Nahctgeim Elilabylwyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Nahctgeim Elilabylwyn (nee Bloesthalwyn)
I won't carry that traitor's name, and the company ought not much longer either!
Heiress and proprietor of Blue Steel Lominsan Trading Company
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Namesday 9th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Age 19
Occupation Merchant
Family Father: Bloestahl Ostyrguldsyn (exiled)
Mother: Hortlona Swozblanwyn (presumed dead)
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner


A dark and beautiful young Sea Wolf woman, only ever seen composed, stylish and graceful. Her name, meaning 'Night Gem', comes from her dark hair, charcoal grey complexion and icy blue eyes that glitter like white diamonds in most lighting.


Nahctgeim's greatest loves are, in ascending order, Limsa Lominsa, fashion, tea and profits. While gil in general is nice, it's the gil she makes back after the gil she spent that makes her heart skip a beat. The sweet smell of success after overwhelming the challenges of trade is her driving force.

While indisputably greedy, Nahctgeim isn't miserly. Not only does she spend money to make money, she spends money for her own pleasure. She's happy to donate to charitable causes, so long as it's very public and the money can be spared. In particular, donating to the war effort against Garlemald, to charities caring for veterans and victims of the war, and to reconstruction efforts are of key concern to her. She's a canny self-promoter, knowing that it's necessary for scrubbing away the stain left on the company by her father, but it also helps assuage her own conscience. While she had no part in his treachery, neither did she realise the truth before the damage was done.

While this might paint her as self-absorbed and vain, Nahctgeim is genuinely considerate and empathetic, outside of making a deal. A good sob story may get her to offer an ear, a hand or a coin, but it won't do a thing to haggle her prices down. In trade, it's all about the game, and the only way to beat her at the game is from a position of strength.

She is generally quite calm, but a quiet fury takes her over sometimes when she thinks of her father. She hates him for aiding the people responsible for the suffering she'd worked so hard to ameliorate. She has no love for pirates or sahagin at all, but helping an even greater evil to strike at them is beyond comprehension to her.


Nahctgeim was born to a merchant family, in a Sea Wolf clan holdfast on an island a day or two's sail from La Noscea. Her childhood was spent learning from her mother, while waiting for her father to sail back with a new present or to take her on the rare, cherished trip to Limsa Lominsa. As she approached adolescence, she started to take care of her father's bookkeeping at home, having an affinity for arithmetic. A new trade log was almost more exciting than the new dress, pin, doll or whatever trinket accompanied it. Being able to see how money worked was endlessly fascinating.


Seven years ago, while on a trip with her father, their home was raided. When they returned, the survivors told of how a fleet of frenzied Sahagin had overwhelmed the holdfast, forcing everyone to flee inland. As soon as the sahagin left, a pirate ship sailed in and looted the place. Somehow the pirates had either lured the sahagin there or were following them like carrion birds, taking advantage of their leavings. Hortlona, her mother, was missing, with conflicting reports that she was carried off by the sahagin or pirates, or that she'd been killed and the sea had swallowed her remains. All agreed that she'd caved in a few fish heads before disappearing.

Taking what remained of their household possessions aboard their ship, including all the thankfully untouched records, they left the island behind. Nahctgeim would thereafter be raised by her father, on his personal ship, learning about trade and sailing, and by a governess, in the new family cottage in Limsa Lominsa, learning manners and academic subjects. After Bahamut ravaged Eorzea, the trips with her father became less frequent and she spent much of the extra time engaged in charitable causes to keep the disenfranchised and wounded fed and clothed.

On her seventeenth birthday, Bloesthal took his only daughter on another trip, shipping Lominsan steel to the buyers in the East. They docked in a strange location, some kind of industrial settlement nowhere near any other points of civilisation, and she was instructed to stay on the ship no matter what. While she obeyed, she did watch the locals as closely as she could without being obvious, and it wasn't hard to work out who her father was trading with.

In the evening after they set sail for home, Nahctgeim confronted her father about the Garleans, only to be shocked when he turned furious. At first she thought she was in danger, but his ranting was about putting an end to the beast tribes and pirates, enforcing law and order to prevent anything like the loss of her mother happening ever again. Nevertheless, she fled from him in tears to sit at the prow, watching the stars until she fell asleep. In the morning, upon waking in her bunk, her father talked to her again, this time trying to explain more calmly. She agreed with him, telling him what he wanted to hear then and for the rest of the journey, and he explained to her how he'd obscured his dealings in the trading logs.

Back in Limsa Lominsa, the night they returned she snuck out once she was certain her father was sound asleep, with the most recent log under her arm. At the Maelstrom headquarters, she dumped the book on the counter and started to explain everything. The Maelstrom acted quickly and decisively, seizing half the fleet and imprisoning Bloestahl. A Garlean agent was able to free him before facing trial, so he was declared an exile and enemy of the state. Control of the company was temporarily handed to the most senior employee found innocent of any wrongdoing in the matter, a captain of a ship never used to trade with the Garleans.

Nahctgeim called many of the shots anyway until turning eighteen, when she officially claimed control of the company. With so many ships and so much stock impounded or fled, any growth for the company in the next year would be offset by expenses to improve the public image of the company as a whole and herself in particular. She refused to respond to her surname anymore in social contexts, at first taking 'Abar' meaning 'Lone' as a pseudonym to indicate that she has no father, but preferring that people just avoid the whole thing. After some time, she officially adopted the surname 'Elilabylwyn', or Exiled Rage's Daughter, for the sake of fewer questions. The Blue Steel Lominsan Trading Company is ripe for cutting ties to its past as well, she just needs to find it a new name.


((Soon to come in Final Fantasy® XIV: A Realm Reborn™.))


  • "They say she's wound up tighter 'n a fishin' reel in Ul'dah, but I seen her make bedroom eyes at all sorts. Guess it 'elps 'er 'aggle if you think she's 'ot to trot off ta bed with ya."
  • "It's a bloody scam, I tell ya! Ol' Bloesthal never even woulda spit in a Garlean's face because he'd hafta get too close to the stinkers! That whelp of his just wanted him outta the picture!"
  • "I owe that girl my life. Weren't for her, I'd have starved and had my earthly remains tossed in the drink. Lots of us would."
  • "Two words, mate: Daddy issues."
  • "I swear, she haggled Fitcher up to thrice his starting bid, then turned around and spent half of it buying blankets and food at nearby stalls to give to the grubby orphans outside. It's Fitcher's brats what'll go without food after that."
  • "What a fine young lady. Dreadful shame about her father's malfeasance. One would expect blood to follow blood, but if it does she's hidden it so very well. Must arrange to have tea with her again soon."


((Abbreviating her given name to 'Nahct' is fine when totally out of character, but will annoy her if said in character almost as much as accidentally using her father's name, so 'Nahctgeim' in full was used throughout this page.

The governess and captain are available as potential character hooks, if someone asks nicely. Her mother isn't a character hook. She's almost certainly dead for real, the point being not knowing for sure means not being able to grieve properly and the effect that has on her and had on her father. Her father is not a character hook so much as a potential disposable villain at a later date.))