Marsh Mallow

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 Marsh Mallow
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Nameday 32nd Sun of the 6rd Umbral Moon (Current age: Unknown)
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Residence Wineport
Nicknames Mallow, Marshmallow
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A little Lalafell with reddish eyes and blue hair that is often pulled back in pigtails. She often tucks fresh flowers into her hair, behind her ears, or into hats she's wearing.

Early History

If Mallow ever had a proper home or Dunesfolk name, she has either forgotten it or deemed it irrelevant. Her first memories seem to be of "a place full of flowers, and a lady who took care of me". Her sense of time is rather vague, so she has no idea exactly how long ago this event was.

Current History

While Mallow does seem to roam wherever she pleases, she is most often seen in Wineport. What exactly she is doing is up for debate, though when asked she often responds that she is either gathering seeds, collecting strays, or taking care of her Minions (with a capital 'M').


Mostly cheerful and bubbly, with perhaps a dash of crazy.


DISCLAIMER: The following information is to be considered out of character knowledge, and if I suspect that information is being used I will consider it godmoding and dismissed as such. This is my character's opinions, not mine, so do not assume that if I dislike you in character that I also hate you out of character.








At this time, Mallow does not appear to be affiliated with any group, Grand Company or Free Company

Other Notes

- It is ENTIRELY possible that Mallow is insane: she claims to be able to hear flowers, and is known to pass on cryptic messages to people based on what the flowers told her.

- Mallow has a hard time remembering names. Perhaps the best example of this is with her own kitten, who in the course of an hour can go from "Private First-Class Mandred Fuzzyboots the Third" to "General Tam-Lin von Fuzzybutt". She remembers faces quite well, though.

- Mallow's name is often confused for the confection, 'marshmallow'. She is, in fact, named after the plant, Marsh Mallow. She will respond to Marshmallow or Mallow equally. But not 'Marsh'.

Out of Character Information

For the most part, I am almost always open walk-up RP. Please, though, send me a /tell BEFORE you engage me, just so I am aware of your presence and I can adjust anything I need to, as I am not always running around 100% in-character or could be engaged in an out-of-character activity.

Please be aware that I am prone to disconnecting. I play on a mobile connection, and sometimes there are dead zones on the highway, I go through a tunnel or into an underground facility, or the location I'm at has buildings or structures around that create a sort of Faraday cage. When this happens, please allow me up to ten minutes to reconnect as it is not uncommon for me to be in a dead-zone for several minutes only to encounter the 3102 boss when I try to log back in. I also may have to abruptly AFK for periods of time; I often help my husband with his job, and that includes checking weather reports, highway conditions, navigation, paperwork, fueling, load securement and inspections.