Loezswerd Aldahtynsyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Loezswerd Aldahtynsyn
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 48
Alignment Neutral Good
Occupation Free Paladin
Height 8 fulm
Guardian Althyk, The Keeper
  • Hollgeim Fhilzantwyn (mother, deceased)
  • Hastthota Aldahtynwyn (sister)
  • Aldahtyn Zwyndragasyn (father, deceased)

Basic Info

When people describe Loezswerd they usually go for "fatherly", "sweet" and "resourceful" and perhaps accurately so. A man who's spent his entire life dedicated to protecting the Sultana with his life, Loezswerd's big heart has spread to other people such as his fellow sultansworn and, later down the years, just about everyone he meets. A firm believer that it is not the results that matter, but the journey and effort made towards what you achieve, he has been endlessly proud of his former profession despite the monetarist glares and the negative outlook such a order has for their position. After being forcefully retired due to an incident involving his sister, Loexswerd took time to look after his older sister until he could easily pay for a few handmaids himself so that he could begin a new journey: One of self discovery in a world where he is free to do as he please, yet keeping the oath he made decades ago close to his chest.
Strong tea
Rain (be it drizzle or heavy)
Puns (all the puns)
Small objects his hands can't work with
Small entrances
Insults, namecalling
Fighting for the sake of fighting
Cruelty towards anything
Itchy knitted sweaters
Ripped clothing
Adding milk before water with tea
Finding things
Steel wall toughness
Long walks
Looking after pets
Looking after chocobos
Very good with kids
Good listener
Best big hugs
Too large for many places
Sometimes loud
Big hands
Often does things slowly
Overly positive
Is too big for a lot of things
Seriously he's like a behemoth

Appearance and Personality


Far larger than the average male Roegadyn, Loezswerd towers over many and is wide enough to be given the title "Great Sultan Wall" during his younger years. Despite beginning to drift away from his prime years, he is still possesses an incredibly bulky build that clearly was trained to take incredibly hard hitting blows without flinching. He prefers to wear leathers and easy breathing attire, often sporting colours such as blues, greens and browns. He tries to avoid attire that would make his already bulky build even more so, outside of wearing protective gear. His muddy blonde hair and fluffy beard is always tamed and combed down to a neat fashion, even if his beard simply springs back to being wild (and incredibly fluffy). Despite the ageing appearance and the odd grey hair, he possesses no winkles and still has a sharp look in his eyes.


As a child he was quite shy and scared of causing trouble and of course, causing fights. Yet over the years he's grown and overcome his shyness for the sake of other people, willing to speak out for them or to stand by them during hard times. A strong believer of "the journey matters more than the end result", he is always proud of himself and anyone who works hard to aim for what they wish despite the result being positive or negative. He is a jolly man with a very positive mindset. Loez sees good things in everything and is never afraid to boast it loudly and proudly (even going as far as to put that sketch you made of his on his icebox).

He can be seen as protective at times, yet always willing to step down when someone asks. His willingness to protect another person is admirable by many people and his jolly nature that comes with it has inspired a lot of people to do the same. To pass forward the kindness he has offered and help make the world a far kinder place.



Daughter of a famous chef, Hollgeim wanted to branch away from the staple of cooking and aimed to make sweets instead. Learning the technique of boiling down sugar at different temperatures with fruits and pastes to create different results, she became a well known merchant in Limsa for making unique pastries, cakes and candy. She continued her trade and profession through her entire life, even when marrying a vice captain pirate and eventually having two children. She took not a single day off in her life, even going as far as to sell her own produce during her wedding (much to her husband's horror). A strict yet every caring mother, she worked hard for what she thought was best for her children and taught them many things that they still carry to this day. Her many consumers at her sweet shop knew her and a woman relatable to what she makes, a sweetheart who cared about everyone she met.

At the age of 97 she passed away in her sleep and passed down the tradition of sweet making to her children, Loezswerd and Hastthota.


Anyone in the seas knew of the pirate Aldahtyn, aptly named "Great Shield Judge" by his peers and his enemies. Vice captain of the ship "Incandescent Song", run by a band of pirate known for singing during their voyage, Aldahtyn became infamous for being the literal wall that stood between his ship and the enemy. After losing an arm to garlean cannon fire, he decided to take up a massive shield made from layers of garlean steel. Some even swore it was less a shield and more a stolen door, but the way that he stood intimidated anyone from trying to invade as those that did could never cross when a giant wall of steel was in the way. His most famous story was one where he shielded off garlean fire on his own with just the shield alone, not even budging an inch between every shot. He eventually retired as a pirate when he met a merchant woman who sold sweets that he had never seen before, her sweet yet strong attitude pulled him out of pirating and instead into looking after kids. A strong, determined man of few words did struggle wrangling two excited children but he eventually inspired one to be just like himself; a great shield that stands to protect others not matter what comes their way. Like any father, he encouraged the boy to chase for that dream and nudged him forward to the Sultansworn with thanks to a friend whom he previous worked with.

He passed away at the age of 110 only a few days after his wife's passing.


Hastthota Aldahtynwyn, a woman that was almost a clone of her mother, is a strong hearted lass that kept her mother's sweet business alive alongside and eventually after her mother's passing. She is a far more modest person compared to her younger brother Loez, but has been known to stubbornly give a good whacking when customers start arguing or fighting. During a visit to see her brother during his 40th birthday, she was attacked by monetarists and was left paralysed from the waist down. This incident ultimately led her younger brother to retire far earlier than he ever wanted in order to look after her, but she eventually pushed him down the path to find handmaids and go out to explore the world. She cares immensely for her younger brother and enjoys every moment she has with him and all the new pet friends he's managed to find in his journey (eventually during the family house into a petting zoo).


Childhood and Youth
Garlean Invasion and the Calamity
End of Seventh Umbral Era to Present


  • Loezswerd absolutely loves giving people piggy back or shoulder rides.
  • He even has the strength to hold up two roegadyn ladies, a feat that is rarely seen but people do wonder
  • If you ever meet him while he's adventuring, he might give you some sweets!

Not all rumours are necessarily true.

◢ Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
"I've never seen a man as big as him! What does he eat?!" [Curious Smallfolk]
"Always trading fish for food and we're always grateful for the amount he brings!" [Bismark Chef]
"Folk speak highly of him, like he's their father or something." [Sultansworn Squire]
"He gave me a whole pouch of fish for nothing. Absolutely nothing in return." [Ul'dahn Refugee]
"I heard he decked a man for groping the barmaid so hard he was out for a sennight! Didn't need to help her but, but he did regardless." [Frequent Quicksand Customer]
◢ Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Son of Old Judge, he is and probably just as strong. Twelve save anyone who faces that man." [Limsan Citizen]
"Drowned himself when he retired for a while. Pays well, but the poor man..." [Drowning Wench patron]
"Once got stuck in a door because he tried to squeeze himself in, only to realise he's far too big." [Sultansworn member]
"Punched a lad square in the face during a duel. First hit in and he was out!" [Limsan Citizen]
◢ Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"His sister got mauled. Heard he's regretted not taking any breaks since." [Ul'dahn Peddler]
"Someone tried to attack his ol' ma'. Put him in a fit of rage it did! Poor sod is at the bottom of the sea now." [Terrified Limsan]
"He refused promotion to captain not once, but three times! Why would he do such a thing? Think of the money he could of earned!" [Gossiping Ul'dahn Noble]
◢ PC Rumours (Oh, you heard that from them? Ahahaha...)
"Put your rumour here!" And your name!
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