Marui Warui

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Marui Warui
Gender Agender (they/them)
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Server Faerie
Age 23
Marital Status Single, but let's be real. Are you REALLY interested?
Occupation Artist
Height/Weight 3'8/50 lb.
Orientation Pansexual
  • Adamda Wadaramda (Father)
  • Swinging Hammer (Father)

"The number one cause of death among new adventurers is lack of drip, kid."

Years might have passed since their mentor shared these words with them, but nevertheless-- Rui has committed them to memory. Now, all that they do is in pursuit of style and fashion that not even the Twelve can match.

...If only because, in their mind, they now conflate luxury brands with survival. And why not? In the new era, style means comfort. Comfort means success. Success means... girls? Whatever. Regardless, it is in this roundabout way that they've survived thus far in spite of their cowardice and insufferably fussy nature.

But is surviving all there is? In their aimless wanderings, they hope to discover the direction they desire in life.

Basic Info

Though Rui solely refers to themself as an artist, in actual practice it's little more than a hobby. Something to build an identify off of? Maybe.
Commissions? Rare.
Freelance work? Too unreliable.
Gallery shows? Sure, if they had any finished works!
The unfortunate reality is that they're a bottom-rung grunt in a Free Company called Astra.


Cute girls
Elaborate desserts


Wet feet
Clammy hands
People whose eyes are set too far apart
People whose eyes are set too close together
Being the shortest party member
Waking up early
Going more than two days without a bath
Vilekin with more than four legs
Vilekin with less than four legs
Allergy season
Riding mounts
Using aetherytes
Vegetables that start with the letter G
Multi-grain bread


Alignment: Lawful Stupid
Vice(s): The Three G's! Girls, Goodies, and Gil.
Favorite Food: Jellied Harcot
Favorite Drink: Lemonade
Favorite Color: Gobbiebag Brown

Appearance & Personality

Rui's on the taller side for a lalafell, and very keen to mention it in casual conversation. Unfortunately, this doesn't amount to very much when compared to other races! Like it or not, they're tiny-- a fact they wholly resent. To this end, they attempt to wear shoes with a slight heel to them... until their feet start to ache, and they give up on the endeavor altogether.

It is also Rui's opinion that they're QUITE princely, and they spare no efforts towards dressing the part. Though they could not truthfully be called... handsome by any measure. No, they're best described as generic-brand cute, and little else. Say that to their face, though, and watch them protest-- unless the words come from a cute girl's mouth, then they might allow it.

Despite their princely aspirations, though, there's very little about them that might be described as PRINCELY.

They're hopelessly fussy about virtually everything, and they're slow to help others if they have nothing to gain from it. Gil is king! And if they do choose to help, well, they'll remind everyone of what an inconvenience it all is.

They're borderline insufferable, really.

Furthermore, they're a coward whose lip is quick to wobble in the face of adversary. It's little wonder they chose a bow! What else would allow them to pick off foes as they run away? Embarrassing. It would be easier to list the vilekin they're not afraid of than the other way around.

But... despite everything, they're not without redeeming features. They're unfailingly loyal to the few friends they keep and they... tip well? Sometimes. Does being superficially polite and kind count? We'll go with that.



Though they were born in Limsa Lominsa, their parents shortly thereafter relocated to Wineport to be closer to their vineyards.
As one might imagine from a sentence like that, Rui grew up very well off and never wanted for anything. They were utterly spoiled.
Unfortunately, they were also hopelessly babied-- something they still resent.

Teenage Years

Yeah, so. The Calamity definitely happened.
Rui should probably be carrying some kind of horrible trauma, huh?
Nope. Their dads lifehacked their way through that horrific, continent-reshaping event and cast a "spell" called Sack of Blinding whenever anything remotely terrible happened. Can't be traumatized if you've got a hempen sack over your head.


In defiance of the babying they'd received their whole life, Marui Warui ran away.
At the age of twenty.
After receiving the explicit approval to do so from both their parents.
In any case, they sought to carve a path for themself and find their way through life on their own terms. Not with their fathers' money, and certainly not through the wine trade! Unfortunately, Rui was a naive little idiot from Eastern La Noscea who knew nothing of the world. They blundered through humiliation after humiliation only to be cast back down into the mud every time. Adventuring proved to be a considerably more difficult trade than they'd quite realized.
And really, what could Rui expect but abject failure? Still, the disappointment they felt was nearly enough to drive them back to Wineport.
Until their fate changed and they met him.
Striking Boulder.
A man whose BDE was so huge, Rui was immediately drawn to him. And while their interactions were fleeting, and vague, Rui immediately latched on to the roe as their all-knowing mentor and their raison d'etre. If they could be just a little stronger, a little cooler, a little wiser, just a little more like Boulder... Then that would be enough for Rui.
And that would be how they would succeed on their own terms.


There's not much that might be said about Rui's time with Astra. They joined through pure happenstance and now, they suffer through the low-level grunt work that gets pushed on to them.
The only reason they don't complain more is because they've been dipping into the company chest more often than they feel like sharing...



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Word is they'll work for exposure. Creepy. Ain't never heard o' any artist who'll work in exchange for seein' a bare bum."
"Marui Warui, were it? Yeah, I know 'em. Sent 'em on a basic errand and then they ain't never returned. Unreliable, that one is. Would sooner throw gil down a well than trust it with 'em."
"I saw them crying face-down in the mud the other day. Sad."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Mm, I hear they're a bit o' a rich kid. They play at bein' a lowly 'venturer, but they could go runnin' home to mummy and daddy if the goin' ever gets rough. Anyroad..."
"...'Marui Warui'? Oh! You mean Rui, right? Sure, they're around the pub sometimes. Mostly, though, they're just trailing this one roegadyn man around like copperfish poop... Or asking after him. Either or."
"Baaaaaaaah! They got plenty o' gil to spend on new clothes, but Thal forbid they clear up their tab! Honestly...! Dandy brat!"
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Oh? This is the heir to one of the merchant families in Eastern La Noscea, is it not? Yes, I seem to recall doing business with their father a few moons back..."
"They can wield a bow, sure, but I don't think it's in the classic Gridanian style... Seems like they're used to more recreational archery. You know, what you'd expect from a noble."
"...I don't quite remember, but they were talkin' about being part Roegadyn. I thought it were somethin' dirty they were tryin' to imply, so I poured my drink on 'em and left, I did."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Striking Boulder : The mysterious man they've come to call their mentor. In truth, Boulder's barely around to do ANYTHING that might be remotely considered teaching, but nonetheless! Rui holds him in high esteem all the same!
Rui can often be found waiting around for him on the couch in his private quarters. It has the MOST unfortunate wet spot that never, ever dries in spite of Rui's efforts to dab it away with napkins.
Rikah Rarakka : She used them as an armrest once. They haven't forgiven her for it yet.
Satoru Geinou : If Satoru finds out they're embezzling from the company, it's curtains for Rui.



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