Kikiroto Rereroto

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 Kikiroto Rereroto
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship n/a
Age ??? (True Age - 21.)
Nameday 27th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon.
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while i work on this just bullet points c:

Basic Info

  • tiny short adorable guy
  • sees himself as a person of the land.
  • very animated, seems to always be moving.
  • thief.


  • got amnesia about four years ago, after a conflict and being overwhelmed by monsters. (before that, he was just a normal, hard-working good warrior. he lost his sight in one eye, and was to find another path because of said injury.)
  • but after amnesia, he awoke in limsa and was aided by a member of the arcanists guild, getting a journal. the only repayment? said arcanist wished to learn of his adventures.
  • but with his new devil-may-care attitude, Kikiroto became a wonderful thief and decided to wander, gathering stories and gil to his name. he set out to ul'dah...

and that's when his journey begins haha.


  • so very carefree
  • tries to be witty but is more dorky. he overexplains the wittiness or the joke.
  • yes, moves around more then he speaks.
  • seemingly naive... but knows exactly how the world works, from his years of amnesia.
  • though he likes to act like he's really friendly, he has trouble making connections to people because, well, he's scared of getting amnesia again.
  • his biggest oddity is, well... he doesn't really care for the dramas of the larger land. hey, he doesn't really have any connections. and if the primals are summoned, or if the empire invades, he'll just have something else to see in the world.

he's a thrill seeker, the rush of being a thief, the rush of being near to dead.


  • that npc helper from the guild - he still writes letters to them.

Other Notes

  • doesn't believe in the gods. because what god would make him forget?
  • always carries his journal with him. spends his nights writing down his events.
  • also though he doesn't work with a guild, he does wield a sword.
  • friends and enemies alike call him Roto. (i didn't even know it was a spanish word though haha.)