Koumoru Doumoru

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Gridania-transparent.png Koumoru Doumoru
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Gridania
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Physical Description

He is a blonde haired lalafell with blue eyes, wears glasses for reading. He has a scar on the left side of his abdomen that was given to him by an Elezen Named Lymalia. It is not visible when wearing everyday clothing. He usually dresses in simple practical clothing unless it is a special occasion.


PRIMARY MOTIVATOR: Family (His Mother), Love, and to Satisfy his desire for exploration and adventure

Emotional Disposition: Pleasant, happy, sometimes contemplative

Moodiness: Even-tempered

Outlook: Most always cheerful and generally optimistic
Integrity: Conscientious
Impulsiveness: Tries to remain in control but can be compulsive at times
Boldness: Cautious
Flexibility: Very Flexible
Affinity: Warm
Comportment: Agreeable
Interactivity: Engaging
Disclosure: Quite Open
Conformity: Mostly Conventional
Sense of Humor: Light hearted, , Likes good natured harmless pranks, Does enjoy a salty joke or two

Affiliation/Adherence: Slight belief in his chosen deity
Tolerance: Very Tolerant
Expression of Beliefs: Occasional
Converting Others: Never
Attitude: Mostly Neutral

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Libido: Quite strong
Expressiveness: Modest
Sexual Style: Very Romantic
Openness: Moderate
Promiscuity: Very low
Tastes: A bit varied

Topics of Conversation: Cooking, Exploration, Relationships, Family, Current Events, talking about books
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities: Sighs a lot, Paces around, Sometimes zones out while deep in thought, giggles or chuckles a lot
Hobbies & Enjoyments: Preparing and eating food, drinking (Mostly wine or tea), Loves to read ( fiction and non), Conversation with friends, Sewing
Mental & Emotional Disorders: Insecurity, Occasional over-consumption of alcohol.


Backround History

Birthplace: Gridania


Parents: Keyaru (Father), Chisana (Mother)

Koumoru's father, Keyaru.
Koumoru's mother, Chisana.

Siblings: Hanapiri (Hannah) (Sister)

Koumoru's sister, Hanapiri.

Family History

Koumoru's mother and father were married when they were both young and together bought a small cottage in the residential district in Gridania. His mother Chisana opened a small shop selling flowers and herbs, most of which she gathered herself. His father Keyaru was a trader and traveled back and forth between Ul'dah and Gridania transporting goods. After a few years of marriage they had their first child, a girl they named Hanapiri. The three of them lived happily together and then four years later they had another child, a little boy they named Koumoru.

Komoru's Biography

The Early Years

Koumoru had a happy childhood and he spent a lot of his time playing with his sister who he was very close to. Things continued to go well for the family until one day when Koumoru was around eleven years old, his father did not return from one of his trips to Uldah. Chisana thought something terrible had happened to him until it was later discovered he had left town in the company of a miqo'te with a bad reputation. Chisana continued to raise Hanapiri and Koumoru on her own, working very hard to provide for the three of them. Hanapiri began to grow unhappy with life in the woods and wanted to see more of the world. So one day when her and koumoru were walking in the woods together she hugged him tightly and explained she could no longer stay there. It fell upon the 13 year old Koumoru to go home and tell his mother about hanapiri leaving and her grief at losing another family member made Koumoru vow never to leave her.

The Start of Adventuring

As Koumoru grew into his teens he spent a lot of time in the woods hunting and exploring. Part of him longed to leave the woods and see what else the world had to offer, but he still remained with his mother to help care for her. One day while out hunting his wandering brought him to the edge of the twelveswood and he looked out across the landscape of Thanalan and his eyes were opened to the world outside the forest for the first time. upon seeing that sight with haste he made haste back to Gridania to speak with his mother. After a long talk she explained that she did not wish to seem him traped with her for his whole life and that he should get out and find a life for himself. He then began to prepare for his journey gathering some food and supplies.

The Journey Begins

It was not long after his 18th Namesday that he said a tearfull goodbye to his mother and set off, map in hand in the dirrection of Ul'dah. He was strong in body and spirit so the trip to Ul'dah proved to be not too great of chalenge, and after a night and a day he found himself at the gates of the famed city. Upon ariving in Ul'dah he was shocked at the size of the city and spent days exploring it and it's many pleasures until the small store of gil that his mother gave him was nearly gone, so he headed right for the adventurers guild to seek employment. After a bit of a rocky start and a few tough jobs for the adventurers guild he began to get the hang of things and his confidence grew. One day while out near Vesper Bay he caught sight of the sea and was so amazed he wanted to explore the city he heard lay on the other side of the bay After a quick trip back to Ul’dah to gather his things, he was on the deck of the ferry bound for Limsa Lominsa.

Arrival in Limsa Lominsa

Upon arriving in Limsa Lominsa wandered the docks for a while trying his best to avoid trouble but it was not long before trouble found him. His wandering took him to the legendary Bismarck and he spent some time looking into the kitchen, watching the cooks at work. After a while he walked to the market stalls and was inspired to purchase a pan and some cooking supplies. He walked along the path to the inn proudly clutching his new purchases and ready in his mind to become a famous chef. That is when he met someone who would bring a great change to his life, a Miqo’te named Eliza Joran...

Danger in Limsa Lominsa