Gigishan Chachavachi

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Gigishan Chachavachi
Gigishan Chachavachi 2019 render samurai.png
The "Greatest Warrior in All of Eorzea"
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Nameday 17th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon, 1556
Family Father (Status Unknown)

Mother (Status Unknown)

Occupation None
Allegiance Good
Status Alive
Server Balmung

"I am the strongest warrior this world has ever known! I am invincible!"
-Gigishan Chachavachi's declaration of his strength

A former pirate of the seas of Vylbrand, Gigishan Chachavachi has since abandoned the seas to wander the land, searching for the next test of his self-proclaimed "invincible might".

Spoiler notice: The following contains spoiler information. Proceed at your own risk.


Ever since Gigishan was a boy, he had a hard time staying out of trouble, having often picked fights with the older children, and sometimes even the adults around him who would mock him and his family for being dirt poor farmers in Thanalan. While his parents tried to teach him to control himself and turn the other cheek, Gigishan only saw it as cowardice on his parents behalf. One night, after being scolded yet again for his misbehavior, Gigishan ran away from his home, intent on making a group of men pay for insulting his family and himself. Travelling to Ul'dah, he found the men who had wounded his pride so, though he soon learned that they were actually a small band of pirates known as the Merry Choppers.

Even though the boy was clearly outmatched, the young boy tried to take on the men by himself. Clearly outnumbered and far weaker than any of them, Gigishan was no match for the men, but yet he continued to try and fight. The captain of the Choppers, impressed with the boy's spirit, offered him a place among his crew, a place where he would be respected and appreciated for his courage. Sick of his family and his perceived weakness, and craving the power he wanted to never be made a fool of again, Gigishan accepted the offer.


Gigishan soon learned that being a pirate was not all it had been cracked up to be. He had relegated to being nothing more than a cabin boy, the janitor of the ship, cleaning up after the captain and crew, though the promise of becoming stronger and his spare sparring sessions kept him going. His chance to prove himself came in the years that followed, when the Merry Choppers were attacked by a band of sahagin, who were attempting to capture the crew for their lord Leviathan. Unable to standby any longer, Gigishan took up an axe and joined the fray. The sudden appearance of the small, fast boy had caught the sahagin off guard, and with Gigishan's help, the Merry Choppers were able to send the beastkin back to the depths from which they came from. At last, Gigishan had been accepted by the crew, and was allowed to join them on their jolly pillaging.

Gigishan flashback.png

During his first raid, Gigishan had fought against a young man who was trying to protect his family from the Lalafell. Having easily beaten the boy, Gigishan was prepared to take the youth's life, though he hesitated. Looking down on the boy as the captain had looked down on him years ago, Gigishan knew that the boy was no match for him, and in that moment, the thrill of the fight had left him. He had potential, though, to one day become stronger. In the hopes that he would some day grow up and one day become a challenge, Gigishan simply took what he could from the home, and left the boy and his family in one piece. It was on this day that Gigishan had decided he would never take the life of another, realising that perhaps one day, someone would give him the challenge he desired.


After many months of pillaging, however, the thrill of piracy soon became dull to the Lalafell, who now only wished to grow stronger, but the unarmed victims of the Merry Chopper and the occasional sellswords gave Gigishan little challenge, and he soon began to see weakness among even his crew. There was only one among the Choppers that Gigishan respected, a new comer named Natya. After one sparring session and being quickly outclassed by the Au Ra, Gigishan felt the fire build inside him once more, thrilled that Natya was so much stronger than he was. As time went on, the two fought side by side, the Lalafell constantly looking to surpass Natya. Soon, the feelings of a challenge began to make way for new feelings of admiration. Natya was no longer a rival in Gigishan's eyes, but his one and only friend.

Unfortunately, the Au Ra was in reality working for the Maelstroms, having infiltrated the Merry Choppers to learn their inner workings. While the crew was sub-par, their numbers were many and their ship, the Skipping Kipper, was far faster than any of the Maelstrom's own vessels. A plan had been set into motion to apprehend the Choppers, but on the night before the ambush, Gigishan sat with Natya, and told her about the day they had met. He revealed that the day she had arrived and won the crew over, he had been intending on leaving the Merry Choppers, having secured a dingy from the ship. It was not until Natya walked in on Gigishan, sitting and reflecting upon all that had happened in his life, that his plan had been interrupted, and soon abandoned entirely to stay with Natya.

The next morning, Natya had lured the Choppers ashore, and while they were distracted by the Au Ra, a small contingent of Maelstroms had infiltrated the Skipping Kipper, and had swiftly secured the ship. The time had come, and the rest of the ambush squad revealed themselves. While the whole of the Choppers quickly surrendered, Gigishan, enraged by Natya's betrayal, assaulted his former friend, but was taken down with one fell swoop. Still struggling, even in the grips of irons and the Maelstroms, Gigishan screamed with tears running down his face, declaring his hatred for Natya as he was dragged away over and over until all that was left was the silence of the ocean waves rolling into the shore.

While the rest of the Merry Choppers were executed, Gigishan was the last to be sent the gallows. Facing his death with his head held high and with dignity, Gigishan was shocked to hear his sentence; to serve as a Yellowjacket for five years, after which he would be discharged from duty, and his criminal record expunged. Learning that Natya had seen to this, Gigishan felt betrayed yet again, being robbed of not only his freedom at sea, but of his own steadfast choice to face death with honor. Having been given one final moment with Natya, Gigishan had no words, opting to spit at the Au Ra's feet before being hauled away, wanting to never to see or speak with Natya again.


Gigishan present.png

During his time with the Yellowjackets, Gigishan was able to grow stronger, though he was not free to flaunt his strength as he so saw fit, often being held back from unleashing his full fury on the battlefield. As time passed, Gigishan's anger, fueled by Natya's deception, slowly began to fade as the morals of the Yellowjackets slowly began to leave their mark on Gigishan. While he was learning to control his anger, however, he still craved more power, and stronger foes to face, even though serving with the Yellowjackets was a far greater challenge than being a pirate ever was. Once Gigishan's time with the Yellowjackets had come to an end. the Lalafell was offered a place among the Maelstroms, to help protect the land that he had once plundered from. Declining both a large salary, and a permanent place in society, GIgishan left the land of La Noscea, returning to the Eorzean mainland to finally fulfill his lifelong ambition. Venturing out into the world alone. he was hellbent on becoming the strongest warrior the world had ever known. His name would be forever etched in the annals of Eorzean history.

And so, armor clad with axe in hand, Gigishan set out to realize his ambitions, no longer bound to sea nor man. At long last, Gigishan was free.


At some point during his travels, Gigishan learned of men called samurai, whose method of combat intrigued him. Discarding his axe for a katana, Gigishan embraced this new art with zeal, though his lack of proper training soon became apparent. It was not until he found a mentor to train him that the lalafell began to truly realize his full potential, though he was still far from the invincible force hecproclaimed himself to be.


Blunt and crass, the former pirate is quick to annoy, being sensitive about his height in particular, being short even by Lalafell standards. Despite his quick temper, he was exceedingly friendly towards Natya, and after some time with the Yellowjackets, could even be civil with complete strangers. Though his malice against Natya slowly simmered away, he is still one to hold a grudge.

Seemingly fearless, Gigishan tends to pick fights with anyone and anything, no matter how badly the odds are stacked against him. His ego sometimes gets the better of him, never knowing (or accepting) when he is in over his head. When the reality of a situation he couldn't overocome ensues, Gigishen takes the loss quite hard. To compensate for his small size, Gigishan focused on his speed to help compliment his so-called "brute strength", having trained in the ways of the pugilist to fine-tune his agility. This (coupled with his personality) has led him to believe that he is in fact the strongest warrior in all of Eorzea.


The Merry Choppers: The Merry Choppers were originally a small band of thieves who had managed to steal the ship known as the Skipping Kipper, which was said to be one of the fastest ships to sail the seas of Vylbrand. Having fled to Thanalan, the crew began to modify the ship to hide it's true identity. It was here that they had encountered Gigishan, who was helpless to stop the men from taking lumber and food from his family, being held back by his parents while the men laughed in his face. As their numbers grew, their bloodlust thinned, quickly using their sheer numbers to overpower any who stood in their way. With the addition of Natya to the crew, who had selected weak targets to help lower the crew's guard, they became even lazier. When they were finally apprehended, they had become too weak to defend themselves, and surrendered immediately.

Natya Rudh:

Natya Viera Benchmark.jpeg

The last addition to the Merry Choppers, Natya showed an impressive cunning for stealth attacks and trickery to lure their prey into a false sense of security. In time, Natya quickly became the only one among the Merry Choppers that he could ever confide in. While most of the Choppers still only saw Gigishan as just a boy, she believed in him from day one. While he considered Natya his one true friend, all that changed the day Natya revealed her true colors as an agent of the Maelstroms. Although Gigishan felt only hatred and spite for the woman on the day of his arrest, years of Natya's complete absence in his life have since then doused the flame of anger Gigishan had held for her. After his trial, Natya had been sent to Cartenau Flats, never to be seen again as The Battle of Carteneau was about to begin.


Other Notes

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