Aya Foxheart

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 Aya Foxheart
Aya foxheart.png
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Totally Blonde!
Citizenship Ala Mhigo (Birth),

Ishgard (Refugee), Ul'dah (Resident)

Nicknames Foxy, Jewel of the Desert
Age Early 20's
Height 5' 10"
Occupation Barmaid, Dancer, Model
Employment The Quicksand
Aya com HD.JPG

~A Dancer Pretending to be a Lancer~


~Adventures in Lancing and Looking Good~

Aya Foxheart, a Highland Hyur from Ishgard, is a dancer by vocation, a model by fortune, and a barmaid by occupation. She is best known as one of the Quick Sand's barmaids. Moving mostly between Ul'dah and Vylbrand she sometimes finds herself involved in adventuring.

Note: Much of this wiki is tongue-in-cheek. Its simply meant for fun, while sharing basic information about the character. Anyone interested in getting to know Aya is as a character can find out much more about her by reading any of the plentiful story-based and RP writing that she has been associated with.


Aya hood two.jpg


This tall, blonde Hyur woman moves gracefully, while displaying bright energetic blue eyes, and a warm cheerful smile - Everyone's favorite bountifully chested barmaid!

  • Cheerful, Vivacious, and Graceful.
  • Fashionable and Attentive
  • Unabashedly Feminine
  • Very Blonde
  • Tall, athletic, and graceful.

Features: Bright blue eyes and an almost constant cheerful smile are the highlights of a striking oval shaped face that possesses the eye-catching character of Ala Mhigan womanhood. Light blonde eyebrows stand out prominently with even the most cursory glance. Her features and manner are naturally expressive if not exaggerated. She communicates as much by facial expression and body language as by word.

Physique: Although somewhat slight for a Highland Hyur, she is statuesque by Midlander standards standing at 5' 10" without the aid of heels. Her physique is athletic and fit, with a curvaceous and bountiful figure that has helped propel her to a burgeoning career as a fashion and glamour model. She has trained in dancing and gymnastics since a youth, adding a wider regimen of workouts with growing intensity as she has moved from path to path. Taken together they have helped her reach and maintain overall-body power and endurance. Her cheerful energy and feminine manner often obscures her unexpected level of strength and fitness.

Hair Long and light golden blonde that bleaches in the summer sun. Slightly wavy, at times it threatens to become an unruly curl. She typically wears it tied back in a pony tail, with long bangs that she enjoys experimenting with. When modelling, or in a formal setting, she usually leaves her hair down where it falls half-way down her back.

Dress: She prefers outfits chosen for form instead of function, almost universally wearing high heeled shoes and boots as steep as she can get away with, and skirts instead of trousers or leggings. When necessary to be more practical practical, she still gives priority to flattering her figure. Her work as a fashion model has served to both broaden her horizons and her wardrobe. She seems to approach every season as a fresh fashion challenge!

Accessories and Makeup: Aya is usually seen wearing at least light makeup, and is only to be found without colored lips and eye makeup when caught by surprise. Jewelry and accessories are one of the passions of her life and she sports seven piercings on each ear (four upper, and three lower), usually wearing larger earrings on the lower-most piercing, and then matching studs or rings in the remaining (frequently changed to match her outfit, and sometimes her mood). She usually wears an assortment of belts, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, as well as navel jewelry that she enjoys showing off when visible.

Manner: Vivacious, feminine, and self-possessed. Often bold, irreverent, and flirtatious. She carries herself with an easy and practiced grace, something that seems to come through even when clumsy (most often associated with her hips). In more private moments she can become profoundly reflective and even melancholy, but in all moods and settings she maintains an almost reflexively feminine manner. This proved true even when she found herself within a martial setting, one in which she never felt fully comfortable.

Voice: Light, energetic, and delightful(*). An obvious Ishgardian accent lends a lilting tone to her speech. Those intimately familiar with Ishgardian manners of speech will immediately recognize her as non-Ishgardian, and may be able to tease out the hint of Highland burr that still inflects her speech. She speaks the common tongue with a regular dose of Ishgardian words and expressions, and is even more natural and eloquent in the Ishgardian tongue of her adopted home. She speaks her native Ala Mhigan without a hint of accent on hesitation. Her singing voice is an unusually strong mezzo soprano.

(*)Some could also easily find her voice annoying!


Aya as a Barmaid in Ul'dah

Aya is outgoing and social, with a clear orientation toward easy fun. She has a significant soft-hearted streak that often sometimes conflicts with her better sense. She has a tendency to speaks before she thinks(sometimes leading to bouts of momentary shyness). She prefers to avoid hard physical or mental work, but thrives when employed in a social environment or when the center of attention. She has expensive tastes for comfort and baubles, and will almost always take the easiest route to Gil when offered.

Nonetheless, she has become significantly more responsible since fleeing Ishgard and encountering the difficulties of the real world shorn from the protective layer of her family, and can usually be counted on if it really matters.

Her preference for shopping, relaxing, and fun to hard work should become quickly obvious to even the most ambivalent observer.


Ala Mhigan Refugee - Ishgard

Born the youngest of three children into an upper class Ala Mhigan family steeped in a long warrior tradition, Aya was born into what should have been a life of relative luxury. All hope of such fortune was washed away among the flood of refugees fleeing the Kingdom ahead of the Imperial conquest. Living as refugees the family moved from city to city in a vain effort to call in old favors to find permanent settlement. After being turned away from every hope, including an extended stay near Limsa Lominsa, Aya's father finally made the decision he had been so loath to consider in the past: to call upon distant relatives who had settled as sellswords in Ishgard several generations in the past, the black sheep of the once prominent and proper family.

Unaware of their good fortune to gain entrance to the city shortly before the gates were sealed to the outside world, their relatives welcomed the family with the grudging acceptance of blood relatives. Uncle "Theo" was the latest proprietor of the family Inn, the Rising Gryphon, and offered them a home. Soon they settled into inn rooms that fell into disuse as the sealed gates left merchant flow a trickle of its former glory. Unable to leave their past behind, Aya's parents adopted only the minimal necessary trappings of Ishgardian society. Refusing to abandon his pretensions her father quickly became a burden, followed by the eldest son intent upon claiming an inheritance that had evaporated before his eyes. Ever loyal, Aya's mother pressed the children to accept their father's desires and command as they became ever less realistic, while doing her best to guide Aya on a dignified path through life. The two younger children grew closer to one another, as both proved more capable of adapting to their new modest social status.

The younger of Aya's brothers chose to become an apprentice weapon smith, planning to open his own shop and provide support for his parents, and if possible to repay the relatives to whom the entire family owes their survival. Aya meanwhile was drawn toward less productive, but equally rebellious endeavors. Despite their poverty, Aya's parents set her on the path to be schooled as a proper Lady befitting her station. Of the arts and manners she studied as a child, her favorite quickly became dancing. As an adolescent she embraced a social circle that skirted the edges of "acceptable" society, preferring the fun, excitement, attention, and notoriety to be found in the world of taverns, and underground clubs. Finding that she could earn gil as a dancer and entertainer Aya completely abandoned her ties to the social circles her parents still clung to in their vaingloriousness.

Flight, Gridania, and the Hungry Wolf

Credit: Jack Swift

Facing increasing pressure from her parents, and feeling a general alienation toward the accepted culture of Ishgard, Aya made the life-changing decision to escape from the city. Once in the outside world she made her way to Gridania with a purse that rapidly grew bare. She managed to find employment at the Roost as a barmaid, where she was able to rent a room on a long-term basis. With an eye on greater prizes (and a blindness to the risks) she embraced the opportunity to find work as a sellsword with a Free Company she had come to know through work, thus Aya came to the Hungry Wolf.

Although she had mislead the Company on her experience and capability, Aya proved a quick study, albeit it a tentative combatant. Over the course of her several months long employment by the Hungry Wolf, she took part in a small number of actual combat operations, while generally avoiding dangerous assignments. Focused primarily on patrol and sentry work, she finished her time with the Company overseeing patrols that covered the Gridania to Coerthas road, stationed at Fallgourd Float. The work was mild, and she supplemented decreasing pay by entertaining at the local inn. As the company floundered financially, the remaining members were released from their employment.

Ul'dah: The Quick Sand

Aya animated.gif

Floating about without work, Aya returned to Gridania where she lived at the Roost, trying to make up her mind about what to do next, until expelled for failing to pay for her room. Desperate to find work again, and deciding it better to not further pursue her career as a mercenary, she decided to return to her previous employment, that of a barmaid. Deciding it unlikely that the Roost would turn around and offer her work so soon after the messy issue of her eviction, she opted to try a new city. Intimidated by Limsa's pirate culture, Aya opted to instead test the oppressive heat and culture of Ul'dah.

Momodi, the matron of the Quick Sand, the busiest drinking hole in the city of Ul'dah, and a hub of activity adventurous, legitimate, and illicit, saw potential in the young woman (perhaps believing that the tall blonde from the north might bring in business with her exotic looks) and quickly offered her a position as a barmaid. Along with a pittance of pay, she was provided with a small room (in the least desirable part of the building), board at discount, and the opportunity to keep any tips she would earn.

Aya's primary responsibility is tending to patrons sitting at the Quick Sand's tables, but she also sometimes assists customers at the bar itself, and can pour and mix some drinks to make things easier on Momodi. She's also been quick to help with the Quick Sand's menu, adding a variety of mixed fruit drinks (which she has come to consider something of a specialty), a variety of dishes, and nearly tripling the volume of Gridanian Mead sold with her frequent recommendation of the import.

For Eorzea! Pin-Up Model

In an united Morale and Recruitment campaign the Grand Companies of Eorzea are publishing a series of patriotic pin-up posters. They are available in both poster form, posted in public spaces across the cities and smaller settlements, and in magazine-sized pamphlets complete with reports on the Grand Companies, and information on either joining or volunteering time and material.

The model chosen as the centerpiece of the campaign is none other than the Quick Sand's own Aya Foxheart!

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I welcome anyone who wishes to edit this section of Aya's wiki if she knows your character, or if you have heard (or spread) any rumors or information about her!


Aya shot.png
  • "Have you heard that girl speak? She's not from here, that's for sure."
  • "She always seems to be looking for a few more gil. Sometimes I just wonder what she'd do for it, but I don't think she could hurt a fly."
  • "Someone told me she used to work as a sellsword, out in the Shroud. Said he saw her guardin' a bridge or somethin' out there. Can't be true though. Her? No way."
  • "The kind of woman who could ruin a man. If he were lucky."

PC Rumors:

  • "She's a wonderful woman who's easily underestimated by those who focus only on the way she looks. I think that she likes it that way. There's a lot going on underneath the surface, though." - C'kayah Tia
  • "Heard she's a fun gal. She's that type for men who like to see a smile and just have fun, carefree. Exactly my type, I'd say, and I haven't even met the gal." - Oscare Iono
  • "Momodi knows what she's about, far as hirin's concerned. Aya sees all, hears all, remembers all... friend to all. A blessin' on the 'sand... and on Ul'dah. She's here to stay, 'less she wants t'leave of her own free will. We insist." - Osric Melkire
  • "Ah, Aya.. Quite the attractive one she is. She does good work and I reward her greatly for it. She can be quite useful in other lines of work. as well."- Zaiaku Kurai
  • She's friendly and kind, and in a genuine sort of way. A rare sort of individual in Ul'dah to be sure."- Askier Mergrey
  • "There are very few people who will not only take a request for the worst drink they have in stride, but actually make good on it. Miss Foxheart is a rare treasure - if a bit dangerous to the liver." - Verad Bellveil
  • "Miss Aya? I have yet to see her wear a frown. She is a rare jewel in this city. Woe be to anyone who wrongs her, for the entire Adventurer's guild would hunt them down." - Coatleque Crofte
  • "Great if you're looking for a quick smile." - Chokho Viqqoh
  • "I once saw her turn down a man who all but confessed to her, and do so in a most genteel fashion. She was so practiced that I can only imagine how often she must break a man's hopes!" - Verad Bellveil
  • "Kind beyond words. There's a touch of the Divine in that girl." - Warren Castille
Aya kimono.jpg
  • "Aya? When I am feeling a little low I just head to the Quicksand to see her. She's got a smile that just makes you feel a little better about the world." - T'shina Vashka
  • "Sadly we don't get much time to talk these days. We're both rather busy but she always tries to spare me a few moments if and when she can." -Lilithium Altair
  • "How many men lavish attention on that maid? For that smile, you'll find some on their knees." - Kahn'a Ohditra
  • "She's so pretty, too pretty to be wasting her life away as a barmaid in the Quicksand of all places if you ask me. Of course, I'm sure there's much more to her than that. Things are rarely what they seem to be." - Aerostein Epitaph
  • "Aya's a little too soft to ever feel at home in Ul'dah, hopefully she hardens up before she becomes the City's latest victim." - Natalie Mcbeef
  • "T'shina Vashka introduced me to Aya a few weeks ago. My first thought was what could a woman so enchanting be doing working as a place rough like that? Nevertheless this is a sweet lady, and rather mysterious, as if there is more behind that smile she gives to the world. I look forward to getting to know her more." - Chika Ito
  • "A truly kind woman. I still do not know everything about her, but she seems to be the example of innocence. However, she is also a survivor. She fits her surname well." - Kiht Jakkya
  • "It had been awhile since I have been back in the Quicksand, I do not remember it being so friendly. But Miss Aya made me feel welcome, and brightened the place notably. She even made sweet water sound better than it was, and it was already my favorite drink!" - Roen Deneith
  • "I heard she was voted 'Sexiest Female in Ul'dah' at the Piquant Pumpkin. Someone's got a good eye..." - C'kayah Tia
  • "She is everything I can't abide in women; bubbly, blond, busty and flirtatious--but make no mistake, she will always have a job at Crooked Tarot's Emporium if she ever needs or wants it." - Crooked Tarot
  • "Oh-- yes. She joined me- me for a swim at- at one of the- the wards in The Mist. I- I had a wonderful time. How could I- I not? She is- is such wonderful company." - D'lyhhia Lhuil
  • "I can't say I know her, but she seems to be skilled at knowing the perfect drink to serve when asked to surprise a person." - Talyn Shadowmoon
  • "Oh? Is that her name? Yeah, I seen her around in th'Quicksand. Prettiest barmaid you'll ever see in all Eorzea, that one! Wouldn't go messin' wit' one o'Momodi's gals, though." - Berrod Armstrong
  • "Aya? Well...I have to say she helped me a lot of the time. I feel like I owe her my life and everything. I wish she was my sister..." - Arala Makeo
  • "Y'mean that cute thing down at th'Quicksand? Yeah, I've seen 'er. Fun t'joke around with an' does 'er job damn well. She's pretty playful an' knows how t'work men from th'looks'f it--prolly a behemoth in th'sheets." - Val Nunh
  • "Miss Aya is...well she's adorable really! She's so energetic and kind, it's kind of hard not to gravitate to her and feel like you can just talk to her. Even if you've never met. I can imagine that she's really fun to get to know, and I'd like to someday!" - Siha Xinkei
  • "Ah, the lovely miss that works at the Quicksand?" *Xydane smiles* - Xydane Vale
  • "Either her tips are more than we think or she stole the heart of Redolent Rose like she did the rest of us saps. I'm banking on the latter..." - Robert Colt
  • "You know...all right, yea'. It was me playin' drums usin' the bloody table, and this Elezen 'arpist. She danced while us two played 'long...I mean, I just wanted to see 'er dance 'cause...you know. But godsdamn, the three of us got somethin' good goin' on there" - Kale Aideron
  • "Aya is one of the reasons I return to the Quicksand. Were she not there, I doubt I would visit as frequently." - Franz Renatus
  • "Miss Aya seems a good person. Even after our misunderstanding, she was still kind enough to talk to me a second time. And she has exquisite taste in jewelry!" - Vaughn Antain
  • "Lady Aya has this warm knowing smile; so happy to see her when I visit. Ah, I simply could never trouble her, the Quicksand is always so busy regardless of how she denies such." - Jancis Milburga
  • "Did you know Lady Aya can sing and dance? Althyk knows her free time is rare and very valuable, but if you are lucky enough you must needs ask her to share one of her songs!" - Jancis Milburga
  • Rare Rumor"She is a strong woman. Like a Wailer, can survive anything. I think that is how she knows what to say to those who come into the tavern. She knows what hopelessness they feel; what their heart says. Few people touch me so deeply with admiration whenever I see her smile." - Jancis Milburga
  • "Aya opened up to me like few ever do. I am honored, and will bear what I know with discretion. All I will say is that I have much more respect for her now." -Kiht Jakkya
  • "Oh. Yeah, we've met. Chipper woman. She's a good dancer, if you can talk her into it." - Jaques Guillaume
  • "Ms. Aya's one'a me favorite folkses ta see at th' Quicksand, rivallin' Ms. Momodi 'erself. Um... don't... don't tell Ms. Momodi I said that, though, ahaha..." - Chachanji Gegenji
  • "They say Ul'dah is the jewel of the desert, but they're really referring to Aya." - Daghbheri Himalspyr
  • "Aya has changed very much, and yet very little, since I last saw her as a girl. I mourn the rift that has opened between her heart and her true home." - V'aleera Lhuil
  • "Of course I know who you're talking about, she had pictures in the- Yes, of course I bought it. Wait, don't give me that look!" - Jana Ridah
  • “…Honestly, what is there that I could tell you that you could not figure out from asking her yourself! …We had our fortunes told together once. It was very nice – I would like to do something similar again sometime.” - Edda Eglantine
  • "...There is -nothing- finer than a curvy blond handing you a bottle of wine, especially if she has a slight accent. There's this one blond at the Quicksand; Gods her t---... What? What do you mean I can't say that about your employees, Momo?!" Sigurd Sundsteigen
  • "Aya? Never met her in the Quicksand; I first saw her in a bar outside of Ul'dah--Oh, you were asking what's special about her? Simple; it's what's beneath the looks. Afterall, she mananged to help me with a problem. Not often someone can do that for me." Elise Wolfe
  • "Hmn... Aya is probably the main reason people go to the Quicksand be it for her beauty or simply because she's simply among the nicest folk Ul'dah has to offer." Aeron Volkova
  • Rare Rumor: "Don't tell anyone I said this... but she's the best dressed woman in Ul'dah." Red-headed Sultansworn
  • "I've seen a lot of beautiful things in this world, and not one of them holds a candle to Aya, she's like that unobtainable beauty you dream about but in the flesh. Anyone could die happy in those arms.. But don't you go sayin' I said that!" War Bear
  • "Huh? Oh! The blonde hyur! Barmaid? Fashionista? That woman has some real hip-sway in... everything she does, really... hmmmmm... huh? Oh, my apologies. I got a little distracted there... ahem! I wonder how many hearts she has broken already... I bet Ms. Momodi knows!" Reppu Hijiri
  • "Miss Aya is very... cheerful. We met once, way out in Coerthas at the Festival of First Snows were she performed a poem. It was quite delightful, as was she. It's easy t'understand she has a following and why. Perhaps some day I might have opportunity to speak with her further." Odette Saoirse
  • "She's pretty an' some kind o' fashion-warrior off fightin' wars with clothes, but... behind all o' that she's a very kind woman. One whose got th' right mindset ta makin' this world a little happier with every step she takes." Talan Dracht
  • "She was full of spirit and only got the gender wrong of one person in the group." *she snorted and chuckled for a sec "But you wont find a faster and harder worker." Amandine Gerraldieux
- "It can be so hard to tell with Lalafel..." - Aya, sheepishly.
  • "Miss Aya is so lovely! I could praise her all day! She's perfect! Did you know she has this wonderful, wonderful smile that could spur the whole of Eorzea to heights never reached before?!" C'eleni Meztli
  • "Huh? Miss Aya? She's soooooooo nice! And her cookies are the best ever! I wish I could see her more often." Leih Rhun
  • "She's famous for her beauty and well regarded for her charm...but I would say it is Aya's sensitivity that makes her uniquely excellent, especially in a place like Ul'dah." Alexaria Whiteraven
  • "I've seen the girl in Quicksand once or twice, and the way men look at her. It ain't the fine curves or the perky smile though. She's got a dancer's grace about her. It's one o' those things that people might not recognize but they appreciate nonetheless." - Brynnalia Callae
  • "I've known her awhile now, off and on. She's a kind soul, very accepting, and little fear of those of us who make a living from long hours of panhandling when "normal work" is hard to come by. She has always shown me the utmost kindness far beyond that which is deserved. I proudly count her as a friend and most street folk would back me up on that." - Benedict Whiteraven

Opportunity for Employment

Aya kiss.png

Aya's primary work is at the Quick Sand, but she remains ever on the lookout for other opportunities for employment to supplement her income. While no longer interested in mercenary work, she would still consider a wide variety of opportunities (especially if the gil were good).

  • Entertaining
  • Modelling
  • Barmaiding/Bartending an event (though she would probably rather attend!)
  • She might consider any other non-violent opportunities that come her way!

Connections, Achievements, Info

  • Daily Routine
    Rises when the sun is fully up, she does not rise early if she can avoid it.
  • Morning exercise, meditation, and bathing. The entire routine, including makeup and dressing, takes roughly two hours.
  • Breakfast at the Quick Sand kitchen, or a cafe.
  • Market time for Momodi and herself.
  • Mid-Afternoon personal training or dance rehearsal
  • Mid-Day Meal
  • Barmaid Shift
  • Eggs and toast for dinner at end of shift.
  • Evening Bath, Reading, and quiet time

Aya buckingbronco.png

  • Modelling
  • Redolent Rose A referral by one of her first customers at the Quick Sand earned Aya her first modelling work for Redolent Rose, one of Ul'dah's most prominent clothiers. She appeared in several shows for the Roegadyn, modelling that summer's new line of fashion.
  • Piquant Pumpkin Cafe Hired by the Pumpkin Maestro himself, Aya was a recurring feature of the monthly cafe and its advertisements. She typically appeared in a white skirt, top, and mask claiming to be a 'ghost'. This outfit skirted Cafe employee rules which mandated a red mask, but no one really seemed to mind.
  • Dubious Distributions It is rumored that Aya's friendship with Verad Bellveil, proprietor of Ul'dah's Dubious Distributions resulted in the preparation of an entire campaign of advertising material that the reclusive Duskwight now keeps under lock and key. On the record he has denied the existence of a "Double D's for Double D" campaign in its entirety, but he has also been reportedly overheard muttering: "It really was amazing, but there is nothing whatsoever dubious about Miss Foxheart and I have a brand reputation to maintain."
  • Otto Vann's Fight Club When Otto Vann and Berrod Armstrong organized a fighting competition hosted at Forgotten Springs, it was decided that a bikini clad Aya would be the perfect accompaniment. The competition was not long-lived, but was among one of her favorite jobs and she made friends of several acquaintances through it. Her duties were mostly easy, but she was asked to announce for several of the competitions.
  • For Eorzea! The most prominent campaign Aya has featured in. The Grand Companies of Eorzea hired her as the model for a series of motivational posters that were spread throughout the region to raise morale and boost recruitment. She was able to travel across Eorzea, meet interesting people, and have her image taken in beautiful locations in a myriad of outfits. It easily ranks among her most favorite experiences.
  • Otto Vann Fashions When it came time for Otto Vann's much anticipated venture into Gridanian fashion, the model chosen to lead the effort was Aya Foxheart, riding the wave of popularity that followed the For Eorzea! campaign. She was employed to appear in almost daily shows and outings in one of the most intense fashion campaigns since the Calamity. The schedule was grueling, but Aya loved the opportunity to return to Gridania and especially enjoyed Vann's mixture of his trademark risque styling with the more conservative and natural tones of Shroud Sensibility.
Aya dancing.png
  • Performances and Appearances
  • Fallgourd Float During a period of transition Aya performed several times a week in Fallgourd Float's tavern. These shows lasted a few months before she moved on.
  • Celebration of the Fury A celebration of Halone hosted by Jancis Milburga. Aya recited, A Sonnet for the Fury. This event marked Aya's first return to Coerthas since her escape. Honoring the Fury was natural but not without hesitation: her words reflected just that.
A Tonberry's Love
  • A Court of Cards Talent Competition The Vylbrand and Soliloquy hosted this themed talent show. Aya's first public performance since arriving in Ul'dah. She sang and danced to the tune of a The Two of Hearts, a light-hearted love song of her own composition. Her performance was not well received, perhaps a little too risque for the audience.
  • Celebration of the First Snow Nathan Telluride hosted this celebration in Coerthas to mark the start of the winter season. Aya recited, First Snow, a poem of her composition, and performed a choreographed dance with the accompaniment of a pair of musicians. Her dance interpreted the falling of a snow flake, with the interplay between the gentle tone of a violin, and the intrusions of a gale-like flute.
  • A Show of Hearts Nathan Telluride and Ciel Sauveterre hosted this celebration of the maddest forms of love. Aya performed a light-hearted song and dance of her own composition:"A Tonberry's Love". She was accompanied by a musician, and by the star guest appearance of Chachanji Gegenji who appeared in full costume as the song's title Tonberry, giving chase throughout Aya's performance of the song.
  • Wayfarer's Poetry Competition L'rinhi Kett's Wayfarer Tavern hosted a contest of poetry. Aya composed and wrote an ode to the migratory flight of birds and the imagery she associates with it. The poem, "Won't you stay with me little bird?" won the contests First Prize, including a gil reward far beyond Aya's usual means.



Note: These are characteristic behaviors that Aya always displays, even when not indicated directly through emotes.
Aya selfie.jpg
  • Her body language is graceful and feminine.
  • She speaks with an Ishgardian accent
  • When dealing with someone who she believes is from the Ishgardian Houses, her manner will be considerably less friendly than usual
  • At times hints of a sharp intellect can be found behind all of the bright, silly cluelessness

(Image Credit: Shotgun Shuffle. One of Aya's visual references.)

  • Fun
  • Meeting New People
  • Fashion
  • The Sun (and the Beach!)
  • Sleep
  • Attention
  • Fancy Gifts
  • Exercise
  • Hard Work
  • Responsibility
  • Expectations
  • Commitment
  • Violence, Fighting, and Aggression
  • 'Typical' Ishgardians
  • Haughtiness, and Hubris
  • Hard Work
  • Dancing
  • Smiling
  • Spreading Cheer
  • Looking Good!
  • Baking Cookies
  • Tinkering
  • Poetry


  • Personality: Marilyn Monroe as "The Girl" in the Seven Year Itch
  • Music: "Alive" by Omnia



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