Mnim Taawli

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 Mnim Taawli
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Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Unaffiliated


While not among the tallest of Lalafell, Mnim stands a bit above the rest of her race. Large pointed ears adorned with silver loops jut from under her light brown hair. Freckles dot the bridge of her nose, fading as they cross her cheeks. Her eyes are heterochromic; one blue, the other a pale green. Mnim dresses in simple clothing, prefering pants and long sleeved shirts that leave only her hands and face visible. She is never without a hat or bandana. Mnim speaks with a coarse, scratchy voice.

Basic Info

Mnim works as a courier around Limsa to pay for the small room she rents. She has taught herself archery and is moderately skilled with a bow. Though she carries a small journal with her, she has never shown it to anyone.


The youngest of three children, Mnim was born into a small farming community. She spent much of her free time reading tales of adventure and longed to visit the places in her books. Stricken with wanderlust, Mnim decided to travel.


Amiable and eager to make friends, Mnim is easily approached. Large gatherings make her ill at ease, however, and she often finds herself skirting the fringes of these events. She tends to avoid situations or topics that make her uneasy, excusing herself to sit alone or wander. Mnim has a habit of touching her face and ears, moreso when she is nervous or stressed.


Founder of Sojourn.

Other Notes

♥ This page is just a basic overview of her character for now. If you'd like to know more, feel free to start a conversation.

♠ I do not ERP. I would prefer to avoid this sort of interaction. If you're looking for this kind of relationship - I cannot accomodate you.

♦ If you play a scoundrel, thats' cool! Just ask or give me a heads up before you run me through. I'd really rather not be killed unexpectedly for no reason.

♣ Mnim is always IC unless out running leves. If you'd like to chat, just speak up!