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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Nenetsu Netsu
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Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunefolk
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 22
Occupation Adventurer

Jack of All Trades

Primary Job Summoner


You walk through the Sapphire Avenue with people passing you by and lively chatter filling the market air... but out of the corner of your eye, you notice a young lalafell resting on a crate away from the bustling crowd. There wasn't anything significant to them, their attire was quite plain and they appeared to be just resting there but it was in that moment when you noticed them, their eyes flashed opened and they looked right at you. Dark hunter green eyes that stared into your own eyes expectantly for a few seconds but for what? You then felt a strong chill as you found yourself staring back at them and then suddenly with the passing of others, they were gone as if they were never there. It left you with a brief wonder of what happened but that dispersed as you found them right next to you with a smirk that touched cheek to cheek. You hesitantly step back and they only smiled some more at you before soft words flowed swiftly from their lips, lifting a rolled newspaper out of their satchel towards you.

Looking for the latest news? It's only fifty gil, what do you say?


Standing about two feet and eight inches, Iiro is around the average height of any other Lalafell. Her size although not quite notable, hides the fighting spirit of an adventurer of four years. She has a lion brown skin tone which is complemented with slighter darker tone of freckles that brush against her child-like face. Her eyes are a glossy hunter green which indicate her Dunesfolk origin along with her small gemstone on top of her forehead. What is perhaps her most notable feature is her ink black hair that falls around her shoulders (although is often pulled into a ponytail), it's dark tone tends to be noticed by those looking for her in crowd or just in general.

Clothing wise, this Dunesfolk tends to dress herself in tunics and pants. She isn't much for dress wear and skirts, sayings it is limiting her potential movement and has gotten in her way while fighting monsters. Though she admits that she would wear them only in special occasions if she must.


Other then the clothes on her back and her standard twin steel daggers she uses while she fights, Iiro carries around a number of assortments in her Mole-Brown Satchel that she deems are a must have for any adventurer out there in Eorzea traveling the realm and fighting monsters... Well... at least for her that is.

  • A deck of Triple Triad Cards: Being the Adventurer like she is, Iiro can often be on the move and a deck of cards passes the time when bad weather strikes or is in need of general entertainment.

  • A few extra pairs of daggers: When fighting the monsters of Eorzea, Iiro learned one thing quickly... having an extra pair in case she happens to lose the daggers she has on hand for those tight spots in the life of an adventurer.

  • A handful of colored Drops: Everyone has their addictions, what happens to be Iiro's are the different color assortments of Drops. Often considered useless in terms of buffs and the like, Iiro tends to snack on them on occasion for alittle boost while training. Not to mention more then half the time they can be dirt cheap to purchase from other adventurers since no one really likes to use the useless candies.

  • A leather-bound Journal: To document her exciting life in hopes that one day when she grows old or in the more unfortunate case, dies prematurely. That someone may look into it's pages and see her adventures, perhaps to become inspired or deter them from adventuring. She is hopeful that she'll at-least grow old and can look back on her present adventures.

  • A Fishing Rod: Sometimes being near towns or city-states are just not possible and access to food is vital in order to live. More often then not, unprepared Adventurers who don't pack food tend to die from starvation. Iiro tends to forget to obtain rations so as substitute she carries around a Fishing Rod so she could maybe catch herself a meal.

  • A bunch of hi-potions or potions in general: As an Adventurer more commonly of the non-healing class, potions have been a life saver on more accounts then Iiro can count with all her toes and fingers. She always carry some since sometimes you can't even rely of fellow healers while fighting.

  • A change of clothes: The land of Eorzea is different in many locations and has different climate changes as one travels through it. It also never hurts to always have a spare change of clothes since monster gloop tends to deter normal civilians in towns and city-states.


Being a rather forward Lalafell, Iiro has a hard time restraining herself but luckily she is much like Ifrit's flames... Predictable and can be burnt out quickly although she can leave some nasty burns if one isn't careful. She can also be quite blunt about how she feels about things as she finds that honesty is a better then being completely sympathetic. Although this sometimes make others wary of her opinions, feeling she may respond in a negative way but that isn't quite the case.

Beyond her ever-changing emotions and blunt comments, Iiro is very kind-hearted and doesn't completely mean to be rude. Half the time it just happens to be that way, when certain people just push her buttons like Elezen folk. It's not like she hates them but they just... leave an awful taste in her mouth and she has a hard time controlling her emotions around them. Her thoughts are also much like that same but she has a better control on those since they tend to stay in her head better.

... I sometimes feel my brain and my heart often lead me astray from the path fate has set for me, Surely Thaliak would like me to resort to my knowledge to go along my path but my gut has gotten me past many trials in my life more so then my brain and I want to stay true to it... although I seem to have a hard time doing that.

Iiro Iro Smile.png


  • Fighting
  • The Golden Saucer
  • Spending her Gil
  • Fascinating Stories
  • Playing cards


  • Elezen
  • Dealing with morons
  • Inhuman Abominations
  • Losing
  • Bullies


  • Mika's Pan
  • The Echo
  • Being bullied again
  • Being in extremely closed in spaces for too long
  • Losing the ones she hold close to heart.


  • Drink: Mulled Tea
  • Color: Yellow
  • Food: Raptor Stew/Colored Drops
  • Season: Autumn
  • Time: Early Morning
  • Place: Lost City of Amdapor

Favorites Con.

  • Holiday: Little Ladies Day
  • Creature: Deepeyes
  • Flower: Fox Glove
  • Element: Water
  • Object: Tonberry Doll
  • Weather: Storming/foggy


  • Playing Triple Triad/Collecting Cards
  • Exploring the world
  • Collecting Lewd things (mostly Panties)
  • Deciphering
  • Long naps in the afternoon
  • Tormenting others
💕{100% Love}💕{Crush}💕{Besties}💕{Good Friend}💕{Friend}💕{Acquaintance}💕{Stranger} {Good Standing}{Poor Standing}

NPC Relations

Babawai Oowai { 💕 } -
The father of Iiro Iro, Fisherman by trade and husband to Tutuchu. He once was a Fisher monger several years ago but has changed to just being a fisherman after a very close encounter with a Coblyn. Although he thanks the twelve for this instance because he was able to meet his beautiful wife and have a wonderful child with her.
"He's my silly old pa. He told me he was smitten upon first look of his savior, I guess you can say it was love at first sight for him."

Tutuchu Tuchu { 💕 } -
The mother of Iiro Iro and House wife to Babawai. She was once a Sharlayan Monk that traveled the realm to gain knowledge and on her travels she stumbled across her future husband, getting mauled by a coblyn. She has the Echo and it is from her that Iiro gained the blessing of the Echo.
"My mother... She use to beguile to me about her days as a monk and I... I always wanted to be just like her. It is a shame, I found myself down a different path although I know she is proud of me."

M'aja Raha { 💕 } -
The deceased best friend of Iiro Iro. She was once a big dreamer that hoped that one day when she was older that both her and Iiro could travel the realm being Adventurers.... but that dream was snatched from her when she died during the calamity.
"M'aja... She was really loyal friend anyone can ask for... We were suppose to meet up after the Calamity but... She died."

PC Relations

Alaire Szynskii { 💕 } -
Her idiotic companion and previous victim to one of her first information dealings. A Hyur that is a wannabe adventurer that she finds herself watching after to make sure he doesn't get himself killed. Although she wouldn't tell anyone this, she likes him quite a lot as he reminds her of an old friend.
"... He's an Idiot what is there to say, really. A very stubborn idiot."

Fell Krieger { 💕 } -
A fellow Scion and great ally on the field, they often butt heads with one another and with her dislike of Elezen she tends to have a difficulty dealing with him. Despite this she completely trusts him on decisions and to have her back during trying times although she wouldn't want to admit that to him.
"Oh him? That knife-ears? Yeah, he's alright... He's a great ally... along with a great person to harass with pranks."

The Story of Iiro Iro

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Theme Songs of Iiro Iro

Extra Information

  • Server: Malboro
  • Timezone: EST
  • Character Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Character Inspirations: Lilty (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles), Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!), Poppo (Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day), FolkTales from Japan
  • Ideal Voice Actor: Reol (Voice Sample)
  • Ideal Actor: Audrey Ramirez (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)(Example)