Murlona Moermoenwyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Murlona Moermoenwyn
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Homeland The Farreach
Nameday 1st Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon, 1544 of the 6th Astral Era
Occupation Freelancing Scholar/Mage
Server Hyperion
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Murlona Moermoenwyn (Mer - lō - nă | Mor - moon - vēn)

Common Tongue

Wall Gatherer, Daughter of Kill Moon

Occupation and Skills

Murlona's quest for knowledge has led her to be a somewhat accomplished scientist and mage.
Murlona studied conjury from a young age under her mother. Since she was taught by a woman who learned the old ways of aether manipulation, Murlona's conjuring skills are considered old fashioned and traditional. Although she has studied a lot since then, her manipulation habits of aether are not so easily changed. Her strongest suits are water element manipulation/resistance and healing magicks.
She is constantly studying the ways of other schools of spell casting including the arcane, black, and summoning magicks. She has a deep curiosity in the old ways of magic that have been considered dead, immoral, or illegal. The idea of necromancy or creating pacts with Primals -- basically anything dangerous and potentially ground-shattering regarding magic -- intrigues Murlona deeply.
When harvesting for materials for cooking, she makes sure to keep any unwanted or sub-par herbs or fish to use in her alchemical studies. She is something of a mad scientist -- self taught and unpredictable -- and is very interested in the idea of artificial life through alchemy and Magitek. Alchemy and Magitek are almost interchangeable in Murlona's mind as she finds both sciences crucial for Eorzea's well being and self-interest.
Through Murlona's studies on aether, she has gained a decent amount of knowledge on the extraction and manipulation of Ceruleum from crystals. She can extract ceruleum.. crudely at best.
As a pure practicing mage, Murlona's melee skills are considered weak in combat. Through her harvesting skills, though, Murlona has been found to be pretty competent with axes and scythes. Her cuts are clean and precise, though not very strong. With the prey Murlona is after, it wouldn't do well to be inaccurate in her slicing.



Eyes: Light purple
Hair: Dark purple/black
Skin tone: Battleship Grey
Height: ♎ 87.0 ilms
Weight: ♎ 275 ponz

In depth

Murlona Moermoenwyn via Character Creator
Murlona could be considered handsome. Taller than her average kin, Murlona looms over most folk whom she meets with. She is a little above average in weight by mostly being made of smooth muscle and is quite fit because of her hobbies in gathering and travel. Her bust is somewhat flat but her waist does flair outward enough to give the illusion of a feminine figure.
She has what looks like a perpetual scowl due to her down-shaped brow line, but she ends up looking more stern than fearsome, even with her giantess build. Her mouth is small but shapely, and her jaw and nose are average for her race: angled with sharp lines. Neither of her parents have her eye colour, but Murlona is more likely to believe that genes somewhere else in her parents' lineage are the cause. Her mother, however, believed firmly that to have the pale eye colour of such a fair but near-impregnable thistle flower to be a blessing of Nophica.
Murlona's hair is a rich shade of byzantium with black undertones. The colour comes from a long line of purple on her mother's side. If not for her father loosely naming her after the high jagged cliffs that their home rested on, Murlona would most likely have been given a name that translates to Purple/Violet/Plum something thanks to her mother's desire for tradition.
Murlona doesn't have to do much to keep her hair as light as it appears. In some lights, some could swear her hair were made of feathers. She keeps it long due to to enjoying the look of it and she also fancies herself in decorating her hair often. Although weird initially, Murlona has made it quite an art of decorating her hair with miscellaneous obscure items she finds and creates. Elaborate metals, perfumed flowers, coloured glass, and, on occasion, taxidermy critters and furs.


In depth

Murlona is a very pleasant individual to be around despite her curious natures. Her manner of speaking is similar to European English and she speaks very properly, most likely due to her studious nature. She prides herself in her reading, writing, and communication since she was raised in a small and simple village where such skills were considered rare. Murlona doesn't come across as privileged or pompous, though.
Her humour is very dark and dead-panned but she is still a positive personality to be around. Generous, considerate, and patient. Murlona will almost always maintain either a neutral or positive demeanor. She is not an outwardly malicious person and seeing her angry or distraught is incredibly rare.
She is considered to be a gracious host and will do her best to accommodate to her guests. Although a great acquaintance to have, Murlona does not have anyone she would consider a "friend" or close companion as she does keep her distance, emotionally.
Murlona gets outright giddy when it comes to her studies. A successful experiment, praise for her cooking, or a new find are the types of things Murlona lives for. She also loves animals and will fall to pieces over a baby snurble, eft, or ahriman.

Alignment: Lawful Evil


Reading and studying is a given, but Murlona has a unique list of hobbies that she partakes in often..
Cooking is definitely a passion of Murlona's. She spends a lot of her time gathering the perfect and tastiest materials to create the most delicious and exotic dishes. Though not a professional chef at a restaurant, Murlona's gourmet-level skills are very sought after on occasion and she has many requests. Murlona never makes a dish that isn't made with all of her dedication and devotion, and the proof is in the pudding -- so to speak. She never reveals her recipes or special ingredients.
Murlona harvests and gathers as many of her materials as she can. Therefore, it is easy to say that Murlona is a skilled gatherer of flora, fish, and stone. Murlona developed a love for botany at a young age and obviously -- considering her upbringing -- fishing is in her blood. Her love for traveling, exploring, and little woodland/sea creatures transcended into her love of harvest. If she acquires an item that can't be used in either craft adequately, she will hold onto it for a rainy day. She is quite skilled with an axe, scythe, and sickle.
Another casual hobby of Murlona's is taxidermy. She likes to immortalize the cute little creatures she comes across as decorations for her home or trinkets to wear in her hair. She's pretty good for a hobbyist. Murlona has no problem wearing furs and leathers for armor, but leatherworking is not a craft she is strong in.. so she's found a way to utilize critters after extracting what she needed out of them.



Moermoen Ostyrammsyn; Kill Moon, Son of Eastern Ram
Father, Fisherman, retired Warrior
A kind and big-hearted bull of a Roegadyn. He provided Murlona with most of her books from his travels and trades. If it looked old and thick with pages, he kept it for her, since he is barely literate himself. In a past life, Moermoen traveled across the free cities as a mercenary wielding a broad-axe and participating in great feats of adventure and heroism.. or so he says. He retired back to the north of Aldenard along the Bloodbrine Sea to settle down and took up his traditional hobby as a fisherman fulltime to support his family.
He traveled a lot across the islands and the sea so Murlona saw him only occasionally. He doted on his only daughter and spoiled her the best he could.
Keimraet Pfrymhimalwyn; Violet Chariot, Daughter of Plum Sky
Mother, Leatherworker, White Mage
Beautiful and pious, Keimraet follows firmly in tradition. She never traveled, choosing to stay with her small fisherman tribe in the seafaring lands of The Farreach and the islands of the Bloodbrine Sea. She is very competent in manning a vessel. She continues practicing the old fashioned ways of conjury passed down through the matriarchs of her family and still wears her great-great-great grandmother's tattered white robe to perform healing and water magicks. She abhors technology or anything that would hinder her sheltered and simple life. She comes from a long line of vikings and battle hard mariners and wed a praised warrior of Limsa Lominsa to further the line of hardened Roegadyn were she to have a son.















Owned Berith

Original Inspiration for Murlona is my ball-jointed doll, Berith, a SOOM blank, grey skinned Galena with a purple and black feather wig whom needs a face up, desperately.

Folder of images that inspired Murlona


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