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Kit ❧ Everett


name: Kit ◦ age: 17 ◦ race: Miqo'te Seeker (unknown : keeper mix) ◦ gender: female
nameday: 14th Sun of the First Astral Moon ◦ family: Adopted family in Limsa Lominsa
orientation: idk lol ◦ marital status: single ◦ birthplace: Ul'dah, supposedly
occupation: Assistant-researcher, Red Mage apprentice ◦ residence: Limsa Lominsa, though she travels often
server: Omega

height: 1,65m (unusually tall) ◦ weight: 55kg ◦ build: Average, soft, taller than most Miqo’te. Very huggable
voice: High pitched
demeanor: Carefree and excited, looking around, she stares at people and doesn’t hide it
hairstyle: Light strawberry blond, fluffy and wavy, cut short and wild
Distinguishing features: Very pale, different colored eyes, short ears, she has small, pointy fangs
general: Unusually pale skin; soft, round features; small ears; small fangs; darkened patch on her button-up nose; thick, fuzzy eyebrows; big round eyes, one is a light, piercing pink, the other is a dark desaturated brown, almost black; her cheeks bear a healthy flush
clothes: Practical leathers and fabrics fit for travel and comfort, usually wears a pair of goggles, sometimes a heavy padded leather capalways cute but practical

Over-excited and energetic • Curious • Very talkative • Very extroverted • Friendly • Can be a bit egocentric • A bit spoiled • Direct and honest (sometimes too much) • Shares easily • Not very romance minded • Gets sidetracked easily

talents: Studied Arcanima for 2 years • Good climber • Studied basic Conjury and Thaumaturgy before beginning training as a red mage • Fencing (2 years training) • Red magic (1.5 year training) • Scribing and note taking • Fast runner • Agile

likes: FOOD • Milk • Adventures and travels • Shiny stuff • Bobbles and random trinkets, cool rocks • Meeting new people • History and aetherologic theory • Taking risks • The Gold Saucer • Spending Money • Reading (history and fiction)

dislikes: Drama • Alcohol (doesn't like the taste and can't hold it well) • Silence and inaction • Pessimist people • Traditionality, Conservatism and seriousness •

Alexandria Idaeus and Cassandra Hines [Childhood friends] They were raised together at the orphanage of Matron Bellagia, until she was adopted at age 11. She was fast friends with both of them, even nursing what was a bit of a crush on the seemingly “heroic” Alex, who always rose to defend other kids against injustice. She was one of Cass’s only friends, as they both shared a love for books and learning.

Her Family (NPCs) Darrick Everett : Although she refers to him as her “brother”, Darrick is her legal guardian. They met in the libraries of Ul’Dah when she was just a child, and Darrick, having lived some time as an orphan as well, quickly identified with the young Miqo, and was taken by her quirky personality and curious mind, seeing in her the potential to become his apprentice as an arcanist. He cherishes her like a little sister, but she’s also his faithful assistant on his researches and ventures around Eorzea.

Ingrid Oleander : She might be the first adult woman to ever show her kindness. Guithard’s younger wife (only by 10 years) can be stern as well, but she is as caring as she can be fierce. She is also a former Crimson Duelist, and had been pregnant and resting in her hometown when the order met its terrible fate. Learning of this event and the Imperial threat, she was convinced by her husband to flee the country to found their family in peace and security. She gave birth to her twins in Gridania, but their journey didn’t end there, and they continued forth to Limsa Lominsa where a more fruitful position would await her husband. Disgusted by her helplessness to rescue her brethren, she cast aside the red, stuffing her attire and rapier in a chest in the attic, never to be found again. That was not counting Kit’s nosiness. She had been part of the family for more than 2 years when she discovered the deep red attire and the beautiful rapier and immediately enquired to the rest of the family about it, Ingrid’s past resurfacing now. Angered at first to have her past prodded in such a way, she eventually relented to Kit’s pleas to teach her. And thus Kit became her “apprentice”, being promised a beautiful red soulstone, holding Ingrid and her own teacher’s knowledge, when Ingrid would deem her ready. And old enough. Though Ingrid loves her dearly, she’s probably the only one who can’t be fooled by her sad puppy eyes.

Guithard Oleander : the old scholar and arcanist hailing from Ala Mhigo relocated to Limsa Lominsa when the Empire invaded his homeland. He is Darrick’s master, having taken him in when he was 15, and somewhat of a father figure to him, and more of a grandfather figure to Kit. The older, serious man who’s usually very stern and sour can be a bit more mellow when faced with Kit’s adorableness

The twins: Guithard and Ingrid’s sons are only 20, a few years older than Kit. They get along like good friends with her, and are somewhat protective of this unexpected little sister, though they do not shy from teasing her or get annoyed with here. One of them became member of the Maeltstrom mariner, the other is a ship engineer. They’ve lived their whole life with the sea and wouldn’t fare well in a landlocked place.

name (❤)

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