Lorilae Guguerro

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Lorilae Guguerro
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Lorilae hails from a town oppressed by the Empire in Othard. The youngest (by a few seconds) of twin sisters, she took quickly to the work of a farmer and fisherwoman. Life changed when the Empire took her father away when she was ten, and her mother slowly slipped inside herself, closing her own family and friends out of her life. Lorilae swore to do something about it, and as she grew, she joined the Underground Resistance in Othard. Over the years, she heard of Doma and then Ala Mhigo breaking the shackles the Empire held around them. Wanting to do the same for her people, Lorilae volunteered with a few others to brave the open lands of Othard to head to Eorzea and find help. Alas, she was the only one who made it to Eorzea, scarred and shoeless. What will happen to her in a foreign land?

Want to learn more? Come find me in game and RP!

OOC Info
Free Company Name --
Server Balmung
RP Style Heavy preferred (though I am happy to RP with anyone no matter your style!)
Contacts Lorilae Guguerro#4192
Timezone(s) EST

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