Meiarin Beail

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Meiarin Beail
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I'm not tiny! I'm vertically challenged...
Healer in training.
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 17
Favorite Foods Candy, pies, cakes and juices.
Relationships None.
Family Father: Yereil Beail Mother: Rasietta Beail Brothers: R'llah and Mor'tre
Favorite hobby Drawing, shopping, talking with strangers (even though her mom says not to)

Basic Info

This lalafell has always been known for being the smallest out of all that she grew up with. She has Pink and Blue colored hair along with blueish gray misty eyes. She wears malachite ear drops, a lapis lazuli ring and a malachite bracelet


She was born in Gridania, but moved to Ul'dah soon after due to disputes between the city council and her parents. She grew up as any parent would hope for their child, with two older brothers. Her father started work as a miner, getting certified with the miners guild to enter the mines, her brothers following her father's example once they were old enough. Meiarin stayed home with her mother, allowed to wander the streets and play as she pleased. Now old enough, she decided to take the route more traveled and do tasks around the city as an adventurer. However she has yet to leave Ul'dahs desert, worried she would get lost.


She's a normally bubbly girl, not seeming phased by much of anything. She can come across as Naive however she understands more than she tends to let on. However she does care a lot about people, even if she doesn't know them making her very approachable if she doesn't approach you first.


Other Notes