Lekka Meyren

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Lekka Meyren
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age (26~)
Guardian Azeyma, the Warden
Company AIM
Occupation Guard and Businessowner


Lekka stands quite tall even by Roegadyn standards, her height equally matched by her muscular physique. From an early age she found that intellectual pursuits were her forté, but the influence of her mother and brother led to a life of physical competition and training. Her father had attempted to teach her in the ways of abalathian conjury, in hopes she could take on his role as a healer among the clan. However as her aptitude seemed low, she ended up training under her mothers supervision, honing body and mind in martial arts. She has green eyes and naturally blue hair and can sometimes come across as arrogant or rude at first glance. Despite this she is quite kind and helpful, first impressions often weigh heavilly on her behaviour towards others.

She often wears a yellow jacket, not unlike those of the Limsan Yellowjackets. Despite this, she has no association with the group. Other attires are often Nophica green, a colour she has found goes with her eyes and gives her a more pleasant presentation; perfect for business meetings. She often decides to present as intimidating on the job as a guard; "The best fight is one you avoid because the opponent is frightened".


She lives and works at AIM headquarters in the goblet; a recent change from her mercenary lifestyle of odd-jobs and caravan work. Now living in Ul'dah she discovered her distaste for strong sun in the absence of a breeze, further solidifying her love for the green grass and blue seas. Sadly other events have somewhat soured Limsa for her, further solidifying her place in Ul'dah along her comrades in AIM. In recent months she launched a Publishing company with her associate Felicity Tinkerbush. The company has since taken off, garnering profits beyond even hopeful expectations. This has emboldened her to grow her business further; and any mention she hears of storytellers or poets is investigated thoroughly.


Good alcohol
Independent women


The Desert Sun


Fast Learner


Drink: Red Wine
Food: Barbecue

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