Nevivi Nevi

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Gridania-transparent.png Nevivi Nevi
"It's like you're TRYING to get an infection or something!"
Conjurer, chirurgeon
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Gridanian
Server Balmung



Nevivi Nevi is a Lalafellin conjurer, chirurgeon, and herbalist. She runs the Whitecliff Clinic in the Mist, where she specializes in quietly treating anyone and everyone regardless of race, origin, coin, or legal status. She's the de facto Free Company leader of Blue Horizon, headquartered at Eorzean Exports, LLC, where she is no longer allowed to touch the paperwork, but does spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen cooking for everyone. She doesn't seem to have visited the Black Shroud in some several moons, even though she readily admits to being homesick...


Nevivi is a little short even for a Lalafell, with dark skin, green hair, and violet eyes. While she's a font of energy and motion she is also quite chubby. She usually dresses in purple, her favorite color, and favors skirts, robes, and keeping her hair either short or pulled back. Partly due to her medical training and partly due to preference, Nevi keeps her clothing clean and mended at all times, though she does get quite muddy and covered in burrs when she's gathering herbs. She carries herself with an air of absolute confidence as if she knows she's the hottest thing in the room, and from the stories she almost-tells of her various escapades, many actually agree with her assessment.


The oldest of four siblings, Nevivi is readily assertive, emphatic, and given to large gestures and a voice that carries farther than she thinks it does. She also tends to try to caretake everybody around her whether they need it (or indeed, want it) or not. Keeping her mouth shut is not one of her strongest suits, and her internal monologues escape at the drop of a hat, much to her chagrin. She trusts quickly and means well, though. Her outlook is usually positive and she doesn't much give in to brooding. When she's in doctor mode, Nevivi Nevi is all business and calm, and when asked for advice she can be surprisingly wise, but any other time flustered and excitable, which just makes her louder and more handflappy.


Growing up in Gridania, Nevivi Nevi learned her way around a bow and spear as a matter of course; she learned how to carry a knife or two in Ul'dah out of necessity during the post-Calamity chaos of the refugee camps. She avoids combat if she can but if pressed she's got a blade hidden in each boot and a strong grasp of the powers of earth and air. Water...not so much.



  • Food. Any food, honestly, Nevivi wouldn't be caught dead without something edible.
  • Keeping busy. Idleness doesn't suit her, and she's easily bored. If she doesn't have something to do, she'll make something to do.
  • Music. Although she herself doesn't have any particular musical talent, and in fact her singing voice has been liked to someone twisting a coerul's whiskers clean off, she loves to listen to others perform.
  • Sex. Enough said.


  • Authority for authority's sake. Treat those below you right, or get the hells out.
  • Messes in the clinic...even though she's the perpetrator of 95% of them.


  • She has some skill in leatherworking from her family's business.
  • Nevivi is a fantastic cook, and her Shroud-Famous Egg Salad Sandwiches at least live up to the name, even if they're not actually Shroud-famous.


  • Nevivi Nevi is pansexual, but aromantic, and her ideal partner would be a close trusted friend with benefits. She's not short on affection both platonic and physical, but she simply has no inclination towards romance as others experience it.
  • Nevivi has two pets: an Ifrit mammet named Iffy that leaves burn marks on her rugs, eats her papers and coughs up soot, and sleeps in Atherton's forge, and otherwise behaves a little too much like a very naughty cat full of lava, and a completely normal if rotund cat named Loaf. (Nobody ever claimed she was particularly creative with names.)



  • Nemama Nema, mother
  • Vilako Polako, father
  • Polili Poli, middle sister
  • Nakoko Nako, youngest sister
  • Kanoda Yonoda, brother


  • Atherton Namir, a Duskwight Garlean scout she nursed back to health after finding him near death in the Shroud. They get on each other's nerves superficially, but have actually formed an unlikely but solid friendship, as they both have strong feelings about authority's responsibility to take care of the less fortunate.
  • Leii Lei, a fellow Lalafell and wandering bard. They have known each other for years, and Leii calls her Auntie. Nevivi is very accustomed to Leii's 'odd' spells, and in fact they almost remind her of her youngest sister's fits.
  • Sacred Ash, the Circle's Roegadyn groundskeeper...or whatever he is. She finds him bizarre, but dependable and kind.
  • Anneliese Casmir, a former member of the Anemos Circle she met while exploring ruins in the Shroud.
  • Madeleine Lucem, an Ishgardian knight and one of her closest friends.
  • Renaux Mercier, the Duskwight seneschel of Keeper's Kiss, who she's convinced is not eating enough so she brings him sandwiches and smacks his butt.
  • Certo (Faucertaux) Carpentier, a Duskwight and head of the Moonguards of Keeper's Kiss. She met him while saving his life in the Deep Shroud, and later he helped to return the favor when she was possessed by a voidsent.
  • Ilan Faust, who she's mentored a bit in conjury.




Common Rumors

  • "She adopts people constantly, whether they like it or not." ~ A Miqo'te traveler with a notched ear
  • "Heard her family's still in Ul'dah, runnin' a merchant house." ~ A Lalafellin caravan guard
  • "If her head weren't attached, she'd probably lose it." ~ Front desk staff at Eorzean Exports
  • "Or sell it." ~ Other front desk staff at Eorzean Exports, immediately afterwards

Moderate Rumors

  • "You know what they say 'bout Lalafells...well, 's all true, I can tell you that." ~ A Roegadyn dockworker with a suspiciously broad grin
  • "Caught her sleeping in the brush around the Gridanian markets more than once, I did, but I didn't have the heart to chase her off. The Calamity was not kind to many, and she is a fellow child of the Twelveswood, after all." ~ A Wildwood Godsbow, scratching the back of her neck
  • "She'll take anyone into her clinic. No coin? No problem. Got a wanted poster? S'why she's got a back door into the cliffs. Heard she's even treated a Garlean or two...but I never seen any 'round the place, so take that with a grain o' salt." ~ An unnamed Miqo'te with a suspicious number of knives

Rare Rumors

  • "...The last time I saw her, the Elementals were quite unsettled...I could not say if it was because of her, or merely coincidence, but..." ~ A Hyuran Stillglade Fane conjurer, frowning deeply

PC Rumors

  • (Please add some if you've interacted with Nevivi!)


Nevivi Nevi was born 38 years ago in the South Shroud, the first of four siblings born to Nemama Nema and Vilako Polako. Her mother is a leatherworker and her father a merchant, and they had a comfortable life until the Calamity struck. She was learning her mother's trade when their home was utterly destroyed; all of them survived, but Vilako Polako and her sister Nakoko Nako were grievously injured. Like so many at the time, they fled to Ul'dah and sheltered in a squalid refugee camp at the gates. A conjurer of Stillglade Fane working among the tents and shanties saved Nakoko from the brink of death and deeply impressed Nevivi Nevi. Vilako Polako lost the use of one leg, and Nakoko still has occasional fits from the almost-deadly fever and infection she had, but the family survived more or less intact and began to make their way back from poverty.

Nevivi returned to Gridania in order to study conjury, a move which her parents didn't truly approve of. With her father's health less than it was and her being the eldest, they wanted her to take over the mercantile side of the family trade; she wanted to heal others as the wandering conjurer had done for her loved ones. She joined the Conjurers' Guild of Stillglade Fane and learned their art; after completing training, her friends Leii Lei and Anneliese Casmir encouraged her to join them in the Anemos Circle, which she did. After...certain events occurred, she decided she had to depart the Twelveswood, and left to seek her fortunes elsewhere, accompanied by Atherton Namir, Lenneth Andrew, and Madeleine Lucem. The four of them ended up in the Mist, where she lucked into a dusty old warehouse of their own. They cleaned it out, fixed it up, and set up shop, and she's remained there since, opening the Whitecliff Clinic to continue her life's work.

She regrets not being able to provide for the rest of her family as she feels she should, and indeed used to send gil home to them, but as of late she's been reinvesting in the clinic and Eorzean Exports, the Free Company's shipping business, hoping to develop them into something bigger and better. She's still fairly useless at doing her own books and mostly lets Lenneth balance the ledgers, while Atherton occasionally helps out with doing inventory.


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