Mali Lutka

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 Mali Lutka
Gender Female
Race Rogaedyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Thanalan
Age 29
Marital Status Single
Occupation Explosive Expert, Engineer
Height/Weight 6'5" / 200-210lbs
Orientation Pansexual
  • Steel Legion (Father, Deceased)
  • Grand Songbird (Mother)
  • Vile Hound (Brother, Deceased)
  • Devious Vulture (Brother)
  • Iron Hand (Brother, Deceased)


Basic Info

Mali Lutka (pronounced /MAH-LEE LOOT-KAH/) (11th Sun 5th Umbral Moon (Oct 11)) is a Hellsguard Roegadyn born outside of Eorzea and is the daughter of the renown criminal leader of the Firestorm organisation, Steel Legion. In order to avoid the gaze of the Brass Blades, along with those that wish to see all members the Firestorm completely eradicated regardless of their connection or crimes, she changes her name to Mali Lutka and dons a pair of goggles (and glasses) that completely hide her eyes (a pair that is extremely similar to Steel Legion's, along with her brothers)


Sunny weather
Sweet food
Jokes. Especially puns.


Greed and actions based off greed.
Soldiers / Authority


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vice(s): Pipe Smoker
Favorite Food: Rolanberry and cream cheese pastries
Favorite Drink: Orange Juice, Brandy
Favorite Color: Blue

Appearance & Personality

Standing rather short yet bulky for her race, hair brushed to a single side and dark features, Mali cuts as a rather intimidating figure and has a deep, rich sounding contralto voice to accompany with. While completely unknown to those outside of that she greatly trusts, her eyes are a beautiful combination of gold and a lighter shade on the right eye. Her jawline is rather sharp, chiseled which emphasizes every twitch made. Her bulky body shows some curvature around the waist and her breasts amplify an upside-down pear shape. Underneath her clothing, a story is told. A collection of scars, ranging from old and worn to recent and fresh adorn the entire body. Most of her scarring seems to be concentrated on the upper half of her torso, her chest bearing jagged tears from failed tests backfiring and her back possessing ripping scars from violent whip slashing. Lighter, worn slashing scars can be found on her arms and legs, fingers possessing the most from repeated cuts and burns. Mali is almost never seen without her trademark goggles or glasses (or in some cases, a helm), given the circumstance, that completely hides her eyes from view. While her clothing tends to change depending on her situation or job, she tends to favor darker colours and light wear such as leathers or cloth. Her personal favourite is a long dark purple coat, allowing her to flaunt suggestively. For combat, she tends to wear plate mail for protection, once again hiding as much of her face as she can if not able to just hide only her eyes.
On the outside Mali strives to be a positive and cheerful individual, often making fun of the things she has done as well as throwing a few jokes around to lightening up moods. She ultimately strives to be a good figure to others, despite hiding a lot of what goes on underneath, and she treats most people with respect. She simply hides out any attitude or thoughts that drive an entirely different agenda in order to avoid conflict and intimidation. Her true nature tends to show itself in dire times or in combat, bringing forth a devious and cunning individual that is willing to stoop to cruel and dirty tactics. She is a "ends justify the means" type of person, she is not shy to use methods that would bend or break any laws should the need arise and she is not honorable in any shape or form because of this. Despite the lack of honor, she holds great respect and loyalty to those that she considers a friend or a close individual but holds very little to those that break her trust.
Her vast knowledge and expertise on explosives may come across as someone who is reckless and dangerous, but Mali doesn't show any of those traits even in fights. Every action is carefully planned out, all set up for maximum damage yet being the safest possible tactic. She employs those thoughts into experiments as well, often found far away from civilization where is it much safer to perform dangerous tasks such as testing bombs. She treats every creation with the upmost of care and consideration. Accidents rarely happen in her line of work and when they do, they often have minimal effects. Mali also often craves for engineering knowledge outside of her field, often consulting with those she know to have that knowledge or books if none arrive.
Despite being an intelligent enough individual, Mali lacks any cultural knowledge at all and is often seen voicing rude or insulting thoughts towards them. This is often corrected by the other party and is always answered with an apology.

Build: Upper burly, upside down pear shape
Height: Six fulms, five ilms (6ft 5 inches)
Weight: Around 200-210 pounds.
Skin tone: Dark red sandstone.
Hair Color: Ebony
Hairstyle: Short, Generally neat.
Eye Color: Gold left, light gold right.
Voice: Contralto, chesty voice that lowers into a deep rich tone on occasion.


A strong hearted individual, Mali is rarely disheartened or brought down by the situations she is involved. The years of grueling training has hardened her mental state to that of steel itself, unwavering and rarely panicking. It ultimately allows her to make sound decisions in a calm mindset, even changing strategy in the midst of combat with relative ease.
The feeling of victory and defeat is not something she holds strongly, feeling that victory as a pill for arrogance and defeat the cause of crushing self-esteem. Rather than taking the results Mali tends to look at fights in an analytical way, finding ways to learn from her mistakes in order to further improve and become stronger. That said however, she does not accept defeat and will go out of her way to achieve even the smallest of victories through any means necessary if not a stalemate.
"Treat a dog well and it'll serve loyally until the day it dies" - Mali is extremely loyal to those that she trusts, merely wishing to be treated well despite how she is and what she has done. A friend is someone she would dive to defend regardless of the circumstance and someone she would gladly help in any situation with whatever power she holds. She treasures every friendship more than anything else.


She tends to hide her true thoughts and feelings and when her real nature shows, it is often very intimidating if not frightening. As a result she has become rather insecure of that mindset, feeling immense discomfort when people do see her for how she is and feel scared. Mali finds that trying to make friends or allies is significantly more difficult this way.
Another insecurity is her own true identity. Those that honestly look hard enough can find she is related to the Firestorm leader Steel Legion as well as discover her real name. Such information has been hidden as well as possible, but the thought that someone can still find the scraps that remain and can abuse it brings about great discomfort.
Her "the ends justify the means" attitude does make her act in unsavory ways from time to time, often bending or breaking laws to achieve goals that would otherwise not be achievable. Her intention are good, regardless of the methods.
Mali sometimes refuses to back from a fight. This does lead to her needing to be pulled or dragged away before serious harm is done, either to herself or her opponent. To her, the optimal winning condition is incapacitating her opponent.
She is colourbind to the point she is barely able to distinguish colours, merely seeing in borderline monochrome. A sharp colour is easier for her to see, however she has no ability to see green, yellow and brown. She has no idea what green even looks like and she often hides the fact she cannot see colour.

Skills, Talents, Hobbies

Mali's technological field is explosives, ranging from creating and disarming bombs to forging fireworks and even delving into combustion. Her knowledge in the field is extremely vast, even delving into how Garlean engineers operate their weaponry and how to disable them efficiently. While it is her strongest field, she is often seen trying to expand and learn in other fields in order to put her own knowledge into use outside of caused devastation and destruction.
Her culinary skills aren't perfect, but she's capable of making decent food with the right equipment. To her, it's enough knowledge to survive on and she hasn't considered improving. She seems more interested in eating sweet pastries made by a professional.
She was taught by her father the art of the sword, as she generally dislikes his use of firearms due to past events. Through vigorous training she's grown to use her cunning to take down opponents much more skilled at the blade than she is, using their slight mistakes in decisions to her advantage.


Her body is built for speed, endurance and accuracy over power as she prefers to be cunning in her actions rather than brutal. Her father's training regime has made her very tough, allowing her to withstand the harshest of blows that would take down a regular man easily. In a situation where she needs to carry a bomb and detonate it to a specific location, her sprinting and toughness allows her to get from A to B quickly (much like a halfback!) and to avoid confrontation and much as possible. Her speed in arming/disarming a bomb is very quick thanks to her knowledge and calm mind.

Her fighting style resembles that of a pure defender, aiming to protect herself and her allies but lacking any power to take them down directly. Instead she uses traps and bombs, hiding behind a shield to endure what they would retaliate back with should they have an answer to her challenge.



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After Calamity

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Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"If ye' ask me, mate, she look like a lass tha' jus' runs. Runs and runs. From what? Who knows, or cares! HAH!" -- A drunkard
"Mali? Takes almost any job if she gets paid fairly. She's a bonny lass, her." -- A merchant
"Ask if she could make me something to find ore with, she made some weird device suns later and without payment!" -- Mythril Miner
"If it weren't for her politeness, you'd almost think she's just some brute. She's packing on the upper half!"
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I heard she beat her employer to a pulp when she didn't get paid what she was promised." -- Straggler
"Blew up a Garlean storehouse by herself. How did she manage that? She's too large to just sneak in." -- Mor Dhona Resident
"Got into a fight with her once, her grip is strong enough to snap a man's wrist! What does she fire to need such a thing?!"
"She never takes off those goggles. Not when she's bathing, not when she's sleeping. When changes set, her eyes are almost closed. I wonder why."

◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I saw a glimpse of her eyes when she took off her glasses for a moment. They were the eyes of a wolf, ready to tear apart anyone that drew near." -- Pub Crawler
"Got into a fight with her. She's dangerous, very dangerous. Almost snapped my neck the moment I got close with no mercy." -- Bar Brawler
"Brass Blades mentioned Legion, you know that bloke that killed a dozen folk for their supplies? Lass suddenly retreated and fast, like she was afraid of sommit."
"I saw her grinning like a damn dog when she took a beating from her employer as if she was enjoying it. She planted the lot of them, probably awaiting Thal's judgement right about now."
"Ohoho Mali ain't her real name, I can tell you that. But what is it really? Hah, cannot say. She would see me and you both dead if I were to even whisper it."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing



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