Luka Paluka

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Gridania-transparent.png Luka Paluka
Hm? Of course I'll help, Mister! Hey, is that my gil pouch...?
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Age 19
Namesday 8th Sun of the 12th Moon
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer



Full Name: Luka Paluka

Nicknames: Lu, Lulu (much to his distaste)

Pronunciation: Loo-kah Pah-loo-kah


Height: Shorter than the average Lalafell. Measurements are currently a WIP.

Weight: Average for one of his kind.

Body: Luka's body is, unsurprisingly, a similar shape to the majority of other Lalafell. However, he makes a constant effort to keep his body covered up in baggy clothes, making him appear slightly rounder than he actually is.

Hair: An earthy shade of green that is always combed upwards. He has shocking white streaks running through his hair, from his fringe to all over his head. The change in colour seems natural, despite his youthful appearance.

Eyes: Bright blue.

Skin: A lighter shade of brown.

Clothing: Luka is nearly always seen in baggy clothes. Examples include long and puffy robes, loose shirts and pants and other similar garments. His tastes are also very basic.


Early Years

Despite being born on the road, from an early age Luka was raised by both of his parents in Gridania. His parents, Minana Mina and Topel Ridpel, cared for their son greatly and did their best to give him a privileged childhood.

Growing up, Luka accompanied his parents when they travelled to the smaller camps and outposts out in the Shroud, delivering supplies and selling their wares. Unaware of the dangers of the forest, Luka found himself enthralled by it's beauty and peace and had planned to live his entire life within the Shroud, even from an early age.

A Mother's Love

Luka was taught by his parents at their home within Gridania, and never attended a real school. Due to his busy schedule studying at home or helping his parents with their work, he never had much time to play with other children or make many friends. However, this never seemed to have much impact on Luka's life, as he was most often seen with his mother. Out of the two of his parents, it was clear the child had a stronger attachment to his mother, and it was clear to any eye that she loved her son with all her heart.

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Unfortunately, Luka's mother became incredibly ill and despite his father's efforts, she passed away when he turned twelve. Without friends of his own age and now with his mother gone from the world, Luka found himself feeling alone and began to distance himself from his father, instead spending time by himself reading or writing in a small tattered journal. His father, distraught with grief at his wife's passing, was never the same and began acting like a complete stranger towards his son.

From losing his mother and his father's sudden change Luka found his emotions running wild and, though many people felt sorry for the young Lalalfell, he found that people often tried to avoid him. Spending more and more time in isolation, it was then that Luka discovered his natural ability with magic. He began to study and practice his newly discovered skill whenever he could while still trying to make a living by helping his father with his business.


When Dalamud fell and the following chaos ensued, Luka's father disappeared from Gridania and never returned. Luka, abandoned and alone, struggled to survive for an entire cycle. He was unable to run his family's business alone at his age and lost his home, now living on the streets of Gridania. His lack of friends didn't help the situation and he soon found himself spiralling further into a depression and hating those who had a better life than himself. While several people felt sorry for the young Lalafell, his bitter personality caused fear in those who wanted to help, and Luka unintentionally pushed anyone who was willing to help away from him.


After a full cycle had passed, a young Elezen woman found Luka practicing his magical skills alone and the two began to talk. They formed a strong friendship and she took him under her wing as an apprentice. She showed him the skills of a White Mage and began to teach him, guiding him through the dark period of his life. The pair were almost inseperable for three cycles and citizens noticed a drastic change in Luka's personality and also his appearance. He became talkative, he always wore a smile and he began offering help to everyone, even those who showed no sign of needing it. As well as this, his earthy green hair began to fade in streaks, becoming a shocking white colour instead. The reason for this physical change is still unclear, but one thing was certain. The meeting with this Elezen woman had changed him completely. 


Now, Luka hasn't been seen with the Elezen woman for half a cycle, and it isn't clear what has happened to her. Still, his personality continues to remain positive and trusting, and the changes she caused have stayed behind despite her disappearance. He now travels around Eorzea, still asking people if they need any help and performing simple tasks where he can. Despite classing himself as an adventurer, Luka's naive personality and basic skills often cause himself and others to end up in more trouble than they began with. But his heart's in the right place, at least!



Magical: Luka's main specialty is his natural magical ability, with a focus on White Magic.

  • White Magic: Luka's main focus and the skills he works the hardest on improving. He was first introduced to White Magic by a young Elezen woman who caught him practicing basic Conjury spells alone.
  • Conjury: The more simple spells of Conjury, such as basic control over the elements of Stone and Air. Luka found he was capable of performing this magic at a young age. He is still capable of basic offensive Conjury spells, despite his main focus being recovery magic.

Archery: While Luka's focus is placed upon the healing abilities of White Magic, he also has basic training with bows. His nerves often get the better of him when using an actual weapon, and as such his aim and power isn't as strong as other Archers.

Weaknesses: Luka is a very fragile Lalafell and doesn't do well in close combat situations. Even against smaller opponents, such as the 'pests' he has often practiced hunting, should they take a look at him and move in to attack, he can normally be seen fleeing for his life within a few seconds. Luka also has a very naive and trusting personality, allowing many people to easily get close to him. He often turns a blind eye to any negative actions a person has committed and always tries to see the good in them. This has caused his belongings and gil to be stolen from him on several occasions.


  • Reading and writing. Luka can often be seen carrying a backpack of books with him, including his journal of poems.
  • Grass. A simple pleasure, but Luka adores sitting in the grass, especially when reading at the same time.
  • Humour / Jokes.
  • Friendship. There's nothing more that Luka adores than a trustworthy friend.
  • Motherly / Fatherly figures. For reasons unknown, Luka seems to adore those who take others under their wing.


  • Conflict between friends.
  • Arrogant and rude people. He has a notable distaste towards nobles and those who hail from Ul'dah.
  • Threats.


Luka usually comes across as a rather talkative young Lalafell who hasn't experienced much in his life so far. He often joins into conversations, even those that are private, with little to no valid input. Despite often being seen as an 'annoying' trait, the Lalafell likes nothing more than good company and trustworthy friends and this is his method of attempting to obtain both of these things.

He's very committed to improving his skills in White Magic and also has a habit of trying to help people with their problems, even if they don't need or want any help. He always tries to get involved with others and, at times, it simply seems that this Lalafell is just trying to find himself company to get through the day. He has an extremely naive personality, practically trusting people almost as soon as he has met them. This often gets him into troubling situations, such as his belongings being stolen or his longer-term friends becoming disappoined in him for sharing a secret.

Romantically, Luka has never had the chance to enter a relationship with anyone. Despite his trusting personality, romance has always made him shy and he tries to dance around the topic as much as possible. He is unsure of what he is looking for in a partner himself, though he currently believes that, as a Lalafell, his only option are others of his kind.



  • Father: Topel Ridpel (Missing)
  • Mother: Minana Mina (Deceased)


  • Elezen Female: Luka's closest friend and mentor. They were nearly inseperable for three full cycles. (Name pending!)

(More to come with ARR's release!)


  • Topel Ridpel: Although Luka's father, Luka isn't sure if he could ever forgive the man that abandoned him. 

(More to come with ARR's release!)

Other Notes

Rumour Mill

Common Rumours (Easy to find out)

  • "It's no secret that the boy is stupidly friendly to everyone he meets. I've seen him get pickpocketed about five times since he started visiting my tavern. Poor sap." - A bored barkeep.

Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to find out)


Rare Rumours (Very difficult to find out)

  • "I heard he visits a small lake out in the Shroud every now and then and just sits there, staring at the water for hours. It's a bit weird!" - A gossiping botanist.

Player Created Rumours (Please feel free to add your own here! Just leave a tag saying who wrote it!)


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