Namimi Nami

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Namimi Nami
Namimi - Limsa Lominsa 06.png
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Place of Birth Limsa Lominsa
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Nameday 10th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
(Age: 28)
Occupation Adventurer
Pronunciation "nɑ-mi-mi nɑ-mi"
Despite her modest stature, this talkative woman is a master of the Far Eastern art of ninjutsu.

Namimi Nami is a Lominsan adventurer. Sold into slavery at a young age, Namimi was rescued by a member of the Upright Thieves and eventually became a member of the Rogues' Guild. After the Calamity, she became an adventurer and joined the Maelstrom, using her skills in information-gathering and bladework. Recently, she trained in the art of ninjutsu under the tutelage of Doman refugees, and aided the Doman Liberation Front in liberating and reconstructing their homeland.

Basic Info

Height: 2'10"
Weight: 40 ponzes
Complexion: Pale with Freckles
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Particular Traits: Exceptional reflexes, agility, eyesight, and hearing.
Voice: Contralto with Lominsan brogue; sometimes speaks in Thieves' Cant.
Clothing Style: Practical western attire with many bags. Always wears a red beret.
Laterality: Ambidextrous


Namimi Nami hails from Limsa Lominsa.

Even by the standards of the diminutive Lalafell, Namimi stands at only two fulms and ten ilms in height and weighs a mere forty ponzes. As is typical of her race, her build is rotund, but her active lifestyle has made her somewhat more trim than the average Plainsfolk woman. Her pale skin is peppered with a smattering of red freckles on her cheeks, matching lipstick adorning her lips and black eyeshadow over her large, green eyes. Her short, flaxen hair frames her round, cherubic face with her bangs parting to the right. Two, long, sensitive ears extend outwards, reaching past her shoulders on either side. Her nose is upturned, forming a small point when seen in profile. She typically carries a faint scent of fogweed.

While rarely seen, a large tribal tattoo that Namimi received while working with the Rogues' Guild decorates her right arm, reaching down her shoulder and extending to the right side of her back. Her fingernails are cut short, and her hands are hardened from years of practicing her bladework for combat and cooking. Despite the stubby appearance of her fingers, Namimi displays dexterity and swiftness of reflexes uncommon even among her race. Her sense of hearing is phenomenal, even amongst her own kind famed for possessing the best hearing among the wandering races. She can pinpoint the exact locations of most sounds, even in echoing caverns, and hone into specific sounds amongst the din of a crowd.


Sky Pirate's Attire and Misericordes:
Namimi - Kugane 03.png

Namimi's outfit is woven from cloud cotton and rainbow cotton with the leather waistband, fingerless gloves, and thighboots crafted from pterodactyl leather. The jacket has been dyed a rich hunter green, matching the Plainsfolk's eyes. The metal adornments on the outfit are titanium with a decal on the soft, cotton collar. The myriad bags holding anything ranging from first aid supplies to smoke bombs to throwing knives give her a militant yet adventurous aesthetic befitting an adventurer aligned with the Maelstrom. One of her favorite features of the outfit is its red scarf—a traditional feature of Lalafellin attire that allows them to signal from afar. The scarf also matches the fashionable red beret that she is almost never seen without.

Pride of Limsa Lominsa's Naldiq & Vymelli's, each misericorde consists of a pair of tempered darksteel blades attached to a polished grip via a complex system of gears. Using this mechanism, the blades can be folded back for storage or concealment. The gears, however, must be oiled regularly lest they jam upon the blades' release. Judging by their condition, Namimi takes excellent care of these blades, as they show little signs of wear even after five years of use. They likely carry sentimental value for her—a parting gift specially commissioned by the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss to aid Namimi when she left the guild to become an adventurer.


Food, especially seafood.
Recreational fishing.
Far Eastern history and philosophy.
Swimming in the ocean.
Relaxing at the beach during summer.
Windy days.
Fogweed cigarillos.
Poorly-prepared foods.
Torrential rainstorms.
Food: Bouillabaisse
Drink: Lowland White
Colors: Red and Green
Place: The Bismarck
Festival: Moonfire Faire
Alignment: Neutral Good
Vices: Overeating, eavesdropping, thieving, smoking.
Religion: Primarily Llymlaen, the Navigator
Goal: To strengthen ties between Eorzea and Doma.
Theme Song: Oh, Light...!


Being kidnapped and enslaved.
Contracting a fatal disease such as the Lung Rot.
Primals and the devastation they bring.
Flexible and adaptive.
Learns languages quickly.
Decent fisherwoman.
Excellent seafood chef.
Namimi is highly intelligent, and fluent in both reading and writing Eorzean. Both adept at memorization and skilled with speech, she adapts to different languages fairly quickly. Not only can she pronounce Roegadyn names fluently, she's also able to get the gist of the language of the Far East when it is spoken to her, and recognizes a few characters in Doman script.
Namimi is also fairly gifted with numbers, a skill that proved invaluable when she worked as a smuggler, as well as during her brief time studying arcanima. Her memory and retention of information is astonishing, and some claim she can recall almost every detail of a scene, though she would call that an exaggeration.
Namimi sometimes peppers her speech with rogue terminology when in Limsa Lominsa, but she drops this entirely when outside of her homeland. Despite this, she still possesses a distinct Lominsan brogue. She also has a habit of twitching her fingers and ears, and can often be found eavesdropping on conversations in crowded taverns for fun.
Additionally, Namimi is fond of most foods, and dines roughly seven times a day, and once every two bells (breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, afternoon tea, supper, and dinner). Despite this, her active lifestyle is strictly configured to counter weight gain, and she is actually somewhat fitter than the average Lalafell because of her good exercise habits.

Abilities and Skills

Escape artist.
Eidetic memory.
Master of espionage.
Immune to many common poisons.
Two-Handed Axes
Culinary Arts

Family and Relationships


Tomimi Tomi (Mother, Deceased)

Friends and Acquaintances

Jacke Swallow
Perimu Harimu
R'ashaht Rhiki
Yugiri Mistwalker
Hozan Nagae


Garlean Empire


The Maelstrom

Rogues' Guild

Doman Liberation Front


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Namimi Nami Biography.png

Early Life

Born in Limsa Lominsa in 1549 of the Sixth Astral Era, Namimi's mother—a fishwife's daughter—became smitten with a smooth-talking merchant who left her not long after she became pregnant. Disowned by her parents for her actions, Namimi's mother struggled to provide while homeless in the city, but ultimately succumbed to the lung rot when Namimi was five years old. She began wearing the sole keepsake from her late mother, a red beret gifted to her by her father that remains with Namimi to this day. Namimi lived as a pickpocket within the city-state until the day she was kidnapped by pirates, rounded up with a group of children—including a young "Captain" Jacke Swallow, and sold into slavery. They stole not only their freedom but their innocence, and Namimi would never fully recover from the experience.

This blatant violation of the Lominsan code of conduct attracted the attention of the Upright Thieves. It was a nameless rogue who would liberate Namimi, Jacke, and the other children from bondage, yet the young Lalafell had no home to return to and refused to live in an orphanage. By the age of thirteen, she graduated from pickpocketing to working in the Lominsan underworld as a smuggler, helping move and fence contraband ranging from illicit substances such as somnus and pluto to weaponry ranging from firearms to explosives. She also proved a deft hand at forgery, which is how she discovered her gift with language. For the next five years, she gained renown for her skill as a smuggler and formed a network of connections with most of the city-state's pirate crews.

The Rogues' Guild

By her eighteenth nameday, Namimi Nami was known as a woman who could get almost anything in and out of the city. One day, she was visited by Jacke, who decided to confront her in person upon discovering their shared past. While she initially denied any accusation that she had broken the code, when Jacke showed her proof that she had unwittingly abetted a crew of slavers who dealt in kidnapped children, her smarmy attitude quickly gave way to horror and self-disgust. Not only did she fully cooperate with Jacke, she offered to personally lend a hand to his efforts—an offer he quickly rejected fearing her inexperience in their ways would prove a hindrance. During the guild's infiltration of the slavers' flagship, they found that their enemies came prepared to deal with them.

Namimi, however, managed to even the odds, freeing the captives and seeing them to safety while the rogues fought the pirates, then setting the ship ablaze using her smuggled explosives. She joined the guild in battle and, though her bladework was yet unpolished, she helped even the odds for the rogues. At the end of the night, the slavers lay dead, the children were all safe and accounted for, and Jacke welcomes Namimi as a new member of the Rogues' Guild. And so it went, for five years Namimi punished those as break the code as a member of the "Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss," putting her skills and connections to use for the good of the common man. She became a master of knives, and even came to see the guild as a surrogate family.

After the Calamity

When the Seventh Umbral Calamity came, Namimi attempted to save as many souls as she could from the flames of Bahamut. She used her size and agility to sneak into burning and crumbling buildings, and helped pull many of her countrymen to safety. And yet, when the night ended and the first sun rose on the Seventh Umbral Era, it revealed the harrowing sight of Galadion Bay dyed crimson with the myriad bodies cluttering its waters. This brought a change in her demeanor, and it wasn't long before she declared her official resignation from the Rogues' Guild. As a farewell gift, Jacke, V'kebbe, and Perimu Harimu commissioned her a pair of misericordes from Naldiq & Vymelli's, which she favors to this day.

Knowing that such carnage wrought by the Garleans had taken place all across the realm, she endeavored to help it rebuild, and to put her efforts towards defeating the imperials. She joined the Adventurers' Guild and, after gaining some renown for her skilled bladework, enlisted in the Maelstrom. Five years later, she would attain the rank of Lieutenant within the Foreign Levy, and laid siege to the imperial forces stationed at Castrum Occidens during Operation Archon. During the early Seventh Astral Era, her efforts saw the Admiral recommend her for training under the Doman shinobi newly come to Eorzea as refugees. Namimi learned ninjutsu under the patient tutelage of Yugiri Mistwalker and Hozan Nagae, and rose to the rank of chunin.

Doman Liberation

After taking Baelsar's Wall in the wake of the battle between Shinryu and Omega, Namimi learned from her Doman tutors that Yugiri had left to return to the Doman Liberation Front. As she was not asked to participate in the Ala Mhigan liberation effort, she used her connections in the Lominsan underworld to charter a course to Kugane, and from there cross the Ruby Sea. By the time she arrived in Doma, Yugiri had already left to the Azim Steppe in the company of the Warrior of Light, but Namimi decided to remain in Yanxia and aid in the ongoing effort against the Garleans. When the time came to assault Doma Castle, she donned stolen imperial garb and helped her teachers disable the Dairyu Moon Gates. She even elected to remain in the Far East after the battle, fighting against the XIIth Legion as it attempted to retake the region.

Since the full withdrawal of the XIIth Legion from Yanxia, Namimi has moved back and forth between Eorzea and the Far East as both adventurer and ally. She heavily involved herself in the Shazenkai's attempts to reconstruct the Doman Enclave, and continues to donate a not-insignificant portion of her earnings towards seeing the rest of Yanxia restored someday. She has, as a result, also endeavored to familiarize herself with Doman language and customs, including spearfishing and preparation of such delicacies as sushi and sashimi. When not adventuring, her secondary interest in the culinary arts has since developed an authentic Far Eastern flair, typically prepared with fresh fish she personally caught, much to the delight of the gourmands who frequent the Bismarck.

Other Information

Name Etymology

Namimi Nami, follows typical Plainsfolk female naming conventions with a given name and a rhyming courtesy name bestowed upon reaching adulthood. Her primary alias, she gained as a rogue for her signature crimson beret and her resemblance to a diminutive creature from old Lalafellin folklore known for dying its cap in the blood of its victims. She claims to have received her other alias from a Doman, who joked at how appropriate it was for a seafaring woman of southern descent such as herself to be named "Nami Minami." The word "Nami" means "wave" in the Doman tongue, and the word "Minami" means "south". As a result, she signs her name with the Doman characters for those words when in the Far East.




Current Residence

The Topmast, Wing 1, Room #16, 15th Ward, Mist