Kiki Eekiki

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Gridania-transparent.png Kiki Eekiki
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Gridania
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Physical Description

Kiki is a short Plainsfell lalafell in her mid 20's. Her hair is lavender with emerald green highlights and is slightly less than shoulder-length. Her skin is milky white and her eyes are a reddish violet. Her bust is large for a Lalafell, but still barely detectable unless one looks closely. Her physical build is average for a fully developed Lalafell woman.


PRIMARY MOTIVATOR: Family, friends, and love. To fight for and protect all three of those.

Emotional Disposition: Excessively cheerful and childlike, but has occasional flashes of extreme intellectualism. In general she is very patient, but when she's triggered she becomes a monster.

Moodiness: She is easily annoyed by unintelligent and manipulative people, and has a rather pronounced jealous streak.

Outlook: Does her best to always consider the big picture, but can be pessimistic at times.
Integrity: Honest to a fault
Impulsiveness: Her brain moves a lot slower than the rest of her, and her mouth gets her in trouble a lot.
Boldness: Always worried about making a mistake, hates taking risks, but her impulsiveness gets the better of her occasionally.
Flexibility: Very Flexible
Affinity: Warm and caring, loves giving hugs
Comportment: Agreeable, but fiercely defends her stance when she knows she is right.
Interactivity: Extremely introverted, but never shuts up around those she considers friends.
Disclosure: Complete open book, but when her jealousy is triggered she keeps it bottled up until it suddenly explodes on whoever is unfortunate enough to be responsible for it.
Conformity: Rebellious
Sense of Humor: Sophomoric, and frequently engages in sexual humor

Affiliation/Adherence: Agnostic, though she will still acknowledge good fortune or coincidence as the work of the gods.
Tolerance: Very Tolerant
Expression of Beliefs: Only when asked
Converting Others: Never
Attitude: Harbors disdain for the extremely religious, but keeps it to herself (most of the time)

Kiki's F-List
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Libido: Extremely high
Expressiveness: Open
Sexual Style: Eager to please her partner
Openness: She is the queen of Too Much Information
Promiscuity: Very low
Tastes: A bit varied

Topics of Conversation: Adventures, relationships, current events, sex, and gossip.
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities: Every morning is a struggle for her to get out of bed, but when she's up she almost never sits still.
Hobbies & Enjoyments: Hunting and fighting, woodworking
Mental & Emotional Disorders: Extreme jealousy issues when it comes to romance, Social anxiety around those she is not familiar with.

Backround History

Birthplace: Born at sea, raised in Gridania


Parents: Father unknown, Zukiki Zuki (mother)

Siblings: Unknown