Natya Rudh

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Natya Viera Benchmark.jpeg
Gender Female
Race Viera
Clan Rava
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Nameday 15th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
Family Shar
Occupation None
Server Balmung

"Hardly, that would make it a right, life is most decidedly not a right... it is a privilege. Death is th' only equality this world 'as ever known, or will ever know."

None are quite sure who exactly Natya is. Some say she was a former pirate. Others say she was a Maelstrom who fought at the Battle of Carteneau. What is known, is on that day, the Viera perished in the flames of Bahamut. Yet despite the records, she has been seen wandering Eorzea once more...

Spoiler notice: The following contains spoiler information. Proceed at your own risk.


Pre-Realm Reborn

In her youth, Natya served under one of the many pirate crews that plagued the isle of Vylbrand for many years. However, with Admiral Merlwyb_Bloefhiswyn rise to prominence in Limsa Lominsa, the golden age of piracy soon came to an end, and Natya soon found herself locked away, never to sail the seas again.

The Viera's confinement was not indefinite, as her ticket to freedom soon came. One day, a high-ranking Maelstrom officer approached Natya, and offered her a chance to shorten her sentence. She was to infiltrate a band of pirates known as the Merry Choppers, who had managed to elude capture for many years. While originally distrusting of the Maelstroms, the thought of leaving her jailcell forever was too good to pass up. Some time later, a "jailbreak" had been orchestrated, and it allowed Natya the perfect cover to escape back into the world, and carry out her orders.

Natya had boarded a few ships that were intentionally unguarded in an effort to lure out the Merry Choppers. There ship was too fast to pursue, so a plan had to be laid to catch them on land, though they were notorious for never laying anchor for more than a few hours. Eventually, the pirates made themselves known to a merchant ship, one that Natya had been waiting on. When the pirates boarded the vessel, they bore witness to an elaborate play, which made Natya look as though she had thrown the crew overboard, and commandeered the ship herself. Aiming to win their trust further, Natya revealed the location of a second ship that was ripe for the picking. Playing the part of a damsel who had been at sea after an attack on her ship, she "infiltrated" the ship, which had been rigged in advance to make it appear as though Natya had sabotaged the ship before the Choppers arrived.

Having won the Choppers over, Natya was openly welcomed into the crew as one of their own. It was here that she met a young Lalafell named Gigishan Chachavachi, who had grown tired of the life of a pirate, and wanted something more. For many weeks, she helped train Gigishan, and the two would take part in many raids on the marks that had been prepared by the Maelstroms. Yet despite their stacking successes, they were still weary of any sort of landing.

After weeks of playing the part of a pirate once more, Natya had been contacted by the Maelstroms during one of her "recon" missions. Natya was to convince the Choppers that a ship from Thanalan carrying the gold of Lalafuto IV himself, had been lost to a storm around the very islands that the Maelstroms had selected to ambush the Choppers. Having become reliant on Natya to a fault, they believed the story, and waited two weeks while Natya "learned" the location of the wrecked vessel. Once captured, the Merry Choppers would be sentenced to death, including Gigishan. Reaching out to him the night before the attack, she urged him to leave the Choppers, knowing what was in store for him. While reluctant at first, Gigishan agreed that once they found the gold, the two would take what they could, and start a new life together, away from the Choppers, away from pirates. They would live honest, noble lives together. Gigishan wanted out, but Natya couldn't convince him to leave before it was too late. She knew what she had to do.

The next morning, the Merry Choppers went ashore, leaving their ship anchored not far from the beach. As Natya lead the captain, his men, and Gigishan to the ambush, a Maelstom ship had come out of hiding, and easily claimed the Chopper's vessel as their own. Natya's moment had come. With a whistle, she revealed her true colors as the red coats of Maelstroms poured out from all angles. Completely outmatched and surrounded, all but Gigishan, consumed by anger and hate towards Natya, surrendered, though the Lalafell was quickly subdued. The Merry Chopper's reign of terror had come to an end, but there was one more task Natya had to perform.

Once back in Limsa, Natya approached the very officer that gave her a second chance at life, and begged the man to spare Gigishan from the gallows. Her request did not fall on deaf ears, and Gigishan was sentenced to servitude as a Yellowjacket. Instead of thanking the Viera for saving his life, Gigishan spat at Natya, and without a word, was taken away to begin his sentence.

Just when freedom seemed to be within Natya's grasp, fate had other plans for her. The Garlean Empire had begun their advance over Carteneau, and many of Limsa's soldiers were drafted to fight for Eorzea's freedom. This was to be Natya's final battle. All she had to do, was survive long enough to help drive the Garleans' back, and her life would be hers once more. She had no idea the hell that awated her on that fateful day, when the lesser moon would fall, and Eorzea would never be the same again...

A Realm Reborn

One day, Natya had found herself deep in a forest, unsure where she was, or how she had gotten there. She did know, however, that the world around her was very different than she remembered it. Eventually, she had made her was to Gridania, which had also undergone a dramatic change. Posing as a wanderer from afar, the Viera soon came across an odd sight; a Miqo'te had opened an orange juice stand, attempting to sell his unique brand of juice. Curious, Natya investigated, and learned that business had not been going well. When she learned that the Miqo'te was planning on returning to Limsa Lominsa, she had made it known that she needed to return there. The Miqo'te had agreed to pay for her passage across the seas, and the two soon found themselves boarding an airship.

Upon arriving in Limsa Lominsa, Natya learned that she had been declared dead during the Battle of Carteneau Flats almost five years prior. Now, without anything to tie her to her former self, she was at last free... But very much broke. Deciding to use her power to her advantage, she began to take odd jobs, while the Miqo'te, known as Koh'li Auberlaint, accompanied her throughout the island he had called his home, though only for a short time before the two perused their own endeavors.

Deciding to fully embrace her clean slate, Natya took to the road, and disappeared into the morning mist...



The Merry Choppers: The Merry Choppers were originally a small band of thieves who had managed to steal the ship known as the Skipping Kipper, which was said to be one of the fastest ships to sail the seas of Vylbrand. As their numbers grew, so did their bloodlust, quickly using their sheer numbers to overpower any who stood in their way. When Natya infiltrated the Choppers, her expert sabetour skills made the Choppers lazy and complacent, allowing them to lower their guard around the newcomer. When the Viera lead them into a Maelstrom ambush, they had become too weak to defend themselves, and surrendered immediately.

Gigishan Chachavachi:

Gigishan Chachavachi 2019 render samurai.png

One of the Merry Choppers youngest members, Natya was drawn to Gigishan due to his driven personality and noble heart among the pirates. The two grew close, as eventually Gigishan saw Natya as his best friend. When he, along with the rest of the Merry Choppers were arrested, he was spared a death sentence due to the pleas of Natya to her commanding officer, a gift which Gigishan resented her for, having felt betrayed and robbed of a death he accepted with dignity.

Koh'li Auberlaint:

Koh'li Auberlaint 2019 render.png

The odd Miqo'te that accompanied Natya on her journey through La Noscea. Eccentric and carefree, the Miqo'te had quit his job at Mealvaan's Gate after discovering his love of fruit-based juices, and soon decided to try and make it on his own selling the beverages he so loved to drink. However, his rise to culinary fame had yet to take hold, so he traveled with Natya for a short while, gathering ingredients and oranges to produce his so-called "fine-ass OJ".

Maelstrom Contact:

Natya Maelstrom Contact.png

The man responsible for relaying the Maelstroms' ambush plans to Natya. Having met up with Natya in a shady tavern, the man attempted to use his authority over her to sexually assault her. He was almost immediately murdered by Natya, using him to further cement herself as a heartless pirate, claiming the man was a Maelstrom spy. His body was searched, where documentation of his allignment to the Maelstroms was quickly discovered.

Natya's Commanding Officer:

The man who had proposed the idea to use the very scum they had locked up to take down the Merry Choppers. Natya had been selected due to her wit and viciousness, which had helped keep her alive during her time in jail, along with the fact that she was a women, figuring the pirates as the sort who would listen to her every whim. Once Natya's mission had been complete, he had spoken to high commanding officers about the sentencing of Gigishan, and was narrowly able to negotiate the terms of his sentence. Before he could release Natya from the Maelstrom's custody, however, he was ordered to fight in the Battle of Caeteneau, alongside Natya. He was killed before Natya's eyes when an imperial impaled him on his blade.

Other Notes

Natya's Lodestone profile can be viewed here.