Maya Garanji

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Maya Garanji
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 24 Summers
Deity Nymeia
Nationality La Noscean
Occupation Student, Arcanist
Alignment Neutral Good
Orientation Bisexual


Maya Garanji was born and raised in La Noscea. She became a member of the Arcanists' Guild at nineteen summers, where she studied the arts of arcanima and arcane geometry while living in Limsa Lominsa. She worked for several years as an assessor at Mealvaan's Gate, examining the cargo holds of ships entering the city's ports.

After the end of the Dragonsong War, Maya applied for and received a scholarship to study at the Athenaeum Astrologicum, where she intended to expand her knowledge of arcane mathematics under the tutelage of a new, controversial master of Sharlayan astrology. While her studies were engaging, the cold weather and dour moods of the native Ishgardians were difficult for Maya to bear, and although she was quick to learn how to chart the stars, she found that she had little aptitude at interpreting her own results.

In the aftermath of her first real personal defeat, she quickly accepted an offer from Evette Blackstone to return to Limsa Lominsa and be her personal assistant and join the militia at the Aureate Ward. More often than not, this unfortunately results in Maya acting more as a glorified retainer or company gopher than a woman of knowledge, but she has slowly been getting more work related to combat or the expansion of her fledgling alchemy skills.

Appearance and Personality

Maya is a youthful miqo'te of twenty-four summers, with great enthusiasm for most tasks put before her. She enjoys receiving a grade in all things, and actively seeks the approval of anyone she sees as being in authority. She is sometimes plagued by an overconfidence in her abilities, and has a tendency to take on more than she can handle in an effort to prove herself.

Her wardrobe employs a functional, scholarly aesthetic, and she favors skirts, long socks, and comfortable sweaters when studying. Her hair is usually pulled back in a ponytail, to avoid trailing it through fresh ink or dipping it into reagents.

In her spare time, Maya is often found reading books in the company lounge, attempting to recreate some of her grandmother's recipes or foods she encounters in her travels, or holed up in her apartment writing in fervent bursts on a series of manuscripts that she refuses to talk about.

Maya's character aesthetic moodboard contains many clues and hints to her personality and interests as well.

RP Hooks


Maya was a member of the Arcanists' guild for several years, and would still have friends and acquaintances there, especially among those who worked at Mealvaan's Gate.

La Nosceans

Maya grew up on the La Noscean countryside, with parents in the Yellowjackets and in the Maelstrom navy, and would have had childhood friends who grew up alongside her in their village, as well as older adults who would have been friends of the family.


Maya lived with a host family when she was studying in Ishgard, perhaps that was you! She also would have had classmates, both friendly and antagonistic, at the Athenaeum Astrologicum.


Maya is only just beginning her study of alchemy, and is likely to seek out fellow students with whom to compare notes, or established professionals in the field to teach her a few tricks.

OOC Information

All players and characters who interact with Maya must be 18 years of age or older. Maya's story occasionally contains elements with mature themes such as sex, violence, and substance abuse, so I prefer to restrict all of her interactions to fellow adults.

Out of character, I am a mature adult roleplayer with a stable IRL life and a firm divide between IC and OOC. I sometimes enjoy getting to know my fellow players on an OOC basis and occasionally making friends, but I am not looking for romantic or sexual connections with other players, and my character expressing sexual or romantic interest in another character does not in any way reflect any OOC intention toward the player.

I respect the time and effort of my RP partners, and I understand both busy schedules and the frustration of having a brain that doesn't always want to work with you, even when your spirit is willing to write a scene. I will never guilt anyone for having to leave or postpone a scene, and I expect the same! That being said, if someone doesn't seem to be putting in the effort to prioritize a scene with me, I will probably stop putting in the effort to ask if they want to continue. If you have to drop off of my roleplaying radar for a while, feel free to nudge me later when you're ready to pick up again!

I can be contacted on Discord at thatsadorbsyo#6895. My roleplay Tumblr is @kalaisgreen (contains NSFW content). My usual RP hours are in the evenings during EST prime time.