Kokobiri Tetebiri

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Kokobiri Tetebiri
Junior Arcanist
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Faction Looking To Join: Maelstrom
Liquor-holding Ability Little To None
Host Deity Llymlaen
Physical Traits and Information -----------------------
Height 3ft 10in
Weight 41lbs

Basic Info

Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Blue Age: 24 (assuming that lalafell life spans are reminiscent to human life spans)

Detailed Physical Traits

Kokobiri has a relatively plump stature on the outside, mostly caused by his relatively puffy clothing and--possibly--knapsack.

He has some muscle, but not enough to fare well in a physical fight. Enough to walk long distances and lift some objects heavier than himself, though.


He adorns a book at his side, which is actually two books strapped together utilizing alnico magnets and multiple amounts of thread on the spines of the book. Over the punctured spines is a supporting pair of leather strips, stitched together and filled with cotton to act as a pillow should the books be subject to thrashing around. They are held by a ball axis of types at the inside of the leather strips, allowing them to sway and flop around as they please due to movement or otherwise. One book is a worn brown satchel and the other is an obviously small grimoire, the difference being rather obvious. It sits at his belt to his right, and he always lets his hand stray towards it. His puffy clothing allows for him to store all sorts of tools inside of his many, and sometimes deep, pockets. His coin purse is located on the inside of his clothing, not on his belt as other people do, to prevent thievery.


Kokobiri was born in the sea aboard a trade ship. He studied under his father, a Lominsan Arcanist, whom eventually led him to Limsa Lominsa. He grew peacefully as an Arcanist Guild Page, learning the basics of Arcany and eventually becoming a full-fledged member at the age of 17. His parents left Limsa for their farm in Ul'dah, offering to take Kokobiri at a relatively moderate age, but he stayed to live with the Arcanist Guild and his accomplices.

Eventually, he grew to become a scavenger and a minor inventor, using some things he discovered to his advantage.

The Tetebiri 'dynasty,' as he claims, owns a fair share of land on a plateau in Ul'dah, which came to be as some Plainsfolk met the Dunesfolk Tetebiri clan, and began to teach them and wed. As such, the land on the plateau was inherited by him. A quarter of the plateau was dedicated to tea farming, which Kokobiri uses to his advantage as a backup support. His money is deducted to pay for the servants working the tea fields, subtracting from the Gil made, but allowing him to gain.


As a collector of relics, he finds himself out in the field often, searching for objects worthy of producing Gil or serving a purpose in the future. As such, he often finds himself in the position of a tradesman and a scavenger. As such, he requires bodyguards and in some cases, people who can carry bags of loot. As such employment is not cheap, employees will always find themselves in a percentage of money calculated by Kokobiri granted upon accepting a usually timed contract for protection and otherwise.

Kokobiri finds himself as a patron of the arts, appreciating that which the workers of the land and producers of goods. Being one allows for him to approve of you, and possibly allow you discounts on his goods in the future, especially if you befriended him. His goods can span from meats, to meals, to fish and possibly even gems of sorts from the earth, not to mention ores and otherwise. He is also fond of bards and musicians and other crafts. Only in the situation of being saved or aided does he ever come to appreciate the acts of masters of melee or bow--though this is quickly discarded as he tends to find a more solid, passive ground to appreciate of the person.


Known Connections To:

Limsa Lominsa's Culinarian Guild

Limsa Lominsa's Arcanist Guild

Limsa Lominsa's Fishing Guild

Limsa Lominsa's Maelstrom Command

OOC Notes

If I did a bad job on this page, this is my first wiki page, so please ignore anything wrong I've done.

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Kokobiri will have a darker secret and a stomach for something very unsavory. No one expects the!-- [data redacted]

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