Night Rain

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 Heavy Rain
NightRain zps151e5fc5.jpg
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Albathia's Spine
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=== Basics ===

Name: Schwer Roegan Geisswaht/ Heavy Rain Ghostguard (In the common tongue)

Nickname: Heavy

Height: 6 Fulm, 10 Ilm

Weight: 250 Ponze

Age: 30 years

=== HISTORY ===


For centuries, the Hellsguard believed the mountains of flames to be the gates to the underworld. Their line has for centuries stood vigil over them to prevent passage of souls back to the realm of the living. Over the years, however, many have come down from their mountain homes and have joined the general civilization of Eorzea. There is, however, a tribe of Hellsguard that have continued watching over the gates of hell, as they have done for centuries. They are a nomadic tribe that live a very private and monastic life, enduring the volcanic conditions and continuing the tradition of standing vigil over the gates to the underworld. They are called the Sejlwaht, or Soul Guards.

The Seljwaht are tasked with the hunting down of any souls, creatures or beings that might have escaped from the underworld. Within Seljwaht there are the Sejljaeger (Soul Hunter) and the Hwyzjaeg (Knowledge Hunters). The Hwyzjaeg are the researchers and scholars of the Sejlwaht that assist with keeping and acquiring knowledge and information. The Sejljaeger are the hunters, the ones that are combat oriented and do the actual hunting.

Even amongst their Lohengarde kin and the other races that live in or around Albathia’s Spine, the Sejlwaht are known as a nomadic and reclusive tribe that, for the most part, keep to themselves. Sejlwaht never speak of their true quests to outsiders, believing that it would cause more panic and add to an already stressed situation. Outsiders, however, will never truly know the severity of job the Sejlwaht hold.

Over the years the Sejlwaht have accepted that they needed to keep a link to the outside world. Though keeping to their reclusive ways,'they have began to keep in touch with certain Lohengarde that have integrated into society and other representatives of the city states. Because of this, they were able to learn the common Eorzean language and some customs. In recent years, with the rise of the Umbral age, the mountains wretched and thundered like never before, finally erupting violently when Bahamut was released. During this time ((before the Umbral age, through the Umbral age and up to 1577)), the elders of the Sejlwaht began sending emissaries down from the mountain to asssit their fellow brothers and sisters of Eorzea. They realized that, not only to continue their way of life, but in order to survive they would have to work in conjunction with the rest of the world. These emissaries are known as the Pfar.

 Family and Birth:

Night Rain was born to Blaet Daeg Geisswaht,his father who is an archer in the Sejljaeger, and Doen Bryda Geisswaht, his mother who is a lancer Sejljaeger. He has an older brother whose name is Born. Born is an archer in the Sejljaeger. Night Rain is the youngest by three years.

On the night that he was born, there was an earthquake that caused a crack in the mountain that the Seljwaht had made camp under. This caught the tribe completely by surprise. As Doenbryda went into labor, the lava flowed towards the encampment. As Doenbryda gave birth, and when it seemed that the Seljwaht were doomed, a heavy rain fell which quenched the lava and cooled it off into rock. The Seljwaht thought this a miracle. Blaetdaeg took his newly born son outside to let the rain clean the infant. He held his son to the heavans and named him "Nahct Roegan", or Night Rain, to commemerate the miracle.

Early Years

When Night Rain was able to walk, he was enrolled into the Sejljaeger, like the rest of his family before him. He was a large lad for his age, and had always stayed one of the largest in the tribe. At first it looked like the martial ways would fit him, but after about the fifth year, Night Rain began losing his drive to be a Sejljaeger. He was more often found pondering the books and writings of the Hwyzjaeg. One day, while the group of young ones was doing a cross country race, one of his mates fell and twisted their ankle. Night Rain instinctivley began chanting a spell of healing on to the boys ankle. He then picked the boy up and carried him across the finish line, though in last place. It was found at this time that Night Rain had the gift of magic. After that day, Night Rain was taken in by the "Knowledge Hunters" and instructed in the ways of the Hwyzjaeg. The other "Knowledge Hunters" were amazed at how quickly Night Rain took to the catagorizing, notation and readings of the ancient text. They were also impressed at how fast he would transpose the new scrolls that where coming in from the Pfar, who were sending messages from other parts of Eorzea. 

His training also turned from the physical to that of magic. He excelled in the early lessons that were taught to him, and quickly became one of the go to healers in the tribe. Night Rain was also very astute at gathering and making healing poultices and potions. He showed a very deep revenance to the land, and regarded the magic the land offered and the bounties that they gave as gifts