Mithos Mimithos

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 Mithos Mimithos
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship ???
Nameday 9th Sun, 4th Astral Moon
Age 21
Marital Status Single

Basic Information

Height: 2 fulms, 10 ilms

Weight: 35 ponze

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Emerald

Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral to Lawful Good, depending on who he is around

Primary Job/Class: Spellblade; Invoker (Intakes many elements into his own being)


A rather petite individual, it may be hard to believe Mithos could be a capable fighter at all. Standing at a miniscule height and weighing very little to boot, he is perhaps the very personification of "delicate", at least on the surface. Feathery (if somewhat unkempt) blonde tresses hang down to his shoulders, with a tuft of hair perpetually sticking up on the top of his head. The small lalafell possesses emerald eyes, occasionally compared to the luster of the sultana Nanamo Ul Namo's own (much to his embarrassment), often complimented by a shy smile or nervous frown. His ears are smaller than most lalafells', only slightly poking out from the side of his blonde mane of hair. As for his body, he was perhaps somewhat less rotund than many lalafell, looking a bit thin, owing to his recent poverty-stricken status. He speaks with a light-toned voice, not squeaky nor deep, perhaps even androgynous in nature though with a more light pitch. A soft boyish tone, in general. He oft smells of many kinds of flowers, particularly those found within an oasis.


Mithos is a timid and taciturn individual, usually opting to stay quiet in most areas and situations unless he has a direct part in it, and even then, he'll often continue to stay tight-lipped. When he does speak, it is with a somewhat hushed voice, never loud enough to overtake another's. His vocabulary is rather fluid and his words carry with them a calm and sedate composure, in spite of his timidity, and it is apparent that he is at least decently well-learned. Growing up in relative poverty within the Silver Bazaar (especially after the Calamity), Mithos learned to be cautious: to not trust everyone he meets, but to at least carry with him the kindness to befriend many people, especially those in higher places that may give him the aid he needs. Sensible and prudent, he is never one to rush headlong into even the most dire of conflicts, and will calculate the risks and dangers of a situation before diving into it.

Mithos is a very faithful and devoted person to his friends and loved ones, although he definitely struggles to actually make friends and even minor acquaintances nowadays. He's often over-apologetic, quick to put the blame for many actions onto himself, perhaps as a result of his life's circumstances. He is wont to acknowledge his own mistakes, but finds it difficult to learn from and grow from them, often allowing his deeper faults and blunders to fester within him with a heavy guilt. There are, however, those who Mithos holds a great distrust and disdain for, in particular those of the Syndicate or others of nobility, having witnessed the suffering of poverty at a very personal level and finding it hard to accept that there are those who would live well above what they need while not allowing those far below them from even having many basic needs. In recent times however, Mithos has begun developing that same disdain and distrust for all Eorzeans as a whole.

Mithos longs for a united realm and world as a whole: one without conflict, where all citizens can live equally happy, and to that end, he joined the Crystal Braves as a recruit. When it became defunct and collapsed under the Syndicate's corruption, however, it further shattered Mithos' faith in Eorzea, causing him to believe that there may indeed be no hope for man, no hope for them to repent and rue their sins and misdeeds. Though this belief is something he hides and keeps to himself, it continues to darken and fester within him like an infected wound...


Mithos was born in the Silver Bazaar around thirteen years prior to the advent of the Calamity. The Silver Bazaar was well into decline at that point, and before long Mithos began to grow up in poverty along with his parents, under the shadow of the great, prosperous city of Ul'dah. Mithos's guardians, however, did not pay too much attention to their son beyond his basic needs, instead choosing to focus their efforts on attaining gil to keep their family afloat; a fine effort nonetheless, but at the cost of Mithos growing up very lonely. He began to despise many aspects of society at this point, in particular gil and by extension the nobility and Syndicate of Ul'dah. Gil effectively caused a situation where the rich to bloat themselves while the poor starve in the desert sands, where in his eyes things like this should be shared amongst people so everyone would be able to live healthily. Gil was what his family chose to put their focus on instead of their son, often causing him to be alone with his thoughts and neglected, and even then said guardians had trouble even earning their sum. To put it plainly, Mithos' childhood was a lonely and harsh one.

When Mithos aged thirteen, the Calamity finally hit, destroying and re-creating much of the realm, and yet the economical situation in Thanalan did not change. Six years yet passed, where Mithos finally began to aid his parents in securing the gil he so despised -- until an opportunity opened up. At this point, Mithos didn't hold much in the way of respect towards man, believing that any being that could knowingly gorge themselves while there were hungry people just under their noses were unforgivable. Searching for a new avenue of work, Mithos and his guardians moved to Camp Drybone on the other side of Thanalan which, unfortunately, was also a victim of poverty and poor living conditions... as well as the savage Amalj'aa. These beastmen were kidnapping many of the poor and hungry with the aid of a greedy man feigning as a priest wanting to help the lost, and he and his parents were among those caught up in this act. They were taken to a dark cavern presumably close to Paglth'an, awaiting sacrifice at the hands of the Amalj'aa's infernal god Ifrit. It was during this time that a contingent of Immortal Flame soldiers were thrown in as prisoners alongside an enigmatic individual who would later become known as the Warrior of Light, victims of yet more betrayal at the hands of one of their own men in the Flames. One of the soldiers discovered a small hole allowing people to flee, but the Amalj'aa weren't stupid -- they would surely know something was happening if the whole cavern disappeared. Only Mithos and a few innocents were able to escape, with the to-be Warrior of Light staying behind to slay Ifrit... at the cost of the remaining Flames and his parents becoming tempered by the god, later executed due to the process of tempering not being able to be reversed. Mithos was now truly alone, returning to his hometown of the Silver Bazaar for a time, the seeds of doubt and hatred being planted in his heart by the betrayals he witnessed.

However, a new path opened up for Mithos, one that could bring about the "salvation and saving of Eorzea": the Crystal Braves. Salvation... Eorzea did indeed have much too many sins to atone and repent for, and if Mithos could be one that could help bring it about, he would do so. And so, the young male, now nearly nineteen summers old, joined the new order to fight for the freedom of all. Alas, it was never meant to be.

While a member of the Crystal Braves, Mithos quickly learned the way of the sword with surprising talent, often being the victor in sparring bouts during practice despite his small stature. It was during this time that he received help in adding Light-based attacks and spells to his repertoire, allowing him to become even more offensively devastating as well as a strong healer. During his time as a Crystal Brave, he assisted the Scions and their allies in securing Coerthas so that the Warrior of Light could assault Snowcloak and defeat Shiva, another wretched Primal summoned by man's hubris. He also came into contact with the Garlean Empire several times in the form of those at Castrum Centri, of whom Mithos and his contingent (those of whom he managed to befriend, even) fought off on numerous occasions. These men and women of the Empire only served to deepen Mithos' contempt for most of mankind, as these Garleans sought to claim Eorzea for what he assumed was little more than greed and power. Indeed, was their no end to man's sin and treachery? If only he knew what lie ahead.

Mithos, while not directly assisting in the defense of the Steps of Faith, did witness the massive Dravanian Horde descend upon the massive bridge, of which the Warrior of Light and her allies successfully fought off. Believing these creatures to be nothing more than wrathful animals, he was impressed by how such small beings such as his allies could actually repel such a massive beast as Vishap. This small amount of pride in his allies would soon come crashing down, however, as he was soon re-assigned to Ul'dah to guard their citizens during the Sultana's gala. It wasn't long before things erupted into horrific chaos. Mithos's own allies, his friends who had fought together and had so many good times and memories developed, betrayed those loyal to the Crystal Braves' true purpose of protecting Eorzea... for nothing more than coin. Those whom Mithos finally began to trust turned on him as the Sultana was presumably assassinated (by the Warrior of Light herself, no less), and while attempting to defend himself, Mithos was slashed across his midsection in a wound that might indeed have been fatal (causing him to bear a scar he still possesses to this day) had he not quickly and subtly healed himself while lying on the ground feigning death, his former allies leaving him behind to attend to those of the Scions and those loyal to them and Commander Leveilleur. As his assailants left the scene, Mithos, horrified, further healed himself and fled from Ul'dah away to Camp Drybone, far away from the city. Holding a newfound deep contempt, hatred, and distrust of man, Mithos was content to simply aid those of the nearby Lichyard in burying the bodies of the dead in volunteer work.

The hatred within Mithos began to fester and spread as time went on, more bodies of the poor and hungry showing up within the Lichyard. Not long ago, Mithos spotted a curious flyer: a sanctuary for the lost, a home for refugees. Taking up this chance despite a heavy distrust towards these people (after all, he had lost count of how many times he had been mistreated by those he called friends and allies), he joined up with this Heartsong Sanctuary, trying his best to hide his distrust and even fear towards these people claiming to only offer a place for the well-meaning to stay. This distrust slowly faded, however, and Mithos was quick to make an incredible friend and companion in one Kulain Qalli, now the Khatun of the Clan Sarantduu. Perhaps one of the few people that Mithos trusts completely, he now tries his best to stick with her, even should it bring him to the other side of the world.

Equipment & Skills


Mithos can often be seen in simple cheap clothing fit for the desert sun, mostly consisting of velveteen and linen. While not in Thanalan, he can be seen wearing clothing suitable for other locations: an outfit suitable for sailor in the wet areas of La Noscea and its beaches, made of velveteen and cotton; a dark outfit fit with a scarf for more temperate locations such as the Shroud and indoors; even a heavy bluish coat made of twinthread and animal hides for incredibly cold locales such as Coerthas (he does not do well in the cold at all).

In terms of armor and weapons, Mithos was able to secure himself a set of regal clothing during his time as a Crystal Brave: effective and relatively expensive, and he oft wondered how it was his payroll increased so quickly. Along with it came a gift of a regal-looking rapier from a friend in his contingent, who was later among those killed during the chaos in Ul'dah.


Mithos knows many skills which aided, or aids, in his time wallowing in poverty. Ways to filter or distill sandy or muddy water to safely drink, how to set up campfires, creating and applying salves and herbal remedies to better deal with wounds, infections and pain, and even techniques in stealing the odd food or supply from rich merchant stalls, such as meats, fruits, vegetables and eggs. Some other things he knows includes securing water from a cactus, forms of cooking via campfire (he knows not how to work a stove), fishing via net or rod, hiding and sneaking, and various forms of identifying types of flora and fauna.

Altair & Vega

Mithos refers to himself as an invoker, quite literally invoking the power of eight different elements and taking them into his being to augment his impressive bladework. These elemental forces seem to augment not only his abilities, but his personality as well, and while none have a truly physical form, their knowledge allows Mithos temporary mastery over specific weapons, of which he himself specializes on daggers, being a former thief of sorts.

Mithos is not just a fast learner, as he inherited a soulstone from a hollowed-out tree near the fallen city of Amdapor. Not much is known about these 'spirits', and Altair is quick to tease about their origins whereas Vega is quick to shut him up. While the 'invoker' is not a true job like a paladin or a warrior is, it instead allows Mithos to call upon the knowledge and souls of the two men who reside in it.

•Altair is the scholarly spirit of light, water, wind, and earth. This soul favors the rapier, and is the spirit Mithos calls upon most often due to his benevolent nature. A humorous but intelligent soul, Altair is fond of making fruit- and vegetable-related puns.

•Vega is the pitch-black and red, silent spirit of darkness, fire, thunder, and ice. Vega favors a massive blade. A being that despises Mithos's timidity and gentleness, Vega believes that he should be the one in charge of the bodily vessel the soulstone is attached to.