Kikilu Kilu

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Gridania-transparent.png Kikilu Kilu
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Age 26
Nameday 20th Sun, Fifth Astral Moon
Occupation Singer
Sexuality Pansexual
Relatives Father: Xuxuvala Fufuvala (deceased) Mother: Ririta Rita (deceased)
Guardian Azeyma

Basic Info


The sea
Sweet things
Fruity cocktails
Bouncy music
Ambient sounds


Cold weather


Birth Place: Encelia Village
Natural Hair Colour: Brunette
Natural Eye Colour: Amber
Virtues: (coming soon)
Vices: (coming soon)
Allergies: Onions, latex
Phobias: Wasps, hornets, morbols
Favourite Foods: Pastry Fish (with chocolate and/or cream and/or caramel filling), Cookies, anything with rolanberries
Favourite Drinks: Rolanberry Juice, Rolanberry Wine, anything with rolanberries
Favourite Colours: Pinks and yellows

Appearance & Personality


Bubbly and easy to get along with, Kikilu loves meeting new people and making new friends.
Naturally curious, Kikilu enjoys hearing about the lives of others, visiting places she's never been before, and experiencing new things.
With the heart of a healer, Kikilu will go out-of-her-way to help others.
Though she tries not show it to others, Kikilu is very emotional.


Circumstances Of Birth

Kikilu's birth was a particularly joyous event, as the lalafellian couple had been trying for baby for years, despite the pair of them being perfectly healthy and in their prime. But just when all hope seemed lost after exhausting all known methods to conception aid, Ririta began to show signs of pregnancy.

At first, she was torn between emotion and logic, as she noticed her cravings and morning sickness. In her heart, she believed she was pregnant, but in her head, she knew it was almost an impossibility, and wondered if she was simply experiencing illness and reading too much into those "signs".

But, sure enough, her symptoms persisted, more signs arouse, and eventually the "baby bump" began to show. It was then that she knew for sure and, in tears of joy, informed her husband, who, despite usually being of a calm and collected manner, shared in his wife's emotional overflow.

With Xuxuvala being chieftain of Encelia Village, news of the couple's expectancy was announced at a special gathering, and celebrated that evening with song, dance, and a feast for all around a large campfire.

The lalafellian villages were ones of close community, and news was spread to Encelia's neighbouring desert villages within the next few days, and to their more distant neighbours in the following weeks, as travel takes time and it was something the chieftain insisted on being announced via traditional parchment.

As these villages had lent their services to, and traded much of their own wares to, villages of other races, not to mention the main cities themselves, certain names were well-known, and friendships formed throughout the years. And during the coming months, visitors from all over, of all races, came to visit the couple, wishing them good luck, good health, and bringing them gifts to aid the pregnancy, or for the baby to come.

This turn of events was particularly unexpected and moving for the lalafell couple as, whilst Xuxuvala may have been chieftain, the title was in no way that of royal status. And, in every way other than the extra responsibilities they shouldered, they were no different from any other lalafell in the village. But many were well aware of the couple's desire for a child, and the hardships they had endured in their years of trying, and were genuinely happy for them. There were also those who had been experiencing their own problems with conception, and the couple's story had given them the renewed hope and strength they needed.

Eventually, when the time came, on the 20th Sun of the Fifth Astral Moon, a baby girl was born to the chieftain couple, and they called her Kikilu Kilu.

Before The Calamity

The lalafell of Encelia Village were primarily magic users, farmers, and crafters. And whilst it was by no means unheard of for some to leave the village to live elsewhere, many would stay there their entire lives, leaving only for event or trade purposes. There were also those referred to as the "village drifters", who would periodically travel from one village to another for various reasons of their own, bringing with them the trinkets and tales of their adventures.

And it were the drifters, and the outsiders who visited, that Kikilu and most of the other youngsters would flock to, their eyes wide and their hearts aflutter as they listened to stories of far-off lands and exciting battles. Kikilu in particular craved information about the "outside world". Where most children would bore if a traveller spoke of another land's traditions or heritage, Kikilu would obsorbe every word and insist on hearing more.

Whilst this was a trait her parents found adorable at first, they began to worry as the years went on and Kikilu, unlike most, didn't grow out of that phase. Without meaning to, Xuxuvala and Ririta had treated Kikilu as though she were a priceless gem, keeping close watch over her, and subsequently forcing her to lead a somewhat sheltered life. And the longer Kikilu's interest in the outside world lasted, the more her parents feared that a day would come when she would want to leave the village.

And though they would never deny her that right, the thought struck fear into their hearts. Kikilu was a precious gift to them, and they wanted to protect her always. So much cold happen to her if she were out of their reach.

But, rather than dwell on what could be, the couple decided to focus as much as possible on what was. And they took great comfort in their daughters interests that were within the village itself.

Kikilu had a natural talent for magic, and she enjoyed learning from others how to harness her powers and use them more effectively. The village elders often taught more indeph lessons to those interested – and of course, Kikilu was keen to learn all aspects of magic. And with Xuxuvala and Ririta being powerful magic users themselves, they would lend their knowledge and skill to helping their daughter too.

In her early teens, and whilst still studying and practising magic, Kikilu got her first paying job as a Chocobo Keep within the village. She had always loved animals, and helped out at the chocobo stables a lot over the years. Little by little, she had gained experience in all aspects of chocobo care, so there was no doubt in the stable manager's mind that she was perfect for the job.

Having her own money coming in made Kikilu feel much more accomplished, and it meant that she could buy items from the outside traders that visited, and that she could start saving-up for that one day in the future when she might dare to travel herself.

During The Calamity

Kikilu was 15 then The Calamity struck. During the time leading up to that fateful day itself, the lalafellian villages had been working frantically to prepare for Dalamud's fall. Underground bunkers were dug, housing reinforced, and evacuation procedures rehearsed. Any crops that were able to be harvested were divided between neighbouring villages and stored in their nearby bunkers.

The young, elderly, and sick, were moved to the bunkers earlier than those who were fit and able to help with the jobs that still needed doing. The village elders however, were split. Most ventured to the various Guardian Stones to pray, whilst at least one remained in each village to pray from there, whilst still being available to offer their knowledge and guidance if required.

Many of the remaining villagers were grouped into various teams. Some were sent to swap supplies with other villages, others sent to gather supplies from the main cities. Experienced crafters set about making protective clothing, prepare food that could be stored for long periods of time, and fashion weapons for the ongoing battles. Other teams were sent out to help the surrounding wildlife find some sort of shelter, or to strengthen their current ones.

Those who were able, had multiple teams. Such as Kikilu. She had helped settle the chocobos in the bunker, along with moving various items there, and then joined the team helping the local animals. She used her magical skills to aid in their protection, such as giving trees extra strength, deepening burrows and forming sandy shields over their entrances, forming strong, thick icy layers over the top of ponds to protect both the water supply and those that lived within them, encouraging branches, leaves, and vines to grow and and form protective layers to shield the animals inside, and, with the help of other mages, forming large igloo-like structures to protect the larger beasts of the land.

On the day of The Calamity itself, many of the teams were still active, and those that weren't had been evacuated to the bunkers. Xuxuvala and Ririta had hoped the team their daughter had been most recently assigned to would be ready to evacuate well before Dalamud's fall. But there was so much to do, and they soon became well-aware that they were running out of time.

Dalamud had progressed much faster than anyone thought, and the constant attacks from invading monsters, and having to dodge flames that rained down upon the land, was slowing things down even further. The offensive and defensive teams were scattered to provide protection for the others working both inside and outside the village. But their numbers were thin as many of the others assigned to join them were busy within the very teams being protected.

Xuxuvala, who had been the main organiser whilst also having a hand in every job around the village itself, including it's protection, gave the order for everyone to get to the bunkers. He, and the village elders remaining, would stay and protect the village itself. Ririta tried to argue her husband's fate, fearing the worst, but he simply smiled, kissed her, and told her to find their daughter.

"When this is over, we will bring her home together." - Xuxuvala Fufuvala.

With tears in her eyes, Ririta replied with a smile and a nod, before running out of the village on a mission to find their daughter and get her safely into the bunker.

But though she knew the general direction of the team Kikilu had been working with, it wasn't going to be easy finding them. The ground shook each time a piece of Dalamud hit the ground, causing fires to spread wherever they landed, and the vicious monsters were huge in both size and numbers, and there were less people around to fight them now.

With staff in-hand, Ririta ran as fast as she could, nothing would stop her reaching her daughter. Preferring not to waste time fighting monsters, Ririta tried as best she could to use the falling pieces of Dalamud to her advantage, luring the beasts that followed her into their path where she could, and fire-off any spells she could to stun or push other monsters away from her.

In the distance, Dalamud's glow burned fiercely. Kikilu's team found themselves being driven apart in the chaos of the increasing number of monsters, the flamed shards of Dalamud falling on and around them, and the sand growing thick in the wind. They had already lost a number of their friends and allies to both, and many of those that were left feared they would not make it back to a bunker.

Kikilu found herself busy trying to heal the injured, so that they might continue onto safety, as were a few others experienced in healing magic. As she finished healing another, Kikilu heard her name being called, almost screamed, on the wind. Wish the harsh sand whipping at her face, Kikilu looked up with squinted eyes. Time felt slowed during the moments in which her eyes widened as she began to make out the shape of her mother running towards her, her hand reaching for her daughter, who was still so far away.

Kikilu began to stand, never taking her eyes off her mother, still running towards her, calling out her name.

"Mama!" Kikilu whispered to herself as she stood-up, smiling as tears came to her eyes.

What followed next knocked Kikilu off balance, and several feet away from her original position. A large fragment of Dalamud had hit the ground in East Thanalan, causing a massive shockwave, which sent everything in it's path flying.

Unfortunately for Ririta, she found herself crushed beneath a large monster that had been swept along with her and had landed on top of her. She didn't know if it was dead of simply unconscious, but she knew that, either way, it didn't matter. Most of her bones were broken and she was bleeding heavily internally.

"Forgive me..." - Ririta Rita.

Elsewhere, partially covered in sand, Kikilu slowly opened her eyes. Dazed after being knocked out for a few moments, she was unable to think – until the sensation of someone grabbing her from behind and pulling her to her feet hit her.

"MAMA!!" She yelled, trying to get out of the other person's grip and run forwards.

But she was too weak and fell to her knees, her mystery helper still holding on to her so she didn't fall too fast and injure herself any more.

"We've got to go!" A masculine voice said forcefully as Kikilu felt herself being lifted once more.

It was a young lalafellian man, a plainsfolk, who was trying to help her. But she protested, insisting that her mother was "right there", still she had been blown some distance. The plainsfolk, who's name was Kazofu Nizofu, insisted that nothing was out there, followed by his surprise that she was still alive.

Kazofu lead her on as fast as they could manage whilst also supporting her as she was wobbly on her feet, either as a result of the shockwave, or the realisation that her mother was gone. Either way, he had to keep her moving if there were to have any chance of making it to a safe place.

As they rounded a large boulder, they found Kazofu's chocobo, who had been using it as a shield from the blast. Kazofu helps Kikilu up onto his bird, before getting on himself. As he glances to the sky, he can see Dalamud beginning to open up. With a crack of the reins, his chocobo sets off fast.

They race along their way, pieces of Dalamud are falling more frequently all around them, and Kikilu has to hold on tightly to Kazofu if she's to have any hope of not falling off the chocobo as they weave to avoid the firey hailstones, and jump over rocks and fallen monsters.

As they cross from East Thanalan in to the East Shroud, Bahamut is fully emerged from his prison, and as the remains of Dalamud expoled and rain down on the land, Kazofu rides his chocobo through a large tunnel made from an hollowed tree-trunk, and straight in to one of the local lalafellian village's safe haven, falling to the floor as they make it inside, but the chocobo loses it footing as the ground shakes violently as so many shards of Dalamud fall so close and in such quick succession.

The structure itself is made from the surrounding trees, which have been magically strengthened and encouraged to grow and intertwine their branches with eachother to create a cacoon, along with some physical handy-work to add extra strength to such a large shelter.

For a while, there is no chance for anyone to get to their feet, as Bahamut unleashes his attacks outside, causing the ground to quake even more, and the terrified gasps and cries can be heard from all around the shelter as those inside fear for their lives.

At the very moment that ground steadied enough to stand, Kazofu ran over to one of the medical team members within the shelter, and informed them of the new arrival, pointing at Kikilu, who could only watch as her rescuer then re-mounted his steed and rode fast out of the shelter again.

After The Calamity

Those that were fortunate enough to survive The Calamity were to be faced with new hardships. Many families and friends had been separated in the chaos, and would be keen to find eachother again at the earliest opportunity. Many had seen their loved ones die infront of them, and would soon begin the grieving process once that reality hit them, others were already in a state of breakdown as everything had become too much for them. And they too would no doubt wish to find their loved ones again and lay their bodies to rest – a search that may bring new hardships as they discover what poor conditions their bodies might be in, or even not find them at all.

Then there were the businesses. Many would have lost the majority of, if not the entirety of, their livelihoods in all the destruction. And, not least to think about were people's homes and other structures. They would need searching for anything salvageable, not to mention rebuilding. Some may even be lost for good, with neither the will nor means to start again.

And what of the damage to the land itself? How much, if anything, remained? Could it still sustain life? So many uncertainties faced those that survived. And in all this, Kikilu was alone.

The New Era

The new few years following The Calamity were busy ones. There was a lot to be done and decided upon, and those that remained would spend their days rebuilding their lives, and helping their fellow survivors to do so too.

To begin with Kikilu stayed in Gridania to help with the restoration and keep her mind busy, not yet ready to face the reality that both her parents may have been lost after scouting teams had travelled around Eorzea to gather information on the state of the land and all that lay upon it, and word had returned that her village, amoungst many others, had fallen.

During the first year, Kazofu would visit the new settlement in Bentbranch many times. In the early days, Kikilu would attempt to approach him, wanting to thank him for saving her and bringing her to Gridania during The Calamity. But each time she felt herself to be an inconvenience, as Kazofu always seemed concerned with other things.

However, during one of his less-fleeting visits, Kikilu came to join him by the campfire in the evening. At first, she couldn't bring herself to speak to him. She just glanced at him, and then watched him out of the corner-of-her-eye, his troubled expression ever-present. And it wasn't long before Kazofu let out a groanful sigh.

"I can see you there, you know." He told her, without so much as glancing in her direction, the reflection of the fire in his eyes.

Kikilu quickly looked away, her focus also on the fire now. She wondered if he even remembered her. Probably not, but she wanted to thank him anyway. Or many he did, and he found it rude that she hadn't thanked him already? And in the case, would thanking him now only come across as something she was doing because she knew he was annoyed about it, instead of actually being something genuinely meant?

"Is there something you want?" Kazofu asked, still looking ahead, his tone flat, if not somewhat cold.

Kikilu's brain had been working so hard on trying to figure out what to say, or if to say anything at all, that she hadn't realised she had begun to stare at the plainsfolk at some point.

"T-thank you." She replied as she quickly turned away, her focus darting from Kazofu to the fire, then to the ground. "I wanted... I wanted to thank you for saving me before."

It was only then that Kazofu's gaze was taken from the flames, and placed onto the small frame of the dunesfolk girl beside him. He had remembered her, and had infact been keeping an eye on her whenever he visited, but he had not expected any thanks. Afterall, it was what anyone would have done, and what he would do again, regardless of who was in need.

"That's not necessary." He replied, but then noticed Kikilu's sad eyes as her words were being rejected. "But you're welcome."

Kikilu smiled a little.

As time went on, Kazofu and Kikilu would talk more and more, growing closer with each of his visits. Many would come to refer to them as siblings, which Kikilu would giggle at, but Kazofu would reject quite forcefully to begin with.

The Journey Home

Eventually, Kikilu would come to Kazofu to ask him something she had been afraid to ask since the beginning of the New Era. She asked him if he would take her back to her village so that she might see for herself what remains, and find her parents. There was a silence between the two lalafell that seemed to last an eternity for Kikilu, and when he finally spoke, Kazofu declined. He had seen what was left, and what had been rebuilt, and he had enquired into Kikilu's parents himself, and he knew what had become of them. He had never told her this, and he certainly didn't want her going through the pain of finding out. The best thing, he thought, was for her to stay safely where she was.

When Kikilu asked why, Kazofu would suddenly become busy, or need to leave on his travels again. It was the only way he could hope to avoid the conversation, and hope she would forget all about it by the time he next returned. And each time this happened, Kazofu would extend his time away, in the hope that, the longer he left it, the more likely she would have forgotten or found something else to focus on. But it never worked.

Until, however, Kikilu realised what he was doing, and decided not to bring it up again, so that he wouldn't spend so much time away. And, for a while, things seemed to go back to normal. But Kikilu had her own plans. If Kazofu wouldn't take her, she would go on her own, and she had been working at the chocobo stables, saving-up enough gil to travel with, and the head Keep has agreed to loan her a chocobo.

Kikilu left on a warm evening while Kazofu was away from the village, following a map she had sneaked from his jacket pocket before he last left, making her way back to East Thanalan. Never had she imagined her first journey alone would be under such circumstances.

When she got there, the village that now stood looked almost identical to the one she once called "home". As she entered the village, dismounting from the chocobo and leading them through, everything felt surreal. Lalafell were going about their daily lives, many of them unfamiliar to her. Those that knew her, watched as she made her way through the village, somber expressions on their faces as they knew this to be her first visit since The Calamity. Kikilu pauses just short of the chieftain's hut.

Later that day, she visited the gravestones of her late parents, and laid flowers that she had purchsed whilst in the village earlier. There, she stayed for some time. Thinking. Talking. Crying. Going through all the motions as she was finally forced to accept the painful truth.

Though her grieving was far from over, Kikilu smiled at the headstones, and vowed to continue her magical studies and make her parents proud.

A Realm Reborn

Living in a tree-house built with the aid of her brother, Kikilu lives peacefully in The Shroud. Her days are filled with magical studies, friendly moogles, and relaxing by the nearby stream.

She also has a part-time job as a chocobokeep, based in Bentbranch Meadows. Working at whichever stable needs her the most on the day, her job takes her all over Eorzea. This saves her a lot of gil in terms of travel, which is perfect as she often needs to visit various Guilds and spiritual locations for her magical studies.

Kikilu has always been naturally curious, and travelling has opened-up a whole new world to her. She loves meeting new people, listening to their stories, and learning about all the different ways of life there really are. And her desire to experience new things has led to her attending some events which she would never have even heard of, had she stayed in her birth village. From simple taverns to colourful parades, Kikilu wants to experience it all.





"Please seek me out and remind me to add you if you don't see yourself."

Love Friendship Crush Good Standing Poor Standing
Kazofu Nizofu: Her "brother-from-another-mother". Having unofficially adopted her as his younger sister, Kazofu spends much of his time trying to keep her safe. Though his intentions are good, he can be over-protective to the point of annoying, causing Kikilu to seek ways in which to illude him. Kazofu, however, knows his sister well, and even if he can't guess where she is, he has various methods (known only to himself) that usually allow him to find her, and keep her out of trouble.
Krick Etune: A gentleman dunesfolk that Kikilu frequently runs into during events. Their initial meeting was a little complicated as she had unwhittingly walked into a burlesque show – something she had never even heard of before, and something Kazofu had an audiable distaste for. Since then, however, Kikilu has bumped into him at various shows and events, and finds him a pleasure to talk to and fun to be around.
Waltz Concerto: A handsome miqo'te performer, pop idol sensation, and once Kikilu's first crush! She was lucky enough to meet her favourite singer face-to-face thanks to Krick introducing them a while back. Waltz gave her an auto-graph, a plushie of himself, and always made time to talk to her whenever she attended to a show. More recently, she was given a place in Waltz's new idol group, 3B.
Alexei Zolotse


"Please seek me out and remind me to add you if you don't see yourself."

Love Friendship Crush Good Standing Poor Standing
Kip Skykip: A fan, and ex-boyfriend. Whilst they weren't together long enough to really fall in love, the pain he caused Kikilu was still very real. His intentions were good as he broke their relationship off in order to protect her from a very dangerous man threatening his loved ones. However, by doing this "for her own good", he directly broke a promise he made to her when they initially became a pair. Kikilu does not appreciate anyone making decisions for her.
Lynx Fristelse: An ex-performer at the Gilded Pony, and ex-boyfriend to Kikilu. His whereabouts are currently unknown as he simply upped and left her without warning or reason. With his promises broken, and his words proven empty, Kikilu struggled to understand how and why someone could do such an evil deed to another. Though she has long since got over him, the damage he did to her heart remains, and has made it difficult for her to trust anyone with it again.

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