Mali Bloodscythe

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 Mali Bloodscythe
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"I get I'm not the sanest of folks, but there's two things you can count on: I'll protect my friends, and I'll destroy my enemies. Now which side a' that do you wanna be on?"
A Chaotic Adventurer With Deeper Scars
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 26 (Technically 31, born in 1546)
Nameday 28th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Guardian Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Orientation ???
Occupation Adventurer

Basic Info

Full Name: Not for you to know.

Aliases: Goes by Mali Bloodscythe as her pseudonym. Previous surname aliases have included: "Reaper," "Blanaren," "Darksidhe"

Nicknames: Just Mali.

Pronunciation: MAL-ee

Birthplace: Unknown.

Current Residence: Limsa Lominsa.

Relationship Status: Single.

Religion: "Pfff, religion? Feck that noise. If the gods want to come down and do shite right for a change, maybe I'll start believin'."

Laterality: Left handed.

Other Notes: Mali is a little nearsighted, which might be why she prefers fighting up close and personal with her targets. Due to a healing anomaly her right eye now sees better than her left, but her color vision is worse.


Height: 6'0", and if you comment on her (relatively) short stature you'll have to deal with an axe in your skull.

Weight: 135 ponz

Build: She has muscle, but her body is just a little bit smaller compared to other Roegadyn. She has a bit of an hourglass figure, but with broader shoulders.

Skin Color: As pink and healthy as a race of green-skinned people can look.

Eye Color: Heterochromatic; Left eye is a light grey-blue, right eye is blood red and slightly more dilated.

Hair Color: Light purple with red highlights. It's hard to tell if the red is natural, or it was somehow dyed that way.

Hair Style: Windswept and easy to manage. It's clear she spends minimal time managing her hair, but she was lucky enough to be born with follicles that didn't care either way. She has a constant look of "obvious, but stylish bed-head."

General Clothing Style: Usually a mismatch of armor and casual dress, depending on her mood. The armor is likely to be dirty and covered in bloodstains ("tokens of battle," she calls them), but her clothes are at least kept clean, though not exactly pristine. You will probably never see her in a skirt, but if you do you might not live to tell the tale.

Voice: Unusually high-pitched for a Roegadyn, if she ever did "pansy shit" like sing she would probably be a soprano. She has a gruff, somewhat intimidating tone most of the time, which shows especially when she's calling out in excitement during battle. If you manage to catch her off-guard, though, her voice can be much different, smoother and more dexterous at displaying emotions other than "I love killing things." She usually has a slight Limsa Lominsan accent, but it changes in severity (or disappears entirely) based on her mood.

Other Notes: She has a few cuts and scratches here and there, but nothing that strikes as obvious save for one on her cheek. Her most noticeable trait is the red war paint she has on her face. She is rarely ever seen without it, which makes some people think it might be a tattoo. When asked about it, her answer changes every time. They include, but are not limited to: family tradition, used to scare her enemies, "it makes me feel pretty," "how about I paint YOUR face motherf--"


Mali can be almost perfectly described in one word; chaotic. To say that she suffers from mood swings would be both an understatement and a misnomer, as she seems to kind of enjoy it. At times she is perfectly nice and exuberant, albeit with a dark sense of humor and a violent streak. Other times she is a brooding, antisocial pessimist with a chip on her shoulder and an axe with your name on it. Still other times she is an angry, violent demon of a woman who just wants to see the world burn. Once or twice she even shows a softer side, though she's too headstrong to admit it. Throughout all of her various "personalities" there are a few connecting themes: she likes a good laugh, she's loyal to whomever she decides is her friend that day, and she keeps a tough persona on at all times. In spite of (or perhaps to compensate for) her very "masculine" behavior, she never misses an opportunity to remind her companions that she is very much a woman...unless it involves dressing up.

When around company she isn't used to, Mali's personality shifts are less extreme, mostly because she is very uncomfortable in new or large crowds (though she would never show it, most of the time) and doesn't really know how to act around new people. She tends to stay away from making big decisions or standing out in the crowd, and the few things she does say usually come off as gruff, rude, or uncaring. While that might actually be the case sometimes, most of the time she is merely putting on her "extra tough" facade to either impress, or scare, new people. Get to know her a little, though, and she lets go of the extra tough guy attitude (thought she has a lot left to spare) and becomes her more extreme self.

Being socially awkward to an extreme, she has trouble understanding romantic relationships, or even noticing when someone is flirting with her (or setting her up with someone else, for that matter). She also has trouble understanding simple things like filtering what she says, and why people get angry when she speaks her mind. Granted, when she speaks her mind it's usually a sarcastic remark at the expense of someone else. She has trouble not looking like she's about to kill something (even when being as cordial as possible), and tends to be intimidating to the average person without making a conscious effort (or specifically trying not to be), which gives her a reputation as a bit of a bully, or even a bogeyman for merchants and peddlers ("don't look at her directly! That crazy grin is enough to make your hair stand on end!" "If you see her coming, just give her whatever she wants and hope she leaves."). Despite it all she means well...most of the time.


  • Men - She gets along with men better than women, mostly. Not to say that she dislikes women, she just doesn't know how to be...feminine.
  • Fights - Not necessarily with others, just in general. The thrill of battle is something she enjoys, perhaps a little too much.
  • Stories - Except for her own. She likes to hear about other peoples' experiences, unless she gets bored of it.
  • Winning - Post-battle celebrations are common. They usually involve drinking.
  • Food - And drinks, of course. She hardly ever turns down a meal, unless it's dodo.
  • Laughing - Often for no reason. She's very jovial when she isn't being antisocial.
  • Allies - If you get on her good side she's a fiercely loyal friend...just don't ask too many questions.
  • Challenges - She's always looking to get better. If you defeat her, she'll probably want to be your friend/rival until she can defeat you back.
  • New Experiences - Anything new and exciting has Mali's full attention. She always want to know more and try different things.


  • Self-centered people - People who are full of themselves get on her nerves. Whether they think they're the best at something or they simply don't think about others as much, or even if they are so focused on their own problems that they run in "depressed mode" all the time.
  • Losing - She will rarely ever admit defeat, even when she's lying half-dead on the ground.
  • Emotional attachments - She doesn't open up to people, and she doesn't know how to respond when people become close to her.
  • Tedium - She hates doing the same thing over and over, and gets bored easily.
  • Dodos - Alive, dead, cooked, anything. She simply cannot stand dodos.


Abilities in Battle

Mali knows just about everything there is to know about the fine art of killing things with axes. She spent most of her known life with an axe in her hands, which may or may not have led to her almost homicidal glee for battle. As a side effect of her violent upbringing, she knows probably more than she should about the intricacies of marauding and piracy, but also knows what happens to people who go too far with their power ("getting too cozy with ill-gotten power never ends well, unless you think it's good to lie face down in the dirt with a blade in your back and a pile of corpses beneath you."). Given that she easily falls prey to boredom though, she recently has started to put down the axe more often and branch out into, as she puts it, "different ways of hurting things in extreme fashions." She has at least some demonstrative skill in other forms of combat, most notably with lances and swords. Nothing that rivals her power with an axe of course, but given her tenacity that might change.

While Mali has enough skill for magic, her life has never focused on it nor really allowed time to study the intricacies of bending the aether to one's will. She sees it as something strange and alien that she might someday grow more accustomed to, and has even dabbled with it in the past, but never for very long. Of course, as unpredictable as she is, the next time you meet her she might be aspiring to be a grandmaster of the aetherial arts.

Abilities in Daily Life

To say that Mali lacks the skills to function as a regular person would be both accurate and a little depressing. She has focused so much of her life on the way of a warrior that she doesn't really know how to act outside of the battlefield, either alone or with others. She can cook enough to stay alive (but prefers other peoples' cooking to her own, as hers tends to be as chaotic as she is), and she knows enough of the basics of living to keep a reasonable life in her small abode in Limsa Lominsa, but she could never settle down and start a life that didn't involve death and destruction as a primary source of income.

As an off hobby she occasionally tries to make things. Nothing big and fancy, but little things that don't take very long and may or may not be useful (somewhere, somehow, she has a closet full of origami cranes and simple woodcarvings, all made out of boredom). She has nothing but the highest respect for people that can actually sit down and make something of actual use (especially those who make things she can use in battle) but her best way to show respect is mild curiosity and fewer insults.

Despite her exterior dislike for sitting in one place for too long, she is actually very well read and smarter than she lets on, and even has a bit of an artistic streak, for all the good it does her (the height of which are a few doodles and the aforementioned closet of random crafts). When she isn't out making coin from a dangerous life of adventuring, she actually prefers staying at home with a good book or pen and paper. If she were really desperate and focused on it she could probably make a decent living from her artistic tendencies, though the very thought of it would make her go crazy within her first day on the "job."


  • Strong Willed and Passionate - She always puts her full heart and soul into whatever she does, whether it's swinging her axe or simply enjoying the company of friends. Her dedication rarely ever falters, which makes her a strong and confident woman both on and off the battlefield.
  • Loyal - Once you are on Mali's good graces she will always be by your side. She stands by her friends and allies to the death.
  • Master Warrior - She will never claim that she is the best at anything ("it's too boring if there's nothing left to challenge you!"), but she is very skilled with a weapon in her hand and rarely outmatched with an axe.
  • Quick Learner - Mali may act like your average brute but she's actually quite intelligent and picks up new things easily. She can figure out an enemy's weaknesses and adjust her technique long as she doesn't get distracted.


  • Severely Mentally Unstable - It's no secret that Mali is highly chaotic at best and seriously mentally ill at worst. She can be very unpredictable, which often leads to schisms between herself and others if they catch her at a bad time. She is loyal to her friends, but she has trouble keeping them for very long.
  • Quick Tempered - It is very easy to get her riled up and she doesn't think clearly when she is angry, often lashing out wildly (either figuratively or literally) at whatever is nearby.
  • Emotionally Distant - While Mali may not be a wallflower, she rarely lets people in. Even her closest of friends are kept at arm's reach. She is stoic to a fault and will often pretend that she is fine even when seriously injured, refusing help simply to keep up her "tough girl" appearance.
  • Lacks Foresight - Mali often runs into situations without thinking them through. She relies more on brute strength and quick wit rather than careful planning and thought-out tactics.
  • Easily Distracted - Mali puts her heart and soul into everything, which means that when she gets sidetracked she gets really sidetracked. A good distraction can easily make her lose focus on more important matters, even ones that are crucial to survival.


What is Known

Mali keeps her past close to her chest. The most people can usually get are rumors and vague descriptions. Those familiar with her would know that she had a rough upbringing full of training and battle, but very little else. She never talks about family, if she ever even had one. Where ever she came from is a mystery, as she seemed to just appear in Limsa Lominsa as a hardened adventurer, and she has yet to divulge where she was before that. She is an enigma, with no past and no visible goals for the future. She is simply here to lay waste to those who stand against her, and she'll likely keep doing that until the day she dies.

The Real Story

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Coming soon!


Coming soon!


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Blue Skies Adventuring Company: Mali joined the Blue Skies Adventuring Company on a whim after a very...interesting event in the desert.

Other Notes


Coming soon!


  • There are a lot of placeholder characters in Mali's backstory because I'm lazy. If you would like to be a friend from Mali's past, I'm all for it.
  • More to come! This whole thing is a work in progress.