Llama Maiden

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 Llama Maiden
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Place of Birth Unknown
Guardian Azeyma, the Warden
Nameday 2/17
Marital Status Single
Occupation Explorer
Sexual Orientation Asexual
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Height: 7'3

Built: Slightly Toned

Complexion: Ruddy

Hair: Pink with Blue Wisps

Eyes: Lavender

Particular Traits: She wears the same face paint her grandfather wore in lavender. She now wears a caricature of a yellow chocobo hatchling on her right check. There is a single scar on her forehead above her right eyebrow.



  • Visiting local bars
  • Reading
  • Riding her chocobo


  • Researching
  • Being surrounded by good friends every night
  • Traveling


  • People ogling her height as if she was beast
  • Thieves
  • Politicians


  • Color: The Spectrum.
  • Food: Crunchy and Crispy kinds.
  • Drinks: Whiskey.
  • Scent: Citrus.
  • Place: Unknown.
  • Festival: All of them.


  • Supporting her family in the South Seas
  • Find something in life other than couriering


  • She treats religion with respect and will observe its traditions but that is the extent.


  • Neutral



  • Extremely self-conscious with some stress related paranoia.
    • This occurs mainly with new or unfamiliar people. This is far less debilitating with people she is very familiar with. She can become a downright chummy extrovert with dear friends.
    • She will obsess over what she perceives as rejection and trying to "fix" the cause


  • War reaching her home island
  • Romance
    • She doesn't like the attention and it makes her feel weird and icky.
  • Having her height made a spectacle.
    • Like not fitting through doors or being to larger for a chocobo or chair. She even avoids dealing with Roegadyns who claim to admire her large size because she thinks they are really just laughing at her.


  • Dances as spryly as a lalafell
  • Can work well with most animals
  • Shows promise with disciplines of magic and as a bard


She is weak in the scholarly areas of reading and writing. She does show some natural aptitude as a disciple of magic. Her years of experience with animals and traveling to roads of Eorzea have made her a decent ranger. Her talent for magic still shines through as she is able to set her arrows on fire after releasing them. This is how she got her name Llama from her explosive shots.

Abilities and Skills


  • Drinking?


  • Bow


  • Can set items on fire or make them combust


  • Rudimentary carpentry for animal housing

Family and Relationships


  • Father: Fupe Maipe
  • Mother: Nenele Nele
  • Sibilings: Fupe Lohepe, Fupe Bohepe, and Fupe Wohepe







"She is half Hyur, Elezen, or Amalj'aa."


"She won her chocobo in a dance contest with the sylphs"


(Information in parentheses is story line material that has not been worked out in character yet and may be subject to change)

Name and Lifestyle

Given Name

Fupepe Fupe


  • Llama translate as flame

Current Residence


Life in the South Seas

Birth and childhood (0-10)

Little is known about Llama's birth parents or where she came from. A group of bandits surrendered the baby Roegadyn girl to a Lalafell named Nele Nadale at Wineport. He knew the baby was not theirs but also noticed the bandits seemed to be struggling with the idea of leaving the baby. The pirates kind demeanor towards the baby compelled Nele Nadale to concluded that the baby's parents were likely not victims of the bandits or even known to them. The bandits only clue that they offered into the baby's past was that they were charged with finding her a loving home away from war. They left as quickly as they put the baby in Nele Nadale's arms. Realizing that there could be a very good reason behind the pirates charge, he sent the baby to live with his daughter in the South Seas far from Eorzea and gave her a false history of being an orphan from Camp Drybone in the case of her ever returning to Eorzea. Nelele Nele and her husband Fupe Maipe were more than happy to welcome their new baby daughter into their lives and named her Fupepe Fupe. The young Roegadyn would spend her entire childhood on her Lalafellen family chocobo ranch. It was there that she learned how to care for chocobos and other livestock. As a child, Fupepe Fupe was already taller than the Lalafells whom were a large portion of people she was in contact with.

A life scarring moment for her was when she had a childhood crush on a Lalafellen boy at market. They shared a kiss on a humid rainy summer night behind the stables. Fupepe Fupe was completely smitten and would gush over him while tending to the chocobos in the fields. Near the season's close, the boy spurned Fupepe Fupe's affections. He did not mind taller women like Hyurs, Miqo'te, Au Ra, or even Elezen because of their lovely frames and faces. Llama, however, was built like a wall and smelled like animals. Fupepe Fupe's brothers beat the boy up for saying something so awful to their sister but the damage was done. From that point on, her self-consciousness ate her confidence into her womanhood. Every day she would gather different flowers to make oils and soaps for herself. She even began to wear a sachet of dried herbs and flowers around her neck. Additionally, Fupepe Fupe would sit as much as she could around people. At least when she sat, she could be mistaken for being no taller than a Mi'qote or Hyur. To this day, whenever Llama's height is mentioned, she shy's away from the subject. The irony is that in Llama's struggle to be liked and not drive people away, herself conscious tendencies drove a wedge that kept her from approaching other people.

Teen Years

Around her teenage years, the people around Fupepe Fupe noticed a promising possibility with her height. She stood taller than the average Lalafellen house or stable. She was taught basic carpentry skills and was hired out to help make repairs. Because of her, a poorer family could make their roof last a bit longer and their house a bit warmer. Bigger barns could be built and larger silos were made. Among the Lalafellen farming community, Fupepe Fupe was a blessing. Her feeling of being an outsider continued to increase all the while.

It was finally in her teen years that Fupepe Fupe met a Roegadyn pirate harassing a bar maid. It was her first time seeing someone like her but he wasn't. He was a Sea Wolf. His skin ooked sickly pale and his features were harsher than her own. As the Lalafells around pleaded with him to cease his harassment, Fupepe Fupe felt hate within herself boiling over. She grab a bar stool and broke it upon his head, knocking the man out. While the other Lalafells thanked her for stepping in, all she felt was judgment for being just as vile. This never stopped her from doing what she thought was the right thing to do. Knowing his shipmates would return after what transpired, Fupepe Fupe remained at the bar until they did show up a day later to take responsibility for her actions. As it turned out, the man had snuck out against his captain's orders. They were more than keen to pay for repairs in exchange for no one telling the captain. It was then that Fupepe Fupe found out about Roegadyn's and that she was likely one called a Hellsguard. She was directed to the city of Ul'Dah in Eorzea if she ever wanted to know more.

Life in Eorzea

Young Adulthood

In her early twenties, Fupepe Fupe decided to pursue the advice given to her by the pirates. She left along with her brothers for a life of adventure in Eorzea. Her elder brothers became homesick by the year's end and returned home. Her youngest brother fancied a Dunesfolk woman and remained in the Thanalan area with Fupepe Fupe for almost a decade. After an Amalj'aa attack took the lives of the woman's family, she agreed to marry Fupepe Fupe's brother and they left for the South Seas. Fupepe Fupe decided to remain in Eorzea until she found something to return with.

During her young adult years Fupepe Fupe did find Ul'Dah. The Hellguard people within its walls looked at Fupepe Fupe strangely. Her skin did not burn bright like the fires of home. Her features were soft like a squishy Hyur. She was a Roegadyn but barely. The one thing Fupepe Fupe did have was her size. By now, she stood taller than the average Roegadyn man. This meant that she could not be dismissed as easily for being half Roegadyn because all mixed race Roegadyns were shorter and thinner in mass. It was among the Hellguard people in Ul'Dah that Fupepe Fupe received her own name, Llama Maiden. Her natural talents in arcane arts surfaced in her flair for turning her arrows into combustible projectiles. Because she has received no formal training, Llama can only set thing on fire or cause them the combust. She cannot hurl fire from nothing or use any other mana related abilities. The Hellguard of Ul'Dah would say that she while she grew up weak and lacked many of the qualities of a Roegadyn, she still deserved a proper name to honor the fact that she was physically Roegadyn, albeit the name itself is rather weak and borders on insult. It is akin to calling her a child playing with fire. The name stuck.

Unlike the word flama which is used for the image of a flame, the word llama is used more commonly in Spanish speaking countries as a flame in a chemical reaction. With the pervious statement being written here, if your character doesn't feel the need to point out the language differences between Daisy, Sakura, and Fleur, then feel free to treat Llama as a word that your character already understands the meaning of. If it make you more comfortable, act like it is a fancy way of saying flame like Leo for lion

A Realm Reborn (Present, 23)

Llama established a couriering service after her poor experiance with other Hellsguard Ul'Dah. Her brother returning home made the decision easier for her as well. She travel all across Eorzea procuring and delivering goods to people. She saw an increase in demand for her services after the calamity. It was increasingly harder for larger caravans to travel. Llama was tasked with getting supplies to people fast. As she traveled, Llama saw that true devastation the calamity had wrought on the people of Eorzea. Those who hid behind the safe walls of cities might have been safe but the ones who lived outside suffered. It was then that Llama severed her ties with the cities. No longer would she carry missives for the military or deliver their supplies. She only served the common man. To this day Llama still refuses to provide service to the military. Her main concerns have been getting medicine and supplies to the people who live outside the safety of their cities walls and supporting the working class. Llama has comes across many orphaned by the calamity. Sending them to an orphanage never felt like an option to her. Llama fears that if another war should break out, the orphans will be among the first called upon to fight. Wanting to give them the same future of possibilities she believed her grandfather bestowed upon her, Llama has sent them to live back home in the South Seas. A recent trip home revealed to Llama that none of these children have taken Llama's gift lightly. Some have left for a life of adventure on the seas and send goods back home. Others are happy enough with their new lives and wish to never return to Eorzea. There are some who wish to return to Eorzea and stop history from repeating. It has made Llama happy to see these children pursuing their own path but it upsets her as well. She is bothered that everyone seems to know their place in life except for herself.

Time With Driftwood Coast
Llama While in Driftwood Coast

Before her thirtieth birthday, Llama met a hyur woman by the name of Kyndle Daybreaker who introduced her to a Free Company called Driftwood Coast. Llama met many different people there who were all diverse and interesting. She liked it so much that she pushed her couriering business to the side. Her time at Drift was unlike anything she ever experienced. This unusual group of people got together almost every night for merriment. They were even able to scrap enough money together for an official building, even though they used it more for play and pleasure rather than business. It was only after Llama visited her family back home that she realized just how much Drift had touched her life. With the people of Drift, she was never alone. The only problem was that when she returned, no one was there. Time had moved on without Llama. At first Llama fell into depression. Many of the faces whom she counted as dear friends were gone and never seen again. Others had moved on with their lives. Llama sat outside the Drift house for days wondering about what would become of her life. The orphans back home knew what they wanted in life. The former members of Drift seemed to have moved on just fine as well. Only Llama was the one who did not have a place. Realizing that the only time she was happy was while in Drift, Llama decided to chase that happiness. Though Drift no longer existed, there were other Free Companies.