Kiht Jakkya

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Kiht Jakkya
"You can not lie to nature."

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CURRENT ALIAS... Kiht Jakkya

RACE & CLAN... Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon

NAMEDAY... 24th sun of the Second Astral Moon.

GENDER... Female

AGE... 27

ORIENTATION... Heterosexual



ETHNICITY... Twelveswood Moon-Keeper


RESIDENCE... Typically, The Black Shroud

OCCUPATION... Hunter-scholar and Scout

PATRON DEITY... Menphina the Lover

HEIGHT... 5 fulms

WEIGHT... 105 ponz

Basic Info


Traditions and Lore
Studying creatures (including people)


Hot weather/climates
Sedentary duties
Urban environments
Urban cultures
Being told to sit


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vices, Flaws and Imperfections: pride, racial generalizations, sexual generalizations, occasional overconfidence, lacking urban etiquette, occasionally judgemental, opinionated.
Favorite Foods: Pineapple, Dodo and Fish
Favorite Drinks: Whiskey and honey tea
Favorite Color: Blue

Appearance & Personality

Jet-black hair, blue eyes and alabaster skin. Kiht has a slight but athletic build. She is five fulms tall, but carries herself as if she were six fulms tall.

Kiht is confident and outgoing, sometimes crossing the line into cocksure. But she is often friendly to strangers who mean her no harm. Despite being a Keeper of the Moon, she takes a strong interest in people. Her etiquette and demeanor are often key signs of her wilderness roots but she can surprise people with how well-spoken she is, and how civil she can act.

Kiht isn't afraid to speak her mind and can be impulsive when angered. However, she isn't a typical feral hunter. She observes, learns and plans. Her lifestyle of hunting and learning eventually lead her to being a Hunter-scholar. She is enthusiastic for her work and will take on any wilderness jobs from the mundane antelope hunt to finding a missing person in a monster-infested landscape.

Kiht Drawing by Session Zero.jpg

(Sketch by Session Zero)



Kiht grew up in a "clan". Her family known as the Jakkyas lived alongside a family known as the Kaatahs. The two families formed a hunter-gatherer society that migrated about in the Twelveswood. They moved from settlement to settlement trading hides, meat and gathered materials from nature. The group was Matriarchal and traditional. Kiht's role in the family was chosen for her at toddler age and her training in hunting, scouting (since she was chosen to be a scout) and combat began before her age reached the double-digits.

Life was never easy for the group of rustic hunter-gatherers, but Kiht's childhood was mostly peaceful. It wasn't until her teen years that conflict with Gridania, Ixal and eventually the Garleans turned her life into one of war and danger.



Just as Kiht reached adulthood, the Calamity struck. Her "clan" lost most of its members to war and the destruction. Faced with a severely damaged forest home and enemies on all sides, Kiht and many of her sisters and cousins joined the Twin Adders. The reluctant alliance with Gridania had her fighting Ixal, Garleans and all manner of monsters in the aftermath of the Calamity. Kiht had to transform from care-free forest nomad to hardened soldier in a matter of years.

When the crisis following the aftermath began to abate, Kiht gathered what was left of her "clan" and tried to restore the life they had before. However, too much had changed. Kiht set off into the rest of Eorzea to find a solution but all she found was more problems. The Kaatah family eventually split off from the Jakkya family, leaving Kiht and her kin of fourteen to find a new life for themselves.

Hutarin's drawing of Kiht Jakkya.png

(art by Hutarin)


Kiht was new to everything outside The Black Shroud when she first emerged, but in the last four and a half years, she made and lost friends, learned all she could about the lands around her and became a Hunter-scholar. She tried forming a new "clan" twice and fought conspiracy, people and monsters alike. Most has not gone her way, but she has survived by being a swift step ahead of the worst the fates could throw at her. And her family continues to rebuild their lives in the new era.

Now, the Jakkya family has joined with the Mioni family to make a new "clan". It is small, but they have found a new niche in the salvaging of tek and materials from war-torn lands and selling those materials in addition to hunting goods.


Menphina symbol.png


Fang Earrings made by Kendha'to Burwani, her first Keeper friend outside her "clan". Worn to this day.

Wolf Fang necklace made by Yehn'a Epocan, Kiht's father. Worn to this day.

An old, leather-bound booklet with most of its pages written in Keeper script. It is a journal made by Kiht's mother, Yabi Jakkya.

Raptor leather ring with the words "I forgive you" carved into it. Rinette Molkoh bears a matching ring with the words "I am sorry". In memory of a time Rinette left without saying goodbye. The rings are an endless apology and forgiveness between two friends who may never meet again, but will always remain friends. Worn to this day.

Lock of blonde hair cut from Rinette Molkoh. Kiht forcibly took it as a protest to Rinette's stubborn need to face a great danger alone. It was a way for Kiht to always have Rinette's scent. Kept in her room at her lodge.

One and a half vials of Morbolvine Clan morbol toxin. A reminder of a "toxic" time, and a trial of faith. Kept in a secret location.

A silver bracelet with a lapis lazuli gem. Given to Kiht by Rio Ashentyr. It's kept in her room at her lodge.

An Ishgardian ring given to Kiht by Reilan Orycia. Description: "It's a bit on the larger side, obviously meant to be a status symbol as much as a family heirloom. It's silver, and the signet on the top is a shield divided into quarters with crossed swords in one corner and the Fortemps unicorn in the opposite corner. Along the edge is engraved text in Eorzean script which reads, 'In Glory We Reside'". Chained to a bracelet that she now wears.

A Bow of Owls design short bow made by Kiht's mother, Yabi Jakkya. Used to this day.

A steel flower hairpin given to Kiht by Rinh'li Nelhah. Kept in Kiht's room in her lodge.

A mythril hunting knife with an Ice Core in its hilt. Always on Kiht's belt.

A steel hunting knife given to her by Pyralis. Always hidden on her person.

A letter from Roen which had accompanied a box of spiced, dry meats.


I saw this at the market. You seemed to favor them greatly over any other kind of fruit when we used to watch the Grindstone together. I know we have grown much since those days, but I still treasure those fond memories.

May the Starlight Festival find you well.


A simple, hand-woven leather bracelet that held a steel frame at its center. The frame itself held an aetherically attuned crystal which its wearer can utilize to ward against magics without the need to learn a warding spell themselves. It was a gift of friendship and thanks to Kiht. For Zanzan, it was a way for him to watch over a close friend who would otherwise scout and travel alone. Worn to this day.

A leather-bound journal detailing out the geographical regions of La Noscea. It also has the description of animals and fauna found on the island yet in a broad and simple outline. A starlight gift personally written by Zanzan, and only contains a single poem.

Beasts Trained

Dirk A male La Noscea Grass Raptor.

Estoc A female Black Shroud Raptor.

Blackie A juvenile Black Coeurl (usually kept with Kiht's family).

Haru A Coerthan Falcon.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"I hear she owns a little lodge now. Run by her family, so you don't always find her there. Called The Raptor's Rest, I think."
"I hear she is a new Hunter-scholar. I did not know her... Kind... Could become scholars of anything."
"Girl 'as an obsession with 'unting things much bigger than 'er."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I hear she fought alongside the Ala Mhigan resistance in the liberation of Gyr Abania."
"She gets around. She once said she's been to Dravania and Othard. Her whole family was in Tailfeather for a while."
"She was once an Adder. It's supposed to be a secret, but it's long past its days of mattering. She was part of an irregular unit called Dusk Watch. Eventually, some kinda controversy about her disobeying orders got her whole unit disbanded.
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"In a recent leve, she worked with some people to find a lost girl in West Shroud. They got attacked by some monstrosity and forced to flee back to civilization. A fortnight later, she set out -again- with a smaller group and found the girl's body. Don't know if that's incompetence or dedication, but it sure is courageous."
"Some say she's often alone. Others know she has a couple of trained Raptors nearby when out in the wilderness."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"I have counted on her when I had no one else, time and time again. Someday... someday I will repay what I owe her for her friendship." - Roen Deneith
"She will have a special place in my heart. A place that scares me. Go away now." - Pyralis Targaryen
"She was working as a mercenary for a woman I sent some people after, and she's never forgotten or forgiven that. A strange position for a mercenary to take, and one that's coming back to bite me." - C'kayah Tia
"The only student of the lance I have ever taken on. There are none stronger of spirit, nor any who possess more courage, than Kiht Jakkya. She fills me with pride." - Yvelont Navarre
"Of the brief amount of time I've known her, she was loyal and made absolute sure things were sought through to the end. 'Tis a bit of a rare trait to find in anyone." - Cedric Riordan
"Bearing the burden of leadership in order to protect many. That... is honorable." - Xydane Vale
"Kiht is the closest thing I have to a family and I would do anything for her. She is my moon-sister in every sense of the name." -Rinette Molkoh
"I don't know much about her, except that she's truly wonderful. She can be trusted - I do know that as well." -Aya Foxheart
"So strong and independent, most do not see whom I see when I look at her. I see a young woman with the weight of many worlds on her. I see smiles, tears, and joy all bottled away for the sake of others. At the Ball I managed to get her to dance a few steps with me. She seems to blush a lot, but that aside, I would trust her with my life." -Erik Mynhier
"From all I had heard, I expected someone... larger." - Coatleque Crofte
"Huntress unrivaled. Touch her pack at your own peril." - Osric Melkire
"Kiht's seen more trouble than she deserves, that's for sure. She's a good woman, the sort you can rely on to always do what she should." - Aya Foxheart
"She is noble and possesses all the traits of a leader. Aye, I consider her a friend." - Crisiet Liautroix
"Pleasant company, but one I flee from. A… reminder of what awaits me once I've done my part, and by moments, I long to get straight to it, duty forsaken." - Kahn'a Ohditra
"She's the sort of friend who is shelter in a storm. She always comes through." -Aya Foxheart
"I only met her briefly, and during that time it got very...very...'awkward'." She blushes, clears her throat, and says nothing more. - Lilithium Altair
"Damn scary she can be at times, though she has the heart of a true Keeper an' is a truly kind a person. She's my respect an' more." - Jin'sae Molkot
"My steadfast Huntress... Hm. She eludes me, yet holds no ill will against me. She is more useful as an ally than an enemy." - Lynx
"Never have I met a more valuable ally. She is an example of what every Keeper should be." - Enju Abbagliato
"Not like some of the other arseholes in twelveswood. And she's head of her own clan. She seems to know 'er stuff." - Chiyo Hoshi
"You promise not to tell her? Very well, let's see... if I had to describe Kiht... I guess I could only do her justice by a-likening her to a storm. Fueled by Nature, empowered with Purpose, and from the turmoil of life's struggles a Beauty that words fail to capture has taken form." - Riordyn Ashentyr
"I have seen her a few times, for my part. It was a blessing to meet her in the eyes of the Scholar, much a hunter of wisdom as any prey or threat. I would say she is in need of allies that can stand on their own with her, if that is not too bold to say. Give and take equally and keep their eyes open; her strength is not to be squandered." - Jancis Milburga
"She is like a wolf mother, sacrificing her time and effort in protecting and caring for her family... She even accepted a stranger like me into her home... Her tale deserves a good ending and I'll be sure to witness it." - Zanzan Yanzan
"A skilled warrior, perhaps the Dense One is not so. This One is eager to meet her in battle once again, and return her wounds in spades!" - Nameless Warrior
"I had heard only tales about the Twelveswood until I myself had to contend with those Twelves-Damned Elementals and their capricious callousness towards even those that seek to aid them. Anyone who can believe they can eek out an existence in defiance to the whims of the Elementals and succeed...well, Ms. Jakkya has my respect as much as my appreciation for her beauty." - Orrin Halgren
"Kiht-Kat? She knows her stuff. Had I known her earlier in my career, she can I could have done some good business in the Shroud, I'd say. She's a good friend of another friend of mine, so she's good in my book." - Shaelen Stormchild


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing

Family (or -like- Family)

Nihka Mioni

Roen Deneith

R'shesha Otharn

Rinette Molkoh

Verad Bellveil

Osric Melkire

Zanzan Yanzan

Spahro Llorn

Yvelont Navarre

Aya Foxheart

Kiht has NPC members of her actual namesake family as well.


Virara Wakuwa

Edda Eglantine

Nheu'a Polaali

Sanja Polaali

Khloe Lyehga

Enju Abbagliato

Anstarra Silverrain

Arblis Ellhis

Gharen Wolfsong

Sounsyy Mirke

Delial Grimsong

Yasu Hasimoto

S'imba Tia

Negative Relations

Austurmax Laforet


Additional Info and Fun Stuff

Kiht Chibi.jpg

(art by Meghatron)


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