Kodie Durant

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 Kodie Durant
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Occupation Adventurer
Age 27
Place of Birth Hyrstmill
Marital Status Bonded to Keten Satza
Server Balmung


Kodie Com.png

Kodie is normally seen wearing a wine red coat, blue pants, brown boots, and red magitek glove. While in battle he wears a Garlean mask that has been altered to assist him in combat situations, it can also be used to scan areas to search for life signs, enhance his accuracy, and detect the majority of traps.

He is also known to wear a black coat, with a pair of red pants, boots and shades if he is just wandering around in town as his "casual outfit."

Kodie's eyes are dark red. There is also a facial scar one the left side of his face, as well as various scars across his body due to his years of adventuring.



(Gonna rework his origin story...maybe one day)

Kodie, and Nolwen stuck to working small adventuring jobs, and to no surprise, Nolwen was quickly becoming an accomplished Adventurer. She would show him affection, and at first he didn't return it due to his damaged heart, he slowly began to respond to it. One night, it hit him that Kodie realized that the love for the other he had felt didn't seem like the love he had felt for Nolwen, this was different. After the past few months they spent together, Kodie finally professed his love to her, a love that Nolwen had always had for him since the day he rescued her. He apologized for taking so long to realize this and then purposed to her, not wanting to waste any time and lose her again. She of course agreed, and the two quickly had their Eternal Bond ceremony.

He joined the Pugilist guild, wanting to improve his hand to hand combat skills in case he would need them. Though despite being a very accomplished, and highly skilled Archer, Kodie would trade in his bow for a gun to become a Machinist as soon as the gates to Ishgard was open to outsiders.

Tragedy had struck, while Nolwen was out on a quest for the Arcanist Guild, and Kodie was on a separate job, there was an incident. The incident lead to the death of Nolwen, Kodie stopped what he was doing and rushed to where she was, but by then he was too late. Nolwen sacrificed herself to save several apprentice Arcanists from a large Kobold attack. He was devastated with the loss, after a long time apart they had only spent a year together. It took him time to recover, and once again he did visit many bars, but unlike last time he still continued his work, knowing Nolwen wouldn't want him to be self loathing like she found him.

A year had past since the loss, while Kodie had spent his time with various women, he has been cautious about going into another relationship, focusing more on his work as an Adventurer. Though he would never forget his first true love, and to this day he still carries the flower coated in amber.

As time moved on, Kodie would eventually develop feelings for two others, though he pursued a relationship with Keten Satza, who started to remind him that he could indeed fall in love with someone else. Kodie is also hired on occasion to assist in protecting cargo from a well known perfumer, but also takes other contracts in the meantime. He prefers the independent Adventurer life, not wanting to be long to a Free Company, and doesn't have an loyalties to any of the city states.

He wanted Keten involved in his job, so he had her use her talents of being a spy to assist him in obtain a key from an unsuspecting target. She was successful with the task, however things went south when Keten saw a familiar face. Kodie quickly got her out of there and took her to the safest place he could think of, his home town of Hyrstmill. It was there Keten revealed to him that she was once a slave to a very powerful crime lord of the Ul'dan underworld, the collar she wore was magicked and could not be removed, she had thought he was dead but that wasn't actually the case. Kodie vowed to kill him, but Keten made him promise not to attempt so, for fear that he may lose his own life. With that Kodie made the promise, wanting more to focus on protecting her, and also revealed about his past with Nolwen telling her his own tragic tail. It further strengthened their bond to one another, admitting they loved each other.

For the first time in twelve years, Kodie has finally decided to take up residence in one of the city states, both he and Keten made Limsa their home. For the moment they're staying at the Inn of the Drowning Wench, but eventually Kodie plans on purchasing a house in Mist when it's available. While he does consider it somewhat settling down, his Adventurer life will still continue on, he'll make constant trips to Ul'dah, but it's nice to have a place called home.

Kodie and Keten Eternally Bonded, right after they began their quest to seek Keten's past. They were given a lead with the help of Seraphine, and U'odh Nunh. It was there they discovered that their past had intertwined before. When Kodie was wounded in Eastern Thanalan, he actually didn't reach Camp Drybone, he was found by Keten's tribe, the Ur tribe. It was even a young Keten herself (her real name still not known) that found him, and stayed at his side while he unconscious, eventually her father had him taken back to Camp Drybone once he was well enough to be transported. It showed that despite leaving the U tribe in an dishornable fashion, he regained his honor being saving not only Kodie but other soldiers during the Calamity. This reveal also further strengthened the bond between Kodie and Keten, both believing it was destiny they were meant together and not even the forces of the Void could keep them apart.

He has accepted a permanent position with the Ruby Blossom Company, owned by his friend M'jumalis Yashana where he is her Security Escort Captain, he even had Keten involved with his work. Though he still does Adventuring, but more as a part time thing.

(This is a work in progress, just too lazy to rework atm)



Kodie can have a very calm, and cool persona, though at times he can have moments of being very high strung. He is also very confident and can come off as cocky, due to being a veteran adventurer. Despite his experience, he will always be helpful to an inexperienced Adventurer, knowing full well what he had endured when he started. He can also be extremely loyal to the people he cares about. Kodie will not judge anyone, through his years of experience and traveling, he has met all kinds of people in all walks of life. He can easily befriend anyone (and is even a friend to a Voidsent).

He doesn't like combat unless it's life threatening, and if that is the case he will attempt to kill his opponent, the list of deaths he is responsible for is almost endless. Though of course he will use judgement on a fight, if someone was drunk trying to pick a fight with him, he will at least make them unconscious (He even has specially made ammunition that can stun opponents). But if someone tries to harm a person he cares about, it's something they will quickly regret.

His flaws are at times he will keep his negative emotions bottled up, quick to self blame which then can lead to heavy drinking or disappearing for long periods of time, and while it may not be considered negative, he is rather flirty, especially towards Miqo'tes. He does have strong negative feelings towards the Ixali, and Kobolds due to both races being responsible for the deaths of people he loves.


"When he's at the bar alone, I notice him staring at his necklace with a forlorn look. I don't know what the necklace is, but I think it's a flower coated in something.."

"I've seen him wear a strange looking mask, with eyes glowing red, I was alarmed because it looked Garlean!"

"Wow he really likes red, I think it's ingrained in his wardrobe!"

PC Rumors: (Feel free to add your own, just be nice please!!)

  • "Yes, I've seen him! He seems to like the Quicksand, you know, standing there in that coat of his! Like adventurers do! He's a friendly guy too -- and actually seems to know what he's doing too!" - Aya Foxheart


Current Relations

Lovers/Dating    Romantic Interest     Attraction    Friendly     Neutral     Negative

Keten Satza - Kodie ran into her often at the Quicksand or various areas of Ul'dah. The two developed a friendship, and had often traveled together just to do something different than sitting around and drinking at the bar. He encouraged her to pursue becoming a spy, and in fact has recruited her to assist him in a job that would require someone of her skills. Their attraction to each other grew in each meeting they've had, and he has admitted he has feelings for her, even saying he may be falling for her. Kodie discovered she was an escaped slave, but vowed to protect her, he in turned revealed that she wasn't his first love, losing his previous one over a year ago. That did strengthen things between the two, admitting that they love one another. While Kodie promised not to go after her former Master, he has vowed to find a way to free her from the collar, and will protect her from any threat no matter what the cost.
Madam Seraphine - Kodie met her at the Colosseum of Ul'dah. He was drawn to her by the fact she wore a mask, and eventually convinced her to remove it. When she revealed to him she was a Voidsent, Kodie showed no fear, in fact treated her the same way he did before the discovery, even allowed her to feed from his aether when she needed it. Though the pair meet few and far between, Kodie does enjoy every time they do meet up, there is an obvious physical attraction they share for one another. The two finally had the date they had planned weeks ago, he enjoyed the time they spent, and hoped the feeling was mutual with Sera. He considers her one of his most trusted friends.
Isetaari Nuru - Kodie was given a job where he would be paired off with a healer for the mission. At first he was hesitant as it would be the first healer would team up with since Nolwen was his partner. There was something calm about her, but she seemed to keep a lot of her past hidden. Their mission went over well despite a few snags, and in the end they considered each other friends, even to the point where Kodie would simply call her "Partner", he hopes to work with her more in the future and hope to develop their friendship.
Midori Moonsong - Kodie overheard a few other people giving her a hard time, while she seemed very inexperienced, and well to put the term easily naive. Kodie decided to offer his assistance in getting her from Ul'dah to Gridania while exploring the lands. She however disappeared for a few weeks, and he was very worried fearing the worst. Though thanks to someone else, he did find her at a Mansion in Lavender Beds, though it would seem she ended up with someone who she refers to as "Master". While Kodie is very wary of her situation, he is leaving it be due to the fact that she is safe, and seemingly very happy with her current state. The two will meet on occasion at the Quicksand.
Leih Rhun - A young Miqo'te he had met in Pearl Lane, he felt for her situation as it almost sounded familiar to Keten's, and while she refused his help to be released from her unfair debt, he still supported her. Eventually the two would meet again with her freed from her debt, and he had promised to teach her how to use a fire arm.
Simeon sibaruse - An Ishgardian Knight that Kodie has had multiple drinks with at either the Quicksand or Drowning Wench, the two will trade stories of their past adventurers and will of course at times trade jovial jabs at one another. Kodie certainly has a lot of respect for the Knight knowing full well of his responsibilities to his family name.


Other Notes

Kodie is an Adventurer for Hire, though he can be found in Quicksand, or The Drowning Wench during his time off.

He is highly skilled in range combat from bows to guns, his accuracy is almost unmatched. He prefers hand to hand combat if having to fight up close, though depending on the situation, can be very ruthless and will use anything to take down his enemy. He doesn't like sporting fights, and thus you'll never see him in any competitions. While he is formally Lancer, he'll never use a weapon like that again, and has very low skills when it comes to using swords. Kodie also has no magic abilities.

OOC Notes: My character is the typical "Rogue with a heart of gold" troupe, is willing to shoot first if needed (Think Han Solo, Malcolm Reynolds, Peter Quill) and obviously his main outfit is inspired by Star-Lord. Though lately he's been more of leaning towards the good side of things, but still he's willing to work with criminal organizations for certain jobs, as long as they don't involve harming, killing, or kidnapping innocent people. Also this wiki is always in a work in progress, so check often for updates and changes! Who knows maybe I'll have a nice set up like Madam Seraphine's!

(Balmung Server)