Maya Kazumi

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Maya Kazumi
Maya Kazumi.jpg
The Impulsive Doctor
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Server Balmung
Age 22
Height 7 fulms, 3 ilms
Weight 237 Ponzes
Profession Doctor, Arcanist, Mercenary
Patron Deity Azeyma

Maya Kazumi is a driven young doctor and researcher hailing from Limsa Lominsa. Thanks to years of intense, dedicated research and study originating in her childhood, she is a far better Arcanist - and doctor - than her relatively young age would suggest.


Maya is an exceptionally lean woman, almost nothing but bone and wiry sinew. She teeters dangerously close to being outright gaunt. Her face is generally sharp, which is only compounded by the way her vibrant hair frames it. One of her eyes is a slightly lighter shade of green than the other, and the highlights in her hair are halfway between both shades. At the roots, her original hair colour - a dark brunette - can be seen. Her movements are energetic, yet sporadic, as if she were a Yarzon given spoken form. There are bags underneath her eyes, the dark circles worryingly large.


Born on the docks of Limsa Lominsa, Maya's childhood was simple. With her two best friends, she formed a trio of troublemakers, although Maya herself was the most rule-abiding. At the age of thirteen, one of her friends gave her a nameday gift of a book they'd stolen from an adult - an Arcanist's grimoire. Maya was enthralled, studying and attempting to understand the patterns and words within. This started a lifelong passion for Arcanima, which she would put to good use only a few years later.

When the Calamity struck, Maya was inside of a building with her friends.Unfortunately, walls were no protection from the wrath of Bahamut, and the building was struck, catching fire. Everyone tried to scramble for exit, but in the end, Maya was the only one able to escape before the ceiling collapsed. Her friends dead, and haunted by the memories of their last moments, Maya found solace the only ways she could think to - studying medicine, so no one had to share their fate; delving into her arcanima even more to quiet and focus her mind; joining a crew of Lominsan "privateers" for a time, to get revenge on the Garleans she blamed for the Calamity.

She left the crew only once she was confident enough in her medical skills to try finding work as a doctor.


Maya is morbid, bitter and snarky, although she's often able to mask it behind a veneer of formality and politeness. Her impulsive nature means she can never keep her comments to herself, and she's often petty and vindicative. However, like most, Maya has positive qualities as well - She's honest, straightforward and surprisingly altruistic - she sees nothing strange about insulting someone constantly the one minute, and then giving them medical treatment for free the next. She tends to view the world in black and white, which can serve her for good or for ill.

Affiliations and Known Associates

W'Raham Tia - Ever since she started attempting to mingle with people again, W'Raham and Maya have been friends. He was one of the first people she met, and they've known each other since - their odd, antagonistic yet lasting friendship helping to anchor the Roegadyn to Hydaelyn, rather than her own mind.


  • Nicknames: Doc, Sawbones
  • Age: 22
    • Nameday: 18th sun of the sixth Umbral moon
  • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Asexual
    • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 7'3"
  • Weight: 237 Pz
  • Body: Lean and wiry
  • Hair: Disheveled, yet otherwise well-cared for
  • Eyes: Green
  • Skin: Pale olive
  • Clothing: Formal or practical attire; likes Lominsan red and black; prone to showing off her legs


  • Arcanima
  • Medicine
  • Eavesdropping
  • Bantering
  • Fashion
  • Rainy days
  • Sailing


  • Insecurity
  • Indecisiveness
  • Garleans
  • Feeling disrespected or underappreciated
  • Sunny days
  • Spicy food

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Arcanima, defence, healing, curses
  • Crafting: Cooking, alchemy
  • Other: Medicinecraft, surgery, writing, drawing anatomical sketches


  • Magical expertise: Maya's deep, intuitive understanding of Arcanima allows her to use it in ways an average Arcanist cannot. Most notably, she has the ability to create aetheric barriers to shield her allies - and, if she manipulates them properly, to batter enemies.
  • Steady hand: As a practicing surgeon, Maya's hands need to be both steady and precise. As a result of this, she can handle most things that call for fine detail or precision rather well.
  • Strong will: Maya refuses to let anything or anyone keep her from her goals. It's almost impossible for anything to deter her, be it poor fortune or raw, unyielding difficulty.
  • Propriety: Maya understands how to act in high society and academia, and so - for the most part - she can take to both social settings like a Sahagin to water.
  • Medical expertise: Maya's skill as a doctor is the only thing she has that may be able to rival her skill in Arcanima. She has a strong grasp of anatomy for all the Spoken races, and even one or two beast tribes, and she can usually identify the proper course of treatment for a wound or malady.


  • Stubbornness: The downside of her strong will - Maya is unable to admit when a goal is unrealistic, or not worth aiming for. She'll bleed and suffer for something that just plain isn't worth it.
  • Frailty: In spite of being a Roegadyn, Maya is not an exceptionally tough woman. Whilst she can resist pain itself decently well, one or two good blows is enough to incapacitate her.
  • Bloodlust: Maya has a downright disturbing fascination with anatomy and blood. This can make her look incredibly creepy or untrustworthy, and inspire her to cruelty.
  • Antagonistic: Since she's unable to keep her comments to herself, Maya tends to insult and wound people who take offence to cutting words - and since such people annoy her, it tends to only get worse as her tone becomes laced with venom.
  • Detached: Maya doesn't completely want for empathy, by any means, but even with her best friends she can't help but maintain some small level of emotional distance. She's prone to acts like retiring to her room to study for a few moons without considering how it might make her friends feel.

Other Notes


Maya believes in the Twelve, but isn't particularly devout. She worships them casually.


Maya always introduces herself by noting that her "name" is in fact a pseudonym. She's also prone to adjusting her glasses frequently, usually whenever she feels particularly amused.


Maya always carries a grimoire with the requisite geometries - and her research - for Arcanima, a quill, a pot or two of ink, her medical journal, and her doctor's tools - gauze, medicines, tinctures, scalpels, needles and thread, amongst other things.


The following rumours can be heard about Maya, predominantly in Ul'dah. (If your character has an opinion about her, feel free to add it here.)

Common rumours

  • She has nothing better to do than eavesdrop on people.
  • She'll heal anyone, free of charge.
  • She's trying to get as many people in debt with her as possible.

Uncommon rumours

  • Her "name" is derived from her dead friends.
  • The crew she used to serve on stole from everyone, not just Garleans.
  • She refuses to tell anyone her real name.

Rare rumours

  • Nobody is sure where she keeps getting cadavers from.

What PCs are saying

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Maya from:

  • The Drowning Wench
  • The Quicksand
  • Camp Bronze Lake, nearby the ruins of Nym
  • Academic papers on both medicine and arcanima.

References - her main theme