific time. He prefers shades of red, brown and gray, including black, and any other colors are likely to appear muted or desaturated. When visiting Uldah, he is known to wear a loose, coarsely silken red hooded robe, which is tattered in places from wear.

He typically does not wear warpaint or have any tattoos, with the former only appearing in certain situations. His skin markings (around his eyes) have a reddish tint, appearing like red henna tattoos in texture--although like all Miqo'te, they are permanent.

Note that he also has a silver lip ring on the right side of his mouth, and a set of rings in his left eyebrow. The wounds are not infected, but look slightly rushed--so it's not clear if the jewelry was inserted by him, or against his will.


His personality can best be summed up in sets of paired qualities: "standoffish, but astute", "warm, but cloistered", "philosophical, yet vaguely neurotic." To most of the people he meets, Kevaraan projects a welcoming, if reserved and polite demeanor. Although he doesn't shy away from social occasions and is not intimidated by crowds, he prefers to spend time reading, harvesting materials, and watching people. 

A standout characteristic of his is his inability to devote himself to one place or path of study. He is not scatterbrained or possessed of a short attention span by any means, but those who are older and/or more specialized tend to look down upon him and tire of his neverending thirst for experience. He does, however, pay special attention to the Aether as a medium and as both a metaphysical and scientific concept. Open-minded, he often meditates or ruminates upon such concepts.

Being more educated than either of his parents, Kevaraan's speech is moderately formal and dusted with an archaic bent that makes use of some poetic or classical language (the latter of which would probably be considered acceptable "modern" speech in Eorzea). He does use contractions, but does not use slang or casual speech--he makes an effort to be understood by most people without sacrificing diction or depth, but this behavior does have its limits. When writing, he inks in a tightly spaced, thinly flowing cursive with perfect syntax.

Although fascinated by the wonders of the world, he is not materialistic and does not wish for power or acquisition. He offers altruism when able, often adding extra gil to tips or payments for purchases, despite not being wealthy. As such, matters such as politics do not appeal to him.

Despite his demeanor in public, Kevaraan suffers from a form of neurosis or paranoia that may have manifested as soon as his early childhood. Stress tends to eat away his composure, and he is prone to overthinking and intense verbosity during times of crisis. Since surviving the Calamity, he has taken to privately self-medicating with select controlled substances.

It is thought that his closeted addiction is meant as a physical stand-in for the nonconventional relationship Kevaraan had prior to the Calamity, in which he was groomed as a servant and comprehensive resource for the other party. Due to his memory being muddled, Kevaraan does not wholly understand this, and mentions that the relationship contained some amount of fear on both sides. Because he does not openly disclose any information about the girl--not even her race or name--it is possible (if unknowable) that she may not even exist.


According to, a D&D alignment test using real-world situations, Kevaraan's alignment is Neutral Good. However, this does not account for his more questionable behavior, which would probably place him as a True Neural person.

According to a Meyers-Briggs derived test, Kevaraan is INTJ.

Kevaraan's Global Advanced personality test results, which are not wholly accurate:


#65 (Kevaraan's responses to the 100 Questions interview thread.)

Parents and Childhood

Kevaraan is the only child of Ciselia and Kaz. Both of his parents were constant nomadic travelers, and had no real tribe of their own. However, this was due to his parents' own aspirations rather than any dishonor or exile. His father was an aspiring explorer who was exposed to a variety of cultures--thus developing an equal variety of appreciations--from a young age. In contrast, his mother Ciselia was more traditional, preferring to adhere to her role as an apothecary or medicine woman. Despite their differing ideologies, Ciselia tolerated Kaz's wanderlust out of affection for her mate, and in Kevaraan's opinion they had a good relationship.

Kevaraan's name can be attributed to his father's respect for his Roegadyn comrades (with whom he would often spend the nights drinking and playing cards by the sea.) Kaz has told his son that he wanted to pass down an embodiment of the Roegadyn's individual-centric culture, something that is reflected in both his son's name as well as his upbringing.

Kevaraan's childhood was one of dual philosophies, as both of his parents saw fit to teach him their paths without compromise. He learned alchemy and conjury fom his mother, and lancing and archery from his father. Although Kevaraan does remark on his youth as a sometimes-stressful time, he notes that, for all his parents' efforts to pull him one way or the other, they both seemed to know that they were guiding something new and unique into the world--something in effect more than the sum of its parts.

In the years before the Calamity, Kevaraan and his family led a relatively hectic life--bouncing back and forth between the city-states with the trade shipments, or simply on a whim. He did little to make himself known during this period, content to study and hone his skills. About three years before the Calamity, the family decided to settle in Limsa Lominsa for an extended period. Kaz had struck a deal with a Sea Wolf friend, and agreed to enter into the Lominsan military for a while. Kevaraan, knowing that the metronome of travel that dictated his surroundings had stopped, grew restless. 


Left to run errands for Ciselia while his father trained, Kevaraan ran across a girl close to his age. She was frail-bodied, even for an apprentice of the Arcanists' Guild, but the two of them found they had a lot in common, and soon became close. Their bond was almost empathic, and Kevaraan became an attendant or bodyguard to her, taking her around the city she rarely saw and assisting her in her day-to-day dealings. Although his parents teased him for falling to young love after being so stoic, they did not disapprove of his relationship. For close to three years, the pair were inseperable, sharing a sometimes disconcerting synchronicity usually only ascribed to twins. In spite of his feelings, Kevaraan was often seen as a servant or such by the general public--giving rise to the humorous misconception that the girl was a noble or similar.

Kevaraan promised to take her with him when his family resumed traveling. The Garlean Empire, however, had their own plans.

Calamity and Aftermath

With the cities panicking over the fall of Dalamud, Kaz went to join the army amassing against the Garleans. He bade his wife and son to stay in Limsa Lominsa, along with Kevaraan's would-be betrothed. Desiring to take one final stand himself, Kevaraan disobeyed both his father's orders and those of his partner, and stowed away on the ship his father took.

Thus it was that the Archon's light enveloped them all in that final clash, an arcane herald of the future.

Kevaraan understandably did not realize what had happened. When he regained his bearings, he was no longer on the battlefield--and his father was no longer in his sight. He returned to their shelter in Limsa Lominsa, but found it completely empty.

He knew the one he cared for had vanished as well. Indeed, he found himself unable to recall almost anything about her as a person: her name, her face.* His past memories remained, flashing faintly--but he could no longer distinguish them from daydreams or flights of fancy.

Alarmed and desperate for answers, Kevaraan returned to Gridania: the realm of his childhood and the place he called home.

*The girl Kevaraan mentions is NOT a Warrior of Light in any way, and did not even fight at the last battle below Dalamud, but her self has been wiped from Kevaraan's memory in a fashion similar to what the NPCs describe when speaking of the Warriors of Light.

Relationships and affiliations

People Met

The following is a list of people that Kevaraan has interacted with in some way, and a summary of how he regards them. Details may be added as more events occur, and close relationships are likely to receive their own subsections. The list is currently in order of encounter, but may be reorganized at a later date. Wiki links are pending.

Felix Sideris: A bard whose music drew Kevaraan to a tavern one night. They did not speak much, but Kevaraan encouraged him to improve his skills and often wonders if they might meet again. (Warm.)

L'yhta Mahre: A sorceress who leads the Ivory Tower, which Kevaraan is a part of. They met at a Gridanian tavern and discussed the Aether, and Kevaraan walked her home, enjoying her company. They have since spoken a few more times, and given their commonality, Kevaraan hopes that they will have a long friendship. (Amiable.)

Eamont Desormaux: One of Kevaraan's fellow wizards, who had tea with him as he recovered from an exhausting day. They have swapped some personal stories, and Kevaraan has a patience for the "old man", whose demeanor he finds pleasant. Unsurprisingly, he hopes to have another future confidant. (Amiable) 

Seth Honeybrew: Another fellow Wizard. Although they have had conversation, Kevaraan is distrustful of Seth's occupation as a brewer and his affinity for fire, especially after a humiliating incident at a tavern involving a Lalafell. He has not spoken to Seth since, but does not strongly think ill of him. (Distrusted)

Alshiana Valtarios: A Miqo'te dragoon who intervened on Kevaraan's behalf during the tavern incident above. He believes her to be very skilled, and aspires to one day reach that level of training himself. He also bought her a cup of tea to soothe her nerves while they talked. (Warm.)

B'jaern Mori: A childhood friend that Kevaraan may have helped to play pranks. Kevaraan had forgotten, but now remembers, and they have since rekindled their friendship despite any earlier suspicion. They are both in the Order of the Twin Adder together. (Special: Family/Friend)

Seloria Garugalun: A Duskwight woman and apparent historian with whom Kevaraan had a chance encounter over lunch. It must have been fate, as this took on an almost confessional tone, with the woman somehow managing to goad out Kevaraan's explanation of a personal trial. He regards the entire day as if a dream, and she offered some interesting possible leads in exchange for Kevaraan pledging his aid, in some fashion. He views this as an unknown set of complications, and seems to be mulling over these things. (Special: Ambivalent)

Sabine Gungnir: A woman who Kevaraan met while taking a walk in the shroud. Together with J'hared Nunh, they made a roundabout and ultimately-futile attempt to help her recover a chocobo egg. Kevaraan originally found her sarcastic and problematic demeanor hard to follow, although things went slightly better the following day. (Neutral.)

J'hared Nunh: A Miqo'te warrior whom Kevaraan bumped into while helping Sabine. Although they are not of the same clan, Kevaraan is curious about  his tribe, and shares some small amount of empathy against the Garleans; he would likely lend help were they to cross again.


This is a summary of the relationship/reputation levels for each relationship. Note that these are rough approximates, are subject to change, and represent Kevaraan's feelings towards others. They are not absolute, are meant as an OOC catalogue, and some chatacters may change standing faster than others depending on their compatibility and frequency of interaction.

Neutral: No opinion. Can be applied to passing acquaintances or figures such as NPCs. Neglected relationships, if not cemented, will probably also fall into this category. (Special:Ambivalent is a form of relationship not easily quantified that may be seen as related to Neutral.)

Warm: The relationship is on good terms and started "on the right foot", but needs more interaction. Moderate potential to continue up the positive scale. People who Kevaraan gets along with but would like to get to know more fall into this category.

Amiable: One step above Warm. He considers these people friends, whether because of common interests or other things.

Confidant: Close friend, derived from a sustained friendship. Is likely to trust these people and place priority on helping them. 

Highly Regarded: "Best Friend" status, afforded to those who have helped or impacted him in some profound way, on a personal level. This is the highest status an individual can have outside of blood, and is expected to be rare. It is likely that Kevaraan's deepest secrets and opinions are made known to them, as is his deepest respect. These people may have potential to get very close to him (romantic relationships, etc.)

Intimate: Reserved for family, lost relatives, spouses, siblings, or friends of his parents or similar.

Distrusted: The first step on the negative scale. For whatever reason, be it their actions toward him or their personality, Kevaraan feels at unease around these people. These relationships have potential to move further down the negative scale, but it is also very possible to move out of distrusted status into warmer regards. He is likely to attempt being cordial still.

Disliked: The person has continued to do things against Kevaraan's favor. He'll be pleasant through clenched teeth, but likely to avoid them if it suits him, and he won't stay any longer than he has to. It takes some work to get out of this.

Enemy: Kevaraan is more vocal about his dislike of these people, and actively avoids them in the interest of keeping the peace. His patience is strained. Moving away from this status takes a lot of careful, deliberate work.

Hated: A stronger variant of Enemy. Enemies of his friends are likely to fall into this category after some time, and he has little qualms about confronting them in whatever way. This is the highest negative status, and is almost permanent--hope for a miracle from the Twelve.

Nemesis: Reserved for special foes, and hopefully won't be handed out to player characters. Killing or gravely harming a close friend is a great one-way ticket to this status, which is irrevocably permanent.


Easily Overheard:

"That kid can't decide what he wants to be! Every time I see him he's wearing different clothes, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's got a different way to kill something for every day of the week! He must be giving his signature to guilds like it was a charitable donation..."  An old Wood Wailer

"I've known Kevaraan's family fer a long while, and he's a real smart boy. Every time 'e comes in 'ere, 'e goes right fer the classics, ever since 'e was as tall as me. Back then it was common ta see 'im with a book bigger 'en his 'ead, too!"  --A Lalafell librarian in Ul'Dah

"If anything, he got quite a bit of talent in conjury from his mother. If he chose to devote his life to it, he'd need those brews and potions a lot less."--Conjury Instructor

Moderately Difficult to Overhear:

"Kevaraan has the physical build, instincts, and theoretical understanding of the craft necessary to become a skilled archer. Well, he could be skilled--if every muscle in his body did not ooze tension. His body's temperament is a bigger obstacle than any lack of commitment will ever be, and even if he was more specialized, his skill could hardly progress past an adept level. I don't care how suave he appears--he simply cannot relax." --Archery Instructor

"I'm concerned for his health on occasion. He seems to break out into shakes and tremors sometimes, or stare off into the distance, even though I haven't spotted anything else odd. Doesn't seem like it's fright, either."--An apothecary in the Gridania market wards, after the Calamity

"That pendant he's got is definitely foreign. Stone's unlike anything I've seen in my thirty years of business--MIGHT be magicked, or not--but he won't even take it off to let me look at it!"--Antiques dealer and trader, Limsa Lominsa

Very Difficult to Overhear:

"I am very hesitant to admit this, and I ask that you do not breathe a word to Mr. Annorek, or my student. I nearly regret taking the girl on as an apprentice; she appears harmless, but.... One need only look at how Mr. Annorek obeys her every request: major or minor, command or no. He might merely be chivalrous, or full of pity for her; no magic is coercing him. But I've seen the demeanor she takes with her carbuncle, and I'd be loathe to ponder long on the implications of one who approaches people like they do their summons." -The arcanist who was responsible for training Kevaraan's partner.

"I smelled a whiff of something bitter after he left my shop. I know the smell of that--it's an illegal flower carried into Limsa by pirate curs. He ain't right, I tell you..." --Limsa weapons dealer.

"That cat with the red marks upon his face says he's from Gridania, but take it from a native's mouth--the tribe he's from is of Coerthan blood. There's not a lot of them, and they're all as gray-furred as the tundra wastes they hunt on. I studied a group of them two decades ago, and I swear to you they danced bathed in blood... " Thaumaturgic scholar in Ul'Dah, presumably from Coerthas.

Player-Created Rumors: 

"Kevaraan has so many secrets and he never talks about himself. What I've seen though -- he's a good teacher, but I think he needs to open up so we can help him work through the problems of his past." -- L'yhta Mahre


Kevaraan by S'Demyx Tia, enraged.