Lulumia Lumia

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Ishgard.jpg Lulumia Lumia
[[Image:Lulu ninja RPC portrait.png|250px]]
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ishgard
Server Balmung
Strength Fleeting
Dexterity Nimble
Constitution Hardy
Intelligence Learned
Wisdom Contemplative
Charisma Reserved and Unforthcoming

Basic Info

An ex-soldier of the Holy See of Ishgard, (residing in Coerthas) aged 23 summers. Wanders to and fro looking for work requiring medical knowledge or swordsmanship. Rarely known to speak for long, she has an odd habit of accepting pay for some work, but insisting on working for free elsewhere.


Lulumia is the daughter of an Ul'dahn born Apothecary and Ishgardian maidservant. She tried to take after her father in his study of medicine, but an infatuation of hers for a relatively low-borne noble of the Holy See swept her up into armed service as a swordswoman and field medic.

Tragedy cut her career short, as she was one of the few survivors of a vicious ambush by Dravanian forces that took the life of the noble whom she admired. Her young heart broken, she faced many sleepless nights. Shortly thereafter, she left the service as soon as she was allowed.

Lulumia returned home to her family a completely changed woman. A once bubbly, cheerful, and inquisitive young girl had turned into a taciturn, sharp witted, and brooding adult. She left home with an abrupt goodbye to her parents and sibling, claiming to be in search of some solace for her soul.


Possessed of a sharp wit and cynical outlook on pleasantries, Lulumia tends to respond to such niceties with quips that abruptly end small talk, usually in a rude matter. She is far more receptive to intelligent conversation, particularly in regards to philosophy or ethics, and has much more patience for those who are clearly in pain.

Left to her own devices; she'll offer help to those who are struggling, but doesn't bat an eye towards beggars. Sooner would she accept an offer to tea and a quiet evening than a dance or cordial date. Perhaps learned from her time in the military, she's developed quite a stomach for strong liquors, and reacts poorly to jests about her drinking weight.


The Holy See of Ishgard: Amicable

Having been offered a discharge of service, seemingly out of pity, Lulumia has no strong feelings about her service to her nation. Her short duration of service and the catastrophic results of her last assignment have left her un-medaled and mostly forgotten.

Ul'Dah: Current Residence

She has quickly grown fond of her father's homeland, despite her disdain for the heat and the lack of rain. She finds the people to be too busy and want for chatter, but also sees great opportunity to assist those who can't make it on their own.

Other Notes

- Loves bitter foods and drink, especially alcohol. Still has a childhood taste for sour foods as well.

- Carefully tends to her hair on a daily basis. A trained eye would notice how much attention and care she has put into it.

- Her swordplay is rather bland and standard for a foot soldier. Bearing a strong resemblance to a "middle stance" in Kendo, she holds one of her two long blades straight down her center, pointed diagonally up and away from her. Yet her basic stance and discipline compliment her agility rather well.

- Completely adores dogs. Rather apathetic towards house cats, but her calm demeanor ironically attracts them towards her.