Momoru Moru

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Gridania-transparent.png Momoru Moru
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"I always get my way."
The two-faced terror.
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Age 22
Name Day 13th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Guardian Nald'thal, the Traders
Server Balmung
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Because her family lived an impoverished life, Momoru doesn't like to talk much about them. With her brother, she left her parents and became a miner in hopes the raw material would bring in some gil. Much to her luck, she found a few rare mineral deposits only Lalafell could reach due to their small size. Sadly, Balto used their earnings for his own interests. It was then Momoru became fed up with his antics and left Ul'dah. Her destination became Gridania in order to grow as a white mage.


Momoru wears her blue hair in two braided pigtails in order to look cute for "shows", or so she says. Proud of her white mage status and achievement, she wears her robes as a status symbol.


In the eyes of the public, Momoru acts like the caring white mage one reads about in stories. However, that is just one of her many acts. Momoru hates to do things herself especially physical labor. By pretending to be a poor defenseless white mage, she can lure most adventures to be her unwitting slave.

  • Having her way
  • Gil
  • Beds
  • Not having her way
  • Poor people
  • Working


Balto Dalto: Momoru's younger brother. When he's not training in the dark arts, he's usually gambling way his gil or spending time in brothels. While Momoru still holds a grudge against him for spending all her gil she occasionally calls for his assistance... whenever his magic is needed.

Y'evshu Tyaka: A female Miqo'te who follows Momoru around. She's a rather slow girl but tries hard to be useful. Momoru is still confused as to why she lets Y'evshu follow her around. She either feels sorry for her or enjoys her "music".

Li'ur Nunh: A male Miqo'te who Momoru meet while visiting a brothel in Ul'dah to repay her brother's tab. She thinks very little of him and often refers to him as either a commoner or eye candy.