Klarimel Surtsthalsyn

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Klarimel Surtsthalsyn
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"There are old brigands and bold brigands, but there are no old bold brigands."
The Highwayman
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'dah
Patron Deity Nald'Thal
Age 32
Namesday 17th Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon
Height/Weight 7'9" 560 ponz
Occupation Brigand, Mercenary, Layabout

"Klarimel Surtsthalsyn" has been a professional bully for most of his life. Using his great bulk to his advantage, he enjoys pressuring and intimidating others into simply giving him what he wants. With a near constant smug grin, he seems to find humor, dark or otherwise, in even dire situations. Alternating between lazy and energetic, his work ethic is directly related to the potential profit of the endeavor at hand. His selfish and vain exterior hide the core of a man who simply can't bring himself to trust others.

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Given Name: Klarimel Surtshtalsyn (Klar - ee - mell | Sûrt -sh - täl - sēn)
Name Meaning: 'Clear' + 'Sky', 'Black' + 'Steel' + 'Son'


Clear Sky: The translation of his name, he usually gives it out on a first meeting as he feels it's expected of a Hellsguard to have an easy to remember name.
Caramel: This nickname makes him hungry and ill tempered.


Height: 7'9"
Weight: 560 ponz
Body: Considered large even amongst his own massive race, his body seems to have been designed as an engine of pure strength. His head sits like a large brick atop his thick neck, which slopes down onto a pair of broad shoulders. A barrel chest sits atop a keg of a stomach and rests on a pair of tree trunk legs. Though he kept himself in good condition in his youth as a highwayman, his time in prison and subsequent retirement from professional brigandry has caused him to let himself go a bit.
Complexion: With only small scars here and there, his skin gives credence to the power of intimidation to stop a fight before it starts. Years of living outdoors have made his skin tough and slightly leathery.
Face: Klar's face, while not handsome, does possess a rugged charm. His amber eyes twinkle with a private joke while his mouth is nearly always curled into a self-assured grin. His well groomed black beard frames his face, though no mustache curls underneath his large, flat nose.
Hair: He hides the powerful cowlick on the front of his hair by slicking it back with grease daily. His black hair looks like it's just beginning to recede.
Fashion: Loose, comfortable clothing in rich colors are always the fashion of the day in Klar's head. Often mistaken for a fop or dandy from afar, upon closer inspection it appears he just has no sense of fashion whatsoever.


Voice: Klar's voice is deep, smooth, and brimming with confidence in every word. Whether telling a story about a robbery gone wrong, haggling with a stubborn merchant, or saying outrageous lies about Siobhain's past, his voice keeps a tune of absolute conviction with a hint of amusement. He also has a tendency to speak far more loudly than is necessary.
Demeanor: Intimidation is effect Klar tries to bring out in nearly every movement he makes. He regularly invades personal space and will place a hand with a firm grip on a person's shoulder to drive his points home. Those who can survive a couple of encounters with him and are unaffected by these tactics will find that this behavior will fade over time as he gains respect for you. Klar can be rude, demeaning, and disrespectful to push people's buttons, but he genuinely enjoys receiving the same in return. Quick to laugh, he is nearly impossible to offend, though he doesn't truck with people messing with his sister. She's his to annoy.
Personality: Klar has always pushed at his boundaries to see what he could get away with. A neighborhood bully in his youth, he found a natural career later in life as a highwayman, robbing wealthy travelers on the roads near Ul'Dah. His lifelong dislike of people unwilling to defend themselves allows him to do all of this with a clear conscience. (The money helps, too.) Always willing to dive headfirst into social situations, he quickly makes both enemies and friends. Though bombastic and glib amongst allies, there is nobody he is willing to truly open up to. He feels such trust would cause him to lose his power in the relationship.
Quirks: Given his girth, Klar sinks like a hammer and subsequently has a fear of drowning. Any sort of waterborne travel requires him to be very drunk. He is also very difficult to awaken, and is uncharacteristically dour for about a half hour after he wakes up.
Flaws: Despite making a good lieutenant, his inattention to the future and selfish nature make him a terrible leader. Klar also has a tendency to hold grudges over long periods, exacting his revenges when they are convenient and easy.
Intelligence: Ignorant of most studious learning, Klar is far from a scholar. However, his lifestyle has made given him a large degree of cunning, which he uses both in social situations and in battle.
Religious Views: Theological debate has never been one of Klar's strong points. Though he paid lip service to the gods in the past, after they failed to stop Bahamut he has lost nearly all respect for him. In his words, "Eorzea has been betting on the wrong chocobo."


  • Serious People
  • Booze
  • Cloudless skies
  • Good jokes
  • Bad jokes
  • Lazy days


  • Deep Water
  • Wimps
  • Rain
  • Green vegetables
  • Unpaid labor
  • Children


  • Robbery
  • Fighting with large weapons
  • Carpentry
  • Poker
  • Tattooing



Surtsthal Steinbrogsyn (Father)-
Wyznalyr Sthalsmhidwyn-Surthsthalwyb (Mother)-
Siobhain Surtsthalwyn (Sister)- A face he never thought he'd see again. In their shared youth, he had never really payed much attention to his sister. She had always been far too easy to bring to tears, which wasn't much fun for him. Though he gave her what attention he felt she deserved, mostly rude names and light physical comedy, his attentions were focused on trying to make a name for himself amongst the other kids in Ul'dah. Which isn't to say he wouldn't stick up for her on occasion; what happened to her reflected on him, after all. When he left his family on his poorly thought out venture to find their father, he didn't expect that the next time he'd see her face was from the other side of prison bars as she freed him. While he was a bit shocked at her change in personality over the years, he finds her new serious persona infinitely more interesting. Though she has terrible taste in men.


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  • Style:
When up against foes he considers less dangerous, Klar's fighting style is brutal and cruel. Utilizing his great strength, he hacks and tears in a bloody path. The promise of a terrible death goes leagues towards ensuring mooks stay out of fights they don't belong in. And for a man who grew up as a brigand, avoiding needless fights is the name of the game.
Going up against a real challenge is a different story. His style becomes defensive and cautious as he can't afford to play around. Keeping his distance with his large weapons, he patiently waits for a small chink in the opponents defense and opens it up wide. If the battle gets too hot and he is not above fleeing to fight another day. He who laughs last laughs longest, after all.
In all fights, his style will depend on power over speed, as his bulk keeps him from moving quickly. He prefers to stay rooted in one spot, parrying instead of dodging blows, and use his stable stance to deliver blows of powerful magnitude when the opportunity presents itself.

  • Specialization:
Klar long ago learned that a battle avoided is a battle won. A large Roegadyn weilding a huge weapon erodes the courage of even brave men. He prefers large weapons for their reach and devastating effect. A good, solid swing can end most fights before they get too rough, and good distance aids in retreat should it be needed.
  • Strengths:
Aside from his obvious strength of, well, strength, Kral's greatest asset is his cool head. Even faced with dire circumstances, he is able to rationally choose the best avenue to ensure his victory or survival. Even faced with death, he will remain as he always is. Oozing with confidence and displaying a cocky smile.
  • Weaknesses:
With his bulk it is very difficult for him to fight multiple foes at once. In such a circumstance, he can only hope to concentrate on one foe at a time and try and cut them down before he becomes completely swarmed.


  • Great Swords
  • Great Axes
  • Polearms
  • Great Mauls


Kral prefers to wear as much armor as he can. This is not only for it's obvious protective qualities, but also for the image of indestructibility is gives off. Image is everything, you know. As such, he prefers a distinct 'evil' look to his armor.



Rumour Mill

Common Rumors (Easily overheard):
Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear):
Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard):
PC Rumors:
  • "Big Red is fine company, though he may seem a terrible grump. I would like to see him again under... better circumstances." - Deirdre Ta'ea
  • "That man is my brother, like it or not. Blood is thicker than water, they say... but water is far more valuable where I am from." - Siobhain Surtsthalwyn


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