Kioro Lioro

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Kioro Lioro
"I fight so that my heritage will not be forgotten."
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 17
Sexuality Gay
Occupation Black Mage
Guardian Nald'thal, the Trader
Namesday 22nd Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon



Born in the North Shroud of Gridania and living alone with his father for most of his life, Kioro grew up to be very timid and shy around outsiders. With the ailment of his father, Kioro was forced out into the world in search of a cure, and with this he eventually overcame his shy nature and learned to be more open with those he met in his travels - especially the ones whom he considered friends. Kioro joined up in the service of The Black Sun Vanguard, where he worked as a young member of the Reapers in search of the cure for his father. This victory was short-lived, however; after the cure - Litoru Aesin - was found, Kioro discovered that his plight was all for naught, and his father passed away only days after the cure was administered. It wasn't long after this that The Vanguard began to crumble due to internal squabbling and Kioro found himself scrambling with the former members in search of some way to re-establish what they had and not lose the only friends he had left.

What seemed like weeks passed and he, as well as several other members of what Kioro came to refer to as "The Old Vanguard", were called in by one Orin Aduro. Orin, and his brother Cesar offered him an opportunity to expand his knowledge, and with time offer his own wisdom to others in a undertaking that would soon be revealed as the Limsa Lominsa Garden Academy. As the ranks of the academy grew, Kioro stepped down as an instructor to take up the mantle of the Garden counselor, which he still holds to this day while continuing the effort of re-establishing his family's noble house.


He is average size by lalafell standards and somewhat frail thanks to his adventuring lifestyle and his relatively poor eating habits. His golden-blonde hair, when not tied back, is feathered, wild, and dances with the wind. Kioro, while once intent on dressing in heavier woolen attire to supplement his adventuring lifestyle, now much prefers lighter clothes fashioned from richer materials such as velveteen and Allagan silk. Having sold or discarded most of the clothes his father had woven for him while in the forest of Gridania, Kioro has slowly began to take on a much more aristocratic appearance.

Some may notice that he wears an oddly-shaped brooch clipped to whatever garment he might be wearing- usually beneath the flags of his collar. It appears to be that of a silver serpent with features much akin to that of a wyvern that clutches a glistening emerald between it's talons. It isn't immediately apparent why the Lalafell keeps such a feminine keepsake on his person, but one could easily assume that it is of great import to him.

Much to Kioro's chagrin, he has been mistaken more than once by others as a female; this often leads to him being hugged tightly by others or simply being ostracized for his feminine appearance. Men and women from the Lioro family have all been known to have fair skin, wide eyes and silken locks. Very few have ever had to toil among the commoners to harden their bodies, leaving them very ambiguous when it comes to the topic of gender. Sadly, even though Kioro has lived most of his life in the wilderness and has worked hard at toning his form, the one thing he couldn't change about himself was that his eyes are the color of lavender; a common trait shared with females in the Lioro family, but never males until the fateful day of his birth.


Kioro is a very shy and timid Lalafell, due in large part to being raised in the forests of Gridania, away from the bustling city streets and market stalls of the trade districts. With the help of his friends and family in the Black Sun Vanguard and eventually the Garden of Limsa Lominsa, Kioro better learned how to steel himself and control his emotions. Even still, the young Lalafell can still be brought to blush very easily, especially when he has a strong emotional attachment to the person who is teasing him. He is apt to stammer and trip over his words when embarrassed and because of this prefers small gatherings to large meetings and get-togethers where the chances of him being called out and embarrassed are far less likely. When confronted in a crowded area, the noble is quick to withdraw, and eventually vanish into the crowd at the first opportunity.

Kioro has also been known to be very impressionable, which has been noted on several occasions where he has borrowed words and phrases from people whom he holds in high esteem. Much to his chagrin, however, simply parroting these or further attempting to incorporate them into his vocabulary tend to lead to raised eyebrows and embarrassing moments for all involved. Despite his kindness, shy undertones, and morals ingrained in him by his father, Kioro is a Lioro at heart. He has, on occasion, shown a darker side of himself, especially when it comes to riches, fame, lust, and violence. Most of these aspects of his personality he keeps under wraps and away from the eyes of all but only his closest friends and family members. This fact is further complicated by how susceptible he is to the influence of others.

With the loss of his father, Kioro became increasingly clingy, and craves the affection of those around him - particularly his lover. Most of all, he hates the idea of being left alone again, having already been abandoned by his mother as a child, and now by his father in death. He doesn't want to lose those he holds dear to him, and is often-times very selfish and even overbearing with those he falls deeply in love with. Because of this, Kioro is known to become jealous very easily, especially when he's afraid that there's a possibility where his lover could be stolen away from him. This does tend to be a double-edged sword in that due to how eager he is to receive affection and give it in turn, he's found himself in uncomfortably close relationships with other boys.

Faults aside, he is generally very kind and will fight for those who he cares about, be it friends or family. He has come to rely a great deal on the students and faculty of Limsa Lomina Garden and considers each and every one of them his family. Adopting this mindset has made the young Lalafell much more relaxed when in their company, and has even allowed him to loosen up to the point of doing things he otherwise wouldn't due to his strict code of morals.



Kioro is an average archer at best, learning much from his father and his life as a huntsman. The agile lalafell much prefers wearing lighter armor, and as such uses his speed of movement and lithe form to weave through enemies and allies alike on the battlefield. Although he has learned the basics of stealth, he fails at using it for anything more than listening in on lewd conversations and sneaking out of taverns without paying for his meal.

After the fall of the Vanguard and the death of his father, Kioro felt it wise to leave his past behind him. With what little knowledge he had about defensive fighting he took up the mantle of a lancer and enrolled in the lancer's guild. With time, Kioro would learn how to position himself, and how he could manipulate fights in his favor with agile footwork and rapid strikes. With the teachings of Ywain fresh in his mind, he set his sights on old enemies, and the rivalry that had sparked between the Lioro family all those cycles ago.

With the passage of time, and as his lust for knowledge grew, Kioro began to dabble in thaumaturgy and alchemy to further enhance his skill-set. Oddly enough, his progression was rapid, and he was quick to learn how to manipulate and draw from both his own aether, and that around him. As time went on he developed a fascination with aetherweaving and how how to further channel his own aether to increase his destructive potential without weakening himself in the process. One could only speculate as to why he has an almost natural affinity towards aether.


The Lioro family history ranges back to several cycles before the battle at Cartenau. It will be truncated and scribed here in all due time.


Still a very early work in progress, more will be added and things will likely be modified as time goes on.

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